Vanessa Redgrave

Bugger me, just saw Vanessa Redrave on’t telly. Vanessa Who? Now a white haired querulous old bat but in my day the vibrant far lefty scourge orf capitalism and all its fiendish machinations against the proletariat. Fronted that ultimate right-on up its own marxist/maoist arse vehicle The Workers Revolutionary Party – and not many laughs allowed there I can assure you. For those orf you who have read, let alone remember, me reminiscences orf encounters with the ultra left in me producing days in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, this is both the oifit and the lady to whom Yours Truly, orn occasion, refers.

Scion orf the theatrical Redgrave dynasty, father the AC/DC “Bunburying” Sir Michael and mother Rachel Kempson (you can look her up yourselves but had to play away due to ah..artistic differences), she was born into wealth, prestige and stardom so naturally had to bite the hand that fed her. This included naked film roles (for the statement me dears), early Feminist battles, any anti-establishment demo going plus picket lines then a long career losing her deposit as the representative orf the WRP (see above) along with brother Corin and other members of their twisted inbred faction. Needless to say have had many encounters with The Lady and count YT as one orf the rare people ever to have made her laugh. Despite her height, a gently beauty and grace possessed – even when all steamed up as she often is – the bloodline will oit. Alas all bolloxed up by the virus, nay the pox, orf political extremism.

Her fire is still alive, but only just. Sad. Excuse Yours Truly while he sheds an old man’s tear for ancient battles, blood up and no prisoners and by the look of her me final battle won – but I take no pleasure in that.
The old filly (I know she should be “old mare” but noblesse oblige) has a new self directed filum oit to promote hence her ghost popping up in places unexpected . The flic is pure Vanessa, subject the dastardly migrant camps at Callis, (we use the spelling of Shakespeare in homage to her many classic stage roles and admit to being a pretentious old cunt) capitalist exploitation orf same and entitled “Sea Sorrow”. Ah yes, all poor Blighty’s fault, not the frogs. Her daughter Joli Richardson (nice tits, dodgy nose job) is in it.

Me artistic advice: if you have a free ticket worth a peek to have your cuntishness confirmed but otherwise if you have blood pressure like Yours Truly’s, avoid like Trotsky’s arse (aha the title for me next production!).

Nominated by Sir Limply

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  1. Ah Vanessa… The original celebrity libfuck snowflake gobshite… I always thought Lynne Redgrave was more doable myself…

  2. It’s easy to be left wing when you have wealthy family behind you.
    It’s easy to tell tales of woe regarding housing migrants when you can afford a nice gaff away from it all.
    It’s easy to offer refugee children a place in our school system when you can afford for your kids to be educated privately.
    It’s easy to be a cunt Vanessa.

  3. She was fairish in Blow-Up (1966) with David Hemmings. I think it was easily his finest acting performance.
    I note with interest she’s still alive, as is Verushka, Jane Birkin and, regrettably, Janet Street-Porter, who had a “cameo” rôle. A great film, and probably the best thing Redgrave’s been in, despite her rather wooden performance.
    Candidates for the dead-pool, surely?

    • Jani’ Stwee’ Paw’aa should have been strangled at birth, and failing that given an Eliza Doolittle-style gob transplant However, she sometimes makes amends.

      “…these are difficult times for anyone who has a black sense of humour. I don’t even know if that expression passes the politically correct test any more – perhaps I should say ‘darker’ humour. If irony is your bag, nowadays you could be guilty of hate speech – make fun of gender fluidity, vegans (and cyclists) at your peril.”

      • But not very often,eh?Strangulation on delivery is surprisingly humane for so odious a personality (though I’m sure she’s perfectly charming as a dinner guest at Nigel-la-la’s.)

  4. Is her daughter the same Joely Richardson whose major claim to artistic merit consisted of getting soaked in blood and screaming her nut off in the gorefest “Event Horizon”
    A subtle, understated piece of film making if ever there was one… 😆

  5. Struggling to understand what violation of “non-cuntitude” the nom is for here.

    What has VR done to earn her nom for cuntitude (or the lesser charge of cuntishness)?

    • Probably a belated cunting from her days fronting “that ultimate right-on up its own marxist/maoist arse vehicle The Workers Revolutionary Party”.

      Either Sir Limpley’s a bit slow off the mark, or Admin still have unprocessed nominations going back to the 1970s.

      Then again, could always be Catweasel in drag…

    • Just for being an annoying cunt, methinks.

      Standing up on a fucking soap box bleating about social injustices is so very easy when you come from privilege, and don’t have to live amongst the plebs that you are banner waving for.

      For me personally, that alone makes her a prize cunt.

      • That WRP stuff was always a load of luvvy crap I reckon. An early incarnation of the luvvy virtue-signalling and posturing we have so much of today.

        She’s always been mad as a box of frogs.

  6. Apologies for off subject – forgot what the fuck it was about anyway.
    Apparently we are all fucking doomed as all the insects are going to die. They didn’t say so but undoubtedly due to Brexit.

  7. Was she in the workers revolution party or the party of revolution workers?
    What did the Romans ever do for us?

  8. Yeah , Redgrave was the original Luvvie, virtue signalling, champagne socialist SJW. The difference is , in those days, everyone thought she was a nutter whereas today it’s practically compulsory.
    Times have changed, and not for the better, as i’m sure Sir Limply can tell you.

  9. Why nominate her? Point is cunters, formally Red Haired Vanessa has risen from the grave to direct and star in her own fillum about the migrant camp in Calais. All Blighty’s fault naturally. That me dears is cos why. Try reading the nomination and not what the first ignorant arse’oles have commented.

    • Whoa! She’ll be up on the Wall of Cunts before you can say Lily Allen!

      Nice one Sir Limpers 👍

    • A fine riposte Sir Limpley, proof positive that you won’t enter that cold dark night. Your offerings are masterful and not a bubble in sight or sound.

    • Evening Sir L!
      Apologies if I fall into the ambit of the ignorant arse’oles, and apologies too for not being more forthright in my approbation of your entirely legitimate cunting.
      That she was merely passable in a 50-year-old film, and that this was perhaps the apogee of her career too was something I failed to adequately articulate.
      Dead pool job- except I genuinely would have wagered a couple of score on her longstanding demise.
      Irrelevant cunt!

  10. i know this is an oft asked question but that doesnt make it any less valid. how many refugees has Vanessa put up in her no doubt enormous gaff?

    • None, but be to be fair, the place is still crowded out with all the pikeys from Dale Farm that she so kindly offered sanctuary to.

      • None, no Gimmigrants at Redgrave’s gaff as J.K.Rowling and Jude Law have given them all haven.

        Naa, only joking. Linekunt’s bagged them all. Feeding them bread and honey and passion fruit cheesecake on a daily basis.

      • I clean forgot about her involvement in that one, Stanley. Well reminded. The Dale Farm debacle makes her a steaming, juicy great cunt and a wall place should be reserved for her in perpetuity.

        My folks lived about 3 miles from that stinking, rotten fucking camp. The Dids turned that area into a barren shitehole and everything of even moderate value had to be chained down. I would love to see the thieving cunts set up on Redgrave’s no doubt huge fucking estate, break into her house, pinch her antiques and wipe their dirty travelling penises on her Jacquard curtains.

        The cunt!

  11. I’ve never understood how Michael Redgrave sired any babies, unless he painted both sides of the fence. Fine actor though, bunburying aside. The Quiet American was wonderful, and much more akin to the novel than the glossy, Yank-friendly version of 2002.

    My favourite Vanessa Redgrave film was a recent one, Anonymous, about how the Swan of Avon didn’t write any of hiszzz plays zzzz… Despite the pudding of nonsense the whole thing was, it was highly watchable.

    Mind, her promotion and blithering of such gibberish “Scientific proof…Shakespeare blah blah I’ve got a film to promote.. zzzz… ” corroborates Sir Limply’s nomination regarding “our” Calais problem.

    • The point is Cap’n that Michael R would be most content orn a long sea voyage if you get me drift. Most certainly liked to play both ways and up the middle. Rather notorious for it indeed.

      • Yes, he never kept it a secret. He must’ve batted for both teams, front and back bottom; dear Michael, a man for all seasons.

  12. Call the Midwife comes to mind. This is the programme Mrs Plastic insists we watch ‘together’. Oh excruciating. And it’s Vanessa’s voice that introduces concludes every episode. To say these characters ‘care’ is gross understatement. They exude compassion. They are not virtue- signalers but virtue -exploders. What makes it so unendurable is the childbirth scenes; the awkward fifties father looking on….coming to realise…some issue. And the Doc and the nuns and the emotional music and the issues and I am praying for Vanessa’s voice please please please because then I know then it will soon be over and this suffering will have ended. And her voice comes in…

    Then she tells me- ‘it’s on all day on Dave’.

  13. One thing I did get sick of today… Seeing that insufferable horse faced luvvie cunt, Olivia Colman all over the fucking papers… Just fuck off, Mrs Ed…

    • Yes, she is indeed the Utterly Butterly™ of the creamy crop of British luvvies du jour: a fucking fake!
      Instead, bring me Calvin’s horseradish with vicious mustards, to pierce the tongue like Cardigan’s lancers.
      Not a chance with old ‘Luv!

      • Not to be confused with Olivia Williams, a “bezzie mate” of an old Cambridge girlfriend of mine. She was very nice, a brave old egg, and put in the manhours at the New Vic in Bristol after graduation from Newnham, and has never “looked back”.
        Colman, by comparison, is hideously limited in scope, and self-evidently a victim of her own success.
        Never met her in the flesh, and I’m sure she’s “very nice and personable”, but she is certainly hamstrung by her embarrassingly execrable Northern (=de facto “working-class”) accent. problem, inter alia.

      • Excuse, please, the off-piste but heartfelt diatribe about Ms Colman’s newfound “place in the sun” there, Sir L.

  14. You know you can’t be popular when even the Jewish community protest against you.
    BTW admin, can you do anything about that photo?
    Putting me right off my pot noodle.

    • I had just worked up a good head of steam watching time team, (it was sunny and you could see down the young girls tops while they dug) then I stopped by here on my way to pornhub to finish off. Instant de-tumescence on seeing that picture, in fact I have completely lost the will to masturbate. I may well end it all after going to the pub, 25 minutes until opening.
      Proud of yourselves admin?
      Used to enjoy my day off in the week.
      Nearly forgot to fucking swear i’m so upset.

  15. Vanessa Redgrave: Another anti-Zionist terrorist sympathiser.
    Ban Eurovision because it will be held in Tel Aviv?
    Fuck off you Corbyn loving bitch.

    Sorry I am not cunting much lately. Going through an incredibly bad time at the moment and really not coping very well. Not so much taking each day at a time, but evey hour…

    • Hope things sort themselves out for you, Krav. I’m sure that it’s nothing that an obstinate bugger like yourself can’t resolve.

      Best Wishes.

      • Thank you, Herr Fiddler.

        This time, I am not so sure, but there may be a way to solve it. Have an appointment tommorow.

        Thank you

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