Benedict Cumberbatch [6]

Benedict Cumberbatch is a cunt. Again.
Channel 4’s Brexit: An Uncivil War was an accurate, true, bold account of the… Naa, it wasn’t. It was dogshit in a saucepan.

Leave were under-handed, they used cheating computer hacking algorithms to win, their behaviour crass and appalling.
Stay In Europe were all honest, earnest, clean all led by the wonderful father, cooking-for-three-children Rory Kinnear.

It even suggested, astonishingly, that the BBC was impartial AGAINST Remain!

All the Leave voters were thickie, bitter, chip-on-the-shoulder racists. A focus group contained calm, rational EU-lovers and poorly-spoken Leavers (one Leave woman was shown having an hysterical fit).

The Jo Cox blanket was dragged out and given a shake accompanied by a solemn silence. Zzz.

There was no mention of Osborne’s threats, Obama’s threat,the EU’s threats, or Cameron’s £9 million leaflet to EVERY HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY just a constant drip-drip about dodgy computer dealings.

And Cumbercunt himself. His weak, twitchy acting was made up of waving his arms and frowning with his mouth. A bit like Sherlock and, erm…the other characters.
His accent started in Chester took a drive around the North-East with detours through Wales and, occasionally, London.

He’s a one-trick pony actor and this was a no-trick pony film. He should stick to what he does best: living in his Hampstead castle and being a cunt.


Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

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  1. Has he taken any ‘refugees’ into his house yet, as he said he was going to? Or is still ‘looking into it’?

    • I switch to that program the bit where they announced the killing of the MP. The killer was born in the town next to me cunt and so is cunterbotch

    • I think he considered it “inappropriate” as there were new-born kiddies around…(answers on the back of a postcard to Jimmy Savile House, please)

      Exactly what is wrong with a bit of divershity for your fluffy ickle pwinces / pwincesses, Mr,. Cunty McCuntface ??

  2. You watched this crap? Just one look at the programme description made me reach for the brandy. If I even hear the word Brexit nowadays I turn over to pretty much anything.

    • My sentiments exactly. I’m wholeheartedly sick to death of it and I’ve now given up believing that we’ll actually leave the EU.

    • Spot on again Moggie63.

      Avoided this like the plague for the following reasons:

      Brexit bollocks
      Channel 4
      Benedict Cumbercunt

      Pretty major clues.Have I missed any?

  3. My sincere condolences to the Captain for watching through this shite. Just hearing the name of the program was enough to make me avoid it completely.

    • Cumbercunt, Brexit and Channel 4 combo was always going to be a complete shit-fest. I bet they had St Linikunt flogging his crisps in the ad breaks too.

  4. Veteran um bongo drinker ex copper Dr Leroy Logan on LBC today. Blamed everyone but the family for the civil dispute that saw a 14 year old disposed of earlier in the week.

    Mind you,did the drug dealing scum cunt even know who his dad was? Suggest not…

    • I’d probably be called a callous cunt for asking why the fuck was a 14 year old riding a moped on the road. Fuck them, somebody has to. Making gun signs with a death mask on, trying to make himself look gangster, yet all concerned say he was a lovely boy. I suppose it’s all relative. When kids his age are usually out collecting Pokemon, he’s out on his moped, collecting iPhones. Gotta nab em all….

    • Somebody else mentioned Leroy the ex high rank plod today. I’m calling shenanagins.

      Either that or he got himself out on a race card with a tasty pay out and went straight into the race hustling industry.

  5. Interesting that brexiteers are portrayed as balding men who can’t dress themselves.
    Cunterbatch, you are a wierd looking fish yourself cunt. Pot kettle black and all that. I know that if a kid looked like you in my school the sheer frequency of the beatings would have broken them.

    • Brexiteers portrayed as balding men who cannot dress themselves.

      At this point I should probably admit being a balding Brexiteer who sometimes struggles to dress himself..

      To be honest not really that bothered.

      Rather that than a typical thick as shit libtard wet behind the ears gullible virtue signaling “believe everything I am told” childish “unable to get their facts right” snowflake Remoaner.

  6. I told my landlady who had watched this, who is a remainer, after describing to me some bits and saying “I don’t know how anyone who watched it could not be persuaded by it”, that it was propaganda like this that makes people want to leave.

    There was no reply.

  7. They (the media, snowflakes ect) like to roll out the Jo Cox killing at every opportunity to bash the right it’s getting boring.
    Anything to deflect from the two real issues in this country…. peacefuls and black knife brigade.

  8. Knew not to watch this as it was obviously just going to be a remain propaganda vehicle. Do these twats really think that we’ll turn around and think ‘ you know, these remainers really are the good guys in all this and leavers are all thick nasty fuckers’. Ch4, Sly news BBC. Will you all fuck off and grow up you slimy twats as your bias is childishly obvious.

  9. Occasionally I hold my nose and read The Guardian, it doesn’t mean I agree with the badly-spelt, poorly-written rag. I believe you should read other views although I draw the line at the pitiful Independent (one of the most superb misnomers).

    I watched it like many people listen to wanker Remainiacs on the radio or tune in to Owen fucking Jones. It’s the car crash mentality. Cumberbatch has made his point numerous times so I knew it would be flimsy. Nonetheless, I was appalled at the bias. Like an over-egged, sickly-constructed cake it poked the blame at how credulous and ignorant the Leave voters are/were over 90 minutes. It was ridiculous and abysmal film-making.

  10. If this programme has encouraged just one person to stockpile petrol, then it’s been all worthwhile.
    Get to fuck.

  11. At the ripe old age of 31 I have no fucking clue who this is. I’m obviously doing something right with my life!

    Fuck him and anyone who looks this gormless imp.

  12. From.the people who brought us that ‘100 days of UKIP’ nonsense.
    As us leave-voting thickies say, ‘No Tah’.

  13. As others have said, I gave this turd a miss, channel 4 being the cunt that is was guaranteed to rush this plop out to bolster the remainer cunts case, which seems sewn up now. It makes you wonder why we went through this whole charade, because all we have achieved is to lose shit loads of money, and watched democracy breathe it’s last. North Korea must be laughing at the West lately, at least there they have no pretence. Fuck the lot of them.

  14. Of topic. All news relating to the 24 year old stabbed in London this week havnt mentioned that he shouldn’t have been on a moped. Is it just me. Cuntzzs

    • it was mentioned briefly, that he was underage to ride the moped, but most of the coverage was about him having nothing to do with gangs, the family used to live in Nottingham (i think), they or at least he hadnt been in the area (Leytonstone?) that long.

      But why? was he on a moped, that is something strange, who owned the moped, who gave him the keys to ride it…. there are quite a lot of unanswered questions.
      Why was he targeted, even the stabbing architects in Londonistan dont do anything without a reason….. i am sure whatever the truth it will be hidden.

    • What I find so shocking is he was killed by ‘men’. ‘men’ got out of the car I heard it. So men got out of a car to kill a 14 year old boy. They believed he was from anothet gang, is that it? I went around in a gang when I was young. But we were all the same age. Are these gangs made up of men and boys?

      • I suppose they are to answer my own question. Maybe what I mean is in America a gang murder almost always means the killing of 20 year olds or late teen I think. Here it means the killing of a child. Gang violence is worse here in that sense.

      • well the description of men could be anyone over the age of 18, but i guess there are a few possibilities, one of which could be mistaken identity.

        As for the age thing,the guy arrested for the train murder is 35 years old, why the hell would anyone that age be carrying a knife

    • You must be talking about the kid who was described as… (I shit thee not…) “an aspiring boxer.”

      They must be running out of trades.

      • Clearly a total shitcunt, even at the age of 14. Pictures of swanning about on a moped, gang signs, holding up a load of cash with gang signs, excluded from school, usual story.

        And the media are still spinning it as a ‘tragedy’.

        The media are getting quite desperate when they’re trying to spin the murder of a fucking lowlife as some national tragedy.

        Feel bad for his family and his mum but they’re deluding themselves. ‘Oh, he was an aspiring xxx/xxx/xxx. Well, fuck that. He was an aspiring gangsta and I’m sure there is more to his grim end than we will ever hear about.

  15. Oh Christ. I saw the listings for this one and didn’t go any further. Pretty much anything with Benadryl Cuntypatch in it, is normally a load of agenda driven luvvie gobwank. Balls to it.

  16. “Dogshit in a saucepan”? I think you may have strayed onto ‘MasterChef – the Pretentious Cunts’.

  17. The problem is that most flakes will believe that this IS the truth because their goat-eyed, on-message remoaner shill is in it.

    No need for facts, we get our bullshit spoon fed to us by Benedryl thank you!


  18. Wouldn’t it be great if some of these arsewipes accidentally read their cuntings:

    Cumbernitch: “I say, there’s a weally wude website called Is A Cunt and it’s bloody howwible. How beastly! I’m a gweat actorr. What a bunch of Bwexit wotters. I don’t feel loved enough. Time to give The Guardian another interview about those poor wefugees.”

    Mrs.Cumbernitch: “Will that mean we’ll have to take some in?”

    Cumbernitch: “Fuck that, they’d wuin the place.”

  19. May I just say that I’m out on the lash for the first time in 18 years as a single man and the 40-something birds are truly fucking hideous!
    How does a newly single 46 year old man pull a bird?
    Genuine question…

  20. Ah, Cuntberdinck… The man who has permanently tainted the Sherlock Holmes legend… The man who has never had to do a hard day’s graft in his life…The man who could buy a street of houses but tells others to take in sandfilth and bogo bogos…. The man who has the hubris to tell ‘ordinary’ people how to vote and what (he thinks) they are doing wrong…
    The man who is obsessed (a la Lineker) with Brexit and who is not open to anyone else’s opinion on the matter… The man who is a complete and utter cunt…

    And he looks like one of them X-Files type grey aliens in a bad wig and all… Ugly fucker…

  21. I watched half of it pissed so didn’t take much in except the inspired ‘take back control’ slogan. My sister in law works for Channel Bore; lives in North Londinistan, votes Labour, is Vegan and thinks people who live in the countryside are racist right wingers and she voted Remain. I never see her, Christmas card terms only. Last time I visited her there was dog poo and broken glass on her street. Thank god I live in the deep countryside.

  22. Many of you on here might not know that “Benedict Cumberbatch” is in fact Latin for the word cunt

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