Theresa Delay [28]

May the Delay

According to Al-Beeb, Our Beloved Leader (piss be upon her) is to write to the EU to ask for a Brexit delay until 30 June at the earliest, with a further possible extension of up to two years.
Well now, there’s a surprise and no mistake. Who would possibly have thought that Muppet May would not be true to her word? You know, ‘Brexit means Brexit’. She wouldn’t be dreaming of trying to kick the whole thing into the long grass, would she? She couldn’t be trying to engineer a ‘Brexit In Name Only’ scenario, effectively keeping us arm-locked by Brussels in perpetuity? Surely not. She’s a Rt. Honourable MP after all, and we all know that honour matters far above all else to our esteemed and respected representatives in Parliament.
What’s that you say? They’re mostly a bunch of snivelling, conniving, duplicitous, malicious, hypocritical, backstabbing, unprincipled pygmy cunts, bent on wrecking Brexit in defiance of a referendum outcome they promised to uphold? Never. For shame, sir! Ordure! ORDURE!

Yet another well deserved and eloquent cunting of the Maybot by Ron Knee

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  1. Great cunting ron! Couldn’t read any of the comments but I’m hoping to when I get time.
    28?! Cuntings!
    Coty has never been more well deserved!


    These twats are are gonna get wiped out soon (electorally of course).

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