‘Erro, Beeg Eeshoo! Beeg Eeshoo prease!’

‘Beeg Eeshoo’ Sellers

There was a time, not so long ago, that you’d see them in every high street and outside every supermarket. Decent, honest British pissheads trying to rehabilitate themselves and make a few bob by selling The Big Issue.
Then THEY arrived. Migrating predatory hordes from the former People’s Republic of Commietania, bent on snapping up every vendor’s pitch and driving the native population to the verge of extinction. Yes, they’ve tramped the length of Europe to take advantage of that big, brave new world of opportunity that is flogging The Big Issue.
Anyway, I came out of my local supermarket yesterday evening on the stroke of five, and there she was, resplendent in her national costume of headscarf, sleeveless padded jacket, ankle length skirt and trainers. As people passed she chanted out her litany with shit-eating grin soldered in place; ‘Allo, Beeg Eeshoo plizz, Beeg Eeshoo plizz…’.
Just then a sleek new Volvo came gliding to a stop, with a shifty looking type at the wheel and another couple of identikit women sellers in the back. She promptly grabbed her rucksack and jumped in, and the car sailed off. Mmm. Did I say something about taking advantage of opportunity? Well you can call me suspicious, you can call me cynical, but I spy with my little eye, something beginning with SCAM…

Nominated by Ron Knee

55 thoughts on “‘Erro, Beeg Eeshoo! Beeg Eeshoo prease!’

  1. Fucking he’ll it sounds like the gyposki that stands outside Sainsbury’s in beckenham. I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire. They make a few quid
    organised begging. Begs the question how the fuck can we let them in to beg. But there is always a sap that buys them. Cuntzzzs

  2. So the 14 year old um bongo drinker stabbed up was not the angel his mother claimed. His father fucked off to Jamaica after a stint in prison for selling drugs.Oh,and he had been excluded from school….
    Usual bollocks.

    • Mmmmmm…….
      I dont normally have sympathy for the stabber lot in Londonistan and I guessed this kid wasnt a model of virtue but for sure no 14 yr old kid deserves a knife in the back.
      BUT until the fucking liberal snowflake PC brigade stop fucking crying racism and allow the police to target stop and search on the Black population age 10 to 30 nothing is going to change.

      • It’s partly a cultural thing. The family are insistent that the kid was not involved in drugs or gangs despite clear photographic evidence to the contrary. The think it’s all about the old chestnut ‘there’s nothing round here for the kids to do’. Total bollocks. The liberal useful idiots will be clamouring for more of the usual drum n bass workshop bollocks, of course to be paid for out of the taxpayers pocket.

    • And he was riding a moped at age 14, no licence, no insurance, probably not even his moped, even if he hadn’t robbed it himself I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought it from some cunt who robbed it.

  3. Another example of the benefits of being in the EU. Culturally enriching highly skilled migrants like this lady are free to migrate and settle here. I’m so pleased my children will benefit from the presence of these Romanian gypsy cunts. There’s one outside my local shopping centre every weekday. She flogs the Big Issue while hubby, children and brothers are on a shoplifting spree along the High Street. Most people ignore the cunt but I always smile and and greet her with “fuck off back to Romania” much to the disapproval of passing snowflakes with their tut-tutting and disgusted looks. It’s only a matter of time before I get lifted by the thought police.. This country has passed the point of no return. It is well and truly debased and corrupted and raped by these kind of cunts. Blame the politicians and the snowflakes.

  4. They can’t do the job better than our native derelicts. My guy used to belt out ‘Big Issoo!’ like he was selling punnets of delicious strawberries, and not an irrelevant collage of nonsense printed on piss soaked tissue paper. Don’t think he even cared about selling it, he just loved to shout in order to annoy all the squares and old biddies. That’s the way to do it, not begging ‘prease’ like limp piss.

    They should have stayed back home selling turnips.

  5. After Brexit, tons of big issues will rot in the High Street, due to a lack of migrant labour.
    Good morning.

  6. One of these cunts was chanting Beeeeeg Eeshoo to the tune of Jingle Bells before Christmas. The annoying cunt.
    Get to fuck.

  7. Possible cultural enrichment incident in Paris. There are reports of a large explosion.

  8. I’m sure there used to be one of these types in Edinburgh, looked just like the bint in the picture. Anyway, she hadn’t even gone so far as to learn the entire sentence. All you would hear would be please, please…repeated. Please what? Send you back to Romania? Report your minders for numerous drug, prostitution, robbery related offences? Cunts.
    Morning all.

  9. A bunch of iron curtain Gypo kids were caught shoplifting at my local Tesco while papa Gypo was outside causing a diversion playing the fuckin accordion .

    Now see this. Not advisable if you have high blood pressure.


    • If Willie Stroker sees that they’ll have a Hungerford ^10 situation in Ipswich!

    • Katie Hopkins is a “waycist”, misogynistic, xenophobic, Islamaphobe because she talks common sense.

      Anyone who doesn’t follow the elitist, globalist, liberalist mantra must be called a Nazi.

      But if you call one of these elitist, globalist, liberalists a Nazi – like Anna Sourberries was recently – why that’s a hate crime isn’t it.

      Double standards? Shurely not…

      • Yeah fucking double standards and after seeing the poor Afd mp getting his head split open by the left wing thugs in Germany but no mention of that in the mainstream media its another example of our country being under serious danger from the traitors. And the permanent delay to leaving the EU means 10’s of thousands of human detritus coming here without any chance of control.

  10. Blimey Ruff Tuff, this could make me solely responsible for an uprising.
    Well, if anyone wondered why these fucks travelled through several safe countries to get here, this video should leave you in no doubt whatsoever as to why.

    • Truly gobsmacking Fenton. I knew that’s why they came here (benefits, free healthcare, housing, the language, etc), but like you I would have thought that anyone travelling through several safe states to get here would automatically have made themselves ineligible to claim asylum, even under our own soft touch regulations.

      All conveniently overlooked by our libtard, Socialism infested authorities of course…

  11. I’ve been in a state of constant battle with the dumpy old Pikey- Granny who sells the Big Issue in my local town for years. Indeed,she and her minder who lurks nearby smoking and spitting,now start shouting “Raaceesssttt” and pointing at me when they see me advancing over the horizon. I don’t let that stop me. I always shout back about why,after all these years,if they’re still struggling they don’t Fuck Off back to Romania. My finest was when I asked the minder if the old bag was his Granny,wife or daughter,not that I supposed that it made any difference to him when it came to shagging her.
    I did once turn around to see a PCSO marching resolutely past,oblivious to the shouts of “Raceessstttt” and “Sponging fucking Pikey”….must have thought it easier not to get involved.

    Fuck them.

  12. Every punter my side orf the cobbles knows the beegissoo has been snide for years. There is even a bold as brass cunt doine me way that flaps a dog eared old copy in your face, takes the money, wags a finger in me boatrace with a smile and keeps the single (rented) copy for the next punter. First time it happened to me I admit I admired the Roma chutzpah for a minute or three before indicating me size 11 boot and getting me money back with a smile.
    Point is these degenerate cunts all work allocated pitches for a gang boss who in turn works for Mr Beeg Boi and so on up the line until you encounter the source orf the payola that keeps the whole system sweet. Did I mention Old Bill who never seem to see any orf this organised graft and corruption? Old Bill orn the take? Who said that? I am shocked.

  13. I always used to say: “I get mine delivered ta!”

    But as these cunts don’t understand English (unless you call them a cunt – then they understand English very fucking well) there’s no fun to be had.

    Notice how “these types” only cropped up with selling the Big Issue once it was legitimised as real job role (+ whatever benefits that ensures).

    I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Pole do this but deffo have the Romanian and Bulgarian contingent. Always women. And always women not fit enough to man the webcam sex dens that the Armenian bovver boys run these days.

    It’s all a ploy to scam benefits. They’d happily sit there and not sell a one just so their UK provided benefits go into the communal pot.

    Any cunt handing over a brass farthing to this lot is an idiot.

  14. We have one who looks identical to the cunt in the header.
    She hangs around outside the local One-Stop convenience store.
    I asked her where she manages to charge the IPhone 8 she was holding if she was truly homeless…

  15. I wish Tony Blair would get buggered and murdered in his bed by a bunch of these cunts.
    Poetic justice.
    The Cheshire Cat Cunt.

  16. My friends in Slovakia, good normal hard working people were delighted when the eastern european countries joined the EU, not so they could move here but so the fucking shit that was spoiling their communities were able to fuck off somewhere else….. yes lots of the fucking gypo cunts came here.

    Multiculturalism….. benefits for us NOTHING!

    For the shit from all over the world ….. Free fucking ride!


    • Slovakia also happens to be an EU net beneficiary – approx €1.8 billion – as opposed to the UK which is a net contributor to the tune of approx £10 billion…

      Not really surprising Sick that your friends were delighted to join.

      • that is true RTCp, I am not sure that was one their minds when waving bye bye to the loathsome scum ‘Roma’ community.

        I saw them first hand years ago, antisocial free loaders, a shit stain on the lovely little town..

        Slovakia havent signed up to the UN migration pact nor the the Czech republic…. If we do end up staying in the EU and this country continues down the shitter I may move to the czech republic…. Vsetin, no fucking peacefuls and if you see a black face, it is probably a coal miner.

  17. She’s holding the copy up for all to see. Challenging us with it. Do you want me here or not? I am The Big Issue.

  18. My missus hired some immigrant to do a bit of cleaning around the house.
    Took her two fucking hours to Hoover the front room.

    Turns out she’s a Slovac….

  19. Slightly off subject.
    A few years ago when I worked in Hull there was a young hippy type begging in town with a didgeridoo. Blowing the fucker producing the characteristic fucking racket.
    Two things occurred to me.
    1 – The music shops of Hull don’t sell didgeridoos. Not enough demand surprisingly.
    2. Assuming this woman was an Aussie she has presumably lugged the fucker from Oz.
    Why the fuck would you? Why swap Oz for Hull? Why choose an instrument(?) that has no musical function whatsoever when a harmonica would go in your hand luggage.?
    At least she wasn’t a Roma Pikey, this was before we let the fuckers in.

    • Probably stuffed the didgeridoo with various substances then shoved the whole lot up her wazoo. Being a hippy no doubt she scoffed the lot instead of selling them, hence the noise.

  20. There’s one of or two in my childhood town but they’re especially bad in Chichester. See at least 3-4 on each visit to the city centre (its only a tiny city as well which makes it all the more egregious).

    • Bognor is pretty high on the Eastern European scum front. Thousands of hardish working poles but the others Roma, Bulgarian etc total filth.
      And as you say Chichester is a lovely little place nice to eat or shop but the begging scum does stand out more than in say Bognor, Brighton, or pompey. To late to send em back but if brexit goes ahead at least we could stem the tide of new arrivals. Maybe

  21. Good cunting, Ron. There are a few of these cunts selling this shit in my town. I believe the scam as well. Organised crime.

    There are mire Romanians than Pokes in the UK now, apparently.

  22. I have been telling our local seller to “Fuck Off” for several years now.

    Started with a muttering under my breath, increasing volume directly proportionate to my anger levels.

    Mrs Stroker used to tell me to keep my voice down as someone might hear me. Over the years she has come to understand my feelings and no longer does this.

    Our one looks exactly like the one on the picture. The good peoples of Ipswich totally ignore her, fed up with the useless fucker.

    Clearly not a doctor or vital high ranking NHS employee. Just another annoying blood boiling fucking waste of space and oxygen.

    Fuck cultural enrichment. Country is finished.

  23. A very valid cunting indeed.

    I used to buy it years ago. It was always a pile of unmitigated gorilla shit and there was fuck all of interest to read in it, but I did so to ‘help a good cause’ and the poor sod selling it who got a percentage of the sales (or was it all profits, I don’t fucking remember)

    In those days – we are talking 20 years plus ago – the sellers were all British and genuine and just stood quietly with their wares with the odd ‘Big Issue’ shout out.
    Nowadays is a whole different ballgame and a fucking match fixed, fucked to hell one.

    They are scuzzy, foreign, pushy, grabbing, invading my personal space cunts who are cynically using selling ‘The Big Issue’ to make a crafty buck. You cannot trust them whatsoever, as you just KNOW there is more to them than meets the eye.


    • Bloody Nora, her in the pic above looks exactly like the fat twat I describe from outside my supermarket. But then they all look the fucking same…

      • You’re right! They bloody well do all look the same, Mr Knee. They all look like a walking pile of dirty washing in a headscarf.

        I would like to be a little more compassionate……..but actually no, fuck that.

  24. One reason why I’ve resisted buying a suitcase on wheels – I don’t want to have to scrape shit off the bottom of it, after wheeling it back through Cathays.

    I used to think it was the dog variety, but I’ve yet to see even a clever dog wipe its backside with paper.
    I suspect Romanians; they are dirty fucking cunts.

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