Bubbles. Oh, there is a Cuntbubble on here. But we all live in bubbles don’t we cunters. When you think about it. Groupthink. That idea?

The most suffocating bubble is of course the cult bubble. Scientology say where people are coerced or brainwashed into thinking what the group believes. The bubble. The metaphor actually fits perfectly because you can see the person in the bubble (it’s transparent) but you cannot communicate with them.

Are YOU in a bubble? Is it wrapped around your brain? Are you allowed to speak? Not even a squeak? Are you all singing from the same hymn sheet? Yes bubbles from the Holy Book. Remember the non-conformist conscience? They all rejected ‘strong drink’. ‘Bubbly’ come to think. So they ‘conformed’ in that sense. More a party line than a bubble.

The modern atheist bubble A horrible bubble this. Emits a hiss. They don’t know how they came to exist. Witness ‘Hitch’. Trolls on the internet. ‘Bubbles’ by Millais. A work of art turned into an advert.

CAPITALISM. The capitalist bubble mutates into little economic bubbles. Popping up all the time. So destructive. In fact you could argue that the biggest bubble in the world is the capitalist one. Suffocating the world.

‘Bubbles’ Michael Jackson’s chimp. Like a nightmarish imp. Presented to Japanese dignitaries….as though.. from the Evolutionary bubble. The Modern Art bubble. Fucking Horribubble. Full of pride, insolence, impudence. Terrible to live in a bubble reader-to know EXACTLY 100% what’s coming next, to always know, to always get, the talk you expect. Like the Thought Police in your head. The Psychobabble bubble. Babbling big words. Self  actualization. What does it actually mean? Infantile babbling has truly more meaning. They are attempting to communicate at least.

Bubble wrap. Protects the contents of the box. But you’ve got to think outside the box. To get outside of your bubble. So a paradox. Bubblegum. You must keep shtum. Keep your mouth shut (in the bubble). Keep your gob shut. Like a gobstopper in your mouth. Stopping your mouth. From fear. Like in North Korea. Like ‘Kim’. The bubble is him. Like Buzz Light year. A bubble round his head. A bubblehead. Atop his bulbous neck. Above his people. And yes the Trump bubble. And the Nuclear bomb. And if both bubbles collide one huge blast and the world will be gone. There’ll be a bubble bath. If you’ll excuse the pun.

You know cunters the Nuclear Family has been blown to bits. By the Materialist bubble. Like a wrecking ball or wrecking bubble. And the main reason why millennials climb into bubbles. To feel less troubled.

Religious bubbles. The Islamic bubble so dynamic-‘it can go anywhere because it came from nowhere’. But careers around bumping into other bubbles. The Buddhist bubble. A huge big one this. And very old. Squatting over great swathes of Asia. Eternally hanging around. I am in the Catholic bubble I readily admit. We all live in a bubble of belief.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

49 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. Hmmm. The first paragraph promised something interesting – groupthink is one of the curses of our age. However, needed more thought – reads like a random collection of stream-of-consciousnesses (if this isn’t a word, I claim ownership!)

    Slagging off the late, great Christopher Hitchens whilst admitting membership of the Catholic Church?

    Calling Scientology a cult whilst being a member of the biggest cult of them all – worth an estimated $140,000,000,000?

    Interesting that this nomination comes up just as I scheduled yet another attack on religion…


    …Darwin moves in mysterious ways. Peace be upon his prophet, Dawkins.


  2. Then there’s the bubbles that are “forever being blown” by dirty West Ham scumbags. Even if you are not interested in football you should be interested in the free stadium they received that you paid for. Oh yes, a nice little stitch up between the Dildo Brothers, Baroness Brady, Boris fucking Johnson and the world’s most famous pig shagger.
    Yes, if you remember, the Pigfucker couldn’t remember if he supported yer darling ‘ammers or Aston Villa. Well, they both have the same colours but it’s simple really. One is a club in the Midlands who you pretend to support so as not to alienate the northern or the southern vote…….and the other is a bunch of thieves who bunged you and Boris a large brown envelope full of cash.
    Of course when you receive so many brown envelopes it’s hard to keep track. I wonder what happened to that 40 million of taxpayers cash that went into the non existent Garden Bridge?
    I seem to remember Mayor Khan was hot on the trail of that money but it’s all gone quiet over there, as they used to sing at Upton Park.
    Pretty bubbles in the air.

  3. Stop huffing your fart bubbles, it’s giving you douche on the brain.

    This reads like a 12 year olds myspace page after drinking 3 cups of coffee for the first time. Thank god there’s no auto-loading music.

    And the picture? What?

    • Yes, you can’t beat a peppermint Aero.
      I bet the Flabbott and the GC could polish off a dozen of those between them for a mid morning snack.

      • Ad rem, a surfeit of Aero™,et hoc genus omne, has begotten many-a bubble-butt, Diane’s being no exception.
        A prolix and wooly yet strangely incomplete explication, Monsieur Plastic: not even a nod to ultrasonic cavitation cleaning, twistor theory or quantum foam?
        Perhaps you’ve been at the Northern Lights with a group of delinquent teenagers from Audenshaw all night?

        • @ caughtspedding (filthy habit)…wondered if you’d betray your identity without my having to look up historic CM pages. You have; thank you.

          See the deuterocanonic ‘Additions to Daniel’ vv33-39, also the Zohar.

          • Sorry chief, I’m a bit slow this morning. You thought I was Habbabkuk or Charles Bostick, or some such!
            No, I only found the shite in September and was off there three months later. Various names used, obviously. Giyane thought he twigged my real identity, based on heavy triangulation, or was it James’s diplomatic passport details (I don’t know or care).
            Apologies for my dullness!

          • If you’re not Habbabkuk, you’re damn good at channelling him. Or not, as in your latest post. Bit of a chameleon, perhaps.

          • I’ve been pretty poikilothermic myself this morning, but I’m neither a member of the Royal Family nor do I sport frills or ruffs of any kind!
            I actually had Bostick enquiring about my Cambridge “credentials” once, and he seemed extremely crestfallen when he realised they were actually genuine.
            After the Mark/Mike Williamson business, the mods have instantly deleted anything they think is could possibly be me, and quickly. A few spurious comments have remained, as there was nothing to suggest I was the author. I actually phoned Mr Murray up and had a civil fifteen minute conversation (like I said, it was getting a bit nasty).
            Quick peeks subsequently have revealed I’m missing little. I actually think the wheels are starting to come off, but Murray knows his game, after fifteen years of devotion!
            Good luck to him, but not for me.

  4. Cracking nom., Miles.

    It’s just a shame that more people can’t appreciate your perceptive musings. I like to fart in the bath and light them as they bubble up through the water. It adds a touch of authenticity to my “Sink the Bismark” reenactment.

    • ps. I have considered drinking a tincture of Fairy Liquid and eating a few peanuts before taking my bath. The lit floating farts,laced with tiny bits of nut should replicate the shrapnel from the anti-aircraft fire perfectly…of course, I’ll have to wear goggles and a colander on my head …people might think that I was mental if I turned up in Casualty with peanut embedded.

  5. Well, if this nomination is an indicator of what is to come for the rest of the week we will all be in a psychotic daze by Friday.

  6. Speaking as a Doctor Of Psychotic Enlightenment, I am for once completely lost for words.

    • Have just been doing the washing up, during which I found some words:

      This Cunting is sublime. I cannot sing its praises highly enough.

      PS: Your repeat prescription of Psilocybe cyanescens is in the post Miles.

      • I have had them ONCE. Like you about 30 years ago. Horrible horrible experience. Days and days of not being able to get out of my own head. Thinking about thinking. Thinking about what my next thought would be. Horrible experience.

        • I had the mushrooms referenced above on several occasions, and my experience could not have been more different from yours Miles… apart from the fact that a huge amount of thinking was also involved. I learned more about myself and what I perceived to be reality in one session than in the previous ten years put together.

          I’m truly sorry you had a bad experience, maybe you were given the wrong mushrooms, or the environment was not conducive, or you went in with a negative frame of mind, who knows? We can only speak for ourselves, and often not even then.

          I’ll cancel that prescription.


  7. I guess I did not follow the entire post but it was a long one Miles and I am a bit fick. However I strongly agree that the vast majority of people are trapped in your metaphorical ‘bubble’ Idea. There is a fabulous book that deals with destructive ‘loops’ of thinking — it’s aimed at PTSD as a main subject but it explains what goes on at a phisyological level and how thoughts if repeated enough lead to actual physical ( chemical) changes in the brain which then entrap us in our various ‘bubbles’ as you put it. Anyway if anyone’s interested it’s an interesting read – slow at first but leaves you feeling like you can at least understand fully what’s causing people to get ‘trapped’. It’s called ‘Trauma’ Lockerbie to 7/7 and beyond and it’s Professor Gordon Turnball I think ( google that and it will come up). If it helps anyone understand or who is feeling trapped in their own bubble —-and I can say it did me when I was going through an incredibly stressful phase once several years back then all good.

    Not the normal post but certainly thought provoking—- nice one Miles. ( and no Canadian interference or references so it passed the CW test ! – ha)

    • Yes ‘loops’ of thinking CW. Like a ‘default’ mode in someone’s thinking which returns them to their bubble. I suspect maybe you had a touch of Solipsism in your crisis. The belief only your thought exists. I have had it myself. That’s why I try to always look outwards. The Nom. is all over the place but you have the main gist of it. The tendency of all institutions/organisations to cliquishness.

      But just to continue-that bit about milleniels climbing into bubbles to feel less troubled. I mean there that this society is CREATING bubbles. There is no fa.ily, no stability. So young people are constantly questioning their identity. And the focus on identity can lead (pushed by the media) to the epidemic of Narcissism we see around us today.

      Canada? Lots of bubbles falling over Niagara Falls.

  8. I thought for a moment that the Rev. Colin had escaped from our community newsletter and joined ISAC. But the Rev.Colin’s a Prod, so it can’t be him. Maybe Father Tony himself…
    Is cunting the cunting allowed?

    • Cunting the Cunting is allowed, but Cunting the Cunter is verboten, at least that’s my reading of the rules.

      But as Foghorn Leghorn once said, “Ah say ah could be wrong…”

      Morning K.

      • Morning RTC, morning Mr Monitor!
        Is the gratuitous invocation of argumenta ad hominem, or “cunting the cunter” a strict taboo in these parts also? It’s thankfully less of a temptation on ISAC than elsewhere, nicht wahr K?

        • Cunting the cunter is absolutely verboten. Any view may be expressed and agreed with or not, but the cunter is more or less sacrosanct. Cunter-cunters have a way of disappearing for ever. I think ISAC Admin took a long hard look at the troll problem and considered that freedom of speech should not include abuse. Would that CM had decided that too.

          For all our often diametric differences, it seems to work.

          • I think the main problem at CM (aside from real mental illness) is that nearly all the regular contributors take themselves, and their pet hobby horses, way too seriously: there is a chronic lack of humility or humour.
            Mr M judiciously stoking the fire he started (now it’s profitable), together with an almost religious belief in His infallibilty and you have an ugly, smug world of bitter, dour weirdos. I quickly realised that dissenting voices are micromanaged by an uneven application of the various rules of moderation, with but a handful of regulars allowed (to demonstrate impartiality).
            Harsh, but pretty fair to say: it’s mostly a crock of shit and a bore of a site, and Mr M is more mischief maker than muse!

            There!! Thus think I, Mr K.

  9. It appears you may have withdrawal symptoms from a lack of lettuce Mr Plastic.

    Goodbye for now.

    • Yes, Random. I need to get back to my planting my lettuce. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole with this.

  10. Two more.

    The Jewish bubble. That’s a hard one. Hard to penetrate. Made of concrete. The Barrier Wall.

    The Science Bubble. A string of bubbles. Is that String Theory? The multiverse. God forever blowing bubbles….

    • Morning M-P!
      Not, then, a specific, albeit oblique cunting of Dr Helen Czerski, whose special interest was bubbles? That is, until she boarded the gravy train (she of BBC popular science fame, together with Dara Ó Briain, Brian Cox et al, all so richly and deservingly cunted elsewhere in these hallowed pages).

    • God’s a Jew. Or at least the woman who he “did not have sexual relations with” was Jewish, ergo his son was.

      I blame it on the Brexit bubble.

  11. Maybe control is a better word than bubble, free thinking against being told what to think.
    Religion is a perfect example of being told what to think, penalties for free thinking can be severe.
    Control relies on delivering the message, enforcing the message and shutting down doubt.
    Challenging the message, revolution, science, free thinking breaks the control

  12. Hampered by my own ‘glass ceiling’ – low to medium intellectual capacity and an even lower inclination towards enlightened thinking – or perhaps because I prefer strong cider to cannabis, I am undecided as to whether the original nomination is perceptive and original thought, showy-off bollocks, or a bit of both.

    Surprised not to see the ‘Westminster Bubble’ given more column inches; that’s the one that scares me the most.

    There is also an obvious joke somewhere about bubbles and pricks, but I can’t be arsed this morning.

      • Charming! The English Language really is a gift which keeps on giving, isn’t it?

        Spunk trumpets and kidney-wipers to the fore!

        No wonder Johnny Foreigner has such a hard time learning it (if he can be arsed?)

  13. Bubbles are going to save the world from plastic.
    Edible water bubble s are the future of mankind.

  14. Anything with Bubbles the chimp mentioned must be welcomed as a none-too-serious essay.

    Not sure Hitch was in a bubble as much as most of the new atheists, or most of us here. His political views were all over the place. I think it comes from being incredibly well-read, as were his mates Clive James, Salman Rushdie and Martin Amis.

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