British Law Firms persecuting British Servicemen

British Law Firms persecuting British Servicemen

In particular, Martyn Day and his law firm Leigh Day, who are perhaps the ultimate ‘Social Justice Warriors’ – selflessly fighting for light, truth and justice to make sure that the hideous crimes of the Iraq War (or those committed by our side, anyway) are put right, with nary a mention of the £20 million they are likely to trouser for their noble deeds.

This is a British law firm which has already made £11million squids by raking through the dirt and driving a ‘witch hunt’ against British servicemen alleged to have mistreated Iraqi citizens during the invasion and occupation of that shithole.

“Leigh Day has successfully brought 330 civil cases relating to claims of mistreatment of Iraqi citizens by British forces between 2003 and 2010, earning the firm millions, co-founder Martyn Day told the Defence select committee today.

He added that there are likely to be a further 475 cases which can also be successfully brought against the MoD. The final sums paid out of taxpayers’ pockets to Leigh Day in costs alone are expected to top £20 million. The MoD has already made payments of £20m in damages to Iraqi victims while the final bill is likely to be millions more”

I don’t imagine any of this readership is naïve enough to doubt that a very small minority of the troops deployed – from every nation that made up the coalition forces – may have behaved badly towards the unfortunate soldiery and citizens of the place, but it really does stick in the craw to see a bunch of opportunist cunts like this ‘chasing the ambulance’ and making a very tidy sum for their troubles. Whatever the details of each individual case, the demoralising effect that this shit has on our military is significant, let alone the financial cost of challenging and defending the cases, and paying the fines and costs incurred.

A firm of 500 hawkish legal types using all of their snake-like skills to rake up the dirt and blacken the reputation of our service folk, and being paid handsomely when they manage to defeat in Court some chump from the Army Legal Service and a bunch of errant squaddies.

I can’t quite see a similar arrangement being so well tolerated by the French or Israeli governments – or any other country that hasn’t gone all Graham Norton about a bit of a scrap a long way from home.

Meanwhile, those of our own who have come back minus a few working parts or with the ever more prevalent ‘Mental Health’ issues, face a long road to recovery and the even more terrifying prospect of being picked for the Invictus Spackalumpics and having to run, jump or swim just to amuse the Ginger Prince and his evil henchwomen Clare Baldything.

My only consolation is that, because I don’t live in Baghdad or Basra, I haven’t been bombarded with nuisance phone calls from these ‘No Win, No Fee’ cunts whose ‘records show that you were involved in an incident that wasn’t your fault’ and offering to get me my ‘rightful compensation’ for the dreadful things done to me by the British Bastards who were inconsiderate enough to come and rescue me from a murderous tyrant in the first place.



Nominated by Gunner Sugden

65 thoughts on “British Law Firms persecuting British Servicemen

  1. Won’t be long before they sue the UK on behalf of those in the Empire who suffered at the hands of the colonial power,

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      • I cant help I am affraid, not that savey with blogging, have progressed beyond facebook.

        But be careful what you publish…. the thought police are out there.

        • All I’ll say to that is that I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

          • Well I was going to have a look OC, but it says ‘Your current account does not have access to view this page’. My current account? I already pay out too much by direct debit.

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  2. A worthy cunting Gunner.
    These ambulance chasing, sub-human, pile of vermin’s shit deserve to be harangued and insulted wherever they go for ever.
    Why the fuck weren’t they just ignored and told to fuck off in the first place.

    The money going to these wankers from the tax payer should be going towards service men and women’s pensions. Haven’t MI6 got some way of silencing these bastards?

    • I feel that they do but are to polite, I myself went against once such cunt with his plum in his mouth phrasing.
      After a number of e-mails regarding service costs on equipment ( I can get it cheaper in Peckham ect, I pointed out that he was in breach of contract and that I felt our relationship had irrevocably broken down (lawyer speak for your a cunt fuck off).
      I also said that because of this I felt that the contract that he refused to respect was null and void and he had x amount of time to return goods or I would be on his premises at Y time to repossess.
      as you can imagine end game involved me blocking drive of said lawyer and embarrassed staff passing equipment over a 6ft fence to me. .

  3. Anyway, great nom. The only trial I want to see regarding the Iraq War is the one involving Tony Bliar.

    • Good point.
      Funny (well, not funny but…) they can harass and bully innocent British soldiers yet the king of cunts bliar walks around without anyone so much as calling him a cunt….
      In fact maybe bliar should have to pay the legal bill. It’s all his fucking fault. The cunt.

      • I want nothing more in life than to see that lying, evil cunt rot in solitary confinement for the rest of his miserable life. Although his fellow inmates would probably deal with him before the guards even had the chance to put him there.

        • Hear hear ….
          Torture’s too good for the cunt. Just let him stew in a puddle of his own shite for a few years and let him think about what he’s done.

  4. It’s called left-wing politics. It’s a prevailing anti-British policy that defines the Left entirely. It is the policy that seeks to destroy from within, with the MOD and the top brass now riddled with left-wing ideology. It’s why we can’t recruit people. It’s why the armed forces have sunk to an all time low, in both numbers and morale.

  5. This is a personal bug bear for me.
    The good friday agreement was perhaps the biggest betrayal of service personnel ever, it pardoned all “paramilitaries” giving them immunity from prosecution.
    Yet offered no protection at all for the victims of the conflict as in the poor bastards dragged over there to calm two warring parties who then turned on them.
    (yes loyalists threw bricks at troops too).
    in my view the people who penned the good friday agreement were pretty much working in cahoots with the scumbag lawyers.

  6. Excellently written cunting. Sickening. Shows once again the self hatred. If we were invaded a great mass of the populace would probably fight on the side of the invader.

  7. So much wrong with this country, my honest feeling it passed the point of no return many years ago.

    How the government treats our brave servicemen is nothing short of shameful. Sending them into war with outdated and inadequate equipment, not supporting them financially or mentally when they return from areas of conflict and even seeking to prosecute them for doing the job they were sent to do.

    British law firms have zero morals, zero sense of fairness, zero ethics, zero compassion, zero decency.

    It’s only about the money. To them nothing else matters. Cunts.

  8. This firm of ambulance chasers and chancers need to be closed down as soon as possible.Stop the funding and lining the pockets of these scumbags Truth and Justice what a load of bollocks it’s all about making money I was in Iraq and Afghanistan these wankers don’t know what it was like leave our ex squaddies alone and find a proper job

  9. I agree, all these so called ‘do gooders’ it is a fucking disgrace.

    All the more reason not to get involved with these middle east conflicts.


    • He’ll deny being there if asked about it during the next election. Just like he initially lied about being at the wreath laying ceremony for the Munich terrorists.

  10. Another example of a Govt. and liberal elite only too happy and willing to demoralise and devalue the Military. I don’t as much blame the ambulance-chasing parasites who are the face of this betrayal as the Govt. who,despite many fine words regarding the Military Covenant, are more concerned with the “rights” of every bit of lying,anti-British scum than they are with the rights of the British people and way of life as represented and ultimately protected by British Forces.

    I’m aware that there will be cases where “wrongdoing” may have occurred and these do need investigating,but not by a bunch of greedy,duplicitous weasels funded by the British taxpayer. I’d like to see an independent body set up containing both Military and civilian judges reviewing all cases BEFORE any taxpayer money is released. If they find that there is a case to answer,well..fair enough. I suspect that most of these Law Firms would return to suing the NHS on behalf of Mrs Um’Bongo and her brood,or the Home Office on behalf of Mustapha over his unfair detention if they lost access to the lucrative Military Golden Tit.

    Fuck them.

  11. May I regurgitate me cunting orf the loathsome creature Phil Shiner who was finally banged to rights by the Law Society alongside his quisling running sewer of a law firm, Public Interest Lawyers now defunct.
    The weasel faced marxist – on a very nice earner – cunt specialized in fabricating evidence against our forces and prosecuting them all extortionately funded by the British taxpayer. He is very low profile now but a similar oitfit is fronted by his ever loving daughter.
    Our friends Leigh Day, once his principal competitors, stepped in to fill the gap.

    • What an utter utter cunt.
      As soon as I saw his face my piss boiled.
      ….and what’s with those fucking stupid glasses?
      Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Sir Limply. Shiner was even more of a cunt as he was shown to have been actively fabricating evidence against the troops, as well as encouraging the locals to press charges.

      A short but steep fall from ‘Human Rights Lawyer of the Year’ to being struck off for fabricating the evidence, and he is still using his weasel skills to avoid the £7,000,000 legal costs he was ordered to pay.

      I refrained from including him in my nomination solely in the cause of brevity, but you are right to remind us what a cunt he was/is, and how depressing the ‘Let’s Sue the Brave Tommy’ industry really is.

  12. Why do we get involved in these foreign adventures ? If separate bunches of medieval savages want to butcher each other in vast numbers, that’s fine by me.
    I wish them every success.
    Get to fuck.

  13. Lloyd Russell-Moyle currently on TV a few moments ago ranting and raving rather girlishly (rather reminiscent of OwenJones) in EU Withdrawl Agreement Debate.

    All problems apparently stem from this nasty extremists at UKIP and their poisonous lies. Blaming them for the current state of the country’s problems, the Brexit negotiations, and the terrible deal we have been left with.

    Absolutely no blame at all on Remoaners (like he clearly is) for refusing to accept the referendum result or Theresa May for the shit deal she has almost single handedly “negotiated”.

    Thinks if Labour are voted in that they will be able to reform the EU from the inside. Yep, sure that’s going to happen. And that the EU will listen to what they have to say and will then only be too happy to give in to Corbyn and his following misfit muppets. Just like they did with Cameron and May. Errr…..

    Deluded Ginger, HIV positive lefty faggot from Brighton.

    Wonder why isn’t he on Labours front bench with the other fucking retards? He certainly has the right credentials.

    • Good evening Willie.
      Don’t worry, it won’t be long before he’s snuggled in on the front bench with all the other retards.

    • Meanwhile Mavis has been having her own mini Obama moment… in a press conference this afternoon Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe pledged his “total support” for the EU’s horrendous withdrawal agreement:

      “Japan is in total support of the draft withdrawal agreement worked out between the EU and Prime Minister May, which provides for a transition to ensure legal stability for businesses that have invested into this country.”

      “That is why we truly hope that a no-deal Brexit will be avoided, and in fact that is the wish of the whole world.”

      Wow! THE WHOLE WORLD! We are indeed fucked…

      • The whole world? Good gracious! Evidently we’re not seeing the wood for the trees on this one.
        Please, somebody, explain it to us as if if we’re all 5 years old. With pictures.
        And then fuck off!

        Obviously Britain’s place is very very desirable then. A perfect opportunity to grab the EU by the bollocks.

        • Far from it Cuntflap. Apparently Britain is only desirable if it signs on the EU’s dotted line….

          Without the EU we barely exist. 😳

          • We should call their bluff.
            Get a bit of national pride going and inform them we’ll eat the leather in our shoes before we bow down to the fourth reich.
            In fact, considering she has nothing left to lose, trezza may as well risk telling them to “fuck off and die” on live tv – every brit would get behind that show of bravado I’m sure.

      • We could be truely fucked, the World (read Japan) supports the deal, so it must be right.

        The Donald wouldnt agree

      • Surprised Abe says he supports the disastrous withdrawl agreement however suspect unlikely he would agree (or be allowed to agree) to such a similar shit deal in Japan.

        Japan made up of approximately 99% Japanese people, 1% foreigners. Whilst they tolerate foreigners, that’s about it. The country is great because of little or no cultural enrichment by others.

        Whilst they need young workers they would simply not tolerate unlimited mass unchecked immigration like we have.

        Merkel visiting Japan imminently. Coincidence? I doubt it.

        Frankly don’t give a flying fuck what other world leaders think about Brexit as they do not live in the real world and do not have to put up with the shit or the mere mortals that live here.

          • Besides, it’s in Japan’s national interest that we remain tied to the EU, so why wouldn’t they back the deal?

          • If you listen to most world leaders (including May) it is in everyone’s interests that we remain in the corrupt EU (even on her shitty worse than we have already deal).
            Maintaining the status quo.

            Unfortunately not up to these elitist cunts, should be up to the people of the country to decide.

            In any case we can all relax as Mrs Stroker (also fed up with the state of the country) has said she will fucking sort Abe out when next back in her homeland (which may be a while as her new Biometric passport may take up to 6 months to come through from the Home Office!

          • If you were any country in the World you wouldn’t wish to see a potentially huge competitor break free from its shackles, would you. It serves everybody well if the UK stays harnessed and controlled, with its knackers cut off and ever-genuflecting to its Euro masters. Released, there might be competition.

            Like Obama’s USA, it’s thoroughly hypocritical for Japan to not support the impending independence of a country, especially after it colonised, mistreated, and enslaved the people of China and the Korean peninsula.

            Keep your nose out of our business, Nippon!

          • Japan doesn’t give a fuck about the UK… but they do give a fuck about the EU and their trade deal which is due to commence in February.

            It is also in Japan’s interest that the EU either gets our £39 billion downpayment (+ the backstop to keep us tied in forever), or that we remain as the 2nd largest net contributing EU member.

            Trump doesn’t give a fuck about the UK either. He considers it more in his interests that we Leave, because he sees the EU as a competitor who would be much weakened without the UK.

            Fuck them all.

        • Talking of which, why does Remoanbot look like a female Putin in pretty much every single BBC photo?

          • Are you suggesting she’s a Putinbot in drag?

            I’ve always assumed she’s a Drunckerbot tranny…

            Check out the way they walk, and their general physical demeanour – they’re identical!

  14. As if we needed anymore proof that the cunts that run this country are traitors through and through.
    We ask our military to risk their lives, health and mental state to PROTECT us.
    …..A society that won’t protect them back should be ashamed of itself.
    I’m fucking ashamed of the way this country is run.
    If only we had a trump. He’s a bit of an idiot but he wouldn’t stand for shit like this. I hope not anyway.

    These lawyers should be stripped naked, flogged, doused in lemon juice or chilli sauce or vinegar or something really painful and … well you get the idea.
    ….at the very least they should be put in the stocks and pelted with fresh squaddie shit.

    If I was abused by an iraqi, do you think they’d defend me? …. fuckin traitors!

    • Almost all these spurious cases are complete jackanory bollocks. Agents acting for law firms coaching some opportunistic towelhead on what to say and the MoD paying out to avoid any uncomfortable questions. If they have to pay compo, tell that cunt Blair to flog a few of his 20+ properties.

  15. Why do lawyers coffins have holes drilled in the bottom?

    So the worms can crawl out to puke!

  16. Like the metoo lot. And I’m not after flak but some of the historic sex stuff, not savile, glitter, but some tart alleging that some actor said he’d love to give her one, 25yrs ago, at a party. Some Iraqi alleges that 13 yrs ago a squaddie kneed him in the nuts. I mean how the fucking hell could it ever be determined? I genuinely don’t get it. As said above, are the MOD just dishing out to save the hassle?

  17. Went to my dentists for the first time in a long time today… Used to be a quiet little clinic in a quiet little place… Today it was cram fucking jammed with Parking Stanleys and Bogo Bogos… All of them just expecting to be seen on the spot (the bird behind the desk told me one particular Pak-A-Mak bitch demanded to bee seen after missing four arranged appointments!)… All were doing the ‘Me no speaky Briterish’ and playing dumb when asked their date of birth… But filling in the free treatment form? Like shite off a shovel… They’ve even infested somewhere as quiet as Unsworth… I am sick of this parasitic scum….

    • Today the devious Dakis and seedy Somalians, tomorrow the Polish Pavels and Rapey Romainians. Next time you go Norm, your receptionists will be Lithuanian and Slovakian and your Dentist will be Bangladeshi or Nigerian.

  18. So Ashley Spud sucked on Weinstein’s grizzled old trouser trout for a top role on Double Jeopardy or some other crapola filum.

    But now she is having trouble remembering is she willingly took the gobble or if old Weingums forced his bald budgerigar down her pie hole.

    Well I never.

    • Bald budgerigar !!

      Class, especially when the bird’s name (betcher i gar) in the local lingo, means “good to eat”

  19. I’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan and the troops I was with never hurt any civvies. These lawyer’s are scum and should be castrated with a brick

    • Likewise Bob. It turned nasty (for our troops) during Op TELIC 2 but I don’t recall any maltreatment. The Iraqi ragheads reverted to cavemen of course. During Afghan, prisoner handling was beyond reproach.

  20. I want to disagree with this cunting so bad……. But I can’t. God damn you morals!!!

  21. QT.Nish Kumar certainly making an early pitch for Cunt of the year 2019.I like how he thinks he is the intellectual equal of Melanie Phillips

  22. Jo Swindon.Race isn’t an issue in London knife crime.I am sure the disproportionate amount of young black men who have been stabbed to death are relieved to hear that.

  23. Grade A unfunny cunt too Shawn.
    As the cunt said he has been on QT 3 times in the last 12 months. Question is why? Oh I forgot he ticks all the BBC boxes……fucking cunts

  24. Great bust up Between Andrew Neil and that Pratt Owen Jones on This Week for Neil.

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