John Sweeney and Panorama

Sorry if someone’s already cunted this cunt.
I’ve been busy so haven’t had time to issue this cunting or been able to check the noms page recently…

A double barrelled, nuclear powered cunting for Panorama “journalist” (if such a thing still really exists), John Sweeney.

This man is not only a cunt but he’s quite, quite, mad (just see some YouTube clips)…
He also has just about the most uuummm annoying uuummm voice that I’ve ummm ever ummm heard.

Having not watched the Bourgeoise Brainwashing Caliphate for longer than I can remember (though to be fair my memory is not exactly world class), I’d never heard of him or knew that he fronts Panorama.
That was until Panorama decided to do a hatchet job on Tommy Robinson named “The Tommy Takedown”.
Well, John being a typical arrogant, lefty, bourgeois supremacist, he didn’t stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Tommy wouldn’t take this lying down.
Tommy sent in undercover journalists and exposed the classist, racist prick for what he, and every one of his BBC friends, is.
Utter cunts.
Watch this clip if you want to see the real (fuck ugly) face of the BBC.

So the white working class male is a cannibal from the Amazon to these cunts?
Does that include black working class blokes?
How about Asians?
Are the women cannibals from the Amazon too?
Imagine the outcry if he’d said “black working class male”, instead of white…
He’d be fired.
He be kicked to the gutter by all his “anti-racism” ilk.
But hating white working class males is fine.
Well, it’s fine until the 23rd February anyway. Apparently Tommy has loads of footage exposing this cunt and the BBC as a whole.
He’s going to set up 2, 30ft screens outside the BBC offices in Manchester and basically rub their noses in a huge stinking pile of their own shite.
Tommy’s also released a clip of this cunt spending £220 on a piss up at lunchtime ON TAXPAYERS’ MONEY.

We’d be fools to think that these lefty fascists will take any responsibility, adopt any modicum of humility or try to apologise.
They’ll just do what they always do and look down from their ivory towers, whilst smearing everyone against them as “far right” scum.

Whatever happens though, it’s going to be so fucking satisfying to tear off that veil of virtue that these lefty, champers-quaffing, racist bigots always hide behind.

Never underestimate your enemy bitches…
Even if you do regard them as “cannibals from Amazonia” or “creatures from outer space”.


Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

37 thoughts on “John Sweeney and Panorama

  1. May that I be the first to wholly endorse and give my full support to your cunting, Deploy. First class.
    While I personally have no massive beefs, as Tommy clearly does, the YouTube clip perfectly illustrates your wider critique of the Caliphate. I particularly enjoyed the background clink-clink of the crockery, cutlery and glassware as the no doubt “very quaffable” Pétit Chablis for the fish course was exchanged with the 4th growth claret for the navarin of lamb on the staff canteen.
    Supreme cunting there, Deploy.

  2. Fabulous cunting Mr Sausage – roll on the 23rd! Be interesting to see how (if) the MSM ‘report’ it…

  3. I know what Sweeney meant – it’s incredibly rare to see white working class men on Newsnight -but his analogy was stupid and demonstrates the smugness and contempt we all know exists at the BBC, and the attitude of its employees as reported by journalists as ideologically different as Peter Hitchens and John Pilger.

    I hope Robinson gets that screen sorted. A jfew aws need to hit the floor. Too few people give the BBC an easy ride based on nostalgia for decent programming, unwilling to acknowledge just how hateful it has become towards the bulk of those paying for it.

  4. Craftsman’s cunting Deploy. Thanks. Never heard of or seen him before. Looking at his photo, bearded, balding, shifty eyes behind wire frames and sitting in the children’s library. Reckon he’s about to show the white-eared elephant. BBC cunt.

  5. What a cunting and what a cunt this prick is. Down with the BBC and this demented looking cunt.
    I am shocked and offended and I am only half white.
    This fat cunt looks like he’s living nicely off the tax payers and its a disgrace.
    Will the BBC sack the cunt? Nah course not he’ll get a pay rise. Piss off.

    • Yes, he’s very good at shouting B&WC – almost pythonesque in his delivery! That said, Scientologists are cunts, so really another case of cunts cunting cunts… a win win situation.

      • I actially thought it was part of the Tommy Robinson interview RTCP, still shows what kind of cunts are employed at the BBC.

        • It is in fact a clip taken from a Panorama investigation into Scientology, called “Scientology and Me”, aired on BBC 14/05/2007.

          • What an informative man you are RTCP, glad to see the wild days haven’t sent you mad… There’s hope for me yet. 😀

          • “I’ve always been mad, I know I’ve been mad, like the most of us are. Very hard to explain why you’re mad, even if you’re not mad.”

            Definitely hope for you yet B&WC!

  6. I was going to ask if anyone knew what was in this TR docu. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in the last couple of weeks.

    Hence, I suppose the new smear stories in the currant bun and daily hell. This bloke terrifies the MSM.

  7. Classist? Well, if they can make up words ( Islamophobe, homophobe, transphobe ) why can’t we?
    Of course, we’ve always had a word for these cunts….., snobs.
    The reason why these posh cunts love the immos is not just because they are cheap but because they are grateful and know their place.
    Thank you Massa for letting me dig your garden, thank you Bwana for letting me clean your house and giving me your scraps to feed my children. Can I shovel some more shit for you Offendi?
    No, they don’t like cunts who demand a fair wage and don’t want to be treated like shit. How the fuck are you supposed to get rich like that?
    Then the greedy, grasping ungrateful plebs go and vote the wrong way despite all that we have told them.
    Are you surprised these cunts hate us with a passion?

  8. We are constantly told, by the media and the elite that we shouldnt demonise the Islamic mob because of a few bad apples…. lol!

    White working class however are ignorant bigots!

    BBC dont like it up em ….. lovely to see the preadator getting his fucking arse dragged through the fucking shit…..


  9. Superb cunting DtS. The sooner the Beebistan becomes subscription only the better. Ditched my licence last summer and I haven’t looked back since.

  10. I can’t believe that I actually felt a bit sorry for him at first….
    When I first saw it I was outraged, then I though well it was a private conversation and who doesn’t show off and talk shit sometimes if they think it’s private. Hell, if my private conversations were recorded there’d probably be something in there that’d offend someone.
    Then I noticed that the msm hadn’t mentioned A SINGLE FUCKING THING about it. Liam Neeson said that he was a bit racist for a few days in the past, but not for long and not anymore, and the media go fucking nuts. If anyone said anything that may, just slightly, maybe, offend any gay, Muslim or black person (regardless of context), the media would go fucking mental on it…. but a leading journalist being bigoted towards white working class males …. nothing.
    Just shows that they’re all the same and that they all club together to bury truths that they don’t like.
    Then the sun released footage from a Tommy Robinson private group chat with his mates on Facebook and I thought “fuck them”.
    This is what they do for a living.
    They make fortunes from secretly recording people and snitching on them the fucking spineless, weasley, back stabbing, grassing, snitch, stool pigeon fucks…..
    I don’t feel even slightly sorry for the cunt. Or ANY media cunt.
    Cunts the lot of em!

    • Top cunting Sausage, cunts like Momentum, Grauniad , MSN or any left leaning media outlet/self-interest group would smear anyone who doesn’t follow their bullshit narrative in a heartbeat.

      • Cheers mate. Yea they’re all cunts, just Sweeney is the first to get caught on camera.

        • Also I suspect Sweeney is pretty innocuous compared to some of the other libtard vipers nestling in the bosom of the ABBC.

          • Yea and I can only imagine what cunts like Afua Hirsch say about working class white people when they think no one’s listening.
            They love to point their fingers at every one else but never once look in on themselves and their own behaviour.

  11. Checked the cunt’s Cuntipedia page and it makes reference to him being investigated for the stuff which has been discussed here. The interesting part? When I type ‘John Sweeney expenses abuse’ into Google, no news about it comes up. The only relevant results that do come up? Videos by, and about, Tommy Robinson. Hmm…

    • Yea it’s weird how they all club together and try to cover up the truth. Tbh if they could be trusted, people like Tommy Robinson probably would only have a fraction of the support he has. I’m sure that lefty shit stirrers recruit more for his cause than he does.
      When they locked him up with a drumhead trial for doing what many mainstream journalists did in the past, it just turned more onto his side.
      The brits always like to cheer for the underdog. And the truth.
      The msm are neither.
      For some reason they still seem to think that attacking someone and hiding the truth still works.
      I hope they stay arrogant, as the internet will prove them to be the cunts that they are.

    • That should be DuckDuckGo by the way, not Google. Talking of which, when I type cannibals from the Amazonia into DDG some alternative media sites come up… All, again, citing Tommy Robinson. Come on Wikicuntia, give the man the credit he deserves.

  12. What an informative man you are RTCP, glad to see the wild days haven’t sent you mad… There’s hope for me yet. 😀

  13. Outstanding cunting Deploy.

    Written with truly deserved vitriol.

    I stopped funding Al-Beeb last summer.

    Hilariously I got a 2 month refund even though i paid on DD.

    I recently got a scarey letter from Capita saying 99% of all dodgers are caught.

    Shame I’ve never used the iplayer otherwise I’d be in that 99% too.

    Fucking bastard cunts, the fact it’s being buried truly disgusts me.

    Role on 23rd.

  14. Good cunting deploy. The £220 meal is a glimpse of lefty socialism in action. A glimpse of a Corbynite government. Animal Farm made reality.

  15. Panorama, Dispatches, World in action. All these were great investigative documentary makers once. Now just PC propaganda vehicles for the libtard anti British mafia. I’d rather watch all 94 series of fucking Mongton Abbey with my testicles sizzling on a George Foreman grill and a pineapple up my arse, but now I mention it, that’s what I do anyway when the missus goes out. Oh and did I mention that they ar all a fucking bunch of massive Cunts

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