Treason Maybot [25]

Treasona May
I could go on and on and on and on about this completely fucking useless cunt and the various fuck ups she has presided over recently, but I wanted to focus on the last 24 hours.
Watching the news this morning did not make my piss boil, it flashed immediately into steam and out of my ears. It did not get the chance to boil.
The EU leaders have all told her that her deal will not be changed, yet she continues to plead and generally rim anyone’s arse like a good girl she is, hoping they will change their minds.
The newspapers are full of headlines about her grovelling to them.
She should tell them all to fuck right off, get on the next plane home and start no deal preparations.
Instead we have a woman who is so weak its embarrassing to think she is our leader.
Maggie, love her or hate her, would have supplied all of these utter cunts with a large butt plug and told them to enjoy.
I love my country, but at the moment I am embarrassed to be British.

Nominated by Hugh Jardon

Congratulations? to the Maybot for finally surpassing Hameron’s record and becoming the most cunted cunt on ISAC! 

38 thoughts on “Treason Maybot [25]

  1. The whole of the Swamp at Westmonster aside a few are globalists who have interests in the Eu,her husband Phillip has too,Im finding it hard to stomach this betrayal now shes such a tragically incompetent sociapath ,we are a great nation and we dont deserve this horrendous parliament full of bottom feeders and narcissistic globalists.

  2. Everyone has told her that it’s useless going back to Brussels.

    All the reports from last night indicate the EU have now slammed the door firmly shut for further assurances.

    Maybot has just given a press conference stating she is making progress?!

    I have a palm print emblazoned on my forehead.

    Goodbye for now.

      • It does look like we are heading towards remain and this has more than likely been the plan all along. The timing of everything is taking us close to the point of no return so, unless she actually will take us out on no deal, which won’t be allowed, we stay in.

        I’d say she was away with the fairies but guess even they wouldn’t have her.


  3. The ‘No Deal’ preparations are the daily project Fear announcements from May’s associates. Today’s scare is ‘£7 to visit Europe’. Scraping the barrel now it seems.

    There was never any government preparation for No Deal so no strength in negotiating. We will stay in as it is the will of the Establishment.

    • It’s £6.29 for 3 years!! Personally I would pay a hell of a lot more if we properly binned those EU cunts off!!
      I hope we reciprocate in kind!!
      Childish cuntitude which should definitely be addressed……

  4. I wonder if we can enact a citizens arrest and have her immediately committed to Broadmoor. She’s clearly gone cocopops.

    Or maybe just lobotomize the whole of Westminster?

    • Two kids in their room, 4 & 7 years old. The 7-year old says,”We should swear more. At breakfast,I’ll swear first, then you.”

      “Understood” says the 4-year old.

      At breakfast the Mum asks what they’d like and the 7-year old says, “Coco pops, bitch”. She smashes him out of his chair and across the kitchen floor. She then asks what the 4-year old wants.

      He replies, “Not fucking Coco Pops!”

  5. The treason from the tories was so predictable but i wanted it to be false, its unbelievable really but they all take hush money from EU. When I heard of the betrayal I wanted to pour myself a extra extra large gin and tonic thankfully I was out of ice and never had limes of lemons. The fucking backstabbing cunts this should be a lesson to never vote for them again

  6. The second worst pm ever after B.liar…..
    2 in my lifetime! … lucky me.
    Neville fucking Chamberlain would’ve done better than this stupid old biddy…..

    Strong and stable, strong and stable, strong and stable…. fuck off cunt.

    • I wish she’d hurry up and fucking resign. My celebratory G&T isn’t going to drink itself.

  7. Although the absolute pond life that inhabit our parliament voted heavily in favour of the referendum they were all posturing and giving the electorate the false impression of democracy , they never thought for a second that the plebs would vote to leave, the treacherous cunts then stood on fake manifestos , Real Brexit never had a majority in Parliament and never will, it’s been a carefully orchestrated pantomime, may has ended up exactly where she wanted to be, a weak as shit brino or no Brexit at all? What a marvellous choice you’ve given the uk electorate you miserable deceitful cunt!!

    • The plan all along was to fuck off to Brussels, spend two years pretending to negotiate, come back with a wholly unacceptable ‘deal’, say Parliament can’t decide what to do, abdicate responsibility to the electorate again, give them a “people’s vote” between ‘totally unacceptable’ and ‘remaining in’, then dress it all up as “carrying out the will of the people”.

      Utter CUNTS.

      • I truly believe she is “morphing” into Jean-Clod Druncker.
        When the old bastard carks, The Maybot will be flown in to replace him…

        Everyone in GB hates her, she went to Brussels and they told her to Fuck Off, what part doesn’t she get ??

        Here’s hoping her christmas tree has Giant Hogweed tendencies (ie sap like The Flabbott’s vaginal mucous).

        • I told you – she’s a Juncker robot in drag… programmed to act and think like the real thing! Check out their respective gaits – they’re identical…

    • Indeed ASA – I’ve been furnished with an advance copy of her speech:

      “At this crucial moment in our history I have secured a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the EU referendum. Delivering the Brexit people voted for, building a country that works for everyone. Taking back control of our borders, laws and money – but protecting jobs, our security and our precious union as we do so. I have devoted myself unsparingly to these tasks ever since I became prime minister.”

      “And I stand ready to finish the job.”

      Exciting… isn’t it!!!!!!!!?

      • “First class schools….first class public services……blah blah…… fucking bullshit “…… turns well thumbed page…..

      • I’m not certain……but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this speech before……maybe more than once in fact.

    • Probably to shoot her line that she’s ‘delivering the Brexit the British people want’ yet a fucking gain. This woman is a traitorous cunt and should be thrown in the Tower.

      • Given the numerous acts of treason being perpetrated by the Political Class and their overfed, mindless functionaries in the media, I reckon it’s time to get The Tower back up and running in it’s original capacity as a fully functioning torture chamber, interrogation centre and place of pain, misery and suffering.
        Public viewing tours still welcome. In fact, compulsory for students…

        • She’s stolen every line from other people to bolster her papered-over “deal”. The only line she should further steal is this:

          “”I feel certain that I’m going mad again. I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times. And I shan’t recover this time. I begin to hear voices.”

          – Virginia Woolf before killing herself.

  8. I didn’t think there would be any ‘negotiations’ when I voted Leave. When the ‘negotiations’ started I doubled back as it were and innocently assumed that if Leave won in a constituency the representative (of whichever political party) would represent the will of the people of the constituency. It would be like an INSTRUCTION. As we know there are many of our representatives not representing the will of the people. Are MPs representatives at all? What is representative democracy?

  9. When May says she is trying to get further assurances from the EU regarding her Brexit deal (not legally and contractually binding, and as much use as the scrawling on the back of a fag packet) for parliament, why do I keep linking the EU with Britain and the much used phrase “I promise not to come in your mouth”?

    They will you know, that is as certain as night follows day.

    Dodgy, untrustworthy cunts the fucking lot of them who cannot be believed nor trusted. Don’t even believe that with legal assurances from either side will be honoured.

    Just get us the fuck out.

    • That’s part of the problem Willie – Britain plays by the rules, whilst other EU members observe them rather more flexibly, suiting themselves, if indeed at all.

      As my Heating Engineer once said, “the British should have MUG tattooed across their foreheads at birth”.

  10. How much is Theresa’s share of that £39 billion? How much have they promised her as a bribe??

  11. I remember when Cameron reached that milestone and it was humoured that we should send the cunt an award to mark the occasion, this time we should do it for real.

    A sex shop fake fanny, sprayed gold mounted on a black plinth with a “Is a Cunt’s Biggest Ever Cunt!” tag.

    Sent in an Xmas box a’la Amazon with the “FROM THE WALL OF CUNT AT IS-A-CUNT.COM” sheet covering the award.

    I’d pay real money to see her face! Mind you the stony faced cunt would probably dismantle it and give the vag to hubby for Xmas.


    • And an ISAC flag…

      Brown, with heraldic red haemorrhoidal images, to indicate the suffering she has put us through.

      Bloody awful old bat.

  12. Latest news:
    General Antoine Martinez has written the letter signed by ten other generals, an admiral and colonel, and also includes former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon. They’ve given a strong warning that Macron’s signing of the U.N. Global Migration Pact strips France of even more sovereignty providing an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt”.

  13. I hope HM donates old VHS copies generously to the torture.

    May should be forced to sit through years of the Royal Variety Performances, back to back. That is one occasion when I feel truly sorry for the Buck House Gang.

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