Honourable members

A hearfelt, concise cunting of the wretches on the gravy train that is parliament.

401 out of 632 MPs represent constituencies which voted for Brexit in the referendum.

Of the 401 a majority are Remoaning, self serving reptiles that represent nobody except themselves. Any of these fuckers uttering the word democracy should be taken out and shot for treasonous hypocrisy.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

97 thoughts on “Honourable members

  1. If there’s a more deserving case for being against the Trades Descriptions Act than these cunts, I can’t think of it.

    • Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Johnny rotten once said. All parties have betrayed the democratic vote of British people, career politicians dont want to leave the E.U because theyve got filthy little fingers in deals, people say “if brexit falls through I’ll never vote again” but that wouldnt bother the powers that be! No what would really scare the shit out of them is if we said im only going to vote for any far right party! The londonistan snowflake cunts would shit it. The cunts.

  2. I sincerely hope Europe’s citizens elect more eurosceptic MEP’s, just as the EU cunts think they’ve beaten Brexit I’d love to see Anti EU Germans, French nationalists contribute to the destruction of the Toxic behemoth from within.

    • Yea they’re only showing the world just what an anti democratic and discusting organisation the EU really is.
      I get the feeling that this betrayal is only going to turn more people to our side.

    • The main reason the EU want us out before June is the elections. They know they’re going to get a large populist insurgency as it is.

    • If Brexit is denied and we remain in EU SSR then we can abolish the HoP and the Lords. Neither will be needed as we will be ruled from Brussells and the MEPs will be making and debating our rules. So UK parliament no longer needed. Of you pop chaps and chappesses.

      We can turn the Palace of Westminster into a Theme Park. More use than the current undemocratic jokers that inhabit it.

  3. Utter treasonous cunts.
    I have ZERO respect for politicians now after this treason. Even Reece Mogg is a cunt for being weak and caring about party politics more than democracy. The cunt is ready to flip sides and support may’s capitulation even though he knows it means we’ll be their subordinates until they’re bored of bleeding us dry, plus handing over 39 billion.
    The only credible way forward now is a general election as both major parties were voted in through manifestos that were utter lies.
    I honestly believe that a general election will wipe out the 2 main parties, hence they’ll vote for a second ref (pointless) or (the most likely) they’ll just ignore the vote and revoke a50.

    Let’s hope they all lose their heads by the time this is all over. It’s what they deserve.

    • Big problem with a general election is I fear Labour would win. As bad as Cuntbyn has been with anti semitism, umuna cunts rebellion etc. All remoaners will vote Labour, who are backing remaining tied to the EU, the leave voters will be split between UKIP, Tory and Farage’s Brexit party. Labour would win simply by the leave vote being split. No deal has gone (even though it is the default), May’s deal is shite, too much public support for remain options, and too many remain options on the table, customs union, revoke article 50, extend article 50…….whatever happens now will not be good.

      • Yea I get the feeling that we’re fucked either way.
        Why couldn’t we just have had a Thatcher or a Trump?
        They’d have sorted this ages ago.

        Pathetic excuses for “leaders”.

        • I would love Mrs Thatcher to have dealt with that weedy little cunt Dominic Grieve, and the gaggle of poofters like Crispin Blunt, Nigel Evans and the repulsive Boles.

          Just heard on Wireless 4 news that some fucker from the EU has “warned” ou goverment that “they cannot ignore ze 6 million people who signed the petition and ze 1 million (allegedly) who marched”. Not a word for “ze” 17 and a half million who voted to leave their bent club

          • It was Tusk who said about “ze 6 million” sounded like a fucking Nazi, which he probably is

          • They seem quite intent on ignoring the yellow vest protests, but are quite interested in some bogus online poll. Cunts.

          • Didn’t it turn out that it was only 400k and they just lied about the numbers?
            I know it’s difficult to believe, our media hardly ever lie about things like this.

            Rich isn’t it. An anti democratic unelected bunch of beurocrats “warning” us about not paying attention to a bunch of remoaning twats signing a fraudulent petition.
            Strange how they can feel like they can “warn” us. I wonder how many troops and ships they have.

          • If we remain, then according to the European Defence Action Plan, a shit load at their disposal (including ours!).
            It makes a frightening read, as does the Lisbon Treaty. Only an Utter brainwashed Cunt could be in support of either.
            Civil Defence Force in their too.

          • As a firm ‘No Dealer’, I think Mrs T would be 100% in support of Crispin Blunt.

          • 6 million cunts have added an email address to a petition. Right, how many of those cunts are bogus made up names, how many of them are not living in the U.K., how many of those aren’t old enough to vote, how many of those aren’t eligible to vote in the uk? They can sieve piss through a tramps pants, and drink it for all I give a fuck.

          • Need to add Oliver Fucking Left Wing to that list. Another entitled money bags cunt who thinks it’s his God given right to Lord it over the lower classes. Arrogant pompous bastard.

    • Too right DTS, a General election is needed, but let’s give Nigel of the Farage time to get a party together…I’d vote for him as he’s the only hope for this country. I’m tempted to put a bet on the the cunt being PM in the next year or two. Both Labour and the Tories are divided. We need Steptoe on the left, Chukka’s New Blair party centre left, the Tories centre right and Farage on the right. I am lost and probably wouldn’t vote for any of the current parties. We need some new parties.

      • Yea I’d put my money on a UKIP/ brexit party coalition.
        The Tories I think will get wiped out.
        The independent party (Ummuna, sourbry etc…) will get wiped out.
        Labour will probably try to form a coalition with the greens and SNP so I think it’ll be close.
        It depends how pissed off people are really.
        I know that I’ll never vote for any of the main parties ever again and I suspect many think the same.

        • I really want to see Umunna on his arse along with fucking Sourberries. She could advertise “personal services” in West End phone boxes and Chukka could be employed as a pubic lavatory attendent.

          • I think Chucky will be staring at men’s willies whilst they are having a slash.

            Fucking weird cunt.

          • “men’s willies”… Apologies to trannies for not being inclusive and ignoring wimmin with willies.

          • Sourberry would probably do Domination and Verbal Abuse.

            Chukka could be used as a public toilet…

        • If i was paying sourberry for those kind of sevices, i would want her submissive.
          As a Yorkshireman vfm is everything, and i would get my money’s worth off the pernicous cunt. She would be crying hysterically and in need of a shower, when i’d had my tuppence worth.
          The fucking disgusting cunt.

  4. Watching the cunts in Parliament blaming each other and point scoring is funny at times but also embarrassing. Some MP asks a question and then the PM or whoever responds thanks the cunts for the question and then avoids answering it before blaming the opposition for the original problem…then you have Bercow the midget shouting like he’s a constipated cunt. Entertaining but a waste of time and it seems fuck all get done.
    No wonder the cunts can’t simply leave the pile of cunt that’s the EU.
    They can all get to fuck… And when they get there fuck off again. Guy fawkes had the right idea. Politics in its current form is in need of reform. Piss off.

  5. First test will be the European elections in May which seem unavoidable to me, given this wholesale treachery.
    I believe there are local elections also, although not in London I think.
    It will be interesting to see how many cunts are going to stick with the same old shit now they know it really does fucking stink.

  6. I await the decision of the Great Wazir of Tottenham, and the Mullah’s of the Bubble Bowl, in the matter of Democracy. The Sand Soldiers are ready , and the opposition weak.

    This Country was, ( at one time ) a Great Nation, and one to be cherished and preserved. It has only taken 25 years of piss poor politicians, self serving cunts and arse bandits to bring it to its present state of chaos, division and lunacy.

    I could blame the political class, but I will save my ill will, to the population who vote for the same cunts again and again. The Electorate are equally to blame.

    Will we recover ? No !

  7. A worthy Cunting, but shooting is too good for these Cunts.
    Bar the doors and burn the fucking place to the ground with all the Cunts inside. Any that manage to get out should be thrown back into the inferno.
    Reset the clocks to Year Zero.
    Get to fuck.

  8. Hate to spoil the party here and, as someone who supports the SNP and would prefer Scotland to remain within the EU (you English can leave if you want), I would point out that an MP is a representative and not a delegate. This means he doesn´t really have to give a toss what the majority of his constituents think.

    You would think a referendum result would be binding – as it was in Scotland – but the British parliament is trying to undermine the EU result. I don´t know how you get round this within the current system.

    Churchill said: ”.. it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’

    Several centuries earlier Edmund Burke was more high faluting and said: “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.”

    • Doc, not quite sure what your point is. Leave/Remain is a personal decision but my point is that if Leave were a political party, under the first past the post system they would have secured a landslide victory. MPs may not be delegates but do have a responsibility to their electorate and most certainly shouldn’t be subverting a referendum result despite the incompetence of the negotiations.
      As Burke was MP for a seat which seems to have been in the gift of an earl I personally wouldn’t set much store by his high opinion of his judgement.
      And Churchill’s words further condemn the reptiles in Parliament who seem to be trying a different form of governance.

      • PS
        544 MPs from across the House voted in favour of holding a referendum. Only the SNP opposed it.

    • Not much of a party on here Day C. More like a funeral. I am actually very interested. A delegate is instructed or sent to vote on the wishes of a particular electorate. But doesn’t or shouldn’t a representative RE PRESENT to lawmakers what the voters decided in a ballot.

    • I don’t really know what you mean when you say an MP is a representative and not a delegate. According to the Oxford English dictionary these words mean exactly the same thing. And anyone chosen to represent the majority of his constituents views and decides he’s not going to agree with them shouldn’t be doing the job in the first place.
      I was never a fan of Thatcher but I would have relished her taking on these Euro twats. Like Black & White Cunt says, we need new parties, though they probably wouldn’t turn out to be much different to what we’ve got now. They’re all just a bunch of self-serving cunts who love to flap their lips and get paid a fortune for doing it.

      • Representative/delegate? A weasel phrase, which I think I heard this morning from Oliver bleeding Letwin, the cunt. No doubt every remoaner will be parroting it for the next week or two. Sounds like a great distinction, but is no such thing, and is in any case irrelevant.

        Point is, if you vote for a party, whether or not the MP you get is a representative, a delegate or an opportunistic shitweasel, you vote for the manifesto. And if you voted Labour or Tory, you voted for a manifesto which committed to implementing Brexit. Your MP is committed to honouring that undertaking. Well, in theory.

        It would probably be better if we did not have to vote for parties, and were free to nominate candidates locally on the basis of their general accomplishment and intelligence. But that’s not what we’ve got, and it seems pretty clear to me that our representatives/delegates are quite happy to break their undertakings and use weasel justifications for doing so.

        If that’s OK, then parliamentary democracy is no longer fit for purpose.

        Additionally, there is no reason to believe that your pushy MP is any better informed than you about local or national affairs. (Certainly not here on ISAC). Or more intelligent, or more effective in office. Look at the cunts. So his right to exercise his own judgement in the teeth of the electorate’s is nonexistent.

        • ‘then parliamentary democracy is no longer fit for purpose’

          I don’t think it is anymore. For a parliament to work you must have of some kind of homogeneity
          But we haven’t.

          Gays, lezzis , wimminz , blacks, aisans, lbgt, chavs and what they have in common? Hatred of white patriarchy.

          The country is becoming ungovernable.

      • MPs are not sent to Parliament just to represent the cunts who voted for them, they’re there to represent the interests of ALL their constituents. Theoretically.

        And they’re supposed to use their best judgement, issue by issue, not slavishly tow the party line. Theoretically.

        If all MPs blindly followed the party line there’d be no point in having them at all.

        • I was ‘speaking’ practically, RTC. Those manifesto pledges appear on every candidate’s handouts. If the candidate isn’t going to abide by them, he should stand as an independent (and very likely get my vote)

          • Afternoon K – I was basically responding to a line in Allan’s reply: “And anyone chosen to represent the majority of his constituents views…”

            That said, by your logic cunts like Corbyn should not have been allowed to stand as a Labour candidate, especially during the Bliar /Broon years…

    • I agree with you Doc, I was surprised when Scotland didnt vote for independence, you would be very welcome to stay in the EU and take instruction from Brussels.

      It would have also made our departure from the EU a lot easier, same for NI, they voted to remain.

      England and Wales could have got on with telling the EU to go and fuck themselves, there would be no issue with any backstop, a hard border between England and Scotland would perfectly acceptable.

      • Scotland (or at least the part of it where I live) is rapidly becoming a lifeboat for people from southern England, Sick of It. That’s fine by me, just as long as they don’t vote for the SNP…

        • Mz Sturgeon subscribes to the economics of immigration and debt, and that is why Scotland is fast be=coming an open door to shit! Independence yes, but not based upon current political ideology. I used to support SNP, but its current ideology is wanton destruction of the country . Fuck them all , as Mr Fiddler would say

    • If the vote had been 48 – 52 the other way and parliament said “fuck it, we’re leaving anyway”, although I would be happy that we’re leaving, it would still be a massive betrayal of democracy.
      You can’t ask people to vote and then just ignore it and do what you like.
      Just like the lib dumbs cunting the other day, I think they only play the illusion of democracy and representing the people while only conducting votes to legitimise their stupid ideas and if the vote doesn’t go their way, they just ignore it.

      • The difference is that a delegate has no freedom of movement and has to vote as instructed by the body/people he represents whereas a representative is free to make up his mind and vote accordingly. That´s why unpopular laws on ending capital punishment or making homosexuality or abortion legal were passed. If MPs had acted according to the majority wishes of their constituents, these laws would probably never have been passed.

        • In your definition of a delegate you say; ‘…he has to vote as instructed by the body/people he represents…: so he’s a representative?

        • To a certain extent I agree, however, on certain issues such as brexit they are too important to be left to the whims of the mp’s. As they were voted on by the largest democratic exercise ever the vote must be obeyed.
          Also for me it’s as simple as not breaking a promise. If the party and the MP win your vote by promising brexit they can’t then change their mind and stay in. It’s lying. It’s corruption. It’s dictatorship.

          • I’d argue that in the case of the two Referendums, those whose voted were given a legitimate expectation that the outcome thereof would be implemented. And if there’s a legitimate expectation then there’s grounds for Judicial Review if that expectation is not met.

  9. ‘There is something wrong in the state of Denmark’

    Bill Cash: ‘ It’s not a constitutional crisis but a constitutional revolution’.

    ‘Indicative’ votes in a secret ballot. So in the national debating chamber in our open and free democracy where everything can be voted on and people held to account they are having a secret ballot?

    Where will this secret ballot take place I wonder? On the floor of the house or in the one of the lobbies?

    ‘There is something rotten in the state of England’.

    Hamlet again: ‘It doesn’t go well with my constitution’. Can anyone help me out constitutionally?

    • On a ballot form, available in the division lobbies at 7 pm.
      Bercow will select the issues to be voted on, double cunt.

      • The motherfucker that is Bercow is threatening yet again not to allow a third vote – who the fuck does this jumped up little clerk think he is?. He is an unbearably pompous cunt.

        • Mind you, he clearly said last week that he would not allow it to be read again unless it were changed. Her Magnificence either did not hear, or did not understand, being too thick to take it all in.

        • ‘The motherfucker that is Bercow ‘

          Oh Chesterton wert thou living at this hour.

      • Jumped up grandstanding uber cunt is Bercow with his pontificating and interference fuck right off you twat and stop interfering and setting a bias agenda for the shitehawks to fuck over the electorate in the largest democratic exercise participated in history of this nation.

        Hope karma is doing some O/T and this cunt soon finds his way underneath the wheels of a fully laden HGV

  10. Had a Lib Dems leaflet blight my door mat the other day…. “blah blah blah, hoping we can count on your support,… blah blah,…. if there is anything we can do for you….”

    Using pre paid envelope, please
    REPLY HERE; Yes of course you can rely on my vote, cause out of the other evils to choose from, I’m gonna go for one I’ve not tried before.

  11. Only good thing, the Conservatives have refused to adopt the muslims own definition of islamophobia …. on politics live today.

    They must be institutionally Islamophobic (hopefully)

    It looks like the media are doing everything to highlight the ‘far right’ and barely mantion Islamic extremism.

  12. Just seen that Chelsea winger has been offered counselling!!! Because he heard racist chanting, twice in a few days.
    And this is news on the BBC ffs.
    Sorry for O/T

  13. What has happened, or how they have done this is turning it into a matter of conscience like abortion ar capital punishment requiring a ‘free vote’. It isn’t a matter of conscience it is a matter of policy only. There is no need for a meaningful vote at all .

      • Thanks Cuntologist. That was it yes. I’d forgot. So the law lords (full of foreigners) ruled there had got to be a MV at the behest of a foreigner.

        • I despise the remaining cow Miller but if we didn’t have the meaningful vote then May would have rammed her crap withdrawal agreement through anyway.

  14. What a piss poor state of affairs to get into. Just glad me old man ain’t around to see it. Knowing him he’d probably attempt to torch the cunts den at Westminster with all ‘said’ cunts inside if he were still about. May he rest in ignorant bliss….

    The current state of Brexit is shambolic. 29th March should have been a party day as we pulled away from the cunts in the EU. Lock, stock, barrel. , Cunt and all.
    Instead they are deliberately keeping us in. We have been betrayed by every single cunt in the commons and Lords. They have done everything to destroy democracy. I shall never vote at the ballot box again.

    There certainly is a lack of honour in all the MP’s currently in position. Trouble is, look at the many brain washed sheeple cunts who vote them in……..

    • You should still vote. Just make sure you vote for the most anti establishment cunt that they hate the most.
      Oh the tears when Trump was elected…..
      I can’t wait to see the tears from our political class after the next election.

      I’d even vote for Tommy Robinson. Just coz I know how horrified and outraged they’d be.

    • I agree SEC, I’ve thought about not voting again, but if people like us don’t vote well be stuck like this forever. I will vote again, but never for any of the big parties.
      I just hope the sense of betrayal among voters, is stronger than the sense of despair.
      From small acorns grow great oaks, let’s hope the Brexit party or a party similar, turn out to be different to these self serving cunts.
      Put those fuckers out to grass, fill the house with MPs who ARE on our side.

      • I’m betting there’ll be an awful lot of spoilt ballot papers at the next General Election… “Fuck Off” could win by a landslide!

        • We should request a delegation from Zimbabwe, to ensure that the next vote is free and fair, because the duplicitous twats in Westminster are making these tinpot dictatorships look good.

      • Agree wholeheartedly, CM of Alcatraz.

        The fucking cunts would be delighted if we didn’t turn out to vote. Therefore we must pray that UKIP are well represented by candidates. I am definitely voting for them; I feel that at the next GE the two-party system, even if it survives, is likely to be holed below the waterline, and that the political landscape will officially move in a Remain vs. Leave direction.

        Far too many Rt. Dishonourable cuuuuunts in every party.

    • Friday the 29th IS party day!

      Just leave the EU by not buying or using anything related to it. Then, send a letter to the government demanding your £590 that would have been your share of the 39 Billion the government will be wasting.

      Also, refuse to recognise either government or parliament.

      Goodbye for now.

    • It’s up to you, but please vote it’s the only power we have. They may evidently be able to ignore a referendum, but they can’t ignore an election.

  15. This morning received an Ipswich Borough Council Poll Card regarding the Election of Councillors to Ipswich Borough Council.

    In the General election back in 2017 our local MP (Labour’s Sandy Martin) scraped in by just 831 votes, defeating Ben Gummer in the local elections.

    The turnout was 67.6%, Sandy Martin received 47.37% of the vote, and Ben Gummer 45.74%. A difference of 1.63% (much closer than in the EU referendum result to Leave) and Cuntchops Martin was honoured and happy in this instance to respect the democratic result. The Labour manifesto at the time was that Labour would deliver us Brexit, NO Single market and NO Customs Union. Just like the Tories.

    Since then Mr Martin has changed his mind, is very unhappy and has decided to vote Remain.

    Six other regional MP’s have also voted to Remain despite 60% of the electorate having voted to Leave in the 2016 EU referendum.

    Have written to Sandy “LGBT” Martin twice, has also ignored both emails, having said that would have been surprised had he responded to my second one.

    Simple question- what is the point of voting for anything anymore if the lying cunts in charge decide whether to accept the result or not, including the largest turnout in a generation? If I spoil my vote it makes not a jot of difference as although spoiled votes counted the main parties don’t give a shit as long as they win in order to fight another day.

    • With a spoilt ballot you can at least register your anger.

      If you just sit at home they’ll think you don’t give a fuck one way or another. And besides, you’d be a lazy cunt to boot. 🙂

  16. What’s happened is that at some point politics became a ‘career’ so it has attracted careerists with very little talent to succeed at anything else, who only see politics as a way to get rich quick rather than serve the people they claim to represent. Just look at the perks of the job – huge salaries, paid expenses (it’s been just over 10 yrs since the expenses scandal when the politicians thought we should pay for their flat-screen TVs and duck houses), free travel, cushty pensions and jobs outside politics with companies they ‘regulate’ (ie. do favours for).
    Since we got taken into the EU in 1975 they made sure that the public had no say in it, using clever manoeuvres to ensure that the people were never consulted on having their freedoms given away. In addition politicians enjoyed the fact they didn’t have to be held accountable for Brussels directives – the more power they gave away the less they were held accountable, and the more they got paid. Nice lazy work if you can get it.
    That’s all led us to where we are now. We have a Ruling Class who are completely out of touch with so many people on so many issues. They just sneer at us and refuse to accept any responsibility for any of the shit they’ve caused. We’ve got fake Conservatives who want to teach transgenderism to 5yr olds before they’ve even had a basic science lesson, and Champagne Socialists who keep claiming to support comprehensive schools while sending their own kids to selective schools and then feigning outrage every time someone calls them out on their hypocrisy.
    I’ve said it so many times before and I’ll say it again: we need someone to drain the swamp!!

    • I wasn’t old enough to vote in 1975. Those who voted didn’t think of my future.

      I want my vote on whether to join the EEC so demand a second referendum.

      Goodbye for now.

      • I think I know what you’re getting at but my first reaction was how can you join something you haven’t even left? I’m sure livelier minds than mine could explain this to me but then I decided that you must simply be a great follower of Back to the Future films.

    • Drain the swamp?
      I’d fucking napalm it. Cunt me in’s post is spot on. Sums the filthy parasitic scum up perfectly…
      Utter cunts 😠

    • Indeed – transbenderism to 5 year-olds.

      A few weeks back, on Wales at Six, the unedifying spectacle, in an infants’ school, of an appalling misfit that looked like Mother Goose after an accident with an air enema.

      Had I gone into a long coma, and woken up just in time for panto season ?? Sadly not. Poor bloody kids are only at the age of needing to run off to the loo when the know they’re going to wee-wee, yet some vile old perve is being traipsed round their school.

      Am bloody glad I am NOT a parent. Although I did get a bit misty-eyed seeing new-born lambs on Coast & Cuntry tonight. Luckily, none of them bear any resemblance whatsoever to yours truly.

  17. One of many of Japanese Mrs Stokers Japanese girlfriends living and working in the UK for two years has been told she needs to sit a British Citizenship test.

    The cost is £2,000 and she has two and a half hours to pass it. If she fails, she has to pay another £2,000 to take it again.

    Do our friends from Eastern Europe have to take this test and pay the extortionate amounts of money involved in order to stay? Or pay extra amounts and have considerable inconvenience for several months when applying for Biometric Residence Permit? Or have a job or anything worthwhile to offer in order to come here, or even to have a clean criminal record?

    Fucking of course not.

    Discrimination, pure and simple.

  18. As the Bard of Avon once put it so perfectly, ‘an MP by any other name would smell as foul’.

  19. If MP’s have rejected all other ‘viable’ options for Brexit, surely we should default to no deal. I’m pretty sure I read a comment from one of those EU fuckers Verhobcunt or Donald ‘the cunt’ Tusk, stating exactly this. If there wasn’t a majority for another way forward, the UK would leave without a deal.

    I notice how Ken Clarke’s customs union was the most favourable among the traitors. No surprise there, with their shitty fingers in so many pies that rely on EU free trade. Fucking more evidence of self serving cuntiness.

    • Although these are indicative votes, the truth is that none of them want to vote for anything. If there is no agreement on a way forward with a deal, then we should leave without. After all, it is a transitional deal while the long term relationship is negotiated.

      Mind you, Bercunt’s face was a picture as he read out the results.

      • I just wonder if the realisation is starting to dawn on some of them, that at some point in the future they have to ask us to keep them in a job.

        • Just heard that the DUP will definitely not be supporting May’s deal. Apparently many people regard them as experts in negotiating. This fuckin begs the question – why the fuck did we not send them over to Brussels to negotiate the deal in the first place? It would have been money well spent to have bunged them another billion. Arlene Foster v Jean – Claude Druncker – there would only have been one winner. She would have smothered him with her tits.

    • No majority for any? – no problem! It’s been suggested the next step will be to give MPs a list of the 8 alternatives for them to rank in order of preference. We can all see where this is going! The following choices will be presented in a referendum –
      1) May’s deal.
      2) Clarke’s customs union.
      3) No deal
      How could Brexiteers possibly object to this? After all, only one of the three options comes near to a remain option. Funny old thing isn’t it-democracy. Conniving cunts.

  20. I was trying to think of the expression yesterday where a Govt tells you that you’re in power but completely ignores the will of the people in deference to their own elite agenda.

    It’s called an “Ersatz” democracy.

    This is what happens when the elites, higher-ups and their cronies does a “we know best” and run the country for their interests alone.

    It brought down the Greeks.

    It brought down the Romans.

    Very few governments last more than a couple of generations with an Ersatz egalitarian sense of democracy. They either get replaced or the proles revolt.

    If nothing else, Brexit has highlighted the abject betrayal of democracy. Shown politicians for self-serving cunts that they are and that the EU is just an extension of that cuntitude!

    We officially now have an Ersatz democracy across all sectors of the administration belt. Votes no longer count for anything (outside of their inner cliques).

    Voting is our only power and when our votes are ignored we no longer live in a democracy to serve the many but a tyranny to serve the few.

    We need better!

    We deserve better!

  21. Parliamentary Democracy.

    I know I have already whinged about these cunts but listening to the self serving fuckers today has wound me up. Again.
    So, let’s look at the figures:

    MP votes for holding a referendum 544 for, 53 against.

    Referendum result 17.4 Million Leave, 16.1 Million Remain. (This despite the dice being heavily loaded for Remain.)

    Parliamentary constituencies the voted Leave 63%.

    MP votes to invoke Article 50, 498 for 114 against.

    Looking at these figures, how any of these fucking hypocrites can come out with the utter horseshit they are spouting defies belief.

    Parliamentary democracy is bollocks.

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