Female genital mutilation

I would like to nominate fgm and the cunts that do it for a truly heartfelt Cunting.

I’m keeping it short as this link provides all the info.

All I’ll say is. What the fuck are we doing letting these backward, evil fuckers into this country when they carry out these atrocities ?

Mutilation ? Casting spells ? Fuck off.

Send them back to the shitholes they came from.

Fucking savages.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

46 thoughts on “Female genital mutilation

  1. It’s “cultural” and “peaceful” and therefore “untouchable”.

    If a non-enriched parent withheld internet access from poor Tarquin or Jemima for a week, plod would have said parents in chalky and the kids re-homed due to parental abuse.

    Alas, as this heinous, dangerous and disgusting practice IS “peacefully” culturally enriched, then as far a plod is concerned: “Nothing to see here!”

    Just like in…



    They’re not all bad you know…

  2. I briefly used to work with this African woman ( Kenya I think she came from) and she told me she wouldn’t allow her daughter to go on a school trip to Heaver Castle because “those old places are haunted and full of restless spirits.”
    I thought she was joking so I told her I had been there and seen Anne Boleyn strolling along with her head tucked under her arm. Fuck me, her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she started shaking like a leaf. I had to sit her down and get her a glass of water.
    I don’t tell that story anymore because it just gets dismissed as “racist nonsense.”

    • Yep, this is the backwards mindset we’re still happily importing en-masse.

      Warms the cockles doesn’t it!

      You should give the cunt a Mamma Mia DVD but swap the disc for The Haunting or summat!

      Mind you she’d probably take indefinite leave – on full pay – because of the shock.

      Never knew an Africunt who didn’t know the “sick leave” process BEFORE starting a job!

      Lazy, idle cunts!

    • Similar incident, Nigerian security guard locked himself in site hut and phoned police who then phoned me and informed me that the security guard was under attack from voices and spirits. Took me two hours to get him to unlock door and the poor bastard was shaking like a shitting dog he was terrified; told me that the flats that were in the process of being demolished were infested with spirits who kept calling him and laughing. Cutting to the chase I got him a nice little number looking after a large car dealers who kept the yard lights on all night though he had further to travel he was well happy and to my knowledge never missed a shift. I suppose the moral of this story is, cultural differences cause problems and cost time and money

  3. The biggest cunts here are the UK PC authorities who have aided and abetted this evil practice by failing to clamp down on it and prosecute ALL involved.

    • Is the right answer!


      “Yes officer, I’m thinking off cutting off my 3yr old daughter’s undeveloped clit with the auld Wilkinson Sword. What d’ya reckon?”

      “Well Mr Jones, please put this straight-jacket on, there’s a nice warm bed for you in Bedlam for the rest of your life! Off you go!

      Ah, Mr Khan, sorry to keep you waiting. What can I do for you?”

      “Vell, I am thinking that today I vill cut off my 8yr old’s clit with a blunt knife, but before that I need to throw acid in the face of my middle daughter for talking to a white boy. And before that I have to get my eldest on a flight to Islamabad to wisit her “Grandparents”. Except – tee hee – she is going to be married to a man 20yrs her senior who vill systematically wape her until she is pregnant and the claim residence here and vill join my personal grooming gang of minicab drivers!”


      “Vot for???”

      “To give you a lift to the airport Mr Khan, your day is busy enough as it is!”


      • Another classic Rebel.

        It’s a shame we don’t have our own ISAC TV Channel.

        That along with ‘Who raped my Daughter’ and ‘Who cut my head off’ would be a great intro.

        Observation comedy at its best!

    • Perhaps the Stansted 15 should be asked

      “would you oppose the deportation of one of these ‘Cutters’ ”

      Stansted 15.
      “yes because they may be persecuted in their own country”

  4. Rather like the Muzza community that turns a blind eye to the radicals in their community,so these people do the same. The wider community makes all the right noises in public,but doesn’t actively do anything to stop it.

    Until we accept that these people have no wish to integrate into the fabric of their host countries,these “cultural” practices will continue. Our “leaders” are too weak to introduce the necessary sanctions to these people and prefer to hide behind the “it’s only a tiny minority,and it’s their culture” mantra.

    Fuck them.

    • Hear hear Dick,
      Would you believe that stuck up cunt Sir Christopher Chope (3 houses and an MP – a real troublesome cunt too) objected to the 2nd hearing of a private members bill to have the cruelty to childrens act 1989 repealed to include FGM. As it is a private members bill it needs to pass the first two debates without objection. When the speaker asked for any prior to it being given a trouble free passage onto statute – to the surprise of everyone Chope shouted “object”. What kind of cunt objects to protecting young girls from having the lips of their clitoris torn off by a member of her family / community? Not one to wish death, pestilence, bankruptcy and slow lingering deaths on strangers but I hope that cunt sees all three.

  5. Multicultural Britain, we are told that immigration has enriched our country.

    We cant just “cherry pick” which parts of the imported culture we accept, this is their culture.


    To use a popular phase in the media quoting Phillip Green , they are still chucking spears in the jungle.

    FGM is the most barbaric practice any mother can inflict on her child and only now are the government taking action, what the fuck, these fucking savages have been here for years.

    I cant think of anything from the middle east or africa which has enriched our culture but there are lots of examples of where the culture/religion has destroyed the british way of life.

    • Eastern cultural enrichment reached it’s zenith in this country at Creampuff Manor, where in 1967 it found a 14 year old kaftan clad Ruff Tuff in his bedroom choking on the stench of sandlewood joss sticks to the strains of Their Satanic Majesties Request when he wasn’t wanking that is.

      I’ll get my coat.

  6. In the playground growing up if a fellow chalky got into a fight with a s00ty the favoured chant was “fight! fight! n1gger and a white!” and noone bat an eyelid.

    Today this would cause more controversy than all the rape gangs, fgm and black knife crime combined.

    • Indeed, Little Lord C. The black girl at our junior school was known as ‘chocolate bum’ and in our secondary school, the one black boy was nicknamed ‘sponge, because of his ‘fro.

      Those were in the PC free days of the late 70s and early 80s. My how times have changed. I used to love those Nigroid sweets as a nipper.

    • At my school in london, we (the crackers) used to play ‘Brixton riots’ with them (The brothers) at playtime. It often got quite raucous…think of that football scene in ‘Scum’, and you’re on the right track!

  7. Not sure where to file this one.

    Does it go under ‘british cultural betrayal by government’? ‘Enforced diversity’? ‘Ball-less justice system’?

    Personally I’m opting for ‘yet another example of this country doing the square root of diddily fuck to protect children from adult perversity’.

    Fucking disgraceful. Fuck this country. Lop a few clits off the harridans in Westminster if that’s what it takes to get them to do something.

  8. This is what religion causes people to do. Sometimes it’s creepy (putting ash on your forehead), sometimes it’s insidious (buggering choir boys), and sometimes it’s stomach-churning (infibulation).

    How can religious nutters have ceased with certain rituals, like human sacrifices and beheaded chickens in pentagons, yet still practise atrocities such as infibulation or snipping the saggy skin from your John Thomas?

    What next? Flattening the breasts to repel sexual attraction?

    I wonder what it’d be like to be a lucky fucker in two hundred years time who’ll live in a World bereft of religion and all its wacko sensibilities.

    • I’m not sure that Islam’ll be going anywhere soon, Capt. I’m guessing that it’s still growing.

      • Afternoon chaps

        Yes, bigger than Hinduism, I think one in seven people on the planet follows Islam and ever-growing. Nonetheless, call me a dopey optimist but I believe they’ll all die out in the future though I mean hundreds of years. Imagine them liking back and reading the texts, grimacing and perplexed.

        Yes RTC, that was it. Incredible. Perhaps they could spoon out their freshly-born offspring’s eyes next to protect them from impure thoughts.

  9. This is so evil on a Jon Venables scale. Deportation and freezing of all assets should be a bare minimum, and that goes for any cunt who knows its going on.

  10. Not that there’s any need for immigration to start with, but if we have to take in foreigners at all, every effort should be made to ensure that they’re coming here to participate in and contribute to the British way of life. And that means weeding out the barbaric disgusting religious nutters who accept this practice as normal.
    We already have enough home-grown nutters to deal with who are a drain on our country’s resources.

  11. Well said Jack. That we allow this practice in 21st century Britain is nothing short of an abomination and a gross stain on our reputation. The cunts who do it deserve life in prison, as do the cunts who let it happen through being too PC to stand up to it.

    • Actually, scratch that – prison is too good for the cunts. Castration, torture and deportation would be a far better route to go.

  12. I understand that both the clitoris and labia minora are surgically excised in this process.. Makes sense if you think about it. Men get sexually aroused by visual images hence the huge global porn industry for example. Abdul and Hamhead won’t be able to raise a stiffy unless they are looking at something that looks like the rear end of a nanny goat. Oh Alan’s Snackbar!

  13. If we can’t deport them the only option is to bang them up.
    But make sure it’s Broadmoor or the like…they’re clearly insane….

  14. I really don’t mind Islam or any of its beliefs, as long as all Muslims return to their ethnic shithole. I loathe the fact that whoever it first was, let these fucking animals into our country.!

  15. Unimpeachably relevant cunting. However, the accompanying pic is – to me – suggestive of a fattish older woman from Jo’berg about to eke out a stash of marching powder on a coffee table.
    It must be a bad case of “projection”..

  16. I saw an advert in the khazi at Waterloo station which was asking the public to be aware of this barbaric practice. Quite right too, but the happy looking father and daughter pictured were European looking rather than peaceful. I’d never heard of this until that lot started coming in their droves, so to suggest we could do this is bollocks. Advertising execs are cunts

  17. Another reason to despise these simians. At least ebola is having another good try at killing them off.

  18. The people of Africa and the Middle East are not evolved, and have nothing to offer 21st century civilisation other than trouble.

  19. It’s strange how they practice FGM, and in civilised countries we would try to make it illegal however male circumcision is part of some other fucked up backward religions and they have *never* been banned from doing that. Apart from preventing a build up of cheese on your helmet I can’t see any other reason for circumcision. Backward cunts.

    Now Sir Christopher Chope provoked outrage after shouting “object” during a debate on anti-FGM legislation last week. Well, he also objected to banning upskirting. He probably hasn’t spoken out so loudly since they tried to impose a purchase tax on gymslips. The dirty old bastard.

  20. You shouldn’t get cheese behind the helmet if you rub one out occasionally. My dad told me I will go blind doing it so I asked if I can keep doing just till I need glasses?

  21. I think what we really need to look at is the overseas aid budget, we seem to spend a lot of money on “Education” while at the same time other groups are spending a lot of money on “Re education” Boko haram is a good example followed by the taliban and Al Khaida.
    However the FGM, head covering ect are not part of a said religion but indigenous culture, most of it designed to make sure that there is someone thicker than the thick fuck in charge.
    So realistically if you are fleeing these actions you should not be trying to replicate them in your place of refuge, like wise if you fundamentally disagree with a system or life style why should you seek refuge there?
    These I believe are quite obvious statements and I do wonder about the people who offer the right to reside to some rather obvious malcontents and continue to shield them.

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