Clickbait Sharers

I’d like to nominate clueless and compulsive sharers of clickbait and political memes, especially those who read a headline, post it to facebook having not read the article.

I think it speaks volumes about the dopeyness, infantilism and attention-nuking effect social media is instilling in adults, many of the graduates.
The sources are always the same; Huffpost, Mail Online, The Canary, Vox, the Independent… all using headlines designed to scream at the dulled minds of social media users and shared regardless of content or substance.

This only leads to the sharer being mocked as more discerning friends rip the sensationalist rubbish to tatters before their eyes, making them feel foolish.

The sad part is, although these people are your friends, their willingness to share any old half-truth because it makes them feel better about themselves, or hating The Orange One, and having not actually read the article or exercised any skepticism (many dont read books, or are rendered cognitively incapable of digesting ‘long form’ formats) makes you question why you ever decided to befriend the cunt.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

42 thoughts on “Clickbait Sharers

  1. You missed out the BBC website ; particularly important if you want to share the latest Brexit scare story with your dullard remoaner friends and snigger about how dumb the common people are.
    I wouldn’t be without it.

  2. That’s one of the troubles with all of this social media shite. It gives a platform to all the malcontents who couldn’t find an audience for their bigoted nonsense in the past. They could be safely ignored or mocked previously,but now they have the ability to share their blinkered thoughts within a bubble of equally blinkered bigots…’s a fucking disgrace.

    It’s lucky that we have IAC to let us blow off a bit of steam about the intolerant windbags.

    Fuck Off.

  3. A few years ago during my hiatus from social media, a workmate showed me a post that somebody posted on Facebook without any fact checking before the repost.

    It basically said that the only 3 nations in the world whose central banks were not owned by the Rothschilds were Iran, Syria and North Korea.

    A simple Google search and using my inbuilt atlas resulted in me finding another 11 nation states whose central banks were not owned by the Rothschilds.

    Uncritical fuckwits.

        • Happens from time to time Plastic. You may need to re-register your avatar if some orf the digital glue has come unstuck along the way between your avatar host, WordPress and ISAC. Also some cunt may have complained about image copywight or moral issues so you have been expunged so just re-register and sod ’em. Kept happening to me a while back. Just kept re-registering until unhappy party fucked orf. Remember you are a cunt and we have expectations orf you young feller me lad.

          • Would add that unless it is the change of email address thing and the ISAC troll cunt sniffer shot its load over you (or fucked you up if you prefer), it is unlikely to be anything to do with Admin or ISAC.

          • Just a generic one Sir L. Still I don’t like it. I hate CHANGE. Revealing of my political/religious views I think. Mrs Plastic says I’m on the ‘autistic spectrum’.

            I was replying to a post when unintentionally I hit something on the keypad. I knew it would be a different avatar somehow. So definitely my side.

          • Ah! I am back to my old self. How weird is that? I just decided to check the email name and email address and the email address was different. But I have only one email address. Mmm…

          • There you go…. all’s well that ends well.

            PS: you’re in good company – reckon Lady Creampuff is on the autistic spectrum, as indeed am I.

            Have a nice weekend!

  4. Sounds laughable, and for most this is a unicorn daydream.
    But some of these unfortunates link personal tragedy to what they see in a clickbait and the next thing you know they’re publicly denouncing lettuce as a source of government conspiracy cancer.
    No joke. This is a real life example I have seen with my own astonished eyes.
    I did laugh like fuck as well, mind you.
    That individual has graduated to chemtrails now, so I imagine that means we all have canc-aids or some such.
    A terrible personal prison for some cunts, an endless source of hysterical laughter for others.

    • Chemtrails are still more feasible than the Earth being flat……. Although that’s not saying much.

  5. Sharing, its a fucking joke, everything you read online has a share button, why, if I read something it is for me and my interest, I am not going to inflict it on anyone else unless it is relevant to a current conversation.

    The BBC website is a peach, the comments section is full of wannabees, and the dipsticks are so focussed on needing to right and informed they take is so seriously.
    I just put something stupid or outrageous into the feed and its like a hook in a pool of hungry fish, once I catch one who looks interesting I take it further down the path of stupidity but these cunts dont realise I am just taking the piss.


  6. Quality cunting that certainly chimes with thoughts I’ve been having for a while about halfwits that mindlessly regurgitate such nonsense all over soshul meeja.

    In fact, that was one of the drivers for me to finally close down my facheache account a couple of weeks back.

    Anyway. Morning gents. I’ve woken up to find the dishwasher pissing water all over the kitchen and the green bin blown over by the wind during the night, leaving rubbish strewn all over the lane. Still, sure the day can only get better……

  7. Excellent and timely cunting. In this age of #fakenews it is often the case that articles never actually reflect the headline. The headline is the only thing that most stupid cunts read anyway,

  8. Not half as bad as the waste of oxygen mainstream media who push this garbage. Desperate to maintain the business cashflow through advertising. Not giving a second thought to the fact all it does is further accelerate the decline of mainstream media.

    But why would they care? Directors have mortgages and pensions, and a new face/arse lift for the nagger in chief at home.

  9. The one I fell for was within my “paid for” BT online mail where an image was alongside my inbox (in the NEWS section FFS) saying: “Bad Day for Piers Morgan!” – with an image of Piers Morgan looking beat-up to fuck.

    In a schadenfreude moment I thought “Haha! Unlucky! Cunt!” and clicked on the fucker.

    Well of course it was a clickbait con. There was no such joy of seeing Morgan coming off second after one of his cunt comments to the wrong person, no it was some health (or life – I didn’t even read the cunt) insurance scam of some shape or form.

    Now I see the same ad with the “Bad Day for…” slogan but with a photoshopped beaten-up image of Jim Davidson, or Peter Jones off Dragon’s Den, etc.

    I did complain to BT but – useless “never their fault” cunts that they are – did a slopey-shoulders number and blamed Yahoo – their online email provider.

    Ok, not the same as some cunt linking a pretty MEME to their CuntBook page or Twatter feed without realising it’s clickbait but fucking annoying nonetheless – especially when you’re paying for the privilege (unlike Hotmail and Gmail)!

    Technology cunts!

    • P.S. I cannot comment on CuntBook, Twatter, InstaScam, WhatsCrap, etc., because I have never been, nor will ever be, a member of such cuntitude.

      My social media outlet is called “The Pub” where – astonishing as it may seem – you meet *REAL* people. How novel eh!

      Can’t help feel I’m missing out on all of those 1,000’s of “friends” I’ll never meet who liked or re-tweeted a post I made back in 2011. Lifelong friendships those…

  10. Cunts (even on ISAC) who post for the sake of posting also fit the bill.
    It’s Facebook behaviour.

    This post does not qualify….

    • I regularly applied graffito to a “nightclub” called Faces (it was on the unloveley market square in Buxton, Derbyshire in the 1980s).
      Ahh, the easy addition of an “e” can occasionally work wonders!
      Curiously relevant, 30 years on.

      • I’m not interested in your opinion.
        Please don’t reply to me.
        Thanking you in advance….

        • To think I once came to your defence when another J R Cuntley started posting on ISAC!

          No good deed goes unpunished.

          • Ruff Tuff..
            I’ve been here way too long for a Mumsnet squabble so I won’t get involved.
            Original post, about posting for the sake of, wasn’t aimed at any site, thread or poster, just a generalisation, so not sure we needed your ‘sarcy’ retort….

          • There appears to be a very thin skin behind that jokey exterior of yours JRC. Not untypical.

            As Don Vliet said: “The stars are matter, we are matter, but it doesn’t matter.”

  11. Well deserved cunting here.

    These people make my fists itch.
    When i was on fakebook, i had a few ‘friends’ who would share posts from those sites mentioned, as well as Upworthy, Mashable and Now This.

    As a bunch of fucking useless turds in real life, it didnt occur to these people two minutes of digging would unearth the evidence that the article was bollocks. One friend in particular was guilty of this more than others, and would share with a note saying ‘to read later’.
    He was too lazy to A) check the article wasnt bollocks or B) even fucking read it for himself. It was only me and a couple of others who saw the sensationalist headlines and questioned/decimated the article’s veracity. I think a lot of other friends may have unfollowed the dopey cunt.

    I also notice the gormless faggot never read books and was always too tired from being on benefits and playing games with plastic figures

    The surest sign of idiocy was when some of them used to to retort with, ‘ I could care less what you think’, or some other cliche/symptom of their broken mind and surrender to propaganda.

    Stupid fucking cunts.

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