Riley Dennis

‘It takes all sorts to make a world’, the old saying goes, and generally I can relate to that. It’s just that sometimes, someone whose outlook is a bit, well, odd, intrudes on my consciousness and I start to wonder.

Let me introduce Riley (aka Justin) Dennis, a self-styled male to female transgender activist and feminist, who ‘identifies’ as a ‘non-binary woman’ and lesbian. Fair enough, it’s okay with me if that’s his/her/hem’s (whatever) choice. However it seems that s/he’s not content just to get on with things. S/he wants to dictate the terms upon which everyone else must relate to him/her/hem (oh ffs!).
Check out this example, in which s/he claims that dating ‘preferences’ can be discriminatory.

Now Riley’s discourse is a bit hard to follow, but I think the gist’s this; you’re discriminating if you won’t date a transgender person purely on the grounds that they’re trans, rather than on the basis of the qualities that they demonstrate as an individual. Got that? Well I’ll grant that there’s a certain logic to the argument, but in return, I must be granted the right to disagree.

Here’s the thing Riley. Stop obsessively over-analysing everything when it’s very simple. I don’t give a fuck how you and those like you live your lives, or what you identify as. In return, stop spouting more ‘identity politics’ b/s. Give it a rest, and stop trying to project your hang-ups onto everyone else.

Society hasn’t somehow conditioned me over the years to develop an unconscious bias towards you. It’s not discriminatory behaviour because I won’t buy into your agenda and acknowledge this supposed ‘bias’. Think about this the other way around. I can like a transgender person on the basis of their qualities as an  individual, without being physically attracted to that person. I like a woman to have a fanny in her pants as opposed to a dick. That doesn’t make me ‘transphobic’; it means that I don’t fancy you. It really is about preference; it’s my choice, just as it’s yours to wear a dress. If I may paraphrase the old ‘Stonewall’ ad; ‘most people are straight. Get over it’.

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. Astute one, Ron. Highlights a central problem with lefty liberalism: to assert the sacredness of freedom of choice, and then label certain free choices as discriminatory and thus deplorable, is a straight self-contradiction.

    Me I prefer smoked salmon to Spam. I am unashamedly discriminatory, and conflict- free.

    • Yep that contradiction pisses me off K. As far as I’m concerned people like Dennis are free to do what they want. What fucks me off is when they then try to instruct me on how I should relate towards them, and if they’re not happy with that, I must be showing discrimination.
      Then they wonder why they piss people off.

  2. Yet another uppity ‘chick’ with a dick.

    Les Dennis, or whatever your name is; please fuck off.

    The statistics show that the majority of males are heterosexual and, to wit, desire sexual conjugation with a lady, not a cosmetically modified man.

    If we travelled back 50 years ago, people like Les Dennis here would have had to make do with dressing up as a woman and tucking his todger up his arsehole. In 21st century Britain, so technological advances have brought more troubles than solutions. This is one of them.

    Now fuck off (again).

    • As the wise Ted said “No such thing as a chick with a dick just a man with tits” and that is that as far as I am concerned. If a conversion has been carried out then… Still a man who looks like a women or vice versa. You would think that life is a big enough fuck up as it is or is all this gender/bender/transender another ploy to stop Brexit?

      • This mutant has an Adam’s apple the size of Gibraltar, projecting from its scrawny neck. It looks nothing like a woman, simply a man in drag.

        If this fucking Danny La Rue tribute act wants to look a complete arsehole then more power to his ringpiece, but fuck off with attempting to dictate your minority free choices over those of the majority.

        I do wonder what these cunts actually see staring back at them when they look in the mirror.

  3. Transgender is bullshit shrieked loud. It is almost always a form of body dismorphism and should be treated, if at all, as a mental illness just like anorexia.
    This tranny shower of shit are causing trouble that goes to the core of modern society through their ridiculous claims and ‘rights’. Left to this lot no woman or child will ever be safe from perverts and weirdos.
    They should be treated the same as paedos and flashers.
    And really, does any fucker think the cunt pictured is female?

    • I fancy a pork pie right now but I’m not sure if I’d like to take it out for a drink first.

      Goodbye for now.

      • Pork pies are exempt… unless they self identify as people. Then you’ve got a right old pickle on your hands RC!

        Be seeing you.

        • RTC
          Pork pies surely a form of hate crime? You need to get ‘woke’ pal. I know I am.

          • Clearly I need to get ‘woke’ Cuntstable, cos am fucked if I know what the fuck you’re fucking on abaaatt.

            is it a Welsh thing?

            Pork pies… hate crime… Jesus wept.

          • You are not with the programme RTC. Pork pies are culturally divisive. Labour will draft legislation to that effect when Jezza gets in. It’s a good thing that I am available to mentor you fuckers.

    • I seem to remember a year or two back about some bollocks forcing white kids to date eggands in 1ry schools.

      I just have NEVER found an eggand wimmin sexually arousing.

      Nor am I attracted to the thing pictured above.

      However, last night’s Midsomer Murder was more of a Midsomer Night’s Dream – Caroline Langrishe AND Maggie O’Neill in the same episode…

    • a valid point, I am not particularly fussy or desperate either.
      I know two such people, both self funded, both rather decent individuals (and strangely enough both work in IT).
      One however reminds me of Militant out of the VIZ, the other a rather fuckable bird.
      Militant does get on my tits every so often and currently hates the world for brexit, hates lesbians, men, the world ect ect, but this could stem from the fact she has a massive nervous disorder and has yet to discover a good enough deodorant to cover the sweats.

      • Which brings to mind my favourite Sid pickup line (of many excellent candidates)

        “Ye doont sweat much fer a fat lass”

  4. The Gays really are appalling. Imagine the nerve involved to demand that any straight man who you fancy should immediately drop his keks and do you up the shite-pipe. I,for one,won’t be venturing out in town any more,the thought of a group of mincing,screeching Gays forcing Viagra down my throat and then lining up with more rusty sheriffs’ badges pointed at me than Bonny and Clyde had to contend with,really is intolerable.

    Bring back the old “Rampaging Gays” laws before we’re all forced to perform like at-stud stallions and sate the debased appetites of the local Gay community. No way that I want to have to peep through my letterbox, to check that the coast is clear before venturing out,only to be greeted with the sight of Tom Dakey’s arsehole pressed up against my polished brass door furniture.

    It’s a fucking disgrace,and the Gays should be (even more) ashamed of themselves.

    • Morning Professor Fiddler, your detailed thesis on ‘the Gayness’ is one of the finest works from the Fiddler Institute and society will be better for it in protecting vulnerable arseholes from roaming deviants.

    • Thank you DF for highlighting this very possible disgusting scenario. I for one will take more than a stout stick with me when I venture forth. As it is the local cottage is very busy during the season not a safe environment for a straight; one has to piss in the woods at least then you get some warning that a willie watcher or worse is on the prowl as most appear to posses poor field craft.
      Bloody Worlds gone to hell in a handcart.

      • Gays ashamed of themselves bit of a paradox huh fiddler? global homo is too powerful dick pretty soon homosexuality will be sanctioned by the government and forced on people

      • And I suspect the handcart is candy pink, with fluffy pink dice, and a load of rodent-shaped butt plugs in the boot…

  5. Just like shagging a fat bird or riding a moped……….
    nothing wrong with it until your mates find out.

    • or worse, the bird you were shagging turns up on GMTV and tells amen that she used to be a bloke..
      Mrs B (now x) probably wonders why I had a heart attack on the sofa that morning.

  6. A choice cunting, although an easy Mark. Thanks too for the pic; I now have an answer to the perennial teaser “why the long face?”

  7. There should be a law that requires a trans person to disclose, prior to any sexual activity with a new partner, that they’ve got mangled genitals.

    I don’t doubt my ability to spot these special creatures but should I fail and they don’t say anything until after I’ve filled their up their windsock, then I may be liable to batter them to within an inch of their life because I would regard that scenario as rape.

    It will only get more difficult to spot them as techniques improve. Bet no one has even considered protecting my rights as a straight male with conservative morals.

  8. I hope it takes the Prime Minister’s advice and goes for a cervical smear test.

    “A few minutes of discomfort could be saving your life.” Then again…

  9. Strict military discipline might sort out some of these effette , self obsessed pansies. Give them a couple of years in the army, and for really irritating fuckers like this thing and Owen Jones the SAS might be able to do something with them

  10. Should I suddenly have the misguided urge and decide to shag anyone other than the formidable Mrs Time, I would not be looking for a lady with meat and two veg.

    Not would I be looking for a lady who has removed the meat from their diet, so to speak.

    That sort of nonsense smacks of being mentally unstable in failing to accept the hand they have been dealt. Would you want a session of hide the sausage with someone who has lost their wiener forever in an attempt to become more stable?

    Not sure the agenda of this person should be given mainstream air time.

  11. Pfft another 2 posts goes right to the spam filter again wtf adminn? this is starting to be annoying with a sort of leaning on wrongthink and conversation control I mean what even sets it off? it can’t just be random are youtube and image links automatically put into the spam filter cause last few months feel like it does that I dunno whatever

  12. There was an annoying cunt like this on Radio 4s Today Programme arguing that transgender men should be incarcerated in female prisons when convicted of an offence. Following a convicted transmale sex offender committing, er, sex offences in a female prison the Home Office has reversed its policy and, common sense prevailing, realised that something with cock intact is male.

    • S/he made the schoolboy/girl error of assuming that imprisonment is necessarily concomitant with the commission of an indictable offence. Remandment in custody is perfectly plausible and commonplace, even with offences triable either way.
      A problem with this approach would be the need for compensatory payouts when the ladyboy, having “enjoyed” a stretch in eg Styal, is subsequently found not guilty. Also, it would most likely increase the already insufferable militancy on his/her release.
      This is therefore clearly not necessarily a solution, but it might be worth a try.

  13. The answer to the question in the header is. ‘ I don’t give two fucks ‘
    Off piste … Viktor Orban has announced a series of measures to boost birth rates in Hungary, which has one of the lowest in Europe. These include interest free loans to young couples ( ie. a man and a woman ), once they’ve had three kids the loan is cancelled, once a woman has had four children she’ll be exempt from income tax for life. All with the aim of not needing to import foreigners, particularly You Know Who.
    Hungary is not tolerant of Shitslam Wallah’s and Viktor ended his speech with ‘ Long live Hungary and The Hungarians ‘
    I rather agree with him.
    If only we had such a patriotic leader.
    Good afternoon.

    • Sounds like the old one child policy in China in reverse, and it would probably be even more divisive and problematic.

      Egészségedre, Orbán Viktor!

    • When I lived in Luxembourg some 30 years ago, same problem and same answer – tax incentives. It now seems that the beer goggles don’t work well enough and they are trying whacky baccy.

    • Hungary is one of the EU countries losing it’s young working population to richer EU countries. They do send money back but the country is suffering through depopulation.

      • Indeed so, Cunstabubble, but nothing like poor old Bulgaria. That cuntry is more of a basket-case than the eponymous Womble.
        A “hidden” cost of project-EU, and a shame.

      • The Germans tried slave labour…. didn’t work out so now they have the EU …. cheap labour from the east

    • I heard him say; ‘we want more Hungarians’. Yes, Hungarians in Hungary. That’s a novel idea.

    • Hungary also happens to be a NET recipient of EU funds… so can’t afford to bite the hand that feeds it too hard…

  14. Plenty of weirdos about….

    A man who was admitted to hospital after repeatedly shoving lorry exhaust pipes up his arse, has been diagnosed HGV Positive….

    Coat already on, cab on its way….

    • Grade A, JR!
      Presumably his pipes of choice were the old-school upward-firing ones with the little flaps on top?

        • Hoş bulduk, as they say in Bodrum, and teşekkür ederim!
          No kindness intended or implied, nor any “indication” for coats or cabs: I enjoyed that one!

  15. Dear Marge, recently I have found it easier to sit on the big white telephone to have a piss in the mornings. It means no spray on the floor and no skid marks in me y-fronts when I let one rip. Does this mean my wrinkled old cock will turn onto a wrinkled old cunt and I become one of them transbender persons? Please help me. Worried of Cheltenham.

  16. Is this Riley cunt the famous bent Dennis? I think we should be told.
    I would lock this freak in a room with Frank Maloney. We’d see how non-discriminatory the cunt was then.

  17. Sir Knee, this nomination is very called for and one that explodes my underwear straight off my arse.

    These ‘people’ really fuck me off. Because they are confused about their gender identity, they want the world to fit THEM. They want standard gender terminologies and interpersonal relating to mutate so they can feel ‘normal’ in society and nothing out of the ordinary, just your ever-so normal man who is now a woman without the surgery, still brandishing a dick but actually partial to a bit of muff diving.

    Yep. What is at all out of the ordinary about that?

    I personally don’t give a damn how people live their lives. If you feel you have to live as a lesbian woman with a knob, feel free. Whatever floats your boat. If someone wants to identify as a Star Wars Wookie and have lesbian threesomes, I don’t give a shite either. What I DO give a shite about is you trying to tell ME that if I don’t accept the gender bending way you live your life and alter my thinking and behaviours to fit that, I am ‘phobic’ or discriminatory in some way.


    • I admire your restraint since I AM discriminatory. As somebody else said earlier, if I was looking for a shag I’d want somebody who has a cunt, not is one.

      • Fair play Moggie.

        I think that is a more than reasonable expectation that a female actually has a snatch rather than a cock-a-doodle-doo.

        I also don’t think that makes you at all discriminatory. Each to their own. Just because someone doesn’t want a shemale, doesn’t make them ‘anti’……it just doesn’t float their boat.

        Fuck ’em, silly cunts.

        • If I was pissed enough I reckon I wouldn’t notice but otherwise, no. Changing the engine on a Ford Focus don’t make it a Ferrari.

          • No… but then again most women tend to be Ford Focus’s anyway. As do most men, in case anyone thinks I’m being misogynistic.

            On the other hand, some of those ladyboys look quite stunning.

            I’ll get my coat, cab’s on the way.

          • On a personal note, I’m definitely a Ford Focus, RTC…..on a good day I might be a pimped up Reliant Robin though….

            …..albeit a bit clapped out and a few screws missing.

          • Evening Nurse Cunty. I always imagined you more along the lines of a Lotus Elan Sprint.

            “It’s not what’s outside a person that counts, it’s what’s inside – don’t you understand?!”

            (Wild Man Fischer, in conversation with Frank Zappa, 1967)

    • That’s the thing, Nurse. This bloke says he ‘identifies’ as a transgender, non-binary feminist and lesbian. In reality, isn’t that just a snowflake way of saying that he likes to dress up in women’s clothes and have sex with women? Not the strangest of perversions, so why make such a fucking big SJW deal about the whole thing?

      The guy’s just deluded in my book.

      • Yep, defo Ron.

        ‘Identifies’ is just more word cuntery and code for ‘I just want to dress, live and screw in such-a-such way’.

        Why these individuals cannot just live the lives without all of the militant ranting is beyond me. It is the height of arrogance and selfishness that they want everything to change for them.

        IMO, they can all sod off.

        • Ah well… it’s all part of that thing we refer to as ‘life’s rich tapestry’ I suppose, Nurse.
          And it keeps all of us cunts on here amused!

    • You are a certified poof mincepie right, so how about women who look like men? would you shag female to male transbenders

      • Never been down that road tit, only ever had one love .
        I’m loyal to bent Dennis. It’s only a bit of banter and fun , but if things ever did change, I think I could go with a man/woman but not a woman/man . Does that answer you question tit.

      • Shag that?! As Eddie Hitler would say, ‘I would rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife!’

        • sort of but it questions what you’ll do with the body afterwards are you holding poor dennis hostage?! don’t let this turn into a jeffery dahmer like scenario mincepie theres still time to turn yourself in and get help you don’t have to sodomize and cannibalize dennis’s body to prove your love for shim

  18. Not content with now being allowed out in the open without fear of recrimination, they now feel empowered enough to stand up and demand that we like them.
    I’m pretty open minded when it comes to the opposite sex, but I would draw the line at a massive Adams apple and there is absolutely no way that I would run the risk of my girlfriend having a bigger Dick than mine.
    Feel free to label me transphobic, if that’s even a fucking word, but the truth of the matter is, i just don’t want to date a full weight fucking mentalist.
    Fuck off back up your own arse hole. (If you haven’t had that removed as well)

    • I really don’t understand this whole business. When I was much younger I was reasonable unfussy about who I slept with although I picked long term girlfriends with more care. One thing they all had in common, though, was they were all female. I would choose one over another and I certainly would never have picked what is, basically, a bloke.

      • Sorr, I said the above but never made my point, which is that choice is what it’s all about. I would never choose this ‘woman’ but over the years there have been dozens of beautiful women that I didn’t fancy, it’s just the way it is, and just because I don’t fancy this bloke doesn’t make me any more discriminatory than anybody else on this miserable planet.

      • Couldnt agree more Moggie,
        Being allowed to discriminate between male and female for the purpose of copulation is, for the time being at least, still allowed as far as I am aware.
        That could well change though if our looney pc powers that be, deem it to be unfair..

        • Perhaps in the future, for every woman a man screws he’ll have to do a gay and a trans. Of course, these rules won’t apply to women.

  19. 1,000 years from now there will be no guys and no girls, just wankers. – Mark “Rent-boy” Renton

  20. We’re now firmly in the era, where people can’t decide between a twat or a todger representing their landing-gear. These fucked up libtards and think tankers must be wanking into their granola every morning in supporting this freakish shit.

  21. I just read that the organisers of the Highland Games north of the border are now looking at including ‘non binary’ competitors, as failure to might affect funding.
    Will this fucking nonsense never end?
    Oh well. Gives a new meaning to the term ‘tossing the caber’, I suppose…

    • oh you can link youtube vids but i can’t wtf is it the admins messing with me or is wordpress just turning more into a orwellian big brother everyday I dunno but that spam filter definitely deserves a cunting

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