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Another day, and another non-political nomination, that also happens to be local to me. This time, I’m nominating miserable cunts who take offence at the most irrelevant shit, and phone plod to complain. Just read in the Daily Fail about a pub a couple of miles away from my house called the Sportsman. This pub has a Cuban restaurant, apparently because the pub’s landlord is married to a Cuban woman. In one of the windows on the first floor, the have, or rather HAD, a Cuban flag with an image of Che Guevara printed on it. I say had, because they recently had a visit from aforementioned plod, (a licensing officer no less), because some nappy wearing miserable cunt phoned up to that they were offended by the sight of Che on a flag.

Now, unlike a lot of people, who consider Guevara to be a revolutionary hero, I consider him to be an evil, homicidal psychopath. I don’t particularly agree with seeing his image plastered all over t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. And I often wonder how many are aware of how many people Guevara and his chum, Castro, murdered in the name of their own idea of a socialist utopia. And how many would actually care? That said, despite the fact I hated seeing the image of that cunt every time I drove past, I never once considered phoning plod to complain that it offended me. Instead, I accepted that the landlord of the Sportsman and his wife were expressing their right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. That’s because I’m what is commonly known as, ‘a rational adult’.

2018 especially has been the year of the snowflake, but this kind of shit has been going on for years. People complaining about England flags and Union flags being racist, people complaining about gollywogs, fucking dolls, being racist. People complaining that someone with sense took the piss because the offended cunt thinks biology is a lie, and that there are actually five thousand genders. And that males can have periods. I really hope that 2019 will be the year that people with common sense will get into power and tell all the snowflakes to shut the fuck up, and grow the fuck up. Unfortunately, that won’t happen, because the vast majority of our political class are snowflake cunts too.


Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

42 thoughts on “Snowflake Complaints

  1. I have a the Welsh flag up in my window.
    It has a dragon on it.
    Some people are scared of dragons.
    Do you think we should replace it with a daffodil..
    There are a lot of sad cunts about.
    Nice cunting quick draw.

    • Living in Cardiff, I always buy Welsh milk and butter; support the local farmers.

      I wouldn’t like to have to get up at 3 in the morning, in the pissing rain, to go out and milk a herd of dragons for Dragon Butter…

  2. I would like to complain that this site uses black text on a white background which is textist.

    I’m currently in a queue on the phone to the law about it.

    Goodbye for now.

  3. It won’t be long before workplace HR departments have to provide a snowflake report….


    Date of meltdown……

    What caused meltdown….?

    Someone said something horrible….Y/N

    Someone posted offensive picture on the internet….Y/N

    Were tissues needed/supplied…Y/N

    Do you require manpons….Y/N

    Was a safe space made available….Y/N

    Would changing your gender help….Y/N.

    The list goes on….

    Soft cunts….

    • This may be a parody now but from recent events, in ten years time this could be a reality. Thanks for jinxing it! (and I don’t even believe in superstitious bollocks like jinxing).

      • Racist to even mention colour in that case. Unless the skidmarks are white, in which case you are probably a dog, and I shall report your owner to PETA.

    • Don’t mention washing powders the outrage will be able to power the national grid.

      One for whites and one for coloureds, just how racist can they get?

      Woe betide you if you chose coloureds that’s cultural appropriation that is. Woe betide you for choosing whites as that is racist.

  4. As a youngster, I was always taught that no two snowflakes are the same, so perhaps a trifle unfair to stereotype them all and tar them with the same brush.

    Each is a little miracle of nature – a completely unique object in our universe, a precious thing to cherish, but still a cunt.

    Come to think of it, as a youngster I was always just taut.

    Had a very good lunch.

  5. “Now, unlike a lot of people, who consider Guevara to be a revolutionary hero, I consider him to be an evil, homicidal psychopath. I don’t particularly agree with seeing his image plastered all over t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. And I often wonder how many are aware of how many people Guevara and his chum, Castro, murdered in the name of their own idea of a socialist utopia.”

    Couldn’t have worded it better. I remember during my stint at further education every Tom, Dick and Gwendoline was wearing pop-art Che hoodies and associated moronic garb, not realising what utter fucking bellends they looked like.

    I’m sure I saw someone parade around Camden Town a few years back with a multi-coloured Ho Chi Minh t-shirt.

    • Do you remember Rage Against the Machine? A lot of their merchandise had Ché Guevara’s mug on it. They loved to portray themselves as supporting left-wing causes such as opposing imperialism, poverty, oppression and corporate oligarchy, all while being signed to Sony Records.

      • Fuck me, do I ever. What a bag of wank they were and of course fronted by a white cunt with dreads.

        I utterly despised their shite and yes, every fucker when I was at college/University seemed to think the sun shone out of their well-used arses.

        You’ve dredged up some proper fucking bad memories with that lot!

        • Rage Against the Ringpiece failed to be inducted into the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

          Shame. Maybe it was because they are utter shite?

    • Probably the Wevolooshanary in my art class. He had a Ho Chi Minh T shirt.
      I used to like telling him he was a son of a bitch, with the blue ball sweats and the 7 year itch.

  6. Years ago I had a Third Reich t – shirt. It was guaranteed to last a thousand years, the cunt fell apart after six months.
    Good afternoon .

    • I used to have an ‘Adolf Hitler European Tour 1938-1945’ tee shirt which wore out. Wish I could get one now; it was very funny and would no doubt piss off many a flake.

      • I once saw an enterprising individual wear a “No Schlep ’til Auschwitz” t-shirt at a backdoor venue in Wales circa 2001. So out and out offensive that it actually made me laugh.

        • just back from Krakov myself,
          on my return I took a small glass jar down the garden got some of the ash from the chiminea and gifted it to a work colleague as a gift from Auschwitz.

      • When living in Naaarge, there used to be a shop almost next door to the Colman’s Mustard Museum/Shop (at the time in Bridewell Alley) that sold tea-towels with Norfolk maps showing all the WWII RAF bases.
        I always thought that would be a great present to give to any visiting German language students…
        “Here’s a happy reminder of where we bombed your Farterland from…”

  7. 2019. People with commonsense in power? Not going to happen QDM. The only people left with any commonsense are the contributors to this esteemed forum. Commonsense is soon to be designated a notifiable disease requiring incarceration in a secure mental facility. See you at medication time with nurse Ratched. And hello and fuck off to all you snowflakes in the Cheltenham doughnut.

  8. A great cunting.

    Snowflakes have been around for sometime. Back in the early nineties i remember reports of an old couple with a collection of porcelain and glass pigs being told to remove them from the front window because a peaceful family was offended.

  9. Having read the motorcycle years, I think che was a bit of a cunt on the sly.
    whilst overnighting with comrades he took it upon himself to have a massive squirty shit out of their window.
    In the morning he discovered he had shat on a galvanised steel roof that was being used to dry peaches.
    he said nothing and fucked off, what a cunt!

  10. Good cunting. I saw an apparently true story last week which really steamed my piss in a kettle. Apparently some offended bastard cunt on a bus, reported a partially-sighted woman because she had a black Labrador as a guide dog.

    The snowflake cunt stated this woman should be kicked off the bus because only golden Labradors should be recognised as guide dogs. Even Labradors are now getting reported as being racist. Probably that fucking complainer had to rush home because they needed to suck their pet unicorn’s cock out in the field?

    For the life of fresh cunt. Commonsense has gone. These progressive snowflake fucks need to cunt out. I have a solution…throw them to the tigers. I can picture it now: “I’m very offended that you, as a tiger…are a meat eater”. Said tiger proceeds to rip the goofy snowflake cunt’s head off their neck, clean the flesh from their bones and then think to itself “I’m not offended…you tasted good to me”.

    • There was a interview with some feminazi snowflake a few years ago on Sly News, sexist air conditioners. In offices the air temperature was set too cold for women to work in and therefore affected their productivity and favoured men who coped better. Any chance to jump on a soapbox and whinge about non-issues.

      • I’m sure all of the construction workers and road workers really felt the plight of those poor, ivory tower-dwelling wamen.

  11. Che guevara was a racist and hated gays, but still manages to be the poster boy of many libtard students.

  12. I am offended by many things.

    The phrase snowflake is clearly whiteist as it doesn’t allow for our peacefuls and our commonwealth cousins who may not be white.

  13. I’ve noticed the snowflake wimminz are obsessed by boundaries now. Girl meets boy, OLD, before coffee and kale smoothie, girl gives him 500 page list of demands and boundaries, topics that are off limits for triggering ishoos, should it progress to a meal, there will be a 200 page list of her dietary requirements, intolerances and allergies, which give her brain fog and bloating issues. There will be no Tapas, sharing food would trigger her health anxiety. Should it progress to intimacy, then a meeting will be arranged with her lawyer to draw up an agreement, and to, uh, foreground, obviously no anal, or fellatio as it is degrading to wimmin, and therefore, no swallowing. And on, and on. Snowflake princesses, and that’s just the blokes.

  14. I agree quick draw.
    Snowflakes and che Guevara are total cunts.
    However I must say that as che is a socialist icon and supported by so many of the snowflake fraternity, it does satisfy me somewhat when their own cuntery is used against them.
    I’m not sure if these libtards realise that they won’t be in power for ever and when someone else takes over, all these hate laws and castigation culture trends are going to be turned right round on them.
    I look forward to seeing the trans activists, islamophobe yelling, speech dictating, eu loving cunts getting carted off to the very gulags that they built…
    ….probably by the Muslims that they defended.

    • Oh …. how islamophobic….

      The problem isn’t the mass graves, it’s the white man’s patriarchal system that persecuted these poor men whilst marginalizing their racial prejudices and concerns whilst also ignoring their plight…..
      Who are the real victims here?

      Still. An eye for an eye I say….
      Hopefully the ruskies have the balls to give it to em….

  15. Mumbling newsanchors are a bit of a cunt, aren’t they ?

    On the ITV report re Phil’s Sandringham prang, I distinctly heard the bloke say “When the embalmers went to meet the Queen at the palace…”

    On reflection, I think it was some ‘muricans called the O’Bummers he was talking about.

    But maybe I’m getting a deaf old cunt.

  16. A snowflake falls from the sky, hits the ground and then melts away into nothingness. How appropriate.

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