Ex Prime Ministers

Can we please bring the cuntfullness down on Ex Prime Ministers. These cunts did fuck all when in power, but now the cunts believe they have an opinion that anything other than a fucking lobotomised amoeba would give a fuck about.

Just seen John Major giving his pearls of wisdom about Brexit, then you have old fucking cyclops Gordon Brown who was to politics what Sooty was to fisting.

Oh, and let’s not overlook and under cunt the prick that is known as Tony Cunt² Blair, who, for whatever reason still believes he is entitled to oxygen.

Surely to fuck, with over 66 million people in The UK at the moment, you would think we could find some cunt to lead the country who is not devoid of the basics in life, like shitting unaided.

They need to go to a place where they can all live in their happy little pond life brains – maybe something like Cunstantinople

Nominated by DryItchyCunt

76 thoughts on “Ex Prime Ministers

  1. What is Cleggy doing there? When Pigfucker wants his mid-afternoon goblet of peasants blood he will ring the servants bell.

    • Bunch of useless, lack luster,self grandiose,own trumpet blowing sacks of sniveling CUNT! Inept, treacherous, poison scum cunts every fuckin one of them!

  2. What a horrible Rogues Gallery of Cunts. Each of them signed away a little bit more sovereignty. Bunch of wretches unaffected by their behaviour and all believing their hands are clean.
    In dreams begin responsibilities.


  3. Brown looks like he’s trying to learn how to clap and Bliar seems to have spent a little too long with his tanned friends.

    Goodbye for now.

  4. Look at them……a bunch of fucking traitor cunts all in a nice neat row . What wouldn’t you give for a bunch of machete wielding , virgin hungry, jihadis to come bursting into that room?

  5. Pour hot wax over the cunts and stick ’em in Mdm Tussauds. Tell the Chinese ‘click, click where’s me selfie stick” tourists they’re the English 1966 World Cup winning team, Should keep both sets of cunts quiet.

  6. Enoch_Powell…….
    “All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.”

    Not the only thing that he was right about…..

    Fuck Off.

    • Evening Mr F.
      Are you just a little bit curious to see what would happen if Catweazle and the chiggun munchin’, abacus wielding, borderline special needs Abbottopotamus took over the reins of the country, assuming for my point that they’d win a general election?
      It would be one hilarious 6 months before the edifying spectacle of the be-wigged ape pleading with the EU for a bailout loan, a la Greece.

      • Doesn’t worry me, Mr Cunt-Engine. I’m already looking into declaring Fiddler Towers an independent State. The Borders have a rich history of defying the Powers That Be,and it’ll take more than Corbyn and Miss Diane to dictate to me….besides,if all else fails, I’ll just step over the Border and claim sanctuary in the Peoples Republic of Jockistan…I’m sure Niclola Sturgeon’ll welcome me when she realises that I’m an alcoholic,foul-tempered,bigotted,loud-mouthed, Pain-in-the arse… in other words,…..a true Scot.

        • Bah, some honorary Porrige-muncher you are.
          You didn’t mention shortbread, thistles or heroin even once.

        • Evening gents.

          I think Vatican City would provide an excellent template /role model for your proposed independent state Dick.

          Just imagine, every Sunday at noon you could spit unmoderated homophobic vitriol at your adoring citizens from your window overlooking St. Dick’s Square.

          With Mince Pie Guy and Bent Dennis at your side, you can’t go wrong.

          • Evening RTC.

            I can just see myself standing on a balcony bellowing insults and threats at passers-by…make a change from doing it in the local pub on a Saturday night after watching the rugby.

            Don’t think that I’ll ever be able to match the Pope when it comes to abuse,mind.

          • We ought to start our own schismatic church-Father Fiddler, Reverend Ruff Tuff, Cardinal Komodo. Me at the top of course-Pope Plastic.

          • I suspect that the days when Nurse Cunty could claim to lead a Nun-like existence are in the dim and distant past.

            🙂 .

          • I wouldn’t rush to judgement Dick. In reply to one of my posts, she recently said: “There are cobwebs around my nether regions…..”

          • I have made my first important decision. The Reverend Ruff Tuff is to be raised to the archbishopric. He can now take up his seat in the House of Lords with all the other prelates.

          • Why are you trying to get rid of me Miles? (ha ha, as if you didn’t know – Ed.)

          • I am going to defrock Fr Fiddler for his scandalous aspersions against Mother Cunty.

            Although infallible I maybe have made a sllight mistake with our new archbishop. So I am going to grant a special dispensation so he can convert; Rabbi Ruff Tuff it is.

          • Before you convert me Miles, there’s something you should know:

            I am the Devil, and I’m here to do the Devil’s work.

            Sleep well 🙂

            PS: Regards to Mrs Plastic…

  7. Thinking about it what a fucking useless bunch of cunts they all were when in power. All loved sucking EU cock.

    And Cleggy. After his pathetic episode when outstaged by Nigel Farage and his childish “dangerous fantasy” outburst surprised ANYONE takes him seriously any more.

  8. You get the feeling that we should treat ex PM’s in the way we do elderly, incontinent pets, and take them to the vets to have them put down.

    Take Anthony Blair, totally shagged out now, except for his poodle-like bark. It would be the kindest thing. He is never going to be able to walk on his hind legs to George Wanker Bush again. Get me a big enough basket and I will take him for you.

  9. The photo resembles a shitty 1970s rock band comeback tour to make some final lucre for the penniless/talentless no-marks. One band member was in gaol for paëdoing so they drafted in a session-cunt (Clegg).

    “Good evening, London, Eng-laaand! We are…The Ex-Prime Ministers!”

    • Setlist:
      You give me Care in the Community (Major)
      My love is like a £9milliion leaflet (Cameron)
      War Criminal Blues, baby (Blair)
      Bigoted old hag, don’t leave me (Brown)
      From Maastricht With Love (Major)
      God Gave The EU to You (Blair)

  10. I would happily see every one of those cunts in the picture above executed for treason with all the emotional detachment of a bored secretary filing her nails at lunchtime.

    Blair understood this – that was why he rescinded the death penalty for treason (which was still a thing as recently as 1997) probably because he didn’t want it applied to himself at a later date.

    I’m 44. Thatcher is the first PM I can remember. She is still a divisive figure and I understand why. That said, she is the only PM in my living memory that I believe wanted what was best for the country and it’s people. Might not have always gone the right way about it, fair enough.

  11. “These cunts did fuck all when in power…”

    Really Mr DryItchyCunt?

    How about ‘Cunt Of Two Centuries’ Antony Blair:

    Unlimited immigration

    Hardly fuck all was it?

    I’m sure Komodo could add a few more disastrous policy decisions to that little list…

    Spot on Cunting though!

    • £6bn failed single database for the NHS that never even saw beta testing. £30bn+++ for capital projects committed to by the one eyed jock Brown the clown. Committed in the death throes of new Liebour and totally uncosted pie in the sky.
      Nobody should ever forget that it takes 2 terms to clean up the shit left behind by Liebour after every administration. Vote Liebour? I would rather remove my testis with a blunt stanley knife than see the swivel eyed lunatic in number 10. He has been a back bencher for 30+ years for a very good reason.

    • Offhand:
      Gave away our EU rebate (negotiated by Thatcher).
      Removed the Bank of England’s control over the financial market.
      Initiated policy of 50% of school leavers going to university, regardless of need or ability
      Cash for honours
      Did fuck-all about the housing bubble
      …etc, etc.

  12. “then you have old fucking cyclops Gordon Brown who was to politics what Sooty was to fisting”

    Love that line dry itchy cunt.

  13. May is seeing that cunt Tusk tonight who actually said there’s “a special place in hell for those who voted brexit”. Fuck me, I hope she runs him through with a medieval sword.

    • Is that what Tusk said? I heard him slobbering and jabbering on the car wireless this morning. Couldn’t make out a word the cunt was saying. Sounded like he was trying to speak after imbibing a whole bottle of Polish potato vodka, with a piehole stuffed full of Polish Kabanos sausage.

      Cunting Polish political pygmy.

    • There’s a special place in my cellar for those who undermine the democratic will of the people.

  14. Sir Dickless Smeglick was a wannabee PM. He wanted it so bad, it hurt him. Now he is a PR consultant for Arsebook and luckily, the usually cuntish world of politics has had the rare good sense and foresight to reject this arsehole.

    He is unlikely to keep the Arsebook gig for too long after his febrile announcement that they should pay more tax.

    Smeglick is a classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. A solid gold fucking arsehole whose only stablemate is abject failure. Sadly, this tick-turd is still revered. Why? Who the fuck knows.

    • The fact he made it as far as deputy PM is a stain on our history, far worse than slave trading or empirical dictatorship.

  15. That headline picture should be used as the poster for the new Hollywood film. 30 years a cunt…

    Major played by a wank stained sock puppet

    Cameron benedict cuntersnatch

    Blair himself as nobody could truly capture his utter cuntishness

    Clegg a pile of steaming dog shit

    Brown ? Who fucking cares!

    A more dishonest bunch of jokers would be hard to find!!

    Utter cunts

  16. On the subject of worthless politicians, that shifty looking scrotum sac faced fucking cunt Tusk, tells the world that there must be a special place in hell for the Brexit campaigners. Listen up, you unelected poisonous little scumbag, it’s dictatorial filth like you that made me vote leave. You and your grasping, megalomaniac colleagues are ruining the continent of Europe with your federalist agenda, and fortunately we have a little strip of water that physically separates us from your rapidly crumbling empire. I feel sorry for the people of Europe, as they are unlikely to get a chance to vote on continuing with this failure, I just hope they elect people who will offer them a referendum.
    And, the next time some pious remoaner CUNT tells me I didn’t know what I was voting for, I will grad the fucker by the scruff and scream “did you?” Cunts….

    • It shows that they’re rattled, Gutstick. It actually made me happy. They couldn’t give a fuck about us but like a 7-stone, spotty, junkie whore they can only see the money and it incenses them. It must also infuriate them that as they back down, they’re displaying to the remaining 27 slave states that it IS possible to escape.

      I give the whole cuntish nest of gangsters ten years.

  17. The fact he made it as far as deputy PM is a stain on our history, far worse than slave trading or empirical dictatorship.

  18. We need a PM with fucking balls, the rouges gallery above havent got a pair beetween them.

    May tries to talk tough but hasnt got any of Thatchers menace, she was a cunt too, but had balls at least.

    We suffered too long from a liberal socialist agenda which has left us weak both internally and externally, politicians are too scared to stand up to the evils that have infested our country and now are running scared of the fucking EU, May should be over there with one message plain speaking, ditch the backstop of fuck off!

    Latest fucking injustice, the Stansted 15 have got away with the CRIME of endangering an airport, 3 suspended sentances, 12 community orders.
    What fucking message does that send out, its ok to break the law beacause you will get away with it.
    CUNTS, cunts cunts!!!!

    • And they all walked out of court smugly giving it the Commie clenched fist salute too.
      If it had been fifteen white boys from a council estate they would be breaking rocks by now.
      Utter, utter cunts…

      • i agree, its a fucking disgrace, makes our justice system look like a fucking joke.

        The report mentioned that the judge took into consideration their intention, well so fucking what, they broke the law it was a they say “banged to rights guv”

        The judge should drag the cunts back for celebrating and at least impose the suspended sentances

        Its just the same as that Onysana bitch get a fucking shit 3 months, unbelievable!

        • Our justice system doesn’t just look like a fucking joke, it is a fucking joke. And has been since Blair got his grubby mits on it, appointing Dame Keir Starmer as Director of Public Prosecutions, followed by that useless ugly bitch Alison Saunders.

        • Totally right Airside security is paramount that’s why us law abiding plebs have to throw millions of pounds of liquids away that we forgot to pack in the suitcase or was slightly over the 100ml limit yet those cunts who were actually able to reach a fuelled and borded aircraft without being stopped and could quite easily have blown it up or hijacked it or whatever are let off about free.
          What a crock of shit.

  19. Farage actually calls them cunts to their face in their mickey mouse parliament.
    May just can’t bring herself to take them on.
    Thus we’re seen as chicken shits by the EU. Just fucking leave woman!!

  20. Yeah, what is the point of the bitch going over there and whoring herself out yet again?
    She’s making us look like a bunch of Nancy boys.
    Listen Mavis, tell them we’re off, they ain’t getting a fucking penny and they’re getting all their Eurotrash back. Then call an election and win by a landslide. Simples.
    If the rich cunts want to fuck off let them. If they don’t want to make money and pay fuck all tax some other cunts will take their place. Fuck ‘em.

  21. West Brom reserves vs Brighton reserves, in front of swathes of empty seats.
    Another sporting coup for the B.B. fucking C.
    Useless cunts.

  22. I see the digerry do player was lurking outside a school.
    Looking for off cuts of wood a likely story.

    • Most plausible, although the more accurate account being that he was looking for a sculptor to give him wood.

      He probably misses that type of encounter he used to enjoy in the prison showers.

  23. Yet another teenager stabbed in the exclusive residential paradise known as Battersea.

    Check. Yes, another Fergal Starkey.
    Check. A ridiculous Christian name – Lajean

    But get this. According to his mum, he was, and I quote:

    “Turning his life around”.

    I jest not. If I had a pound every time his mammy uttered this or “he wuz a good boy”, I’d be a rich man.

    Laugh? I nearly fell off the fucking settee!

  24. He was turning his life around so fast he got dizzy and accidentally fell on a knife.
    Careless cunt.

  25. Perhaps he was first in his “fambly” to secure a “feetsball scholarship an sheeit”.

  26. Could we please have a cuntmeme gallery here? I nominate:
    “Gordon Brown who was to politics what Sooty was to fisting.”
    as the first and possibly unsurpassable entry. A reverse-snorting-coffee moment for me, anyway, and thank you.

    Remarkable how these cunts think that having done PPE at Oxford and licked/stabbed their way to being PM, and having then been obliged to involve all sorts of unelected advisors to cover their own general ignorance, they can then set themselves up as experts on absolutely anything. Their careers having followed the traditional political career trajectory and ended in failure, astonishing that any sentient organism would need to listen to their now outdated opinions.

    I blame the media. Retired ministers should be denied the oxygen of publicity, and given useful work clearing drains. The practice of allocating protection officers to the cunts forever after they bow out should cease forthwith. Relocate the cunts to an estate in Luton and let nature take its course.

  27. What you see there is a rogues gallery of failed PM, after failed PM – oh and Nick “what the fuck are you doing there” Clegg – since back-stab John “Bull” Major had his “night if the long knives” moment against Maggie – ably assisted by the EU shills Cuntosaurus Clarke and Tarzan Ovaltine.

    Like or dislike Maggie, hate her even, but there’s no denying she was the last true leader this country had.

    Major was a one term wanker.

    B.Liar single-handedly ruined the fabric of our nation with uncontrolled immigration (especially “peaceful” cunts from Pakistan – cos that worked out well didn’t it) of cunts with no intention of integrating, all arriving with their palm outstretched. Well done. All while licking the balls of the EU.

    Brown – the quisling afterthought – left the country bankrupt and sold our gold reserves at a record low price.

    Pig fucker: came across as being “strong” but was as weak as maiden’s piss. Just look at how the cunt was treated by the EU when he went there with all these “demands” on free movement, etc , and came back with fuck all! And his abject cowardice – resigning like a spoiled child – when the result didn’t go *his* way, leaving us in the disarray we find ourselves now.

    They were all fucking useless in power, so why they think their words carry any water now that they’re not in power is beyond belief!


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