The United Nations

I would like to nominate the UN for it’s insidious plan to take the control of mass migration away from sovereign states and put them firmly into it’s own Soros fuelled hands.

Moreover it aims to make dissent against this open door policy from every 3rd world shithole into the West illegal under the guise of human rights.

This video explains it far better than I ever could.

It’s a disgrace with only strong leaders like Trump and Orban publicly stating that they will NOT sign up to it, while weaklings like cuckold Trudeau show immediate support to transform their nations into 3rd world shitholes safe in the knowledge that their lives will be unaffected and that the “imports” guarantee them power in a “hand outs for votes” stitch-up.

What will Mavis do?

Will this globalist madness ever end!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

42 thoughts on “The United Nations

  1. “What will Mavis do”?…..she’ll do what the E.U. tell her do. Best get used to the idea that decisions on such matters are no longer for individual countries, and our “leaders” are merely messengers for whichever Soros-fronted cabal actually runs our lives.

    Fuck Off.

  2. “What will Mavis do?”

    I take it that’s a rhetorical question…

    …or your fine sense of English irony…

    This planet is finished.

      • No need to convince me Krav – if Steptoe says it’s so, it must be true. Far be it for me to question such a universally accepted authority on the subject…

  3. What will mavis do?

    Well judging by past experience she’ll hobble about on some stupid looking and wholly impractical shoes, pull a stupid suck up face and tell us about the importance of respect between us and our friends and partners. She’ll then bend over and drop her knickers *shudder* and shout “take what you like boys, I won’t resist and I’ll sign anything you want while you’re at it”. Weak cunt that she is.

    • Morning Reb…..Mavis’ll be gone soon,and you know what? It won’t make a blind bit of difference. Some other Cunt’ll be wheeled out to do the job of convincing “The People” that “your vote counts”….well,it fucking well doesn’t. They can have Sajid Javid,Johnson, Corbyn, Rees-Mogg or the last fucking surviving Chuckle Brother for all the difference that it’ll make.

      Fuck them.

      • Morning fiddler.
        I’m voting UKIP from now on….
        Imagine the tears! Tommy Robinson in parliament as an advisor to the pm.
        What will the guardian say? What will James o’cuntface have to say about it?
        Yea, UKIP….

          • Well I didn’t see anything in that video to be concerned about.

            My concern would be the Lammy, et. al., grapevine bussing in balaclava clad ANTIFA cunts to cause agro – having told the unpopular press beforehand exactly where – so that they can set up for the best camera angles and edit the footage together for their “FAR RIGHT CAUSES CHAOS IN THE STREETS OF LONDON!” fake news reports.


          • I know what you mean.
            Antifa and stand against racism will be there to tell “N@zi” at the protesters and goad them into reacting, the police will instigate whatever they can to cause the most offence and inconvenience to the protesters and the msm will be there in force to record any trouble or anything that damages the brexit cause. If they behave impeccably I suspect we won’t hear a peep on sly or the beebistan.

          • Sorry, I just tagged the video on as an afterthought, my post wasn’t supposed to be a critique of the video.

            Agree entirely with you both re the Antifa rent-a-mob angle, etc… there’s no way this will be reported on with any balance, they’ll use Tommy Robinson’s presence ruthlessly… that’s sort of my concern.

  4. Thanks for posting this Rebel, and the video link.
    Up until this nomination I was unaware that the misnomer “United Nations” wanted to dump all of the world’s freeloading shit into the West.
    Is this another unelected organisation we can pull out of? In any event, a resounding, “Fuck off you cunts” is what the Hunchback of Number 10 needs to pass on as a message from all of us.

    • Well the agreement does work both ways your Lordship, so if you ever get a hankering for Beirut, Mogadishu or Eritrea then you have safe passage to get there, demand free shit for the rest of your life, and then moan endlessly that it’s not white or Christian enough for you!

      The services and police there will also favour your outbursts over and above those of the natives.

      Just like it is here.

  5. Now this is an organisation that outcunts the EU. The biggest fucking gravy train the world has ever seen, corrupt as fuck and totally self serving. I know someone who does some ‘work ‘ for them from time to time , the renumeration is obscene .
    We should withdraw, but we won’t.

  6. ‘The United Nations’.
    Was there ever a bigger misnomer in the history of the world?
    Nice job, Rebel. I’m sick of cynical cunt organisations like this telling us about ‘human rights’. What about MY right not to have MY country invaded by a load of cunts bringing overcrowding, disease and crime with them? Did anybody ever ask ME whether I was happy with the culture of MY country being subsumed in the name of ‘multiculturalism’? Did they fuck.
    Naturally we’ll bend over and take it like always, for fear of being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’. We’re fucked, well and truly.

  7. Black labour MP quits shadow role after she threatened a journalist with a bat! The bitch wrote to the judge at her son’s trial but later claimed she knew nothing abbbaaaahhhhiiiiittttt. Bitch lives a housing association property and appointed her aspiring architect son to a fifty grand a year job. Any evidence this unlicenced chemist (dealer) has done any work for this? Gravy train SCUM.

  8. Each member Nation pays a percentage of its GDP each year to the UN . ( Sound familiar ?) You and I pay from our taxes, a club membership each year that allows this fucking reptile organisation to function. ( Sound familiar ? ) Each year this Organization appoints ( at your expense ) special envoys, reporters and committee’s to decide your future , regardless of wether or not you agree ( Sound familiar ? ) This Organisation has effectively a “President”, usually an arse licker of the plutonium type, who is elected , but not by you. ( Sound familiar ) Advices and Recommendations are handed down for your Government to act on ( Sound familiar ? ) Governments who do not do as they are told, do not comply or resist the will of the UN, can be sanctioned by the all powerful “Security Council” ( Sound familiar )
    Members ( Unelected ) can claim expenses for almost anything ( including prostitutes, drugs and “entertainment ” ( Sound familiar ? )
    Of the many billions the organisation receives each year, it always runs at a deficit, its balance sheets and monies are not audited by any other organisation than the “United Nations Council of Audit ” which, surprise surprise is an in house organisation.

    Finally , Quite a few of the Secretary General’s ( General’s ? ) have had previous alliegence to the Nazi Party of WW2 fame, or are now ( or who have been ) involved in laundering and other forms of criminality. One last fact. The UN can declare ( with its paying members consent ) warfare on any fucker who doesn’t toe the line !
    Food for serious thought I think !

    • I think the fact Israel is violating 70-odd resolutions and the UK government have done little in response to the UN reports on ‘poverty’.
      Also i dont think Trumpton cares about the UN given his Jerusalem announcement. Fuck them and their blue helmets.

    • secretaries general.
      Apologies for being a pedant 😉
      I only took note of plurals when I corrected a very senior NCO in Aubagne in the presence of some very junior NCO’s – big mistake. I corrected him that the plural of court martial was courts martial. Later in the evening outside the foyer I had a busted lip and a loose tooth.

  9. I am going to watch you today RT. We all know you’re a woman with a beard. Oh don’t start that again. Seriously though I am going to watch RT, take note of what RT says from now on. The reason being I am so sick of Sky and the BBC. The final straw-all the trouble in Paris caused by the ‘Far right’. I want to be free of it. There are good things on it-‘Crosstalk’ is good. Somebody called Oksana. Even the much cunted George Galloway-dismissing trandgenderism-‘turning little boys into little girls’ I heard him say. That is unutterable on Sky the BBC. And you’re not seeing or having to listen to to jumped up women or aisans. It is mostly white men. It might be Russian propaganda but I simply don’t care anymore. Recommended Ruff Tuff. Do you watch RTRT?

    • Negative Miles… I wouldn’t even touch it with my wife’s orgasmic ‘Rocks Off 7-Speed Bullet Vibrator’!

      My next door neighbour watches it though. Not my wife and her vibrator, RT I mean…

      Good afternoon.

  10. Mrs Plastic says she wants something called a ‘Rampant Rabbit’ for Christmas. ‘Turbo’ she insists. I haven’t a clue what she’s on about.

    • Join the club Miles – I don’t have a clue what my missus is on about either.

      Regarding your wife’s Rampant Rabbit, I understand Waitrose do free delivery for Christmas if she books her ‘slot’ early. 😜

    • Mavis May’s has a reverse gear on it…for those sticky, awkward moments, when Jean-Clod is otherwise unavailable/pissed.

      Honestly, I don’t think it’ll be long before she falls off her commode, and ends up in the “Bide-a-Wee Home for Distressed Politicians” Wholesale Halal Co. (prop. Mr. D. Fiddler).

  11. The UN is a pile of crap, dominated by arabs, muslims and various scum-hole, third world failed states, many of whom sit on the human rights council. A well aimed bunker busting bomb whilst the general assembly is in full session (minus a few selected countries) would do nicely thank you.

  12. Why don’t we house refugees on West Falkland?

    It is cheaper, peaceful, enables us to demonstrate to Johnny Argie that we are fully utilising the place and there are enough sheep to go around to satisfy their unusual tastes.

    • Give them a few spears and a couple of pen knives and they can defend the place against any future invasion by the Argies, that will enrich their well being as they would feel they were making a useful contribution to their new homeland.

  13. The UN is another ‘well intentioned’ organisation that is being politicised beyond recognition, its just the same as the EU, in the old days it was a trading group….. now look at it.
    The main cause of migration from places like africa is they dont have the infrastructure to cope with the rising populations and they are prolific breeders.

    Unlike in the west they are marrying and shagging away as soon as girls hit puberty, the UN should be promoting population control in these 3rd world counties, pay the women a few quid each to be sterilised….. makes sense to me.

  14. I would suggest…send the UN fuckers letters and emails, highlighting ‘I don’t want my culture being eroded by freeloading swamp donkeys who wipe their are with bare hands..from not quite developed nations…and suggest to the UN…encourage immigration to China…they have the land mass….seriously get a petition going…

  15. The UN is a total waste of fucking space. Also given the complete inability for most countries to get along I’d say United Nations is a global oxy-fucking-moron!

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