The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre.

The Globe Theatre is to stage a ‘historic’ production of Shakespeare’s Richard II featuring an all female BAME cast. So far so predictably box ticking right-on pile of cunt, forget that it was written with King Richard II being a white man as are most of the characters but when did left-wing equality headbangers ever let accusations of cultural appropriation double standards get in the way of a bit of diversity brainwashing.

The real piss boiler of this cunting though is how the play will ‘explore a post-Empire and pre-Brexit Britain and will reflect on identity and ownership’. Interpreted by non cunts as a chance to trash our history and heritage once again and give the race card a good airing. How a 400 year old play about a 14th century English king is relevant to empire and Brexit is a mystery only understood by cunts like TGT.

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35 thoughts on “The Globe Theatre

  1. All that old theatre bollocks bores the shit out of me, no matter who is acting the parts .
    Overrated humbug .
    Fuck Shakespeare and his mum.

  2. I read 12th Night recently, remembering that I liked it when we did it for English Lit. Now, either I spent my teens absolutely shitfaced or my memory is, at best, faulty. I was bored cockless after about 50 pages, and I never liked ANY other Shakespeare when I was subjected to it, so I can’t even imagine the sort of pretentious cunts that will pretend to have enjoyed this utter shit.

    • I vividly remember my Grandad singing an old shanty back in the 70s – “I’ve never seen the like since I’ve been born” Google it – Me poor old Grandad’d’ve been pilloried these days

  3. Racist cunts!!!!!

    So excluding white women, white men, black and ethnic men.

    I wonder where they stand on an ethnic man with tits.

  4. All theatres are dens of pretentiousness and Gayness. I went,as a child,to a Christmas panto at The Theatre Royal in Newcastle. It was my first and last visit to anything even remotely connected to “The Arts”.
    Arty-Farty types can stick The Bard’s First Folio,and any other shite that he may have dribbled out,up their collective arsehole..they’re be plenty of room up there…bunch of Wankers.

    I’d turn all theatres into cinemas showing only old war films, Ealing comedies and Porky’s.

    Thespians can Get Fucked.

  5. Why would any of us be surprised by this horseshit? London, Luvvies, entitled minority. They should try putting this on at Scunthorpe Baths Hall.

  6. Call forth Bagot.
    Now Bagot, freely speak thy mind
    What thou dost know of noble Gloucester’s death
    Who wrought it with the king and who perform’d
    The bloody office of his timeless end?

    Well bro, it were one of them whitey stab cunts from the estate innit.

    Bagot, what the fuck are you talking about? And why are you wearing a dress and speaking in that high voice?

    Can’t wait to buy a ticket.

  7. Considering the colour of the cast the most famous speech of the play by John of Gaunt comes to mind. No not ‘this sceptered isle’ bit. Further on-‘this land of such dear souls…is now leased out…is now bound with shame…with inky blots’.

  8. Black actor portrays Hamlet = culturally progressive and enlightened
    White actor portrays Othello = culturally regressive and improper

  9. Pretentious noncery for trendy urbanites. It’s not 1850 anymore. I can have way more fun with my highspeed internet and pornhub, watching some maid dressed like it was 1850 getting undressed and duly porked.

  10. Well reading about it again. At least it’s not having black and white actors playing together. That’s when it’s really clunky. If you know that it is black women playing the characters of white men you can suspend your disbelief (a little more) and just about accept it. What is paramount is that the world of the play coheres. This is Richard the II done by black women. OK. I will make a conscious decision to try and accept it. What I cannot accept is Richard as a black woman a and say Ross as a white woman. It breaks the illusion. It will probably be tosh because the agenda is not only Diversity but ‘Brexit’ driven. However, any movement in this new diverse world we inhabit to have all black casts or all women casts (in Shakespeare)I support.

    • You know your onions when it comes to Shakespeare Miles.

      How about all trans wimmins casts? Trans mens casts? All gender neutral casts? All gender fluid casts? All self identified as parrots casts?

      They’ve probably already done an all spâzz cast.

      • The parrots would be good RT. Parroting Shakespeare. At least they would be faithful to the text. Like Laurence Olivier. Dressed as a fucking parrot ‘Now is the Winter of our discotent’. Funny to think now his performance as Richard the Third does have a parrot like quality to it – the way he shifts from foot to foot, the beaky nose, squawking the lines, pecking at us…

        • Anybody remember Richard Dreyfuss’s gay Richard III in ‘The Goodbye Girl’? Pretty funny, I thought.

  11. This is a consequence of the media being in the hands of cunts with media and gender studies “degrees” from third rate polytechnics. I would love to stage a production of Christopher Marlowe’s “The Jew of Malta”. Thousands of Luvvies and Snowflakes would die of apoplexy the fuckwitted cunts.

  12. whilst i agree with this cunting i cannot agree that Shakespeare is a load of old cunt. . sure some of it is mind numblingly boring but it also includes some of the finest writing in the English language. you’d have to be a little brain dead not to be moved by this. for instance. :

  13. Let them have their little play bless ‘em. I’m sure the box office takings will tell the real story. The only cunts that will go to see this preposterous load of old wank are the few people left who read the guardian, which I think has more writers than readers, and other like minded, chin stroking bellends. Cultural appropriation only goes one way.

  14. What fuckwittery nonsense. I’ve just seen the cast list…….

    Richard 2 – Sir Dickie Attencock
    Duke of Lancaster- John ‘Talksport’ Gaunt
    Duke of York – Sarah Ferguson
    Hotspur – Alan Gilzean
    Bushy – George Dubya
    Bottom – Stephen Fry
    Top – Ron Jeremy

    • What… no role for our greatest living actress Meghan Markle?

      Is it cos she is blackish?

  15. I bet if Othello was cast as a white guy, the pinkos would be coughing up their vegan lentil chips.

      • RTC, you are absolutely correct. Traditionally it was a white guy blacked up, but “modern society” doesn’t like that sort of thing.

        Bring back the Black and White Minstrel Show……it could lead to a high rate of coronary episodes among the snowflake generation.

  16. All Shakespeare bores the bollocks off me. No Cunt understands what the fuck their going on about. Iv’e had Pretentious turds walk up to me and say Fenton have you seen Branner’s Othello ? If i did see it the main objective would be to stay awake. Fucking high brow bollocks.
    I must admit i did enjoy Theatre of Blood with Vincent Price and Diana Rigg.

    • Theatre of Blood was excellent, Arthur Lowe superb as a theatre critic. He was good as a raging commie butler in The Ruling Class. The Abominable Dr. Phibes is a good one, too.

    • One of my favourites too. The last line (something like) ‘ ‘Well, he was always one for hamming it up’. Great film.

      Another dark comedy favourite of mine. ‘the Anniversary’. With Bette Davis.

  17. ‘explore a post-Empire and pre-Brexit Britain and will reflect on identity and ownership’.

    You can guarantee the person who wrote that is a chin-stroking, polo-necked cunt.

  18. Ashes, ashes everywhere
    Shakespeare’s works mayhap?
    Ashes, ashes everywhere
    Is this your deed Cuntflap?
    (Acknowledgement: Samuel Taylor Coldfridge)

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