Period Emojis

Period Emojis

Jesus fucking Christ, some cunt has invented a load of emojis so wimminz on soshul meeja can tell the whole world that they are on the blob. Fuck me, why the fucking fuck does anybody want to know that? Could you not keep your private bodily functions to yourself, you self absorbed fucking old slags?
They should do one showing a pair of pants with a black stain so I can tell everyone that I’ve got the runs after a night on the Guinness.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

47 thoughts on “Period Emojis

    • On reaching middle age, or near to it, many wimmin develop strange habits, a desire to draw attention to themselves – a good example is the crush the dreadful Anna Soubry seems to have for Chucka “Black Dick” Umunna.

      I bet this has led to some bad feeling in the Ummuna bedroom when Mrs. U reads of her husbands “dear friend”

  1. Insanity is now reality. Of course I want my female friends, daughter and partner to send me a message to let me know they are on the blob! Next we will be celebrating international period day. Make it monthly eh?

    The only way to reverse the insanity is for men to stand up and reject it and that just won’t happen. Men are being castrated by the media and by our own complicity in feminist insanity.

    Maybe one thing a certain ideology is right about.

  2. There should be a fucking Jizz emoji for blokes to send everytime they have a wank
    See what the fucking PC brigade say about that.

  3. I never know what most of those little picture things mean anyhow. I suppose this one would be useful to send,with a question mark after it, to some of the “outraged wimmin” on twitter or facebook…that should get their blood pumping. Save asking them if they’re on the blob and that’s why they’re hysterical.

    Fuck them.

  4. If you had the shits after a night on the piss then an emoji like the above would be very helpful, would explain any absence. Dark brown of course.

  5. If you gonna have this why not go the whole hog and have emojis for

    Anal sex
    Chocking your chicken
    Up hill gardening
    Donut punching
    Pebble dashing the toilet

    Fucking idiotic cuntery

    • ….or just to complete Peter Mandlebum’s search engine, hamster-hiding: 🐹⚪

      Morning Q esquire.

  6. Why wouldn’t you want an emoji to let everyone know your going to bled for 7 days without dying and are going to be a total fucking cunt the whole time too 👏🖒👌👍

  7. What’s the difference between PMS and Mad Cow Disease?

    One attacks the cow’s brain and sends it fucking mental, the other is an agricultural problem.

  8. Where’s my emoji to tell the whole world that I shagged an amazingly beautiful woman last night (which definitely happened, honest).

    Also, serious question: why don’t female haemophiliacs die of blood loss when their week of ridiculousness is over if they can’t stop bleeding? Nurse Cunty, for an answer?

    • Another question for Nurse Cunty: Why do women even have periods?

      Is it because they deserve them.

      • ‘Tis a question I have often asked myself, Captain. Why the fuck do we have periods, sigh.

    • Did you pay for Mrs Cunt Engine to have major cosmetic surgery or something Thomas? Guten morgen.

      • She already had major surgery, RTC.
        She had a chastity belt (one designed for a hippopotamus) welded to her groin.

    • Good question, Thomas!

      A woman with haemophilia just bleeds heavier and longer than your average woman during their rag. Plus period blood is just the inner lining of the womb wall being shed, so it isn’t like actual blood loss, just a build up of the shit we don’t need as we haven’t got up the duff!

      Bloody glad I don’t have haemophilia. Bad enough having periods at all, let alone having bloody Niagara Falls for days on end.

      Most haemophiliacs are men. Poor bastards.

      • A mystery baby
        there was one interview where the Begum bitch was sitting next to another Black Letter Box holding a bundle which did appear to move slightly.

    • I like the way Labour have quickly jumped on the bandwagon, and blamed Javid Whatshisface for the baby’s death!


    • The Abbott has waded into this affair, and again blamed Javed for the baby’s death. No blame whatsoever for the evil bitch for legging it to Syria for the big jihad, no blame for the cunts father for bringing her up a flag burning manic, no, it’s all the naughty Tory government for actually stopping one of these cunts returning. In a separate article, Abbott worries that she might be raped or murdered. At least one of those options I find unlikely. And, I truly hope she is not harmed, as apart from that being wrong, her being shackled to Corbyn is in some way making them unelectable. Can you imagine her as Home Secretary? You think we are fucked now….

      • On the Westminster programme on Wireless 4 this morning some Labour woman MP was on bleating how she had attended the funeral of a 14 year old aspiring something or other a few weeks ago “while he rode his moped”.

        HIS moped at 14????

        Labour just don’t know how far to dive into the sewer to appease their nutters.

        • Its easy for them to forget that these aspiring cunts are breaking uk laws.

          To scared to ask, “well why the fuck was he riding a moped, who gave it to him”

        • Just heard the ‘news’ on radio four, and the headline item is the universal condemnation of the Begum baby buying it. Well, that’s how it seems from the report, however, a more realistic view is that most people will be saying fuck them. Just because they aren’t reporting the other side of the argument, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Classic beeb fake news, as in, one sided reporting dressed up as impartial. Cunts.

          • Its just political posturing, no one gives a shit really.
            The all have to jump on the bandwagon, score some points with the world of snowflake.

        • I bet the MP was fucking Creasy, that bitch pisses me off, her constituency consist of more fucking illegals than legals

    • Plenty of time for her to knock another 5 or 6 out. Double that if she’s allowed back in the UK and we have to pay for them.

  9. Well that woman is creating a machine so we men can breastfeed. Why not a machine that would produce a menstruation cycle. We would ‘identify’ more fully with our womenfolk.

  10. Mr Fiddler, that is a great way to undermine such self-worshipping cuntery.


  11. Fucking hell Fred, what next from these cunts? As Louis Armstrong put it
    ‘…and I say to myself, what a wonderful world’. !!!

  12. My missus moaned “Why do you always have to make snidey remarks whenever I’ve got my period. I’ll bet you twenty quid you can’t go the whole weekend with making some sarcy comment.”

    I said, “You’re on….

  13. Period emojis… I know naffink abaaaht it. Nothing quite like being balls deep in a lady when it’s that time of the month though… Lovely and warm, I think they appreciate that extra effort.

    • Takes a while to get the dried blood out of your pubes of a morning though…

      • I tend to use the white bedsheets to remove the majority of blood etc straight after… Then a good shower takes care of the rest, and after that a quick comb and it’s back to normal.

        • White bedsheets? With the eyes cut out? Burning crosses? Ropes dangling from tree branches? 👦🏿

          I don’t like the sound of this.
          Sounds a bit raaay-sist.

          • @ RTCP and FTF, she was actually the London KKK representative…. Dirty cow loves a bit of chocolate.

    • I too am an aficionado, B&WC. With luck, some action (upper quartile probability) this fine weekend; I’m back together with V after a hiatus 🎯.

      Bit of In-out later, methinks…
      👼🏻’s 🌭🆙👩🏿‍⚕️ has been nearly a month.
      Kindly wish me luck, cunters….

  14. Fucks sake, you think you have seen it all and then you realise that you actually haven’t.

    What the actual fuck?

    I don’t even wanna know when I am on my rag, let alone any other bastard. What silly cunt would think the world wants a heads up when she is spewing blood from her vag?

    What next? An emoji when you are on the crapper with diarrhoea, just so everyone knows you may be gone for some time?

    Any woman who uses this is a bleeding cunt……literally.

    • You are the voice of womanly sanity in a fucking snowflake world, Nurse. Long may your voice be heard on here!

    • I came home after a long day at work,put the radio on and there was some mithering old twat going on about Period Poverty again. Apparently we as a society should all be shouldering the burden for this outrage which is in no way due to people not getting priorities right. I used to buy my tampons with paper round money years ago, so as not to involve anyone else.As to telling people you are having a period,any well-adjusted woman will tell you it is the quickest way to lose credibility with both sexes and is frankly quite boring. I knew a thick cunt who would insist on telling everyone and all that happened was people took the mick.

  15. More fucking 1st world madness!

    No doubt cancer, kidney failure and stroke emojis are next

    Because typing a few letters is so fucking hard isn’t it!

    Oh and did you know not all women have periods (i.e. the ones with cocks) and some men have them (i.e. the ones with a front bottom).

    Utter, utter, madness!

  16. Daniel Day Lewis week as I call it (there will be blood). Mrs Mitten currently up on blocks, she certainly wouldn’t want to send an emoji telling everyone she’s on.

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