Dr Victoria Bateman

An emergency cunting please for this silly trollop with a little girl voice. A Cambridge Remainer sits in a BBC studio stark bollock naked and invites Jacob Rees-Moog to join her. What a daft arsehole the woman is. Lock her up -preferably in a cell with rapists.

How fucking desperate are the Remainers and their parliamentary faggots getting. They have clearly lost the plot.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

72 thoughts on “Dr Victoria Bateman

  1. Well thank fuck the likes of Flabbott and Soubry are remoaners, an angry yapping butt naked Flabbott would be too much for anytime of day on any channel. Except maybe National Geographic.

  2. Advise he exchanges his spectacles for a WWII issue gas mask.

    Is he required to supply his own Duck Tape®…?

  3. Although I did not attend the event at The Junction, I am lightly acquainted with Dr Bateman. I was unsurprised at this silly stunt, as she has “form” when it comes to getting her kit off.
    Despite clever-clever/bleeding obvious referencing of emperors and clothes, a monochromatic and whining delivery of chiefly trite old hobby horses, together with an untidy bush and generally unsexy physique made the whole thing a bit of an own-goal, on balance.
    I didn’t know Mr R-M was involved. Perhaps he should get a Brazilian and step up to the plate?

    • In the last few days she’s been posting under the name of “Jan.Cambridge ” ( DM ) She has earned a few retorts ( some blunt, some rude ) at her infantile posts concerning her strange understanding of economics , and our desperate need to remain. To see the picture of her has further impressed me that she is indeed a light headed fuckwit. In other words, an ugly skank !

  4. I bet she neither cleans the front bottom nor wipes the back. At least there’d be no chance of any boners with these type of nasty Remainiac bulldyke banshees.

    I hope they have a room with a view in my special place in Hell.

  5. The point she is making by delivering this protest butt naked is totally lost on me.

    I mean, what the actual fuck?

    Plus, why is it that these feminist, lefty protesters (much like bloody naturists/nudists) are always the most unattractive of all specimens of humanity, and see fit to inflict their spaniel ear tits and cellulite ridden arses on the rest of us who are quietly living SANE lives? (or in my case, mostly sane inbetween the occasional nuttiness…..)

    …..and this twat went to CAMBRIDGE?? If that is what they let in, even if I had the brains I would give that elitist shitter a wide berth.


    • The Oxbridge lot really are a different breed NC, just look at Boris and Pigfucker with their debauched Bullingdon Club antics and that’s just the edited highlights old bean.

      • Not ‘arf LL!

        Clearly they select brains in terms of educational achievement, but other than that their students (present and past) are just plain old weird, geek fucktards or militant twats with an agenda.

        They can poke Oxbridge, in my humble (and ‘I failed CSE Maths’) opinion.

    • Not only was she at Cambridge as an undergraduate (good show), but after her masters and doctorate at the other place, she’s now back as a fellow at CAIUS. Clearly the rot set in at Oxford, and Caius needs all the diversity it can find.
      I’m annoyed, as her twattery is totally unhelpful to what is, in fact, considerably more important than sliced bread.
      Risking accusation of hypocrisy: VARSITY CUNT

      • I would have thought a Dr at a Cambridge college would be required to wear formal dress at any function or engagement. Isn’t there a strict dress code for these ‘fellows’? Maybe if she had worn cap and gown it would have been more acceptable. I mean with nothing underneath. Oh no, I’m revealing myself…that’s sounds so sexy now.

      • In my days (spent at a respectable “red-brick”), Caius was regarded as a temple to poovery. Amongst other things, I believe…

        • Morning HBH! Robinson?
          As my gravatar suggests, you got to have a friend in Jesus.
          Knew a medic from Caius (long ago) who was rusticated to St Andrews for attempting to synthesise LSD-25 in his gyp room. All good fun, and very Cambridge.

    • The poor cow is obviously desperate for a shag.
      I’ve heard there’s a man in Northumberland …………

      • I’d have to get the b(r)ushcutter and hedge-flail at that mott before I had a go on her.

          • I bet the front row were overwhelmed by eau d’haddock.

            What a scraggy old stoat. Worse than Glenda Jackson’s flea-bitten old minge in Women in Love.

          • A brilliant and succinct film review there, Paul. Streets ahead of Mark Kommode’s “efforts.”

    • I knew it. She’s got a 1970’s fanny like Ken Dodd’s haircut. Pleasing to the eye but horrible to go down on.

    • Urggh! For fuck’s sake, someone direct the woman to the ‘Gilette Venus’ razor aisle at Superdrug (Poundland don’t sell them, I’ve checked, ahem)

      This woman is MARRIED too. I pity the poor bastard who has to venture down there. Talk about ‘Planet of the Apes’. A hairy snatch is fine if it is no man’s land or a very cold winter, but when you are partnered (assuming nookie is on the agenda still) that is bloody inconsiderate on her part!! Or maybe he likes a bit of muff…..


    • She looks like she’s been smacked in the face one too many times with a heavy frying pan. Not enough times to suit me though.

    • Mother of Jesus. She looks like a patient at a fucking nuthouse that’s always trying to escape by running bollock naked through the communal gardens. Looks like she’s got a juvenile bigfoot clinging onto her twat for dear life. A classic and literal “look at me (I’m a cunt)” if ever there was.

  6. Whilst reflecting on his short marriage to Diane Abbott, ex husband David Thompson said, “It never had a chance, there was always three people in the marriage. Myself, Diane and Colonel Sanders”….

  7. Bloody attention whore. The only point is to ensure everyone knows what a grade A moron you are. And a professor? Really? Just goes to show academic intelligence isn’t the most important quality.

    Also there should be an age restriction, sag threshold, or overhang limit on pulling the nude stunt.

  8. I did listen to her.

    Sounds like one wheel short of a unicycle.

    ….and she could do with a little judiciary pruning.

    Good cunting.

  9. Attention-seeking old trout. Someone should kick her in the Cunt and tell her to Fuck Off. See what good her brilliant mind does her then.

    Fuck her.

  10. There are some foam flecked weirdos on the Leave side but Remain seems to have a monopoly on the truly hysterically unhinged.

  11. I apologise, off-roading….

    The Liam Neeson fuss…I just don’t believe it! He says he went wandering around for a week with a large knife searching for “black bastards” to injure but couldn’t find any…

    Didn’t he look down at the Benefit’s office?

  12. Liam Neeson is obviously stressed….having your wife and daughter kidnapped every other week must take its toll….

  13. JR-M on radio just now, declined Dr Slag’s invitation to debate with her “in my birthday suit, because it’s not double breasted and I only wear double breasted suits these days.”

    He has however offered her a hot line to his radio phone-in to debate him between 6pm – 7pm any Friday.

      • He wasn’t actually speaking to her in person, just an open invitation to phone in… we’ll find out next Friday.

  14. Her argument was less impressive than her dumpy saggy body, hence her getting it out, as no fucker is going to take any notice of that whining bint clothed. Does she realise this? Silly cunt.

    • At least she isn’t fat tho, sure shes a mental little midget but I hate fatties more I’m surprised Two in the stink hasn’t said he’d fire one into her yet

  15. I would have thought that the symbolism of someone in the birthday suit was a positive one of a new born with its whole life in front of it and all the exciting possibilities which that presents. Ideal for Brexit actually. Well done prof I see what you are getting at.

  16. Why is it these thick fucking remainers are so mank whereas the ones who actually possess some IS numbers are rather shaggable, Fiona B and Nina HB spring to mind.

  17. Emergency cunting for Radiohead’s Thom Yorke who has compared Brexit to the third reich?
    Listen airhead that’s already been done to death by Lib Dem cunts clegg and cable, the general population dismissed that ridiculous and unsavoury comparison out of hand!!
    Shame on you……….
    And if you really believe Brexit has such strong links to the third reich I would presume you will be leaving the country? How could you live in such a terrible place?
    Pathetic cunt……..

    JRM should have popped some viagra and agreed to the debate…. 😂😂

    • He doesn’t believe any of that bollocks for a second. The genuinely smart ones don’t. But he’s probably got some radiohead dirge about to be released and he wants to keep all the the people that might play it onside.

      Love Thom, classic greedy capitalist avaricious little cunt.

      • Radiohead have done some magnificent music as well as some complete toilet but one thing’s for certain, they love the folding stuff as much as any money-grubbing capitalist whore.

        I expect Thom Yorke is unharassed by any filthy East Eurotrash as he sits supping champagne on his Oxfordshire chateau terraces, the man-bunned, beardy mîdget.

        • Damn straight captain!!
          Fucking boils my piss when cunts use the darkest days in our history and try to compare it to a country’s decision to leave an anti democratic union and have self determination ……
          it’s a really fucking despicable and desperate smear that should be ridiculed at every turn…
          It’s the language of true hate as our liberal cunts would say………

          • Always thought radiohead was overrated , I like a few songs I admit I don’t hate them. The bends was a decent album but the stunned cunt could sure use some singing lessons he sure drones on for to long on too many songs

  18. Was going to join in the cunting – richly deserved in terms of bringing academia into disrepute, naked publicity-seeking, yet another remoaner, etc. But I paused, because the direction of her real work is one with which I have to *half* agree:

    ‘Victoria is an outspoken critic of modern economics, both for its lack of historical emphasis and for its neglect of women.’

    (Note that *com*, by the way. Not so much an academic as a business, then.)

    But even her own work tends to the conclusion that the EU, run on the worst modern economic principles, with added fudge, corruption and makeshift, is a crock of shit, so why is she howling about Brexit? Search me, cunters.

    • Was watching the vimeo clip that another cunter posted and she talked in loops about immigrants and the harm certain news stories tainted these defenseless creatures of the night during brexit.

      She of course never offered any solutions just said it was mean to talk about migrants this way even tho the news stories were true I couldn’t watch the whole thing her hairy beaver was too distracting. She is just another academic fart sniffer and the nude talk was a pure attention seeking stunt

  19. She must simply have experienced a complete lack of attention when clothed.
    A desperate act then.
    If only it were a few decades past so that we could call the GP:
    “Doctor, she’s hysterical!”
    “Fear not old boy, the ambulance is on it’s way. Calm down woman!”
    (slap, slap)

  20. Repulsive as she is, I bet there was some cunt in the audience with his overcoat draped over his lap, having a good fumble.
    The fucking dirty bastard.

  21. Jesus Christ in a Gingham frock!

    I have just Google imaged her. Her fanny looks like a bear-trappers hat. Tits like a pair of fortnight old party balloons.

    Get ’em back on love. Good job it isn’t breakfast time, otherwise I would have parked my Shreddies on the kitchen floor.


  22. What will happen to Tony Blair after he dies?

    He’ll lie still.

    I’ll get me sexed up dossier

  23. I saw this dippit little tart yesterday. I feel sorry for her really. She looks of the previous generation that’s been brainwashed since childhood into thinking the eu is a replacement religion.

    In ten or fifteen years, once the EU is no more and her kids classmates are snickering at her bush on youtube, there * might * be a Bit of buyers regret.

  24. Dr Bateman looks like the idiot bastard sprog of The Right Honourable Baroness Chakracunti CBE PC and Yoko Fucking Ono (another cunt who felt the need to inflict her saggy titted nakedness on the long suffering British public.)

  25. Hard to believe its been almost 3 years since we cunted her when the brexit hysteria bollocks was first kicking off. Now the bitch is back like a bad penny What now? shes doing another naked stunt and wants a staunch conservative catholic to get naked in the booth with her for what reason exactly? what kind of twisted feminist hippie art project is this

  26. What next from this deranged woman ? Perhaps she could fist herself on stage to symbolise the ‘tyranny of the patriarchy’?

  27. If you want to be an exhibitionist make sure your physique doesnt resemble mangled dough from an aborted attempt at pie-making.

  28. I understand that Phil the Greek has voluntarily surrendered his driving licence (NOT been stripped of it…).
    I wonder if he will discuss it at the RAC club, bollock naked ?

  29. I reckon that this slut’s arse crack is so hairy that when one wants to satisfy her anal lust the process of spreading her cheeks apart makes a noise like tearing open the Velcro fastening of a Siberian prison guard’s anorak.

  30. Nice one, Cuntator !

    And is it just me, or does she rather resemble Mrs. Danvers in the classic Larry Olivier film of “Rebecca” ?

  31. Silly cow is on Good Moaning Britain this morning. Richard Madely foolishly asked people to tell them what we think so I tweeted them a link to this post and put it on their Facebook page too. Well, they did ask.

    Seems she has form as she was cunted back in July 2016 pulling the same shit.

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