Gemma Collins (2)

Society is truly crumbling around us, a highly obnoxious toad wrapped in a camel vomit sauce is seen as a idol to some.

My first instinct is to wish someone continuous prosperity when they are doing well. A good job, a nice house, those sort of things. However when I see someone like this twat, I don’t get it. I see people working away in hard jobs earning a salary in a year that this hog wastes in a month and I ask myself, why? What is she offering that others can’t?

Television has changed, in my opinion not for the better, there are more channels than before but it’s quantity over quality and the likes of the shite she’s involved in are a prime example. Cheap to make, advertising revenue rises and the masses continue to engage in such terrible programming. A vicious circle that’s bursting at her waist.

To be fair she isn’t the only self important twat on television, there are many but if I could pick one person as an example of a rapid decline in entertainment then she would be it.

Nominated by John Cleese the 4th

‘The GC’

Let me count the ways I hate this fat cunt.

I’ve never even watched the dross she made her name in. And yet I know everything about her:-

  • she’s fat
  • she’s ignorant
  • she’s obnoxious
  • she’s completely devoid of any talent whatsoever
  • she can barely string a sensible sentence together without doing that young cunts thing of starting every sentence with, ‘So,’ and every other cretinous word out of her fat yawning maw punctuated with the word ‘like’.

Nominated by Mecha-Rigsby

A larger than life, with extra generous gusset , cunting please for the vile obese old trollop who wears more slap than Anthony Blair would when he is playing pantomime dame. A revolting blow-up doll wanabee Hardly a day has gone by in 2019 when this talentless old hag has not wormed her monstrous carcass on to the front page of the British newspapers, by either acting, doing or saying saomething outrageous “I’m bigger than the Beatles” well, yes in terms of sheer weight she must be, but what is so worrying is that stupid cunt, known for reality TV and Dancing On Ice, seems to believe her own publicity.

I am sure ISAC writers could disabuse this fucking daft notion she has?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

60 thoughts on “Gemma Collins (2)

  1. If you’re a fan of this ever increasing genre of mindless pap there is a classic on Channel 5 at 9pm today:
    “The Greatest Chocolate Ads of All Time.”
    Oh yes, an hour of watching fucking adverts has somehow become entertainment. I dread to think of the cretinous idiots who will be enjoying this “televisual feast” , as Basil Fawlty would have described it.
    I don’t know if they are going to have a judging panel but, if they do, the empty headed GC slob would be ideal. I bet she’s shifted a few hundredweight of Dairy Milk in her time.
    (Other chocolate bars are available)

  2. This orange, talent free salad dodging Moby Dick tribute act is currently appearing on Dancing on Ice. Who the fuck is her partner, Geoff Capes?

    • Even WSM Eddie Hall couldn’t lift that dead-weight.
      I am sick of this talentless Cunt, and all the ‘reality’ Z list ‘celebrities’ like her.
      I wouldn’t recognise her if I backed into her in my car (although my car would be a write-off).
      Put the fork down! you ignorant fat fucking cunt.

  3. These ‘reality’ TV shows (which by the way are so far from actual reality I can’t understand how they’re allowed this title) are possibly the worst fabrication of human endeavour.

    The bigger problem is that although I don’t watch TV and can just ignore this sort of bullshit, other people idolise and want to live like this fat trollope, so I begin to see people like this in public. Also, because she’s ‘famous’ they ask her opinions on things that are clearly well above her intellect.

    I lose a little more faith in humanity every day, and people like this really hit home how we are going to implode as a civilization.

  4. Is that a dress or has she been kitted-oit for a spacewalk? Wasn’t going to comment and iincure the wrath, rightly, of other cunters for Faecesbook behavior. But had a peek at Wikipedia. Apparently fat cunts like her are now called super-sized wimmin. A case of terminological inexactitude. She’s a fat cunt.

  5. Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo…. I hereby revoke your ticket to Mr Wonkas chocolate factory Ms Collins you didn’t obey the rules and you were a bad egg from the start

  6. Oh our Gemma… Really putting the Great into Great Shitain.
    She is a prime example of what’s wrong with this countries younger, poorer classes. If this is what they like and aspire to then they deserved all they get the the cunts.

    • Love that comparison with a drag queen and Miss Piggy, really is difficult to spot which is which.

        • Miss Piggy DEFO gets my vote, and she fucks off the slimes as well.

          Btw, we have a new kebab place in Caerdydd (on City Road, or Shitty Rd, depending on your view of it),’s Greek, and Cretan to boot,
          Which makes it my choice, as it’s got to be the only one that offers pork.

  7. Off subject but saw some of the Rugby game yesterday and some Kiwi cunt called Bundy Aki or something was playing for Ireland…did a cunting a few years ago…
    The guy was born in New Zealand, and I’m sure hasn’t got a drop of Irish blood yet plays for them. I’d feel a proper bellend if I were him especially when you sing the anthem.
    Ideally you should be at least part (blood) of the country you represent. Its like these Africunts who run for Denmark in athletics.. Its an embarrassment.
    I think the minimum requirement should be being born in that country (I still don’t think that’s enough). I can only guess the twat isn’t good enough for the All Blacks. Piss off

    • Take a close look at all the 6 nations, they are packed with Kiwis, Saffas, Pacific Islanders and so on. Current rules state 3 years residence and you qualify for wherever you live.
      Italy’s best player had the Mama Mia name of Braam Steyn yesterday. Wales had Gareth Anscomb (Kiwi)
      Last year England used a Kiwi who had never been to England because a) His parentage and b) he wasn’t good enough to play for NZ.

      • Rugby, Cricket, and Football seem to be particularly Shite in this regard CC.
        Playing for you country should be an honour and it’s one of the last areas you can be patriotic without being labelled racist.
        I see the future… England’s football team in a few years will consist of a Somalian in goal, a Polish defender, a Romaniac midfielder, a couple of Jamaicunts on the wings and old Irish cunt Harry Kane upfront.
        England, England, England… Piss off.

    • Probably no more ridiculous than all the white New Zealanders doing the Haka, the daft cunts.

      • Yep those whiteys doing the Haka are an embarrassment as well. What abaaaaht that Kevin Pietersen cunt who qualified for England through his great Grandmother? If that’s the case I can play for Italy through mine. I am now Bianco e Nero cuntzinni.

    • Its a problem effecting almost every sport B&WC, some more noticeable than others. Team GB was made up of around 60 ‘plastic Brits’ or 11% of the total number representing the UK at London 2012, they come from all over, China, Saudi Arabia , Caribbean and Brazil to name a few. I suppose most will be historical family ties but some will undoubtedly be very negligible links to Blighty. Come Tokyo 2020 our sailing team will probably be made up of Iranian migrants who crossed the Channel in their rubber dinghy.

      • Very true LL, if those dinghy cunts can out manoeuvre some big ships in the shipping lanes they’ll probably win gold at the Olympics.

    • Quite right, it’s a fuckin joke.
      Makes a mockery of international sport.
      The players are only here for the money, it’s a badge of convenience

  8. Fuck me. Don’t know who this fucker is but the picture does her no favours. Is she an Adele tribute act?

  9. What is she famous for? Existing??

    Is she the “Are you gonna bingo?” annoyance, or are there two of these titans floating around the UK?

    If they aren’t the same person, I hope they never meet, the gravity well created between them could push the planet off it’s axis!

    “Dancing On Ice” is it? Each time the cunt is on she falls over! Her entire routine is like listening to the end of EastEnders!

    And TOWIE – fuck me – the academic’s Geordie Shore! Each month some new unsuspecting bloke gets put into this spider’s lair only to be flipped off for not meeting her demands!

    “And how is THAT pathetic LITTLE thing EVER going to satisfy ME!?!”

    “I’m sorry Gemma, it was the biggest fridge I could afford!”


  10. This lard ass will eventually have a breakdown and then get shit loads of sympathy which will boast her career (not sure what she does, TV personality lol)

    The second worse thing after social media is reality TV, what a load of shite.

  11. What a horror of a women.
    Anyone who watches this blog need a their heed examined.
    She looks as though she has spotted a burger van in the photo.

  12. Living in Essex, I despair that people think everybody from Essex is like this. Lardarse and her TOWIE crew are really all of cockney origin, relocated to the Essex new towns (Basildon, Harlow, Witham) after the destruction on the Eastend in WW2.

    70 years later, the slightly country Essex accent is being replaced by the cor blimey and estuary and people think this is typical Essex.

    What I can’t understand is why anyone would put this fat useless monster on TV. She has no discernible talent or a desire to try hard at anything. It’s a damning indictment of current day Blighty that these low life talentless morons seem to be worshipped.

  13. Utterly free of any talent or positive attributes.

    The idol for the feckless, indolent and terminally hard of thinking who identify with her extreme physical characteristics and paucity of intelligence and see these as a key for their own fame and fortune.

    I can’t stand the sight of this arrogant, obese, cosmetics-caked arsehole.

    I bet she has a good stock of One Shot in her kitchen cupboard to shift those abnormally large deposits of impacted arse-clay she inflicts on the bowl of her WC. Perhaps, alternatively, she has Dyno Rod on speed dial.

    • She must have real time problems re shitting – she could surely only be accommodated by a sink-hole.

  14. A fat, tart who got lucky. Her type can be seen in every major city…rude,selfish,greedy,ill-mannered and….common. The main trouble is that these revolting people now think that behaving like a sewer-rat is acceptable,even to be admired.
    If Collins hadn’t been lucky enough to get on some reality show,she would just be another of the revolting class who make me ashamed to be English.

    Fuck her.

  15. Nothing but a dolled up colostomy bag. Probably has a cheesey vajazzle framing her cheesey lasagne.

  16. This mountainous fucking lardberg represents much of what has gone wrong with today’s society. Behaving like an arrogant, orange, bad tempered, egotistic, entitled heap of me-myself-I loving dog shit isn’t something to be proud of. It’s twatting pathetic. I never watch TV as it’s all agenda driven cunt, made by cunts to be enjoyed by pissed-up phonegazers who don’t give a fuck anyway. Society is tossed in the hedge. Fuck it all.

    • The real tragedy is you just know there is some thirsty beanpole bloke who is tossing into her hedge regularly. You just bloody know it.

      Ensure the only cock she gets is plastic and I’ll bet you she’ll lose a few lbs of fat and ego.

  17. Somebody sent me a screen shot of a twatter post this pointless behemoth made, about her falling over on some cunts on ice drivel, and she whines about being heartbroken, but thought about Tyson Fury and got back up and carried on. To which Tyson Fury replied “fuck off ya whale don’t bring me into this”
    I hope this is true, knowing how gobby the pie key is it probably will be.

    • Apparently it was from the pikeys official twatter account. Fair play to him, summed her up in two words

  18. Ugly, fat talentless block of over privileged sour lard.
    Fucking useless at everything she attempts to do, but for some reason still manages to maintain a self belief in her over importance.
    Why the fuck she keeps getting booked for these wank programmes is far beyond me.
    I mean, who the flying fuck is she.
    To be honest, we are now part of the problem.
    By even debating her today, we are keeping her in the public eye, playing right in to her fat greasy hands and giving her the undeserved publicity that she craves more than chips.
    Try to ignore her and hopefully she will go away.

  19. Sad cunt as I am had to look up how much this hideous creature has made.
    According to Spears magazine her net worth is 2.7 million pounds.

  20. The above nomination seems fitting for this butter mountain of a cunt. Take away the genital bit and we have female mutilation which I’m all for, for this excuse of a wimminz.

  21. Never heard of her. American football linebacker? Reminds me of Matron at my old school, but considerably bigger, infinitely stupider (I have to believe better-informed cunters), and I think even the physics teacher would have baulked.

  22. Nice like of Gemma C, nice shade of Essex peach…she looks like a fucking space hopper,silly fat cunt…

  23. This is what happens when you let the Mrs get lazy… Get her back in that kitchen, send her grocery shopping and make her carry all the food home (two journeys if necessary) and don’t let her drive the car. That should get her back in shape in a few years and if it doesn’t find some fresh meat.

  24. Hopefully she’ll die of fanny rot like that other pea-brained cunt, Jade Goody…

    Fuck Off And Die.

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