Michelle Donelan

How the fuck have I not cunted Michelle Donelan yet?

For those of you who are wondering who she is, until I finish university and move out of my parents house she is, unfortunately, my local MP. She used to do a column for the Wiltshire Times with another MP cunt called Claire Perry (she doesn’t represent my part of Wiltshire though) until the paper made the wise decision to drop political columns.

Anyway, the reason I’m cunting her is because she’s basically a Maybot puppet – she has said absolutely nothing against the old hag’s Brexit plan or the Tories in general, she hasn’t said anything against the Tory-caused special school closures (unlike the Tory MP for South West Wiltshire, Andrew Murrison – who was so furious he leaked the news to the press), she has said absolutely nothing against the closure of local GP surgeries and the litany of other bad Council and central government decisions, and, like that old spitting image clip of the two Davids, is in the pocket of the cunts at Westminster and loyal to the end at the detriment of us ordinary folk.

Oh, and she moved down here from Rotherham (the posh part no less) to advance her political career purely because she knew she couldn’t get a seat there! Apologies if this cunting is a little all over the place, but my point is, she’s a first class CUNT.

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  1. Apologies for off-topicing already but…speaking of Wiltshire…
    Fucking lazy teacher cunts. Both my kids’ schools are closed yet I’ve managed to haul my honkey arse 35 miles to work in moderate snow whilst having to pay for last minute babysitting for my little boy and I’ll bet I’m not the only cunt on here who’s been inconvenienced by these spineless Marxist wankstains.

    • It’s not as simple as that Tommy boy. Of course the teachers love a day off but the decision is entirely the Heads. When there is snow and ice about they close up because if some little cunt running about throwing snowballs slips and breaks his leg the parents will sue their arse off. Imagine 3 or 4 of those every day. That’s a lot of fucking money and these no win no fee cunts can’t wait to get their greedy little fingers on it.

      • Yes, good point. Eeuurggh, modern society…how shit it is.
        In 1984 when I was 12, the school bus wasn’t running because of the deep snow so I went back home and tried to persuade my old dear that I should have a snow day. 2 minutes later I was walking 3 miles to school with a clipped ear for “attempted bone idleness” and damned right too.

        • These days Mr and Mrs Cunt Engine would be arrested. Child endangerment, child cruelty and assault with intent to cause GBH. While they were in the nick little Tommy would be fostered out to a pair of poofs or a peaceful family. His whole life could have been completely different. Worth that long walk to school wasn’t it?

    • Un-fucking-believable… except it isn’t.

      Days like this were commonplace during the winter of 1962/63, for weeks at a time, and schools were very rarely closed, mine never was, worst luck.

      This fucking snowflake country is finished.

      • Almost the entire roof of our school was blown off by high winds during a storm back in the day . Did they close the school for the day ? Did they fuck, the herded us into one of the few classes not affected and made us sing hymns and other ditties for the rest of the day. We were hard as fuck in those days.

      • It didn’t even snow found these parts until later yesterday evening, about 8pm However all the schools shut up shop early at 1.15.

        In other news Vince Cable is still a cunt.

  2. My local Labour MP Sandy Martin is a Remainer despite the country voting 52% Leave in the EU referendum, and despite 58% of the local electorate voting Leave in the same referendum.

    In the local election the twat somehow managed to scrape in by 800 votes.

    Wrote to him to ask his opinion on several local matters, and also why he is not representing the views of the country and the local people. Do you know he and his team never bothered responding.

    Our previous Tory MP Ben Gummer, always had the courtesy to respond to my correspondence, often at great length, especially when I questioned his party on policy regarding Fox hunting and the dementia tax.

    Sandy Martin. Happy to respect some democratic results when it suits him but clearly not others. Like so many MP’s.

    Useless cunt(s).

    • Willie have a look how many Labour MPs defied their constituents Most of the main Labour mouth pieces of remain Yvette Cooper, Lisa Tandy, Ed Miliband,etc etc had overwhelming votes to leave the EU Do they respect their constituents no they fucking don’t

    • Damned right, TITS (ho ho, “tits”).
      It’d be more enjoyable because she looks like she’d hate it.

  3. ‘Rotherham, the posh part’ ???
    Are you having a giraffe OC? I worked there for 4 years and never found it.

    • This guy was a serious cunt, he took that role seriously. Oh how we all laughed when he went on about dancing on Thatchers grave while she was terminally ill. Such humour. With his passing the world is now a funnier place.

      • He wasn’t that good. Regardless of your view on Ex PM Thatcher, this so called comedian was nothing but a far left commie masquerading as funny man of the people. Interesting to note the gushing sympathy on Al Beebistan all day, with Jermey Dustbin one of the many having a few good words…. Not me I’m having a one man street party.

        In other news Vince Cable is still a cunt.

      • Jeremy Hardy another example of never trust a Jeremy.
        Also a leftie unfunny nasty piece of shite maybe if he’s buried, a few of us ISAC nazis should dance about on his grave see how his family if he has one likes it. After all he expressed something similar about Margaret Thatcher a former PM and who was suffering dementia. What a cunt.

  4. Never heard of the cow but then nobody has heard of my MP…….Helen Hayes, a lazy, good
    for nothing, Blairite remoaner fanatic. If you asked 50 people around here to name their MP I doubt you would find more than 2 who could.
    At least her predecessor, that bitch Jowell , used to send a newsletter now and again and was always in the local rag doing something or other. This Hayes slag is completely anonymous. She sent a pamphlet during the election which was entirely about how important it was to stay in the fucking EU, nothing else, no local issues, nothing.
    I sent her an email asking why she wanted my vote when she didn’t believe in democracy.
    Got fuck all from the fascist as a reply.
    Trouble is, round here they would vote for Jimmy Savile’s decomposing corpse if it was wearing a Labour rosette and she fucking knows it.
    Fucking bitch.

  5. Off topic:
    Anyone know how to pirate Windows 7? 10 is fucking up again and I’m not prepared to put up with it anymore. Would switch to Linux but I’m not that technologically advanced.

    • You can buy a licence key on ebay for a tenner, that’s where I got MS Office from, older 2003 version but works perfectly for my needs.

      • I seem to recall I was still running XP and I couldn’t upgrade to Win10 from that so I got a cheap licence for Win7 on ebay and upgraded from that, then rolled back later when I got massively fucked off with the desktop crashing all the time, losing files, drivers failing etc heap of shit it was and, from what I gather, it hasn’t improved with age.

        • This is the 6th time it’s crashed on me. In 2 and a half years. On a 10 compatible laptop. Utter pisstake. Even Vista wasn’t this bad.

          • Mine crashed that many times in a week! Used it less than a month and won’t touch it again.

    • Linux is easy these days. Recommend Mint, which is user-friendly and you need to know fuck all about how it works. Alternatively roll back to XP (buy an OEM disc on ebay for not a lot), which is Microsucks’ last decent release.

      I got IT at work to give me Linux (networked Ubuntu) instead of W10 which is fucking dire.

      (Typed on Mint 18 XFCE)

      • I’ve been meaning to set up a dual boot system with Linux. Perhaps one day I’ll fucking do it.

  6. Fuck me. Snow darn sarf.Twelve minutes as the main news item on the BBC .
    It’s winter you cunts, fuck off.
    Good afternoon.

  7. Blinking eck as we say up here in the Norf. Or blinking eckkers like. He blinked. Corbyn blinked. He said he wouldn’t meet her if No Deal was not on the table. It still is and he met her. She blanked him as it were. Outflanked him. Another victory for May. This is turning into a version of the Cuban Missile crisis with the looming March 29 deadline.Who will blink first? Krusvhev blinked. I think Junker Will. The criticism of May is that she has been too ‘blinkered’ That really has been her strength.

      • My comment should have been the first one on, no idea what happened there. No chance would I touch May, she wouldn’t be able to make up her mind which hole to take it in.

  8. A very well deserved cunting op.
    No doubt she couldn’t get voted in in Rotherham because she’s the wrong colour and demographic…. that’s fine though. It’s fine if they only vote for their own.
    ….wonder what twats like this would say to me though if I said if never vote for a Muslim…. they’d probably want me arrested.
    Cunts all.

  9. I expect she joins the other 2 other great western railway MP crooks at Swindon, sipping champagne in first class on the shit new trains while those in standard class have to sit on 3rd class bench seating.
    How else can this shower of shit keep getting their franchise renewed every 7 years other than keeping the mps sweet?

    I digress though, they all are remoaners, maybots and pro-eu, there are some lovely houses to upkeep in Wiltshire well away from the immigration scum that they fail to stop coming in, so they will do anything to keep their jobs. Cunts.

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