The Remoanstream Media

A cunting again for the Remainstream Media

Woke up got out of bed…dragged a comb across my head…..
Oh to go back to the days in my life when it was just like John’s lyrics above , but no , everyday it’s more ….woke up got out of bed …turned on the news and felt the dread….

Today’s fake news? Despite falling sales , people moving from diesel to hybrid, opening a factory in Slovakia, opening a factory in China and paying off 1000 agency staff 2 years ago….the middle management job losses announced at Jaguar this morning are due to brexit…. the words used ” Brexit consequences are beginning to be felt”.
Now I knew the betrayal was coming from the elitist establishment cunts from the beginning, my piss boiling is not about that…its about how fucking stupid they think we are with this project fear shit. It’s not even subtle anymore such is the panic in the run up to March. What’s more the media.. ..where do I begin with the treasonous remoaning liberal fucktard cunts. Exposed totally as the cunts they are last 2 years. They are all complicit…the reporter, editor and anchor
When I saw it this morning, piss boiled to steam.. fucking ranting at the wife at half 7 in the morning, I really have to be honest with my fellow cunters and myself. Maybe I need to stop posting and visiting this site. Switch off the news and any other media I keep up to date with and just take a break. I’m honestly sore jawed from clenching it this morning and pissed off before the days even begun….it’s not healthy. I always said I had to be aware and up to date with the betrayal, as ignorance is what they hope for in the populace but I’m seriously fed up of the total and utter war machine of big business and elitist establishment onslaught…. all given oxygen from a remain populace that embarrasses me as my fellow British. It’s easy to tell me to calm the fuck down and take a chill pill but there’s not a half our goes by without a fucking cave in or blatant lie from our Parliament and media …… I can’t sit among lie after lie and say nowt. It’s January and fuck 12 month of this. If there’s any advice from any cunter that peeled themselves off the fucking ceiling I’d appreciate it but really I think I just need to accept that it’s not the revolution that will be televised but the betrayal and switch off……..Squint out.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

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  1. I think the best advice would be to tell Isis members plus all the London aspiring architects, rappers,boxers and 14 year old moped drivers that Anthony Blair, Hattersley & Kinnock (our version of Laurel & Hardy), Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, Mangledbum, Heseltine, Umunna and Gina Miller that they have all been highly disrespectful to Allah, and get them to sharpen their axes.

    They would all look lovely in orange jumpsuits with their heads the wrong way round halfway down their backs

    • Sorry for taking liberties with your post WC to say a goodbye to my fellow cunters, I’m happy my last post for now got 62 replies and I have to say thanks to a few cunters for their support in their replies tonight ,and over the last year I have been posting , appreciated , but I meant what I said above ……….. as Dick says….. Fuck them

      Cheers and bye from Squint …….

  2. Well cunted. All the stuff they predicted would happen just after voting out didn’t. So they have no hard evidence or right to be distributing their project fear pish.
    Every program has a poor bleck downtrodden in it. Grantchester last night. It’s everywhere. What about us whites innit cuntzzs

    • Grantchester ?
      Isn’t that where they hold the annual gay televisual vicars synod ?

      Also, another incident in Stabistan (Enfield); potentially life-changing injuries.
      Any guesses? Aspiring architect, rapper, brain surgeon, President of the World ??

  3. I feel your pain, Squint.
    Every fucking day I see exaggerations, half truths, selective facts and downright lies masquerading as truth re Brexit. There is a fixation with fucking Dover for no good reason at all except that it is in the south east.
    Then there is the language used – crashing out, cliff edge etc.
    All bollocks and all orchestrated to frighten us thick fuckers.
    London, of course is Remoaner central. And fucking look at it. A fucking shithole populated by cunts across the entire spectrum of cuntitude, and ruled by a fucking idiot for whom pc is more important than reducing crime and mortality.

  4. Well said plod. Train wreck being banded.
    If I was younger I would be off out of it somewhere away from the efnikskis.

  5. Mr Cuntwood

    In times like these just mutter ‘beer and pies’ over and over until your piss has gone from earths core to tepid.

    I’m here to help.

    Goodbye for now.

  6. You can’t beat these cunts even when you out vote them. That supercunt Bliar started it with his education education education mantra when really he meant indoctrination indoctrination indoctrination. A generation of utter pussys crying we can’t survive outside of our european ‘partners’ club. Lets face it the guardian types run every single public ‘service’. Cheating wankers all.

  7. The best Remainiac news story I read this week as the fear of space debris falling on us because of Brexit.

    The nearer we come to leaving, the more desperate the stories. I’m surprised they didn’t crowbar the threat of space aliens into the story.


      • Evening OP. It was in the (anything but) Independent so from the heart of the fanatically anti-Brexit:

        “UK will be kicked out of programme keeping us safe from space debris after no-deal Brexit.”

        Frankly I’m disappointed they couldn’t have embellished the “story” and festooned their nonsense with some impending fear about terrifying UFOs and intergalactic monsters on the verge of attacking. Mind you, there’s still plenty of time.

    • I wouldn’t scoff at these alien stories. I believe the Vegan Lizards of Andromeda aren’t happy about Brexit. And you don’t fuck around with them scaly bastards.

      • Evening Al,

        Yes, I saw that on the BBC. Actually I’m not that fussed or frightened about Asteroids. I always preferred Galaxians.


        • Brexiteers are 150 times at more risk of alien abduction and the concomitant, obligatory anal-probing.


  8. Had cursory glance at Guardian. Brexit will be the demise of business start ups, says guy who runs company making eco friendly instant coffee capsules ( whatever they are). Fucking lunacy. Like the wimmin screaming patriarchy! Misogyny! Because some poor bugger died in her period shed in a God forsaken shithole like Nepal. These shit for brains are positively deranged. I give in.

    • Eco-friendly coffee is surely ground by hand (after being scented between the thighs of a nubile Latina), and strained through reusable muslin into a pyrex jug that could be passed down from generation to generation.

      By Dog, I despise hipsters.

      SpellCheck had a bit of a prob with “muslin”…

  9. It’s actually a shame that more people weren’t getting aerated about the betrayal that is going on. We are being lied to,ignored and sold-out by our elected “representatives”…and yet,through a mixture of apathy and acceptance we will allow them to get away with it.
    It’s strange that as the E.U starts to wobble with more and more countries showing signs of a growing distrust of the EU project,allied to signs of a financial crisis looming,that our “Leaders” seem so determined to keep us in. Now would be the time to get out,before the shit hits the fan,not after when we will,no doubt, be liable for our “share” of any bail-out and fall-out.
    A lot of European countries will be watching to see how we come on. Again it falls to Great Britain to stand alone while some of our European “partners” actively work against us,and others cower waiting to see if we can survive. Unfortunately for them and us,we are led by Quislings and lack the national moral fibre to turn the tide this time.

    Fuck them.

    • No we won’t let them get away with it Mr Fiddler. Mahatma Coat knew how to fuck the British in India and that’s what will happen here if Brexit is betrayed. You cannot govern 17.4 million ungovernable people. You can repress, harass and imprison some of them and no doubt that will happen but they will remain ungovernable. I’m no martyr but I’ll be fucked if I’ll just quietly roll over and let treasonous dissembling cunts piss on me – don’t say you weren’t warned Mr MP.

      • What we need in the country is a yellow vest movement. I do admire them. I like the fact it is leaderless. I like the randomness of it. I like the fact that it seems rebellion for rebellion’s sake. I like them ripping up the cobbles of the champs Elysée-right in face of the government elite. I like the fact that it shows the length the state will go to quell unrest. Now we know what we’re fighting. You know The French Revolution was started by the storming of the Bastille. A fortress as well as a prison. That was a hard thing to do. Not an easy thing.

  10. Struth Squint my son, you sound right pissed off and no fucking mistake. If it’s any consolation, we feel your pain. Fuck the cunts right off, and have a drink!

  11. I know how you feel Squint. I have reached the end of my tether with these fucking cunts myself.

  12. UK 2019 witnessed a road rage incident in Beckenham last week. East European van driver got out his van attacked a moose limb peacefull taxi driver. That’s the scary thing non of these cunts have any respect for us.

  13. I had to stop watching TV news a few weeks ago for the same reason,
    now I Laugh at the sad bastards,
    When it’s all over and the corrupt remaining twats have got there way, then the rioting will begin.
    I believe the army are on standby just in case..
    The country has never been so divided, in my opinion its going to get worse

  14. The bloke that gave Anna Soubry a good talking to on her way to work gets arrested .
    Nigel Farage and his family gets attacked verbally and physically on many occasions by momentum thugs etc. What happens ? You guessed it ,fuck all.

    • He was due to he released, apparently, but politically- appointed, token Police Chief Cressida “needs some” Dick intervened and compelled her colleagues to keep him imprisoned for the whole of this weekend!

      Ironically, this is what Nazi police would do. Astonishing!

  15. Ha ha, we’re no longer safe from space debris cos of Brexit. Fuck me, it’s now affecting the gravitational pull of the earth! We’re spinning out of orbit! People’s vote now! Full disclosure, I’ve been on proper local Hereford cider!

  16. I was doing an engineering job before Xmas. A Polandski engineer was banging on about brexit. Cheeky cunt. I said what the fuck do you know about Nordurn ireland or fucking britain. Then I said once we leave your next company car will be a dingy parked in France you ignorant gimmigrant cunt. Fucking true that’s the sad thing these cunts think they have one over us

    • To be fair to your shower-unfriendly, dooska-dooshka, korrva-korrva colleague, if he’s an engineer, he’s not actually a gimmigrant, is he.

  17. Never seen anything so ridiculous, a few blokes, one who looked like he was still in school have a bit of a go at Soubry, she is with some cunt wearing a official badge around his neck (fuck knows what his job entails). On the video i didnt see anyone touch soubry, there were fucking police everywhere… at what point was she in danger!
    She should try walking down Oxford street on the Saturday before Christmas that is jostling.
    So this guy is arrested, what the fuck, the police under instruction to find some jumped up charge.

  18. It really has descended to the level of kiddies’ books from my childhood…

    “Chicken-Licken, the skies are falling…”
    “I blame Brexit”

    Apparently Berlaymont is shit-scared about the EU elections later this year, more than by Brexit. There may then be incontrovertible proof that common-sense is prevailing. But I still can’t imagine the stupid brain-washed bastards stopping to wonder WHY…

    Would WordFence have any USEFUL purpose, such as keeping gimmegrunts out.
    NB. This comment is ENTIRELY objective, and is in NO WAY aimed at anyone connected with ISAC. Perhaps The Big Don could trial it down Mexico way…

  19. I feel your pain Squint, I feel your pain.

    A great cunting and sadly all to true.

    As the cunts say never let the facts get in the way of
    The story.

    I’ve not read the posts so this may have been mentioned but the JLR redundancies are single handedly down to a drop in sales in China and China alone.

    Most of not all jobs are being cut in management and areas such as the ‘colouring in’ department otherwise called ‘marketing’.

    Meanwhile planned maintenance breaks are being brought forward at Honda and Mini just to mitigate the ‘effects’ of Brexit but the cunts in the media don’t really report it like that, no it’s shutting production down due to Brexit.

    Cunts on stilts.

  20. Spot on Cunting Squint!

    What is happening on the MSM and beyond has been the Remain Establishment’s cunting plan all along.

    I remember just days after the referendum result some Remoaner cunt saying the population should eventually be given a final vote to confirm that they wanted to leave on ‘whatever deal the UK negotiates with the EU’ or would prefer to ‘stay in’. At the time it was rightly pointed out by Leavers that this would give the EU every incentive to give us the worst deal possible knowing the population was ultimately going to vote in a 2nd ‘Deal or Stay In’ style referendum.

    At the time it appeared that the Leavers had won this argument and no more was heard about a 2nd referendum until two years down the line when the Maybot came up with her ridiculous Chequers Plan, uniting both Leavers and Remainers in opposition.

    Cue the renewed Remoaner call for a “People’s Vote”. Not a 2nd referendum, of course, but “more democracy” – who could argue against that?!

    Next we get to see the so called “Withdrawal Agreement”, the worst of all worlds, with its potential to keep us tied to the 4th Reich FOREVER! The Remoaners demand for a “People’s Vote” goes into overdrive along with Project Fear On Steroids, all this amply facilitated by our wonderful, closely regulated, bias free MSM, which is where we are today.

    True anecdote: Yesterday Lady Creampuff and one of her cronies were discussing Brexit. Naturally her friend trotted out the usual guff about “people didn’t know what they were voting for and we all know so much more now, so why not have a people’s vote, blah blah”. Lady Creampuff then pipes up with “yes, a lot of people who voted Leave have since changed their minds”, which is where I jumped in with “Really? I don’t know anyone who voted Leave who’s changed their mind, where do you get that idea from?” Lady Creampuff’s answer: “On the telly – lots of Leave voters say they’d now vote Remain, don’t you watch the news?”

    Naturally I gave her a damn good thrashing (much to the excitement of her friend) and sent her straight up to bed with no supper.

    Yes Cunters, ’twas always the plan: brainwash and wear the people down so they’ll agree to stay in or accept the EU dictated deal – either way the 4th Reich wins handsomely – they get our money one way or another, which is ultimately all they fucking care about.

    • Brilliant line Ruff Tuff and with your permission by proxy on behalf of Lady RT I’d like to use that one myself😂👍

      She was taking the piss wasn’t she?

      Whatever, whether irony intended or not, I like it!

      • Sadly Cunty there was no irony intended on Lady Creampuff’s part. She is actually disturbingly naive in many ways and tends to evince a frightening lack of scepticism when it comes to the MSM and the Machiavellian ways of our political establishment.

        She does however think Brexit should be enacted… not because she wants to leave the EU (she doesn’t) but because she believes democracy is a franchise hard won that we fuck with at our peril.

        Luckily she’s always got me and our cats to provide a balanced point of view…

  21. A long one but a worthwhile read. This is the Colonel who gave a speech like Winston would have right before the second Gulf war. We should head the Colonels words. Its how far this country has slipped down the shitter in such a short time (particularly the paragraph about the fall of the Roman Empire)

    The ludicrous and dangerous morass into which obsequious and PC-addled senior officers have led the British Army is a source of real concern to every citizen of the nation.
    In the face of external threats and massive budget constraints, the latest very public direction from the Army is to drop the use of “sir” – or indeed “ma’m” when answering the telephone, for fear of giving some offence to the person at the far end. This comes alongside notices not to use language like “mankind”, “chaps” or “gentleman’s agreement” from the Joint Equality Diversity and Inclusion unit, nicknamed the “Jedi”.
    It is merely the most obvious manifestation of a lack of leadership that time and effort are given to such trivia in the face of crisis.
    The Armed Forces are at the same time both failing to recruit new members and capping recruitment of Gurkha’s, Commonwealth volunteers and the Irish in favour of recruits that “reflect society” (whatever that means). It was the same when I commanded 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment.
    I took command of a battalion 300 men under strength. With the chaotic Army recruiting group frankly getting in the way, we in 1 R Irish started our own recruiting drive – in Ireland – and I led a fully manned battalion to war in 2003. How did I achieve that when the lavishly funded official system pathetically failed? I recruited men for military service and adventure, and not to “reflect society”.
    I had this discussion at a briefing at the Ministry of Defence. A civil servant outlined to invited guests the failing system they were pursuing and lamented the failed uptake of women and ethnic minorities. (LGBT individuals were not yet a priority at that point).
    I asked: “do you want an army that reflects society or one that is effective?” The answer was “Well, both, hopefully.” I explained that you can’t have both. This led to the question of why the numbers of recruits from the Commonwealth and Ireland were being capped. Once again, she replied we want an army that reflects our society.
    Then, with a roll of her eyes, as if addressing a stupid little boy, she explained that things had moved on and now warfare was much more nuanced than when I served. Empathising with the people we were likely to meet overseas would, she explained, lead to much less violence and better understanding. That put me in my place.
    During my service we certainly tried to empathise where possible but erred on making the enemy – for that is what they are – reluctant to tangle or better still terrified of us. I would suggest that this lady never ever visits South Armagh. There are sections of the community there who given half a chance and allowed close enough would rip our faces off. That is the reality.
    That was also the reality of the drug-addled West Side Boys in Sierra Leone, who took twelve members of my regiment hostage in 2000. The SAS rescue which I was involved with from London realised far too late that empathising with these thugs had in fact made matters much worse and had in fact put the lives of the hostages in more danger. That is the difference between actual experience and daydreaming of a better world.
    Daydreaming of a better world is a very dangerous occupation and one that should be confined to specialist hospitals and universities. As a parent of a serving officer, I am very worried that one day some dreamer will send my son into harm’s as part of a nuanced force and at serious risk to his life. It is a real concern that the senior military care more about their PC profile than the men and women who dare to serve. I unashamedly made it my priority to preserve the life and limbs of my young men where possible. No one who has had to bury teenagers would ever consider such dangerous nonsense on operations.
    Edward Gibbon noted in his Decline and Fall: “The emperors, anxious for their personal safety and the public peace, were reduced to the base expedient of corrupting the discipline which rendered them alike formidable to their sovereign and to the enemy….and the Roman world was overwhelmed by a deluge of Barbarians.” The Romans supported armed strength in theory, but did not wish to pay for it or to offer their own children as army recruits.
    My fellow Ulsterman Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson (who was murdered by the IRA), once said: “It is better to have no armed forces at all than have forces just big enough to invite attack but not strong enough to win.” I would urge Gavin Williamson, the new defence secretary, to wade in, purge the MoD of the PC dreamers, disband the Jedi and appoint someone to lead. It is the Government’s duty to defend our nation.

    • We need more people like this chap.
      As for empathy, best delivered by .762.
      Good evening.

      • Empathy, empathy, what’s bleedin’ empathy ? as Steptoe might have said.

        “Sympathy, where do I find sympathy??”

        Somewhere between shit and syphilis, in the OED…

        Afternoon, Jack.

    • Great post Cunto.

      And just to add…

      The year is 1997 and Sir Tony of Bastard Liar has just swept to power on the back of a moral wave.

      So righteous is he that he declares his intent to implement a foreign policy driven by moral intervention.

      Fuck me this is God we are talking about here so no laughing at the back.

      Robin Cook, the little ginger munchkin proudly announces Gods new policy then within no time at all is called out as a philandering little ginger cunt then promptly dies of a ‘heart attack’.

      God moves in mysterious ways you know, we’re all made in his image but ultimately we’re all sinners.

      God then calls in the SAS to sort out those nasty little drug addled budding architects terrorising Sierra Leone, otherwise known as the ‘West Side Boys’.

      Ultimately the mission is a success but Tony’s Army take a casualty.

      Brad Tiernon took a bullet to the head whilst getting bogged down in swamp land that hadn’t been mapped.

      Shit happens in the fog of war and intell is just that, intell, it’s not Gospel.

      Wheres God when you need him, probably entertaining Bloor and Oasis at the time I think.

      So why the fuck am I going on….

      Well after sending the SAS on Gods Moral Misson, Brad Tiernon paid the ultimate price but his partner was denied his pension on the basis they weren’t married.

      You see, in Gods house, morals are everything.

      • A sad fact I had actually no idea about Mr McBoatface but I thank you personally for your riposte. A big BZ to Brad Tiernon whose valiant contribution will be remembered by his oppos and his forces in perpetuity. Had he been, in this enlightened and oh so correct period in our Armed forces illustrious history, a binary, non gender specific brown hatter living with his husband he would have been afforded the red carpet treatment and no doubt a knighthood – Oh, I forgot we only bestow knighthoods on simpering brattish petulant tennis stars and drug addled Tour De France winners. Not forgetting blokes who row boats too. FFS – is it possible to lower the bar any further? We foppish cunts regard a weeping millionaire tennis player above the real heroes for whom, by and large, strenuous courage and dogged determination in defence of their country counts for fuck all.

  22. BBC , SLY NEWS and CHANNEL 4 are equally biased in favour of remain and they make no effort to disguise the fact. All British media are at the root of project fear. fucking shameless.
    If anything this Brexit campaign has exposed all the Politicians and big business that are on the eu gravy train. A lot more cunts are hated now than before the vote. Chris Grayling is spot on , if this goes in favour of remain i bet you anything their will be a surge in UKIP support and there WILL be a rise in nationalism . I will be a
    first at the ballot box to vote UKIP.
    Imagine UKIP winning a General election ? The following week the Leftie snowflakes will demand a second vote because we didn’t know what we were voting for of course.

    • I have to say I find it more than disappointing the way Sly has gone over the past couple of years.

      Can’t help but think revenues from the big corporate advertisers were at risk when they initially started to report the truth and as such, like all right minded profit driven corporations opted to substitute truth with profit.

      C4 News is just an extension of Al-Beeb. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the department of Culture Media and Sport yet is commercially funded.

      So no bias there then.

    • Just a second Fenton. Grayling is actually saying the country risks a dangerous rise in far-right extremism if Parliament doesn’t get behind Mavis’s traitorous deal, which they’re attempting to sell as Brexit.

      If Chris Grayling believes the EU dictated deal is really Brexit, I’ll eat Paddy Pantsdown’s rotting corpse.

  23. If you want a balanced view of brexit, you can do no better than listen to that very nice James Obrien. He always offers a balanced view, while at the same time, willingly debate with people who dont hold his views. He is so nicethat i wish he was my Dad.

    Valhalla we are coming

  24. I just watched RT News. Fuck me their even worse. Said the bloke that had a chat with Anna Soubry is a hate filled far right activist and Momentum are peace loving chaps.

    • I try not to watch any of them Fenton.

      Let’s be honest it’s not the fucking ‘news’, it’s just agenda setting.

      I’d be much happier if it was actually called ‘Al-Beeb Breakfast Agenda Setting or The Agenda Setting at 10 bla bla fucking bla.

      Can you believe that over the years we’ve kind of sleep walked into thinking that we can sit down in the evening and watch a program and believe that everything it says as it’s ‘the news’.

      Fuck I think I may nominate myself for a cunting.

  25. So Mr. Goddard has been nicked. What a fucking joke. The political bias in this country is outrageous. If this is the way things are going , I wonder how long it will be before we’re all getting our collars felt for being horrid and beastly ? We might all end up being incarcerated in some prison, on the ‘ ISAC Wing ‘.
    This country is a fucking cess pit of Quislings, Fifth Columnists, Communists, Shitslam Filth and Romany Pikey Cunts. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed out.
    Are you receiving GCHQ ?
    Go and get fucked.

    • It’s worrying but I do think that the ISAC wing will be a pretty fun place to be.
      ….they’ll need to install chimneys and cooling towers to deal with all the piss boiling though.
      Evening Jack.

      • Good evening DTS.
        I suppose we could always tap out cuntings on the water pipes in morse, to keep ourselves amused.
        Warden ….. ‘ All right you ‘orrible shower ! Who called The Governor a cunt ? ‘
        ISAC Inmates ….. ( chorus ) ‘ We all did ….. you CUNT ‘
        Got any snout ?

        • Hey Jack, i’ve got an amateur radio licence, average Morse. Of course it’s hard to tell the difference between a dit and a dah when hitting something, so there are prisoner codes just based on whacking. God I’m pissed, apologies!

  26. All media output seems piss boiling these days. And, although a Brexit voter, I have given up following it. I voted leave to get rid of the Euro trash. My views have changed slightly now I’m working for a small business that wouldn’t survive without the very able eastern europeans. The local dole scum can’t be arsed to work.

    Now that Landrover Discovery production will go overseas, I might buy one because at least they will be built properly.

  27. I agree with what’s been said above, only one thing I can add really…..
    Owen Jones.
    Why the fuck dies this utter cunt get constantly given airtime? No-one give a fuck about his retarded opinion. NO-ONE…..
    Constantly going around calling everyone fascists then complaint that the people that called sourbry a fascist are fascists because calling someone a fascist makes you fascist…. which would make him a fascist….

  28. How’s this for a Brexit caused catastrophe. Fucking remainer mouse set up home in the cabin air intake of my fucking car. Off road because not been very well. Took car out two days ago almost crashed when I switched the blower on due to mouse piss stench. Drove home windows open of course, stopped limped into garage for tool kit removed glove box to access cabin filter and blower motor. Filter was soaked in rodent piss and covered in paper, mouse shit etc. Cleaned out everything with ac cleaner put in new filter and smell is slowly going.
    Now you may well ask how did I know that this rodent horror was caused by Brexit; easy answer it must have been because according to the media, parliament and billions of others everything that goes wrong now is because we may leave the eu sometime this year. This may be worse than the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 the world ended then I think

    • Fucking hilarious post BB but I think it happened ‘despite Brexit’.

      And I’d wager it was an Iranian mouse ‘refugee’ that came over in a dingy from France in search of a better life.

      • Hells bell CMC Iranian rodents on top of Brexit my weekend is rightly fucked!!. Wife’s shoes not fitting right fucking Brexit. Man, life is getting stressful

  29. The left are poison, treason, mentally incurable. They are sickness and bitterness and twisted jealousy personified. They want to drag everyone down to the third world rather than try and achieve vice versa. The left are enfeebled drones who cannot do anything other than repeat the same mantra over and over again, much as a Stepford Wife, by way of argument, justification or reasoning. The left is the second biggest threat to the future survival of the human race next to Islam.

  30. Apologies for going completely off-pissed, but has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance between Cressida Strap-On and Larry Grayson ?

    • Distinct lack of good English grammar within the forename and surname of the Met police commissioner. A comma and a question mark.
      Cressida, Dick?

  31. I left Social media for the same reason, Squint. To much bare-faced lying from smug remainers and SJW benefit scroungers and ‘educational administrators’. All PC dreamers bleating on about refugees welcome and other libtard luvvie crap. All thick as pig shit and constantly sharing and liking clickbait bollocks about the Orange One and how racism had increased sixty-million times since Brexit. I came to the conclusion that Facebook was for thick losers who watch Gogglebox and cat videos.

    I barely watch or listen to the BBC now, and never buy a paper. It’s all dogshit.

  32. Jaguar Landrover knew the writing was on the wall with Diesel but ploughed on regardless while all their main rivals invested in electric technology Don’t. Blame Brexit blame your own stupidity Gloom & Doom merchants rule at the moment with scare tactics over Brexit but the British voter is not stupid as Labour will find out if there is a General Election

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