The Doran Family

The Doran family make you proud to be British.

The gypsy scum roll into New Zealand to wreak havoc on the locals and then have the unmitigated bare faced gall to complain about their treatment after the New Zealand government served them with a deportation order.

These feckless fuckers are even threatening to sue the the Kiwi government after they described the family as ‘scum’ and ‘worse than pigs’. So what did they do to deserve this?

Well, they trashed a beach, threatened locals, left restaurants without paying, trashed the apartment they were staying in, got arrested for assault with a weapon, reckless driving, theft, and fraudulent use of documents.

To top that off, they threatened to ‘knock the brains out’ of locals, trashed their hire car and threatened to assault a cameraman. Another favourite trick was to drop flies and hair into food to avoid paying – although I would have thought that was the way they normally ate?

Amazingly, we let these cunts back into Britain where they threatened to smash a press man’s camera – although to be fair they were pissed on Red Bull at the time (6:30 am). They then sounded off about going to the CAB and Court of Human Rights – no doubt on legal aid as we’re just fucking stupid enough in this country to let them.

A simple question has crossed my mind tho’ and that’s how the fuck did this thieving scum afford the trip in the first place. Perhaps HMRC could ask them?

Nominated by Dioclese

This is beyond Monty Pythonesque!This is sheer cunty piss-taking by British Tourists at its finest.

These knob-ends caused a furore the length and breadth of New Zealand getting all up in the face of the locals: Kiwis hate confrontation, can’t take a timely sledge and are very protective of God-zone. They won’t take trashing of the nation lying down.The UK, after, all, did send its finest to the Land of the Cunty Long White Cloud to do a whole lotta mutual shit kicking with the natives, after which they settled their differences and intermarried and generally avoided the incestuous interbreeding of criminal lines and subjugation of the natives, those poor cunts, the Abos across the Tasman, (Fuck Australia Day), but that’s a whole ‘nother cunting in the wings.

Anyway, both Whiteys and Maori alike are very protective and territorial. We know how to fight, and fight dirty but the cunts don’t always like to buy a fight so these Priceless Touristy Cunts did a right good job outraging the locals and flushing the natives out all over social media in droves. These cunts left trash everywhere they went and hotel rooms smelling of ‘poo’, culminating in the Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff calling the family “worse than pigs”.
(BTW Goffo is a grubby cunt who’s a serial trougher from the way back so he is one to talk) One hand on his meat hook and the other in the public purse since way back.

It started off with the family leaving litter on a beach and the locals (A bunch of white suburban entitled cunts got precious and the kids basically told everyone they encountered to fuck the fuck orf. One of the kids stole a plastic Christmas Tree from a gas station and threatened to, “knock the block off”, a concerned local who filmed them at the aforesaid beach.

It all degenerated from there and the family was approached by Immigration New Zealand after they allegedly left a trail of destruction in their wake. This almost triggered a race war between NZ and the UK. These clowns were the subject of racial slurs and got called Irish and Gypsy scum. I’ve got gypsy blood and dat don’t bother me, in fact, I find it as amusing as fuck, as it’s what I did back in the day as a student. Leave my trash behind, score free meals and go incognito. Joe Doran, with a new blond hairstyle, told the Daily Mail they were being blamed for “everyone else’s doings”.

Canny Cunts. You’ve got to reserve your cash. NZ is an expensive Socialist Island nation.

Today they landed back in the UK

“It’s been the holiday from hell. It’s lies, they’ve condemned us. We’ve been hiding in the mountains for two days. We wanted to see the Hobbits, Lord of the Rings, didn’t get to see that.” Cute.


“He told the Daily Mail they were going to go to the “Citizens Advice people and the Human Rights people”.

Whether you want to hug ’em or hurt, ’em, this UK family is a bunch of Fucking Funny Cunts. Big ups for dodging the pillorying in the offing. Even going so far as dying their hair.

Nominated by CaliAngel

67 thoughts on “The Doran Family

  1. Rather than post a long comment my position on this and most of Societies ills is a simple one.

    ZERO TOLERANCE……….it’s not rocket science Cunters and one day a political party will have the balls to row back loads of protecting legislation and bring us back to a time when if you act like a fucker you get treated like one …… with interest end of!

  2. They seem to have behaved just as they do at home. It’s cultural. Any objection is racism pure and simple.

  3. It happens randomly for some people because WordPress is a cunt but I think this time it’s because you used the P word to refer to the gypsies.

    • Almost. It’s because he’s being moderated for every comment because he goes OTT. He’ll be allowed out when he learns to behave.

      Of he doesn’t like it, he’s free to go elsewhere.

  4. On this cunting, agree with everything said so far, all the protections for the public are there for normal reasonable people who get screwed over by government, businesses, and random cunts not for scumbags to take the fucking piss.

      • Happens to Yours Truly all the time. Bastard snowflake cuntsniffer settings. Just keep reposting with small changes until the cunt sticks.
        Really pisses Admin orf but that’s why we are cunts.

        • Dick Fiddler used Pikeys and it went through but in view of your earlier comment my variation didn’t.

          Anyway, not important in the overall scheme of things.

          Thanks for your great work Admin.

    • Just because you don’t think it was contraversial doesn’t mean it didn’t hit a trigger word. They’re there for a reason as it captures a lot of the shit.

      Better to mislabel a few than expect admins to check a couple of thousand comments. If they’re moderated, wait a while until they’re released. We don’t monitor this thing 24 hours a day. We have a fucking life to lead.

  5. Oi KaliAngel you Kiwi Kunt, fucking gypo pikey’s are not nor ever have been “BrItish” or “UK Nationals” you Hobbit Fucker. Now that is a racial slur. Go take an Orc up the arse.

    • It knows not what it says. Now I’ve sent all day wondering what exactly a *ikey is. And you cunts will be all off to bed soon so no time to rebut.

  6. Another P word we’re not allowed to use. I read about this filth and saw the clips of them abusing and threatening people, one of the protagonists being all of about 6 years old. The report described them as “British” tourists.
    They are not British they are do-as-you-likeys from fucking Ireland. I don’t know anyone who has ever come across do-as-you-likeys and doesn’t hate them with a passion. These cunts don’t even pretend to be civilised. I could tell you a thousand stories about these scumbag cockroaches.
    They need to be kicked back to where they came from and let the fucking EU deal with them.

    • They almost got the local food festival cancelled last year thanks to their occupation of the town field and subsequent mess/antisocial behaviour. Fucking vermin.

  7. New Zealand should consider itself lucky. They managed to get rid of the Cunts. We have to endure the delights of these “traveler” types all year round. Huge clans of thieving Pikeys leaving a trail of filth,destruction,trespass and law-breaking wherever they go…and the worst of it is that the taxpayer has to fund their lifestyle while picking up the bill for their parastical existence.

    Lazy,slovenly,selfish, benefit-fiddling crooks who have no self-respect or respect for anyone or anywhere. I would happily see these types sent to re-education camps until a final solution could be found to the problems that they represent.

    Fuck them.

    • Should have been “picking up the bill for the damage that they cause”….got a bit carried away. I detest Pikeys.

    • Could indeed be a growth industry for the failing kraut economy.

      Umerziehung macht frei camps.

      With a feck-orf great electric £&*%fence around the perimeter to keep the cunts in. If they touch the metal parts, 380v. Should obviate need for ovens. I refer back to something I posted moons ago, from the Telegraph “I’m Irish, I know about the gypsy problem”

      The Austrian colonel should have just gone for these scumbags alone; he’d have been a world hero…

  8. These lovely people went half way round the world to represent the United Kingdom. Doesn’t it make you proud.

    • Hesuss. Pikey cunts are not part orf the United Kingdom. You need to pay taxes to claim that.

  9. Cannot call gypsies P14eys? Fuck me. What is the world coming to.

    The Dorans. A family that makes you proud to be British.

    This family are clearly typical selfish, lazy, thick, feral, benefit entitled disrespectful bad mannered scum.

    You just know they will waste time and money taking matters further although cannot see they have a leg to stand on (but each two fat ones). They can smell free money from the gutter press who will pay handsomely for their story, as can the lawyers (the patron saints for lost causes and appeals) who have the ability to smell and help themselves to much free tax payers money.

    Families like this will of course demand and be offered legal aid so that their helping themselves/something for nothing lifestyles can continue.

    Any offspring should have been drowned at birth.

  10. Steptoe in the Commons just now stated Cancer patients will not be able to get their medicines in the event of a No Deal…

  11. It’s a heck of a long way to New Zealand.
    If a footballer and pilot can vanish coming across the channel, why couldn’t these animals “go missing” on the return trip.
    I doubt anyone would launch a search party.

  12. I have to admit that the Kiwis have gone up in my esteem for chucking them out, once we exit and they get to go home then my other least favourite people (The Provos) can deal with the fucks.

  13. When you read the list of misdemeanours detailed by Dioclese you do have to think “Good effort!”. I really would have to go out of my way to behave as badly as this lot yet they seemed to manage it with ease.

    A cunting is too good for ’em.

  14. Send them back to NZ. Specifically the East coast of the North Island home of the Ngati Porou iwi (tribe) and the Mongrel Mob. They don’t like people littering their beaches. The fat cunt in the photo wouldn’t last 5 seconds against an enraged Maori.. The Pikey bastards should be grateful for getting out alive.

    • If I remember, there are a few places in Auckland where they wouldn’t last too long.

      All pìkies are cunts but Irish ones are the worst.

  15. I’ve been to New Zealand a few times on rugby tours and have always found the kiwis friendly and easy going , it’s just a shame this bunch of absolute cunts didn’t bump into some Maori chaps who could have given them a reception to remember!!

  16. If I expressed what I feel about the travelling community I would be in all sorts of trouble. Fair to say there is nothing in the story that is of any surprise to anyone that has had the misfortune to interact with the travelling community and their rich culture.

  17. Good news, cunting chums…disgraced dark1e bint Fiona Ummagumma has been sentenced to 30 days for lying about her speeding incident!
    Let’s hope she is introduced to receiving an angry dyke fist.

  18. I answered the front door to be greeted by a little gypsy girl.
    Straight away I said, “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not interested.”

    “Please sir” she said, “If I don’t go home with some money my brothers will beat me and then rape me and when my father gets home, he will do the same.”

    “What are you selling?” I asked.

    “Lucky heather”….

    • Whenever I see the latest Cadbury’s advert (the one where the little girl goes into the shop to buy a bar of chocolate for her mum and hopes to pay with buttons, a ring and trinkets ) I imagine the shopkeer whipping something out.

      And it’s not chocolate.

  19. Hitler only ever got two things right……..shagging Eva Braun and trying to wipe this diseased vermin off the face of the earth.
    Oh, some of you might like to add feeding his dog cyanide to that list but I don’t want to get involved!

    • Now if you read the book “The violins stopped playing” you will realise that the Gypsies were accepted as a race and their internment was due to their nomadic ways and the security situation.
      They had better conditions and normally worked as Kappo’s in the camps, later in the game they became a little expensive to keep so sometimes they were not let out the chambers they had to clean,

  20. I’m going to to write a letter to Jaydar Eire first fuck wit are you taking back the traveller type fuckers

  21. A bunch of pikeys turn up at the gates of heaven demanding entrance. St Peter says “I’ll have to have a word with the boss.”

    God says, “tell them to wait ten minutes and i’ll interview them.”
    Ten minutes later he comes back shouting “they’ve gone, they’ve gone!”
    God says “what, the pikeys?”
    Peter says “No, the fucking gates!”

  22. I’ve invented a new game (patent applied for). You get a bunch of pikeys and lock them in a cellar for a month with no food.
    It’s called Hungry Hungry Gyppo.

    I’ll get me caravan.

  23. Well the p1keys would have fitted in at the set for the Hobbits. After all, where ese can Peter Jackson get hold of more Orcs? Wanton destruction, ill mannered, offensive but fundamentally cowards, Orcs they must be.

    • This appears to be a standard response from an utterly useless, politically correct bunch of arseholes in uniform that are barely capable of investigating an abusive tweet. I honestly don’t think we’d be any worse off if these fuckers didn’t exist at all, at least the innocent (and us ultra-right wing Brexiteers) would get a break.

    • Remember it well RTCP.

      The police hid and did absolutely nothing until after the Pikeys had moved on.

      Fucking cowards

    • Used to live in Norfolk, tho not a native…

      That truly is a horrendous story re Cromer.

      These people really are the lowest form of life.

      I remember living in Switzerland, reading an interview in the TCS (Touring Club Schweiz – roughly the AA or RAC) members’ rag, with a lutheran pastor (May Bittel) who, at the time, was leader of the Swiss “travellers.” When challenged on the subject of theft, his reply ?
      “Must’ve been foreign travellers, then.”

      I never remember seeing or hearing much, if anything, about them in CH. Probably because no-one in their right mind would fuck with the Swiss police.

      Our plis, for whatever reason (Home Office cuntitude being the main problem, I fear) are a different matter.

  24. I went to NZ with the Army lovely place When I stepped off the plane the immigration officer said “Hello George how long are you staying” I replied about 4 weeks He said is that all I said yes that’s all the British tax payer can afford He replied enjoy your stay mate”‘by the way how’s your dog”He’s ok He’s at home with my lovely Mrs reading is a cunt Question How is it Didicoys can go to New Zealand and get in and cause total mayhem absolute total disgrace don’t let them back into the Uk

  25. Pikey’ toothless simpletons, so fuckin stupid they have to be told not to eat their own shite.!!

  26. What shining examples of Britain and the British. What a credit to their country and how favourable NZ must now look upon us all.

    Fucking scumbag cunts.

    Gypos (or by the looks of that lardy fucker in the photo, HIPPOS) are a law unto themselves, or should that be lawLESS. They have zero respect for communities bar their own, they shit on their own doorsteps then expect the world to clear it up after they have long since hit the road again and yet they demand understanding and respect for their ‘traditions’ and lifestyle and deem anyone who doesn’t tolerate them as bigoted (not that any of them would actually use or know the word ‘bigoted’, seeing as they have the educational capabilities of a house brick.)

    We used to have their kids admitted on the ward I worked on. They would literally arrive with what appeared to be the entire contents of their fucking caravan – the TV, DVD player, the laptop…..right down to their sprogs own fucking Peppa Pig duvet set. Poor little gypsy families? My arse. Upon leaving the ward, they would help themselves to a shitload of nappies and ready made baby milk from the milk kitchen, stash it under a family baby’s pram and then fuck off as fast as their fat arses could carry them.

    For this reason alone we had to start locking the storeroom and milk kitchen for every parent on the ward, whereas before we could leave them open and take it ON TRUST that nobody would be so despicable as to take more than they needed or steal from a children’s ward…..


    Fuck them all.

    • They’re victims of an intolerant society that can’t condone alternative lifestyles. Poor souls. Bless.

        • Many moons ago – in slightly more innocent and less secure times – I worked in the ICU of our local hospital that had the pleasure of one of these vermin as a patient. As always, come visiting time, there would be a swarm of visitors blocking the corridor and taking over the visitors’ room. They were last seen scuttling down the corridor with the visitors’ room TV, having cut through the cable ties. Bless.

  27. Having a real problem with the fact these cunts are called travellers. Back in the bad old days when I was a certificated bailiff I was often the twat that had to advise these cunts that the legal process having found in favour of some pissed off farmer or council they had to pack up and go. Sometimes their encampment had existed for months (amount of dumped crap had little relationship to the length of occupation surprisingly). I remember walking up to the best looking caravan safe in the knowledge that the police and council officials had my back from a distance of 80 odd yards. Thing is if you travel you go cos that’s what travel means. Never could figure out how you could call yourself a traveller if you spent 6 months fucking up a car park in a forest or some school playing field then getting uptight cos you have been served with fuck off tickets.

  28. Is it possible that after Brexit we could ban anyone Irish with a caravan from entering the UK ? That would be a mahoosiv vote winner.

  29. I fucking hate pikeys, I fucking hate pikeys, I fucking hate pikeys, surely natural selection should have kicked in long ago and these sweaty, ginger inbred cunts would be exstinct by now, where is the justice……

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