The Leicester Three

The Leicester Three
Three men have been found guilty of murder after setting fire to a shop in Leicester. Petrol was used to start the fire, and the resulting explosion caused the deaths of five people. The court heard that the shopkeeper and two friends destroyed the property in an insurance scam because the business was failing. According to the prosecutor, ‘the devastation caused was carried out with the intention to kill’.
Clearly these callous brutes were completely driven by greed, and acted without any sense of human decency whatsoever. The full authority and weight of the law must be brought to bear to ensure that these monsters can never again present a threat to society.
Time to name and shame those responsible as Aram Kurd, Arkan Ali, and Hawkar Hassan. Er, hang on… How could these men ever hope to receive a fair trial? Clearly they’re hapless victims of repressive white privilege, of a patriarchal justice system that is inherently fascistic and institutionally racist (burble). Right on I mean right thinking individuals everywhere (blah) must stand and fight this bigotry in the name of Social Justice. Social Justice Warriors unite! Free The Leicester Three!!

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. I don’t believe this story, Ron. I think you’ve fabricated it. My proof is that these are the same photos used for the Grooming Gangs of Telford, or Newcastle. Maybe Rotherham. Same names too, I reckon.

    Only Allah can judge them.

    • Maybe they were going to use the insurance payout to invest in some taxis and cruise the streets of Leicester for vulnerable young white girls. Peace and blessings.

      • LL, Crimewatch might have to invest in a second ‘South-East Asian’ actor if they’re going to create these scenes instead of the one they generically use for everything. I mean, they’re not all exactly the same; some of them stink of piss and some of them stink of shit.

  2. I’ve never heard of a Peaceful corner-shop going bust. Normally the snide cigarettes,garage-brewed vodka and out-of-date produce are enough to keep them afloat.
    Amazed that the death count was so low. I’d have expected at least half a dozen school-age white girls to have been entertaining their “boyfriends” in the upstairs flat,not just some innocent family and shop worker.

    Fuck them.

    • That’s a very good point
      I’ve never heard of one going bust either.
      Perhaps there’s a zero tax and vat liability under sharia law
      I remember threatening one with a visit from trading standards. The fear was palpable and the resulting co-operation absolutely stunning.

    • They were hoping for £300k Dick and in his own words he thought if someone had died in the “fire” he would have garnered sympathy from his community. It wouldnt bother me if I never saw another blambo again. They bring nothing but disharmony, TB and have even managed to jump viruses from monkeys onto humans. They should all be rounded up – given a free flight to a once in a lifetime Haj blambo event and a nuclear warhead dropped right in the middle of Saudi, obliterating it and turning it to glass. Its obvious the coon gene is as faulty as a 99p china toy. Roll on the plains of Megiddo.

    • There was that story about that poor young girl that ended up in a kebab a few years back. I wonder how many other ‘missing’ girls have met a similar fate thanks to our ROPer friends……

      • They generally get invited to a ‘family wedding’back in the old country where they get their heads cut off .


  3. This is what you get when you let the peacefulls in. They killed one victim because she got wind of their plans. We should mock up the crime scene put them in it and lob a few barrels of petrol then light it and watch the fun.

  4. They look like they could be related to the owner of the business that went up in smoke next to my place a while back.
    An ‘accidental’ fire, as it turned out upon investigation, started in five separate places at once.
    What a coincidence.
    It also turned out that the owner’s three previous businesses had also gone up in smoke.
    What a coincidence.
    The names and appearance of these three cunts are very similar to that of the cunt I’m referring to.
    What a coincidence.

        • They certainly are Cap’n M, all of the wrongdoing we’re currently experiencing are coincidently confined to a particular group of people.

          • Duke, it’s all a cover-up to mask the huge groomings by white gangs. The lying media bastards.

            A deliberate ploy to frame the poor, innocent brown man who wants nothing more than to sell quality groceries at reasonable prices, drive a fully-taxed & M.O.T.ed car/taxi with a clean licence, pay his share of taxes, see his adopted country prosper, to peacefully worship the one, true God, and to watch out for low-flying pigs.

  5. I agree, Ron. They look like three upstanding British citizens to me. All they were doing was trying to make their way in the world, same as anyone else. There are bound to be some vindictive cunts who want to see them locked up, but what would be the point? It’s not going to bring that building back, it’s burned down.

  6. ‘Peacefuls?’ My ever-expanding arse.

    Those self-serving, murdering fuckers wouldn’t know ‘peace’ if it slid up their white dresses and bit them on their chipolata sized dicks.

    I suppose if anyone dare chastise them it is purely because ‘they are muslim’ and the likes of that cunt Shami Chakrabarti will crawl out from under her rock and defend them, probably with something along the lines of ‘they are poor, helpless immigrants trying to make a little money to feed their 50 children’.


  7. After being savagely beaten and left in a coma for three months, the parents of Abdul Hassan have made the agonising decision, and have decided to close the shop and visit him in hospital….

  8. I am no longer surprised by anything the peacefuls do, this was just another one of those things, they are cunts!

    Hopefully we will have some shit weather in the Channel today, either a few of the peaceful boats will sink or they will be stuck in France – CUNTS.

  9. This would make for a great storyline on EastEnders

    *although obviously it would have to be thick white blokes (Brexiteers obviously) attacking a peaceful’s corner shop; and the champion police inspector would have to be a black, lesbian disabled person with a lisp and transgender yearnings!

  10. You’re right ron.
    Those smelly peacefuls didn’t kill those people, it was islamophobia and the rise of the far right…..
    Maybe they should look into Tommy Robinson’s tweets coz we all know that that’s the real problem here.

    • I know DS. This vilification of ethnics going about their peaceful type business has just got to stop. Any level-headed SJW type will tell you that it’s all the fault of an evil, male hetrosexual dominated society that these three victims were forced into burning five people to death. As part of the patriarchy, I feel that I must humble myself and offer a cringing apology to the perennially offended as often as possible.

  11. Utter cunts but on a lighter note.
    My morning in work was made more bearable when the song, it’s a Leicester fiesta was played by Jimmy savilles understudy on the radio. What a great song.

  12. First of all Happy New Year to all you Cunts
    These 3 dimwits didn’t need to firebomb and blow the place up all they needed to do was set it up as an illegal Vodka plant.Anyone in Nottinghamshire will be familiar with these plants usually run by our Polish friends on Trading Eatates usually with disastrous consequences when they blow up total dimwits

  13. Off topic – after coming out of my opticians appointment earlier I saw one Muslim family getting glasses for their children (no doubt paid for by the NHS) and then when I popped to the Iceland right round the corner to get some milk I saw another eating Greggs on a bench. Both times just mothers on their own with their children – dunno if the dads were just at home or whatever but it’s an interesting observation.

    • They might be at a Saturday school being taught tax-paying or maybe studying literature or science. They could be doing voluntary work for elderly people in their community or perhaps they’re aiding police with the cheeky pranksters who wish to do naughty deeds, those pesky teenagers, ha ha. They might be down at the river cleaning it for Spring or picking up litter, blithely discarded outside their shop.

      Otherwise they’ll be at their mosque.

    • Porking the wife and knocking her up is as far as their parental involvement goes. Apart from that they do fuck all, unless the girls don’t do as they are told at all times and say ‘how high?’ when any neanderthal male says ‘Jump’.

      It is all a laugh a minute and hypocrisy at its finest in their world. I worked on a kids haematology unit many years ago and 90% of the patients had come from the Arab Emirates to be privately treated in the UK, mostly for leukaemia. The mothers would be with the children all day, every day, quiet and devoted……the fathers would roll up at random times (never daily) most of them STINKING of booze and fags, bombastic, dictatorial attitude at warp factor 1000.

      Booze? How could that possibly be when we all know ‘good Muslims’ don’t partake of alcohol, eh?

      My arse.

  14. Don’t know about anyone else but i’m positively basking in the warm glow of diversity and enrichment today.

  15. You know on the AL-BEEB radio earlier they never mentioned names, it was the usual “…and three men…” which always pricks your ears up doesn’t it.

    Ah, so they were “peaceful” after all, what a complete and utter surprise that was eh!

    And yet it’s funny how the AL-BEEB was pretty fucking quick to finger a non “ethnically enriched” couple (names and address – as did several media outlets) for Drone-Gate when it ended up having fuck all to do with them.

    And Darren “fucking” Osborne’s van engine was still running when they named him.

    Like I say – BBC CUNTS – name or don’t name, your choice, but please be fucking consistent you cunts!

    Nowadays when you don’t mention stabby perpetrators or victims, and when you don’t mention rapey/Bombay types names, the whole of the UK is sat there, nodding silently to themselves.

    We know who it’s is anyway and I’ve not been surprised at the opposite being true once in the last 5 years!

    Stop protecting cunts who don’t deserve that benefit, you complicit twats!

  16. Just sat here thinking instead of wasting tax payers hard earned cash keeping these 3 wankers in a holiday camp that’s called prison Why don’t they just put them up against a wall and shoot them? OK all you do gooders if you don’t like that thought donate their bodies to medical science

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