Vincent Lamb

Vincent Lamb

“Who?” You might ask. Well until yesterday I had never heard of him either. According to his imdb page he’s an “award winning director and producer from Ireland”. He’s now come into the public eye thanks to his latest project, Detainment, which is about one of the most horrific crimes in the history of the UK; the murder of 3 yr old James Bulger. He claims the film was made to get a “deeper understanding” of the crime and the two 10 yr olds who did it, which to me translates into “humanise” them.
Lamb has also admitted that he’s never spoken to either of little James’ parents before making the film, stating that if he had spoken to them then it probably wouldn’t have been made. And now, to add an extra gut punch to them, the film has been shortlisted for an Oscar!!!
If Vincent Lamb had any measure of human decency he’d request the film to be pulled. But then again if he had any measure of human decency he never would have thought about using this topic to boost his career in the first place!!

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  1. Most people would like to understand why they only served eight years with a team of social workers, therapists and councillors pandering to their every whim and then sent on their way with a new identity for life.

  2. When the poor lad Jamie Bulger was savagely tortured and murdered by them two cunts I was working away from home in Bootle and I’ll always remember how the whole atmosphere at my digs, the pub we used and the place we were working at completely changed grown men were genuinely shocked and upset. This vincent lamb cunt as well as the two murdering scum cunts are the worst kind of human excrement.
    The sick cunts Venebles and Thompson Roy deserve to rot in hell.

  3. It does seem a peculiar choice of subject for an Oscar.
    I think that kind of award would undermine a subject like this because of the vacuous entitled community it comes from.
    He should demand it be pulled.
    Why he felt the need to make such a film is beyond me. He must be nuts.

  4. Not sure what drives someone to make such a film. It will be yet another unnecessary emotional burden on the parents. Clearly this cunt doesn’t give two knobs of goat’s excrement about this.

    Venables and Thompson are wrong’uns who should have dangled from study rope when they were convicted of the crimes.

    From his picture, Vincent Lamb looks like he deserves to be taken onto some railway line to fully ‘experience’ what poor James Bulger was put through. In the name of his ‘art’ of course, what?

  5. Oh for fuck’s sake. This is becoming a joke now. Wordfence needs its very own cunting.

    • I think it’s because the whole ‘dangled from study rope’ line is interpreted by Wordcunt as some kind of ‘incitement to violence.’

  6. hat drives someone to make such a film. It will be yet another unnecessary emotional burden on the parents. Clearly this cunt doesn’t give two knobs of goat’s excrement about this.

    Venables and Thompson are wrong’uns who should have dangled from study rope when they were convicted of the crimes.

    From his picture, Vincent Lamb looks like he deserves to be taken onto some railway line to fully ‘experience’ what poor James Bulger was put through. In the name of his ‘art’ of course, what?

  7. What drives. not hat drives. Cutting and pasting the old post into a new window cos of Shitty Wordpox. GRRR!

  8. I have just listened to this prick’s interview on GMB. He keeps waffling on about ‘not demonising the two shits’ and ‘gaining a deeper understanding as to why they did this’, but clearly he couldn’t answer the latter.

    An Oirish cockwaffler. He sums up ‘if children aren’t appropriately cared for then they can become dangerous’. Hats off to Clement Fucking Freud. All Oirish piss and wind as far as I am concerned.

    This pair are subhuman. He needs to accept some people are just born wrong and no amount of nurture will overcome nature.

    A cocksnaffling gobshite. Fuck off.

    • The majority of sane people already understand all that’s needed.
      We don’t need some twat trying to re-educate us with his trivialising film making, and it comes as no surprise that some luvvie fuckwit has shortlisted it for an Oscar. A ceremony full of trivial fuckwits.

    • I wonder if the pair of murdering cunts will get a percentage of the royalties and from the film.

    • “Clement Fucking Freud.” The alleged child abuser?

      Presume you mean his grandfather Sigmund.

      (Yes, I am a pedantic cunt.)

      • Thanks for the correction RTC, yes you are correct. That said in the context of this cunting perhaps Clement is not too far off the mark.

        Couldn’t stand that Clement. Definitely shadowy the way he befriended the McCann’s.

        I bet he was the type to smear minced morsels over the end of his knob and let Henry have a leisurely lick of it, the filthy fucker.

        • Clement was a bit like Savile – hiding in plain sight… the cunt couldn’t have looked more like a kiddie Fiddler if he’d tried!

          Lucky old Henry, the stories he could tell. I was unaware of the McCann connection… do you think they turned Madeleine into Chunky dog meat?

          Or maybe long-pig pies for that repulsive heap of blubber Cyril Smith.

          • Come to think of it, a statistically high proportion of prominent LibDumbs have been seriously dodgy characters, to say the least. Off the top of my head:

            Rt. Hon. Jeremy Thorpe MP (alleged murderer)
            Sir Cyril Smith MP (alleged sadistic abuser of young boys)
            Sir Clement Freud MP (alleged kiddie fiddler)

  9. I totally agree with moggie. Venables needs to be taken out, he is one of the biggest cunts this country has produced. The lead detective at the time said that when he looked at Venables he “looked into the face of pure evil”.

    Why the fuck haven’t their names come out. Surely someone could do it anonymously.

    • I heard a rumour that they (or one at least) had been sent to Australia. They (or he) could be tucked away on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

    • As far as we know Thompson has kept his nose clean since his release. However I appreciate that makes little odds with many posting here.

  10. Personally I hope the film gets boycotted and cinemas are as good as empty.

    It’s too soon, and no doubt this Lamb is hoping his shock and awe production will put him on the map.
    No film maker with a soul or an ounce of compassion would touch this with a barge pole.
    A bad decision or badly advised.?

    What next, Maddie The Movie..?
    Sure it’ll happen, but will be shot with sympathy for the parents as the theme.
    We’ve all got our views on that one, but I doubt we’ll ever see justice for Madeline….

    Those McCanns are cold as ice….

  11. The two little cunts should have been retried as adults when they turned 18, simple as that. Fuck the European court of human rights. Temheybgave up their human rights when they walked out of the shopping centre with that poor kid.
    As for this Irish cunt – why make it other than being edgy and right on in a liberal manner. Fuck him

  12. If you carry out crimes like that when you are a child you are born evil. Story should not be told who benefits from it.
    End off it’s sickening

  13. When I come to power one of my policies will be revealing the locations and secret identities of these two evil shitstains so the public can give them the savage beatings they so richly deserve.

  14. Maybe if he had a three year old kid who was brutally murdered he would feel differently about someone making a film about it. The “Arts” do of course deal with some difficult subjects but in this case the murder of a small child by other children is being exploited.

    Redeem yourself in two ways.

    Withdraw from the Oscar process or any other tacky shit awards and take not one penny from the film. Distributors and Cinemas should also take no money from this film, all income generated should be paid to a fund to aid child victims of violent crime.

    Anything else makes the monet blood money and everyone involved a cunt.

    • And the soubry one? Methinks religion and certain direct posts about soubry might have just needed pulled due to reasons we’ve discussed before about the thought police and the loose terms of hate speech being banded about… the night thing to do maybe?

      • You’re right Squint. I think all of us need to be a bit careful on here, esp. regarding anything that might be deemed as incitement, prejudicial comment re. an on-going trial etc. It’s just plain sense, cos we don’t want the site to land in the shit, or ourselves, for that matter.!

    • Are you on about the Martin Luther one? That’s still coming up for me. I had my May cunting removed yesterday because something I said in there could be interpreted as incitement to violence.

      • The martin luther one is still up.
        And yes, care is required where calls for hanging or lynching are concerned – particularly when individuals are still on trial.
        Just the way it is.

  15. What a fucking heartless cunt. Clearly this fenian cunt has no friends or family because if he did you’d think they would have a fucking word

  16. He’s aiming to make money from a brutal, sadistic murder. Nothing more, nothing less. Dress it up in whatever verbiage you want cunt it still makes you an amoral, venal Pikey cunt. No need for restraint in your case. I pray to Dog you die soon, slowly and painfully and even that’s too good for you.

    • He’ll be making a video analysing the omagh bombing or Hyde Park or Aldershot and telling us not to demonise the murdering IRA scum as they were only trying to reunite their country and didn’t mean any personal harm to anyone.
      Stupid Oirish cunt, like the teashop Verucca fuck off you pikey cunts.

  17. My understanding of the case is that when it was taken to court the police presented evidence that they could prove beyond reasonable doubt.
    However there is a lot that they believe was done to the child that was not brought before the court as it could not be substantiated to the satisfaction of the CPS.
    So they are actually nastier little shits than you think, Ditto sutcliff where on a second review it is suspected that not only was he responsible for more crimes but at least one of his victims survived but was not linked to the case.

  18. I would drop this cunt in the middle of Liverpool, and let them deal with him…
    What a fucking disgusting cunt he really is…

  19. He looks like a leftie shirtlifter. A ‘behind the camera’ Owen Jones, if you will.

    Would I? Possibly if I was drunk enough. I’m not into BDSM, but he’d have to be gagged.

    • Don’t diss the McCann’s… they did arrange childcare for that night… only Louise Woodward cancelled on them last minute.

      Seriously, she’s where Podesta is keeping her.

  20. So he was no body any one had heard of. Now apparently up for a Oscar what a disgusting vile little weasel this man is. Showing he says the side of the 2 evil kids that brutally killed James look at how much those 2 peices shit have cost the tax payer in all those years and this cunt doesn’t even have the decency to ask the family if he can make a film how does this cunt sleep at night he’s no different to the two evil kids that did the crime. But this cunt is making money from it. Shame on you and I hope all this comes back to haunt you in some way

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