Polly Toynbee

A jolly hockey sticks Radio 4 cunting please for the oldest teenager in the business, Polly Toynbee, 72 going on 12.

She has decided Saturday (19th Jan) will be REmain day for the following specious reasons:


Have you ever read so many shit in your life?. The silly old cunt has outdone even Owen Jones.

The childish, inept, thick as pick shit, but thinks she is oh so clever old harridan needs to be careful – at her age she might conk out on the crapper straining to evacuate the caviar in her bowles, or she might have a nasty accident with the razor when shaving her rancid old minge. She could be dead before the rest of us.

Nominated by W C Boggs

69 thoughts on “Polly Toynbee

  1. If I may borrow the late, great Dave Allen’s joke;
    ‘I’ve got a soft spot for Polly Toynbee. It’s a bog in the west of Ireland’.

    Just another cunt who thinks that all those who voted Leave are not as clever as her.

    • This is her happy face after she won a Merkel-in-an-Elton wig competition. Toynbee should stick to what you do best:
      being a cunt.

      Evening, my liege.

        • Mein Gott.

          You shag ONE Herman bird and all of a sudden you’re Adolf Eichmann. Himmel help me.


          • You shagged a Herman bird mein kapitan?

            I gave the checkout cunt the wrong money in Sainsbury’s this afternoon… earlier, Cuntstable Cuntbubble told me to “get ‘woke’ pal”, summat to do with pork pies and hate crime… and you’re asking ME for help?

          • No.

            I don’t require your help. I meant that jus because I did some horizontal dancing with a German, Hide The Sausage with ONE Teutonic lady, I get called Kapitan by you every post.

            It ees ein dizgrace, Herr Krëampüff.

            p.s. Sainsbury’s don’t need any more money.

          • Strange thing is, it wasn’t until your previous post that I was even aware of your Herman fucking antics. Maybe I’m psychic? More likely just a cunt. It won’t happen again, you have my word as an officer and a gentleman…

    • Is she related to Sourbry ??

      Looks like she’s about to burst into tears. Daft cow.

      Sod her.

  2. We now have some younger loud mouth lefty cunts like Owen Jones and Afua Hirsch who think everyone in Blighty is a racist/far right blah blah. But Polly is a contender for the all time top ten cunts charts pop pickers. She has , though the added bonus of being a giant hypocritical cunt having a second home in Tuscany darlings (don’t we all?) while telling the rest of us not to fly because of climate change. Rancid cunt who probably turned out to be a sour faced lefty due to not being able to attract enough cock. Probably.

  3. Hang on a minute – she’s four years older than my Dad! She’ll be dead soon so won’t to live with the consequences of her vote. She stole my future!

    (using millennial voter logic of course)

  4. Is it me or does she resemble that other wimmin Sandy Toksvig? Now that is one gender confused cunt. Maybe they share the same cuntish genes?
    All I can say as a man is that if Polly and Sandy were the last women on earth, I would quickly turn to the dark side. Ugly, talentless and full of shit, they give women a bad name

    • All these quacking, halitosis femmos are beginning to resemble each other, Sandy Toxic, Merkel, Toynbee, Eddie Izzard…

  5. For once I have to say “I categorically would NOT fire one into that!” not enough beer in the world.

  6. Only exists to spout opinions. Having an opinion does not mean you are intelligent, not even an informed opinion. Having an opinion that is attractive to the guardian and the beeb just means you are a cunt. And then some….

  7. Another one up her own arse, its very strange with people like her and the Jones cunt who think their opinion has any more credibility than the regular Joe.
    An uneiected nobody who for some reason manages to get her stupid face on TV

    I dont get it, just another cunt who deserves the cunting above.

  8. Polly Toynbee, her of the: “Most leavers are old and will be dead soon! That’s why we need another referendum!”

    My answer to that Polly is: AFTER YOU!

    • The delectable Julia Hartley-Brewer recently referred to Toynbee’s ‘death’ comments as morbid, and she’s right. Guardianista and Tuscany home owner Twaddle naturally brands JH-B as ‘far right’. Head up her own arse cunt is Polly Wallydoodle.

    • Toynbee’s so thick she doesn’t realise the dead old ones will have been replaced by a new batch of old ones, probably even more pissed off with the likes of Tusk, Barnier & Druncker than the dead old ones were!

      • That’s what I shout at the retarded cunts when they spout the same shite.
        And yesterday’s bollocks about the UK being less safe and secure if we leave with no deal. WHY? At the moment we have to let any Tom Dick and Harry into the UK if they hold a EU passport no questions asked, and as we’ve seen in the news many many times the amount of criminal types from EU Eastern European countries who had criminal records in their home land but had to be let in. If our Border Force cunts could be allowed to do their jobs properly then undesireable aliens wouldn’t be allowed in to the country in the first place. That automatically makes this country safer. Not trying to deport some cunt on the off chance we could catch the fucker in the first place.
        Tusk, Barnier, Junckers, cunts one and all.

  9. What a disgusting, mange ridden, hideous, bitter, twisted, deluded, fuck ugly, crabby old cunt…..
    Typical remoaners!
    Smug self satisfied twats, rejoicing in their own countrymen dying because they love the Reich.
    I never thought I’d say this about anyone (apart from B.liar maybe) but I’m going to smile smugly when this scabby piss stained old cunt finally croaks it!

  10. Toynbee illustrates the complete disconnect between traditional, working class Labour and the champagne London and university elite who know best. The Guardian also typifies this. Labour heartlands voted Leave and this will come back to haunt the fuckers very soon. They can have London, who the fuck would want it anyway?

    • Yea I swear that London (some of it) thinks that it has some kind of duty and responsibility to civilize and enlighten the rest of the country with their great wisdom.
      They seem to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that the rest of the country doesn’t want to be anything like London.
      I lived in London my whole life (until recently)…. it’s overcrowded, overpriced, there’s no community spirit, it’s a shit hole and crime is through the roof……

      Don’t miss it one bit!

    • Am praying that the solids hit the aircon re. HS2.

      The last thing we want is for London to be even more connected to rest of UK than it already is.
      We don’t really want to go there, and we don’t want Londonistani stab artists spreading out to the rest of the cuntry. Not that they haven’t already.

      Spend the money on improving the rest of the network. Kinell, it bloody needs it. Sodding awful journey to and from coleg yesterday, crammed into a two-carriage boggler-boggler, must’ve been nicked from a railway museum. One step further down the evolutionary scale, and it would be classed as a goods wagon.

  11. Irrefutable nomination, WC. Only surprised her name is not accompanied by a double-digit numeral in parentheses.
    She is the sine qua non and indeed a Jacob’s Cream Cracker amongst the now ubiquitous lefty, right-on hacks who infest British journalism.
    Were she to have been more “closely controlled” fifty-odd years ago, the groundwork for Owen Jones and his ilk might never have been laid.

    • To avoid any obscurantism, and to further elucidate.
      Jacob’s Cream Cracker is wholly unconnected with Mr Rees-Mogg, but refers instead to the “strapline” on each packet: “The Original and Best”.

  12. That’s beyond merely the kind of insulting and condescending rhetoric we’ve gotten used to from the Remoaner upper classes. That’s straying into downright evil territory. Even for them such rhetoric is so nasty and twisted as to be scarcely believable.

  13. Yet another clueless leftie that has never quite gained an understanding of the world superior to that of a sixth former.

    I have no great hopes for brexit at this point. But if ‘they’ get ‘their’ ‘people’s vote’, I suggest the polly’s and Owens of the world start double locking their doors at night. I genuinely believe that if they get their way, this issue is now so toxic that they will end up on lamp posts. They are too thick to see it. A crew of angry people from Hampstead is a very different thing to a crew of angry people from Catford.

  14. Puke making isn’t it? Anyway I say her argument fails miserably. Here’s two facts we all know:

    Referendum to stay in the common market: 1975
    Referendum to leave the evolved common market, the EU: 2016

    How many people died or became enfranchised during the years between those votes? Shit loads, yet we didn’t hear from Toynbee once during her career about another vote post 1975 to make sure it was the will of the people. Disingenuous cunt.

    Old Toynbee must be so out of touch and verging on dementia cuz this dead people argument came out ages ago.

      • Champagne Toynbee is my name!

        Champagne drinking is my game!

        “Now you see those right wing working clarrse types really ought to save the planet otherwise the cost of my fois-gras will rocket! And why do they need to drive anyway? Haven’t they got chauffeurs!?! Mine’s taking me to socialist Labour Momentum gig arfter I finish this wonderful partridge and wood pigeon breast roll cooked en-vessi in the traditional pigs bladder. Ah, Claridges never disappoints… Vote Labour! Honour the working man as I do!”


  15. Slagface Toynbee makes the assumption that all old cunts are leave voters. Well, from what I can see the rich ones certainly aren’t, this fucking old fishwife being a case in point.
    Here’s an idea Polly : how about you and your posh mates spread some of your wealth around and turn us all into remoaners? It’s called socialism dear…… you know, that thing you and your pals discuss between courses at your jolly Islington soirées.
    Failing that just shut your posh fucking cakehole you muggy cunt.

  16. I gave this bastard bitch cunt from hell a cunting around a year ago.

    She’s got to be one of the most hypocritical cunts that’s walked shoe leather.

    If there were ZIL lanes in Britain this bitch would drive on them in her Ferrari, as soon as her ban was up!

    Educated at St Anne’s College Oxford this split ass herring trawl millionaire bitch knows as much about working class poverty as I do Astro Physics and the splitting of the atom.

    Fuck her.

    Let’s hope one of those desperate dark keys that she so wants to invite into our country so she can get a cheap gardener/builder/electrician/ little man bla fucking bla fucking decides to give her a dose of Somalia.

    Then again, I think even Mtembee may think ‘not even with a stolen dick’.

  17. Not sure why my last post got moderated?

    Other than the fairly robust observations of Toynbee I’d say everything else was fairly tame?

  18. Notice how she thcweamed and thcweamed during the standoff with JHB and took to Twatter to label her ‘far right’.

    The old, worn out, meaningless insult in the clapped-out armoury of the Left – ‘far right’. Intended as a pejorative which exaggerates the position and view of mostly sensible people. Not the ‘far right’ I.e. BNP or KKK, but people with concerns for the seeming compulsion by the likes of Toynbee for needing a continuing rule by a crooked mob of Belgian gnomes and to fling our borders open to all manner of filth.

    Toynbee is a nasty oxygen thieving cunt.

  19. Off topic, but..
    In Paris a Jewish owned bagel store was vandalised and the word JUDEN was daubed in yellow paint. This is what happend in WW2. Also a Jewish cemetery in Manchester was desecrated with the grave of famous rabbi being violated.

    This is getting scary. Jokes, comments in the street are one thing: this is something else.

    If Corbynski ever gets into, No 10 I will be on the next flight to Israel.

    • Makes you wonder just which group is perpetrating this shit. The Corblimey fraternity, Peaceful types or the ‘far right’.

      I know who my money would be on.

    • I think the Whitefield (Manchester) incident was probably “just” burglary. No reported damage to the cemetery itself: there was a break-in to the prayer hall, and the theft of very valuable metal (taps were mentioned, but it seems likely they stripped it out.) The CCTV system was also meticulously destroyed/removed, which suggests “professional burglar”. It certainly was not, for example, a ballied-up crew of towel-heads smashing up gravestones.
      The cossors are probably treating it as a hate-crime for “political and operational” reasons of considerable opacity. It would in any case be difficult to successfully prosecute as such, as the value of the stolen items is considerable (hence the high-grade CCTV).
      Presumably, this will be quietly downgraded to more mundane offences per the 1968 and 1971 Acts (Theft & Criminal Damage).
      Thus, just a bunch of pikey scallies in need of some taps, and not an anti-Semite to be seen… we shall see.

  20. The Frogs have historically suffered from a “complex” relationship with Jewry- their own parculiarly French cordon bleu flavour of antisemitism. I don’t doubt the recent attack on the Paris patisserie is a further exemplar of this. Conflation with the Whitefield incident seems to me, to be polite, unhelpful and at this stage inappropriate.

  21. I agree with both posts.

    Yes, the cemetary attack appears not to be an attack on religion , but scary, nonetheless.

    As for the French…
    Let us not forget that the Vichy scum collaboration government asked the SS to speed up the arrests and deportations.

    • I’m not scared, but when the thieving fucking scumbags defendant(s) are each handed a ten stretch for §10 offences (aggravated burglary) I’ll be pleased enough.
      I certainly wasn’t forgetting The Old Marshal (Pétain), indeed he was integral to my meaning. Apologies for any “crypticism”.
      Good afternoon!

    • I did reply, kravdarth, but I think The Old Marshal, Philippe Pétain must have triggered Akismet. I certainly hadn’t forgotten him, indeed he was part of my meaning, as you know.
      Good afternoon

  22. Toynbee is typical of a lot of journalists and activists, and the liberal class in general. They suffer the Dunning-Kruger effect of not being clever enough to realise how fucking stupid they are, and are mostly educated, but far beyond their natural intelligence. Add to this their general malice towards those who dare disagree with the fashionable views of the day.

    The Leaver death counter is a good example of their ghastliness.

    • It is, as somebody else pointed out, a useless argument, because, if a vote happens on Day X, there will be people voting perhaps on the last day of their lives.

      It isn’t as if a whole demographic chunk of voters disappear, ie. we have a bloody great gap where 40 – 90 year old voters used to be…

      So Polyfilla and all her ilk are really pigshit-thick low-grade cretins.

  23. Short and sweet I know but ….

    Polly Twatbee —- utter pleased with herself ‘never produced a useful good or service in her life ‘ scum ……..end of.

  24. If in a parallel universe, if we all knew the date of our death in advance, a disenfranchisement might be justifiable if, for example, the date of death preceeded enactment.
    Pretty bloody vacuous argument, I agree. Why not have a sliding scale, whereby the longer one’s actuarial life-expectancy is, the greater the “weighting” the vote carried?
    Thus if you were HRH Prince Philip, with an expectancy of zero, your vote would carry no weight, whereas an 18 year old’s vote would enjoy the full clout.
    Oops, I forgot: HRH doesn’t vote, does he.
    Fuck off.

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