The Mary Queen of Scots Film

I’d like to nominate the upcoming wimmenzs vehicle – the “Mary Queen of Scots” film – for a cunting.

Marr had the Aussie woman playing Elizabeth 1st, the Oirish woman playing Mary Queen of Scots, and the progressive woman director of a new film detailing the history of the two monarchs.

Well apparently both women were #metoo victims of misogyny by men.

Well I don’t give a fuck about the Scottish one but – as historians for the last 400yrs all attest – Elizabeth was nobody’s fool and would have anyone, male especially, killed to death for deceit and/or treachery.

The whole country came to love her and she has been one of the strongest leaders the country has ever known (please note that that is across both sexes).

We have had a proud history of strong female leaders from Boudicca to Maggie Thatcher (far greater than many of their male counterparts) so what the fuck is this bullshit all about?

As with most feminazi propaganda, why let the facts get in the way of a good “all men are baaaad” harpie shrieking story!?!

Utter bullshit which sullies the reign of one of our greatest monarchs as being an oppressed woman – which couldn’t be further from the truth!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

37 thoughts on “The Mary Queen of Scots Film

  1. Feminists are the most shameless hypocrites on the face of this planet. According to Feminists, a Western man opening the car’s door for a woman is an “intolerable oppression”, but Muslim men forcibly putting Hijab on women is simply an unobjectionable practice in their culture/religion.

    Iran’s morality police assault a woman for not wearing her hijab properly

    Sweden’s First All-Women Feminist government Don Hijabs in Iran

  2. Rabid Feminists (especially the Pink-Haired variety) suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia.

    Schizophrenia = a kind of psychosis, which means your mind doesn’t agree with reality. It affects how you think and behave. This can show up in different ways and at different times. The illness usually starts in late adolescence or young adulthood. Paranoid Symptoms = Delusions or fixed beliefs that seem real to you, even when there’s strong evidence they aren’t. Paranoid delusions, also called delusions of persecution, reflect profound fear and anxiety along with the loss of the ability to tell what’s real and what’s not real. Or you might see things that aren’t really there. They might make you feel like:

    ^ A co-worker is trying to hurt you, like poison your food.
    ^ Your spouse is cheating on you.
    ^ The government is spying on you.
    ^ People in your neighborhood are plotting to harass you.

    Feminism = a kind of psychosis, which means your mind doesn’t agree with reality. It affects how you think and behave. This can show up in different ways and at different times. The illness usually starts in late adolescence or young adulthood. Paranoid Symptoms = Delusions or fixed beliefs that seem real to you, even when there’s strong evidence they aren’t. Paranoid delusions, also called delusions of persecution, reflect profound fear and anxiety along with the loss of the ability to tell what’s real and what’s not real. Or you might see things that aren’t really there. They might make you feel like:

    ^ Men are trying to hurt YOU, like always looking for opportunities to “sexually assault” you
    ^ Society is cheating on women, especially YOU, by giving everything to Men
    ^ “Patriarchy” is spying on you and is looking for ways to “oppress” you
    ^ Everything and everyone is “sexist” and people, especially White men, are plotting to harass or persecute you

    • Lawyers know this as well and that’s why after a killing spree, a defendant can pull the ‘Mental Health’ card.


      • I didn’t say anything about Jihadists. I was talking about Rabid Feminists.

        Jihadists simply follow the commandments of Allah-Mohammed. There are over 100 verses in the Qur’an that exhort Muslims to fight unbelievers; this includes ‘chopping unbelievers’ heads off’.

        “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favour afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He wants] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah (aka Jihad)- never will He waste their deeds.”

          • But, but…. It’s the religion of peace!
            I thought I was watching the Saudi version of naked attraction the other night but it was a programme about an Afghan goatherder.

        • I didn’t mention jihadists either ES.

          I was just pointing out that a lot of your post can be widened to include others who may use the schizophrenia get out of jail card.


          • Some criminals are mentally deranged. Just because some lawyers abuse the Mental Health Act it doesn’t mean there are no mentally ill people.

            “Mum who drowned and burned daughter, 4, said angels told her to do it, murder trial hears”

            The problem is that our Islam-loving Leftists try to whitewash Jihadists’ heinous crimes by abusing the Mental Health Act. In an Orwellian attempt to deceive the public and protect Islam, they brand mentally-sound Jihadists as “mentally-ill”.

          • ES, please use “colleagues” not “co-workers.” Are you an English Scientist or a Yank one?

  3. Obviously won’t watch such revisionary cuntery, but I worry about the “Wallace’ effect north of the border. The SNP was a Libdem type protest vote party until that that Gibson did braveheart, which got the natives all riled up and nationalistic. Just patriotism of course, not like the nasty racist English and east Europeans.
    Just to clarify, I don’t give a fuck if they vote for independence, I will spend my Barnett formula tax rebate on beer. It’s the thought of that shrieking cunt Sturgeon patronising me every night on the news demanding more referendums for eternity.

    • “That that” should of course read “That twat”
      Bill Gates must be due a cunting.

      • Braveheart is the most historically inaccurate film of all time.

        From the flag painted on his face (invented 100 years after the events) to the marriage (she was three at the time and, erm, lived in Spain). The Scots were all fighting each other and the English weren’t bad enough so Gibson had to massage the historical truth (as he’s done with a few of his other films).

        I rate Gibson on the same Cunt scale as Bono, yes, that bad. A toxic cunt-rag with no redeeming features.

        Good cunting, Rebel. I shan’t be watching this sack of shite, especially with that talentless sour-faced harpee in the lead.

        • Everybody in Scotland knows that historically, Braveheart is shit, but about a third of the population like to pretend that it’s the truth cos it gives them another axe to grind. Gibson is an unbelievable cunt both as a person and as a film-maker. Anyone who thinks his only crime is Braveheart should take a look at The Patriot, another piece of horseshit that I wouldn’t put in my compo bin.
          Come on Cap’n, cunt the cunt for us…

          • Ha ha, my pleasure. I always keep a look out for news about him but since the drunk-driving /abusing a female police officer, the reptile has kept a low profile. I expect he’s trying to worm his way back into the Hollywood bosom. Yeesh.

            The Patriot was another English-hating compost of shit. Then he deliberately upset the Mexicans, then it was the Jews – all so they’d queue round the cinema block to put money in Gibson’s pocket.

  4. Anna Soubry: Speaker urges police to tackle MP harassment

    Is this the same treasonous anti democratic Anna Soubry who has not recognised the result of the referendum and has been more than happy to dish it out to Leavers as and when it suits her? And is this the same impartial bullying Speaker who has a “Bollocks to Brexit” sticker on his Range Rover?

    Obviously one rule for the elite pro EU elitist Remoaner supporters, seemingly another for the ignorant “we didn’t know what we were voting for” peasant Brexi scum.

  5. Yeah I’ve read a fair bit on Mary and went up to Edinburgh a few years back to see the letter she wrote in the early hours of her execution day. So the feminazi director shows Mary and Elizabeth meeting, which we know they didn’t. Alone, away from the menz and the patriarchy. Artistic licence the useless apologists say, no it fucking isn’t you dickhead. If you have a film called the alternative history of such then fair enough. But crucially, had they met, then we don’t know, but there’s damn good reason to suspect, it would have significantly changed the future relationship. Elizabeth allegedly howled and insisted she had ‘accidentally’ signed Mary’s death warrant. I despise feminists, but this shit just shows how fucking stupid and self obsessed they are. Fuck em. (And it should have been subtitled Scots/french).

  6. I visited a museum which prided itself on having an excellent collection of Royal mannequins, the Mary Queen of Scott’s being a particularly good example.

    Having an interest in the construction and mechanics of said mannequin I lifted up the dress to see how the whole thing was fixed together.

    Unfortunately this was caught on the museum’s CCTV and it appears I am now to be charged as an historical sex offender….

  7. Sounds like a right load of old pony Rebel. The word’s out and I won’t be shelling out cash on this one. Nice work.

  8. She certainly had brutal end; Mary Queen of Scots. At Fotheringay. Three blows of the axe. And yet not quite. So using the ‘like a kitchen knife’. Then the head rolling round like a whirligig. Then finally from beneath her skirts-her little dog appeared. Whimpering near.

  9. Have actually seen a clip of this film, in the clip, Adrian Lester (a very good black actor) plays a character called Lord Randolph who is part of the Queen’s Privy Council….

    What a load of utter Bollocks!!!..

    A black person in the 16th Century as a Lord!!!

    Cunt Off!!!

    • Oh, Cuntsville, you weren’t paying enough attention in History class. There were loads, all married to white Ladyships. There was even one in the 13th century. It’s true, I saw it in the Robin Hood film with Kevin Cuntsner when they landed at Dover and walked overnight to Nottingham, or Noddinghaam as he called it.

      Psh. You’ll have to watch more BBC historical dramas.

  10. I bought a chinchilla recently, and on the few occasions I could get the thing to stay still, I’d have to say that if anything, it made my chin warmer….

  11. I’m surprised/impressed that they at least didn’t make one of them a black trans lesbian amputee asylum seeker.

  12. Good Queen Bess. There were rumours at the time she was in an erotic relationship with her chief Inquisitor /Torturer Richard Topcliffe. She would visit his house where he had his own private torture chamber set up. I don’t want to cast aspersions on our greatest Queen. And certainly there is no hint of small creatures. But why would you make visits to a house that doubled as a torture chamber? Could it have been for some S&M action I wonder?

    • Most historians agree that “Virgin Queen” was the image the court and Elizabeth liked to portray but it was common knowledge that she did actually liked to get “the lad in” when the need took.

      The unspoken rule when our country still had the notion of loyalty, unlike the back-stabbing shits we have in power today.

      William Cecil – the Queen’s most valued and loyal advisor – kept court (so’s to speak).

      His Son Robert was a cunt but he kept a lot of bumfoolery accusations away from James 1st (James 6th of Sconny Botland).


      Queen Victoria was declared “Empress of Africa” (after Napoleon declared himself Emperor) and so Zoe Saldana will be playing her in the historically accurate film “Victoria: The Live Aid Years” out in early 2020. Bono will be playing Bonaparte in the movie if they can find the right lifts for his Cuban heeled shoes.

      • I can’t wait for 2022’s Diana: The Celibate Years starring Lupita Nyong’o as the People’sPrincess being beaten and tortured by the DoE & Prince Charles (Charles Dance & Russel Crowe).

  13. Another revisionist bullshit agenda film, showing Elizabeth and Mary arguing face to face no doubt. As far as I’m aware, in reality they never even met each other in person? One TV drama I did like about Elizabeth I, was The Virgin Queen, with Anne Marie Duff. She made a pretty fine job of it.

    And true, Mary’s executioner Simon Bull, according to the accounts, made a complete fuck up of the final job. Three strikes with the axe, lifted her head up by the wig, her head dropped out of it and bounced along the scaffold. What a mess.

  14. This looks fucking diabolical… These cunts also forget that the two Queens never -and I mean never – met one another… The daft diddly jaysus spudfucking slag who plays Mary Stuart in this pile of pus talks in a Scottish accent, when every fucker with half a brain knows she was French… I bet this Femstapo tripe is on a par with The Other Boleyn Cunt, starring those identikit Me Too witches, Natalie Portmouth and Slaglett Johanssscunt…

  15. Actually, Nelson, Wellington and Churchill were all wimmin.

    Oh yes, and Geoff Hurst was 3 months pregnant when he scored that hat trick, conceived by arificial insemolina.

    It’s so easy to rewrite history to show that men were in anyway responsible for some of history’s greatest moments.

    Stand firm sisters…..even us sisters with meat and two veg.

    • You forgot Henry V who was a black lesbo from Oireland. “The French” whom she beat with a quarter of their army’s size, were actually nasty, white British plumbers.

      Furthermore, Eva Braun, Myra Hindley, and Wily E.Coyote were all white men called Martin.

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