Unions [2]

Unions are all weapons grade cunts.

What is it with these arseholes and ruining people’s Christmases?
I just heard this morning that the rail workers (bunch of lazy cunts) are going on strike to protest something to do with guards …. ? What ? Fucking guards? Do you mean the cunt that blows the whistle to close the doors, coz the driver can do that.
If the guard is the one that closes the doors then sorry but we have machines that can do that. Or maybe we could train a monkey. Or a polak…

I’ve also just heard that virgin pilots are going on strike over christmas to protest “union recognition” ….
Well I recognise that unions are cunts. Is that the kind of recognition you’re after coz believe me there’s gonna be plenty of it coming your way.

Every year it’s the same fucking thing.
Christmas comes around, people make plans to see their families and the unions have a meeting and say “how can we get our names out there and justify our massive salaries?”
“I know, let’s fuck thousands of people’s Christmas up (as if it wasn’t enough of a hassle already) and whine about something that literally NO-ONE outside of the union gives two shits about.”

Unions – you may have been needed at some point but now you just piss everyone off with your whining.
You managed to crush the British car industry and put thousands out of work.
According to people I’ve worked with that were around in the 70’s, there were constant rolling blackouts, rubbish piling up, uncollected, and schools closed. All coz of unions.
Now they just decide to bring all public transport to a halt over Xmas and make a fucking nuisance of themselves.
And don’t the royal mail usually start whinging this time of year?

If you have a problem with your working conditions or the amount that you’re getting paid, here’s an idea, GO LOOK FOR ANOTHER FUCKING JOB!
And stop being a cunt.

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16 thoughts on “Unions [2]

  1. You’re damn right sausage.
    It’s the old addage of give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.
    I pay my scrip because I fully understand that it’s protection money but I fully disagree with the entire union prerogative.
    I fail to understand why as an organisation they mix with politicians. If that’s not rubbing shoulders with golf buddies I don’t know what is.
    I fail to understand why as members they will refuse to work if their tea is too hot.
    I have regularly watched long time members pass the shit jobs to the “temps” as they call them – actively being privilaged and ignorant whilst apparently utterly unaware of their prejudice. Blatantly abusing the high ideal of sticking together to make sure others work harder than them. No paydeal is ever good enough, no wrong doer should ever be sacked regardless of whatever utter piss taking they’re guilty of. Constantly infering that their decision to purposely refuse to work is some sort of statement aimed at management. Constantly failing to understand this behavior has a detrimental effect on the future of the business and therefore the jobs of themselves and their children.
    To my eye, it’s nothing more than sanctioned laziness, back seat driving and needlessly picking a fight.
    If I were an employer I would tell them to get fucked and see how long they feel comfortable being on strike. Probably be a good idea to provoke the strike around the time the new iphone comes out.

    • Spot on. I’m 36 and have never been a member of a union and never will be.

      I’ve worked for some unscrupulous cunts in the past and rather than utilising a union to make my future life at work harder I took the novel approach of finding another job……. Controversial I know.

      I have always been suspicious of unions since I was a kid due to the stories my Boomer Dad told me about the violent, bullying tactics of the unions and the flying pickets in the 70’s. I fucking hate collectivists, I fucking hate bullies therefore I fucking hate unions. There, I said it.

  2. Some cunt flying drones round Gatwick is up for a cunting with a hammer. Airport closed to flights all day, and no-one’s got the nous to shoot the fucking things down.
    Any union would rejoice if its action had that effect on the economy.

    Seems Gatwick was too tight to invest in drone disruption equipment. Which exists.
    Grounded cunts.

    • Good thing there’s no union for criminals with a taste for necrophilia or this guy would admit to a problem, beg for help, then take the piss with relapses all the way to retirement.

      Yes, there is constructive action unions can and do take, but let’s chuck all the piss taking cunts under a bus for fuck’s sake.

  3. Not for me this one, DtS

    In a time when so many businesses and business-people seem to be able to treat workers with contempt, I think that Unions are more important then ever. I’m not saying that I want a return of the days when the likes of the NUM could hold the Country to ransom,but as Government increasingly abrogates it’s duty to workers in favour of letting Big Business run the economy, Unions are sometimes the only protection that many workers may have.
    If all employees had to rely on the benevolence of the likes of Mike Ashley, Philip Green etc. I’d imagine that pay and conditions wouldn’t be high on their agenda. I’d like to think that Unions could act as a balance against the exploitation of workers by increasingly greedy companies.
    Do agree that some Unions are indeed too stupid to see that their own greed and short-sightedness will be the finish of them.
    As for the “go look for another job”, won’t that just play into the hands of businesses that will employ any fucker as long as they’re cheap? Drive down wages,compromise standards, just as long as the bosses get a nice big bonus while the taxpayer pays to top-up the lower wages of the replacement staff.

  4. Virtually every concession you have at work has been won by unions. Every concession, be that holiday entitlement, holidays, etc, etc, etc. And, as for striking at inconvenient times, well, you wouldn’t expect Father Christmas to go on strike in June, would you? As an NHS ambulance ‘driver’, I’m in a union because, as Cuntflap says, it’s protection money. I work with the public, and the public are cunts, so I need that protection when one of the aforementioned cunts complain because we haven’t taken them to hospital in the ambulance because of their sore finger. Unions may be a pain in the arse at times, but, I seriously believe that if there IS a dispute, and any concessions are won, then they should only go to the people that took part in the industrial action. The ones that didn’t can go and fuck themselves. Fuck me, I sound like Citizen Smith!!

  5. Agree Unions can be cunts,
    Northern rail have been taking action every saturday since the summer, it means very few servcies running after 5 pm, not happy with that!!!

    But, I do agree with the need for the guard on the train –

    Someone of authority to keep louts in order.
    You can buy a ticket on the train.
    He is in control of the doors …. this is important

    I was on a driver only train some time ago, late at night (11pm) the station where i used to live has a platfom for 4 or 8 carriages and there is a video screen position at the 4 and 8 car stop locations so the driver can see the platform from the cab.

    On this particular journey the driver must have forgotten he had 8 carriages and stopped at the 4 car postion, my fucking door opened right above a fucking 10 ft drop. Fucking Cunt,
    I had to close the door quickly and ended up having to get off at the next station then luckily get the last train back to my station, its a good job i wasnt pissed or i would have landed on the fucking track in a crumpled mess. There was one other guy on the train in the same boat ,,,,, we couldnt believe how the fucking driver could be so careless.
    I complained to the operator but got no response …. bunch of cunts.

    So I say, fuck driver only…. keep guards on the train unless every fucking station is fully maned!!

  6. Well I think I’ve been beaten on this one. Some good points on both sides.
    I’m not against the premise of a union and the employees exerting some leverage over greedy fat cats, I just don’t like the way it’s done.
    I still think they’re cunts…. especially the cunts at the top of the unions. They’re just as bad as the fat cat bosses. In fact they’re exactly the same thing except they make their money by pilfering others’ wages.
    I suspect a lot of these strikes are just the cunts at the top trying to justify their 6 figure salaries.
    Unions should be run by committees of employees on a rotating call up and paid a bonus for the work, not 6 figure salaries though.

  7. Len McCluskey & Alistair Cambell should run for office as MPs instead of trying to pull the strings of New Labour and the unions of this Country I hear London Underground drivers with a bit of overtime are earning 100k a year Yep 100k for driving a tube train fucking unbelievable They can afford to pay for a guard out of their lose change so no need for strike action

  8. I wasn’t going to comment on this one, as I’m in a union, and it’s a railway union, although not the one highlighted here. Agree with others where the top brass are usually cunts (if you would like an example, I give you Tosh McDonald). But that aside, if it wasn’t for the union I would have been completely fucked over by the companies I’ve worked for long ago. Whether that be annual leave, breaks, illness, pay. They’re a necessary evil and an expensive one at that.

    I will say though, that striking feels a little archaic these days, especially when train operating companies are compensated for lost earnings during said strike days, but what else are employees supposed to do to protest other than refuse to work. I just wish there was a way that didn’t fuck the average Joe commuter over in the process.

    As for tube drivers earning £100k a year. Well let’s just say, don’t believe everything you read from the media.

  9. As we live in a capitalist society, your fate as an employee is down to your own enterprising nature.
    I have always gone to the boss with my problems despite paying my union scrip. We have always worked it out.
    If I was in a situation I could not manipulate I would move into management and trample my way to getting my own way. If that meant ousting my superior on route then so be it. His complacency would be the key to my success.


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