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  1. Labour supporting Sly News could not contain there anger that May had slipped through. So were still stuck with a staunch remaining cabinet. Were fucked.

    • Fret not Fenton, the staunch remainer opposition will be tabling a vote of no confidence in the government next week, yawn…

      • Morning Ruff Tuff.
        What amazes me is that she keeps using this mantra that she will deliver the deal that the British public voted for ??? This wretched deal could not be further from what we voted for. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me we will be worse off. Total capitulation and humiliation. As the Donald said last week… it’s a great deal for the eu but a lousy deal for Britain.

        • Morning Fenton.
          The EU loves May’s deal cos it hands them £39billion + a further £18billion when the transition period is extended into 2022. Plus they have the backstop which keeps us trapped in the Customs Union in perpetuity, with no say in its operation.
          Second prize would be us remaining cos they’ll still get our £10billion+ Net annual payments plus God knows what else.
          Treasoner has handed us over to them on a plate. The only thing the EU fear is No Deal cos that means no money, which is all they really care about anyway.
          But will our spineless, EU cocksucking political classes use that particular Trump card? Will they fuck!

      • I think she’s won the battle, but lost the war.
        She’s certainly lost the plot – if, indeed, she ever had it in the first place.

  2. Great! Just great! Now we’re gonna have even more weak and wobbly leadership against the national interest thanks to these cunts! Argh!!!!!!!!!

  3. She’s so bad I’ve even briefly toyed with the idea of voting for Catweasel next election. I’m not going to, but just making me even think about such a possibility requires tremendous cuntitude.

    • You’d have to be seriously brain damaged to want to see Catweasel in No.10. That said, at this rate we’ll likely all be psychotic by the time of the next election.

  4. Well there’s another shocker, just another pony show to at least give a little pretence to the idea that there’s even a choice, or that a vote means a thing. At this point I would give more credence to north Korea’s take on democracy.

  5. Well that’s the end of JRM as future PM.

    Fucking hell, what a load of undemocratic bollox these last few weeks.

    Jeez, Maybot will be wanking herself off with a dildo tonight (Boris Johnson) at surviving this vote. And won’t she be a smug cunt in the morning, giving it large and telling all the Brexiteers to put up or shut the fuck up!

    Cunt of Cunt of Cunts!

    • “Well that’s the end of JRM as future PM.”

      Totally disagree NoCunt, hes got as good a chance as any other Tory cunt,Maybot is gone by next week unless the EUSSR drops the Irish backstop,at least the Mogg truly believes in Brexit,unless hes a monumental hypocritical cunt.

    • If JRM so much as looks like becoming the next PM, he will be roundly smeared and monstered by the Establishment. He’s not nearly two-faced enough, or a plausible enough liar.

      Still, if the banks and big businesses find him prepared to compromise on the EU, this could change. A few nice dinners may be all it takes.

  6. Yet another outing for the same stale reheated lies delivered outside No.10 just now. Un-fucking-believable!

    Pass me that bottle… and that diazepam…

    • She really is a broken record. Same old tired slogans trotted out again. To be fair that’s not even accurate as a broken record usually still retains decent music of some sort.

      She is more like a turd in a microwave that is periodically reheated and forced to do a little twirl or two. All we hear is nnrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and a waft of shit creeps up ones nose and assaults our sensibilities.

  7. Here are all the MPs who have publicly shown support for the Prime Minister today. (courtesy of the Telegraph)

    Tom Tugenhadt
    Rory Stewart
    David Morris
    Kevin Hollinrake
    Liz Truss
    Jake Berry
    Chris Skidmore
    James Heappey
    Julian Knight
    Ed Vaizey
    Marcus Jones
    Guy Opperman
    Huw Merriman
    Helen Grant
    Jeremy Lefroy
    Robert Halfon
    Vicky Ford
    Alok Sharma
    Craig Whittaker
    Heidi Allen
    Nick Hurd
    Steve Brine
    Luke Hall
    Bim Afolami
    Matt Warman
    Michael Gove
    Mary Robinson
    Caroline Spelman
    Andrea Leadsom
    Simon Hoare
    Alan Mak
    Michael Ellis
    Mims Davies
    Alistair Burt
    Nick Boles
    Margot James
    Justin Tomlinson
    David Lidington
    Andrew Stephenson
    Liam Fox
    Amber Rudd
    Sarah Wollaston
    Alan Duncan
    David Mundell
    Damian Hinds
    Mark Lancaster
    Alec Shelbrooke
    Robin Walker
    Alun Cairns
    Mark Spencer
    Greg Clark
    Penny Mordaunt
    Matt Hancock
    Kit Malthouse
    Philip Hammond
    Paul Scully
    David Gauke
    Patrick McLoughlin
    Richard Harrington
    Alex Chalk
    Maria Miller
    Stephen Hammond
    Andrew Murrison
    James Cleverly
    Nadhim Zahawi
    Nick Gibb
    James Brokenshire
    Therese Coffey
    Jeremy Hunt
    Brandon Lewis
    Sarah Newton
    Stephen Crabb
    Robert Buckland
    Mel Stride
    Jesse Norman
    Victoria Prentis
    Sam Gyimah
    John Howell
    Jonathan Djanogly
    Kelly Tolhurst
    Damian Green
    Geoffrey Cox
    Caroline Nokes
    Tobias Ellwood
    Kirstine Hair
    Nigel Huddleston
    Adam Afriyie
    Peter Heaton-Jones
    John Glen
    Julian Smith
    Oliver Letwin
    Gavin Williamson
    Philip Lee
    Jo Churchill
    George Freeman
    David Warburton
    Rebecca Pow
    Kevin Foster
    Antoinette Sandbach
    Michelle Donelan
    Oliver Heald
    Chris Heaton-Harris
    James Cartlidge
    Alex Burghart
    Stuart Andrew
    Leo Docherty
    Anna Soubry
    Nicholas Soames
    Mark Prisk
    Andrew Jones
    Alberto Costa
    Wendy Morton
    Andrew Bowie
    Paul Masterton
    Amanda Milling
    Seema Kennedy
    Nick Herbert
    Tim Loughton
    Harriet Baldwin
    Robert Jenrick
    Sajid Javid
    Jacqueline Foster
    David Duguid
    Trudy Harrison
    Gillian Keegan
    Colin Clark
    Gary Streeter
    Bob Seely
    Gordon Henderson
    Iain Stewart
    Caroline Dinenage
    Jackie Doyle-Price
    Richard Graham
    Robert Goodwill
    Rachel Maclean
    Ken Clarke
    Mark Pawsey
    Gareth Johnson
    Ed Argar
    Heather Wheeler
    Kwasi Kwarteng
    Richard Benyion
    Nusrart Ghani
    Stephen Kerr
    Neil O’Brien
    Maggie Throup
    Kemi Badenoch
    David Rutley
    Chris Philp
    Lucy Frazer
    Giles Watling
    Ben Wallace
    Chloe Smith
    Neil Parish
    Simon Hart
    Karen Bradley
    Helen Whatley
    Claire Perry
    Jeremy Wright
    Stephen Barclay
    Chris Grayling
    Mike Freer
    Sir Roger Gale
    Theresa May
    Alister Jack
    Andrew Griffiths
    Nicky Morgan
    Henry Bellingham
    Jack Brereton
    Luke Graham
    Robert Neill
    John Penrose
    Victoria Atkins
    Christopher Pincher
    John Lamont
    Dominic Grieve

    • My local MP, Alan Mak is on that list…..a remainer even though we voted Leave in this region.
      Won’t be voting that cunt in again, that is for sure…….Tory cunts

      • My local MP (Bob Seely) is on there too, despite the fact that his constituency here on the IoW had the 2nd largest vote to leave majority in the country. Absolute traitorous cunt just like all the others.

      • Brandon Lewis with head so far up Nanny T’s arse he can see her tonsils, is on the list. I emailed him long ago about betraying the 73% of his constituents who voted leave. No point. His only interest is in his political career. Scumbags all. It’s not just him I won’t vote for again. It’s any Conservative. Cunts all, every last waste of skin of them.

    • “Theresa May”

      What the fuck? Why was that steaming pile of cuntitude allowed to vote for herself?

    • Stupid cunts, who think they are protecting their own skins, in the unlikely event of the tories ever returning to power.
      However, the likely reality is that we will be tied to the EU somehow, and the next PM will just be a bloody little Fourth-Reich gauleiter in any case.

      Branflakes for breakfast, with navy gin and bitters…
      At any time of the day, we will not forget these cuuuuunts.

  8. Not surprising result, they would have voted for a wet fart if it meant saving their necks. In the overall scheme of things it makes fuck all difference to what will happen- the EU deal she agreed will not get through.

    The only good thing to come out of this is that the Tories are well and truly finished, as is the country. If the truth be known it was some years ago.

    Nauseating moment of tonight- watching Alan Duncan applauding when the result was announced. What a pompous grubby little faggot he is.

    • He’s just jealous because she’s bent over and taken it up the arse so many times during her negotiations with the Eurocunts that her arsehole is more leathery and gaping than his.

  9. 200 of the dirtiest traitors this country has ever seen……er…..plus almost all of the rest of the Palace of Westminster.
    Hang the fucking lot of them!

    • Might as well, just for jollies, if nowt else. Don’t matter who is leader now anyway, with both Houses of Parliament and Civil Service 85%+ still committed to Remaining, a proper Brexit was never on the cards.

      Hang ’em, save £39billion, cancel HS2, control the borders, kick the backstop in the cunt…. Who am I kidding? This country is finished.

  10. The filthy traitor can fuck off to Dublin tomorrow and suck some gay Irish cock as if nothing had happened.
    Total cunt.

  11. Dumbass peacefuls could get a right score on seeing as how they’re all under one roof right now.
    Of course, the irony of being dumb enough to actually do it coupled with an intelligence requirement to figure it out.
    Oh well. Lizards 1 uk humans 0. Next…

  12. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a fucking joke anyway.

    He couldn’t run an egg and spoon race, let alone a country.

    Fucking prissy, knobless cunt.

    ALL politicians are cunts. I think I can catagorically state that after this fucking debacle of Brexit, we are an international laughing stock.

    Merry fucking Christmas….NOT.

    • Severely fucked off by Mogg.
      He had the support of the people and pissed it away.
      We are ruled by incompetent globalist lackey scum

  13. They’re all cunts who vote for their political careers above all else.
    The Labour opposition are a bunch of lilly-livered cunts who don’t know their arse from their elbow.
    The Libdems are just cunts.
    The SNP cunts just want independence for Jockland.
    The DUP are a bunch of blackmailing, freeloading cunts.
    But beware the wrath of The People cos if you fuck up Brexit you’ll see that we’re way bigger cunts than you are.

  14. This doesn’t change anything, just a bunch of cowards fearing a Labour government. Hopefully the 4th Reich will pompously refuse any changes, despite the old harridan’s bj offers, and this wretched “deal” will be cast out. It’s a pyrrhic victory. The hunchback is still a Remainiac and won’t see her shit voted in.

    My G&T celebration is on hold.

      • “I vow to LEAVE my cuntry”…
        Sooner or later I surely shall, as politicos don’t care a toss, I feel that I am overstretched trying to care any more.
        Thought about E side of England, but too close to Luton, and Scotland seemed good, until you look at Turdgun and her nutters.
        It could be out of the frying pan, and into the shite-sandwich maker.
        Am praying Switzerland will tell the EU to fuck off; my eight-year experience there told me they’re pretty resilient.
        I too may become a refugee…and Switzerland is a lovely place.

  15. I made the mistake of watching Sky Uk News at Ten. Hard not to feel despair at the incompetence and corruption of politicians of all stripes.

    So glad I live half a planet away. And since I now have an extra passport that allows visa-free entry into most of Europe, I don’t give a fuck. I feel for you cunts having to put up with this shit every day.

  16. Just the latest stage in the game, these unprincipled bastards are having the time of their lives. It’s what they live for. They love the sound of their own voices and they get paid a lot of money for their plotting and scheming. And what happens to the country in the meantime? Why should they care? Most of them are millionaires, it won’t affect them.
    Two and a half years ago they asked us to make a decision. We did so. It was their job to get us what we wanted, and look where we are today. Why are we so civilised about it? They’re pissing all over us. It’s a sick version of democracy we have in this country.

  17. It’s obvious what will happen now.
    -Treason May will dilly dally around until the entire world and the eu looks at us as the weak saps that we (or at least our rulers) are.
    -She’ll fuck it up so much that it’ll have to go to a second referendum. Hearing what the tratorous cunts are suggesting, I doubt leave will even be on the ballot. Either way, the vote will be rigged.
    -The sly news and BBC propaganda machine will hammer us day in, day out.
    -The sheeple will believe the establishment propaganda and will be scared into doing what they’re told.
    -Remain will win.
    -The backstabbing cunts will be celebrating in the streets, talking about how hope defeated fear, and laughing their heads off at us stupid backwards looking poor people.
    -It will kick off. BIG TIME.

    ….or maybe I’m believing the propaganda. Maybe I’m just a pessimist. Maybe the vast majority of people will see it for what it is and vote wto brexit…

    Huh ….

  18. Fret not, my fellow cunters. The daft cow has got to re-negotiate the exit deal with the EU in order to get something she thinks the Commons will support. That’s not going to happen. The EU know she’s fucked and have no vested interest in helping her dig herself out of a hole. Her deal will be rejected in the Commons so the no-confidence vote will be immaterial. She’s a dead woman walking. She knows it. We all know it. The melt down will be fun to watch. Good evening.

  19. The real cunts are the 15 Tory MPs who support May but who sent in the necessary 15 letters of no confidence to force the issue now – where she might survive – rather than after Xmas where her position would be completely untenable, with the other Tory traitors who back her fearing they’d become political lepers once auld “weak and rickety” has gone.

    So forcing it now (and with the PMs blessing – knowing she had the votes in the bag) means she stays in and her supporters avoid becoming pariahs next year when they wouldn’t have the voting numbers.

    If Steptoe does make a play for PM the logical choice would be to vote Tory to try and stave off a Labour Govt. However, as there literally is no difference between Labour and the Tories these days, I think we ought to vote elsewhere.

    Irrespective of how you feel about the direction Gerard Batten has taken UKIP recently, his is the only party whose common sense manifesto parallels that of what most ordinary folk would want.

    He’s also one of the few political leaders I can tolerate listening to without thinking they have a hidden agenda.

    He comes across as a sensible, intelligent bloke, unmarred by the school-to-govt pathway that most red and blue MPs take (and who then never know real life, or a day’s real work outside of the Cuntminster bubble).

    If the sheep want to continue voting red or blue then that’s fine, just don’t expect anything to change because they – the red and blue MPs – won’t change. Why would they? There’s nothing in it for them to change.

    Oh and would be Labour voters: if you are as pissed off at the entire shambles that is Cuntminster as everyone else and you STILL vote red then I hope you enjoy your Tony B.Liar MKII government!

    Comrade Steptoe may get Labour into power but the sharks will soon circle and it won’t be long before you have a David Milliband PM and a Chuka Remoaner Chancellor government (or vice versa) and then we’re doomed to a 3rd dark age, much like the 2nd (1997-2010), where immigration from every third world shithole goes unabated (encouraged even) in a “votes for free shit” stitch-up guaranteeing a shite Labour government in perpetuity.

    And think about this: it won’t be the likes of David Milliband or Chuka Remoaner who feel the “benefit” of their Soros fuelled anthropology but we fucking will!

    Q: How do you know if an MP is lying?

    A: Their mouth is open!

    When it happens vote UKIP.

    When Article 50 is withdrawn stop your Council Tax.

    Eventually they (the main parties) might notice that we truly are fed up of being continually lied to and being made to feel like 2nd class citizens in our own bastard country!


    • I think the next general election will purely be decided between which party supports hard brexit and which party supports remain. If UKIP is hard brexit then they’ll be on one side, likely Labour on the other. My fear, is that although I have no opinion of Tommy Robinson yet (never really followed any far right parties, just because I never thought they’d get anywhere past a protest vote), a lot of people, even those who voted hard brexit, will believe the media and just see him as a hate fueled racist. I think what UKIP do over the next few months is key to them having any real chance come voting time. Gerard Batten obviously wanted the backing of all the far right party voters and sure up that section of the UK. But now he’s done that he has to make sure he doesn’t lose others because of the racist stigma. He also has to win a lot of votes from Catweazel.

      It’s not going to be easy, but played right, UKIP has a slither, at least to get a foot in the door. But they need a plan, start ramping up the their own media propaganda, before Farage starts up this new party and steals thousands of votes from UKIP and by default ensures a Labour victory.

      • Although Sir Nige is great IMO I find it very cynical that he chooses to start a new party that will knowingly split the UKIP vote.

        • I think Farage is a cunt. As soon as the leave majority came to be, he has wandered around, dazed like a Jap soldier after the end of WW2.

          Now as much use as a cardboard penis. Like Camoron, he was instrumental in starting this shit and some of us are now beginning to believe the prick should have left well alone.

          BTW I voted Leave, but I now regret it.

        • My thought entirely. It really makes the whole fucking fiasco look like a choreographed stunt.
          It seems that every time there is an opportunity for something good to happen, it is snatched away, and we are stuck with the same old crapola.

          Btw, has anything been heard of Monique / Cali ? I was worried, given the forest fires &c….

    • The committed Left /Momentum heavy 500,000 membership of the Labour Party would never vote for cunts like Chucka and Millicunt. The country would have to plumb the depths of a Venezuela or Greece before that would stand any chance of happening.

      Great point about the 15 Tories and the confidence vote trick. Machiavellian cunts.

    • The majority of people, whether they voted Leave or Remain, don’t know about the Kalergi Plan and that UN migration pact, which has been signed by Theresa the Appeaser, is going to cause bloodshed. RIP Britain.

      • Oh we signed it did we?

        Oh well that will make EU “free movement” look like a bus trip compared to what’s coming then!


        Remind me of when we were asked – at any point – if we would like to give our country away? No, me either!

        The invitation post WW2 brought in folk who did integrate but by the 60’s there was no real need for more immigration.

        How did Japan cope/recover after their domestic losses in WW2 to become an economic powerhouse by the late 60’s without virtually ANY immigration?

        If our numbers were so fucked after WW2, how come 2 million Brits were paid to emigrate to Australia in the immediate post war years?

        And now, do we really need any more pointless immigration (i.e. simply coming here for free handouts and to vote Labour)?

        Please send your answers for the above questions to:

        THEY DON’T CARE!
        P.O. BOX CUNT

  20. I used to work at Tory HQ in the 80’s..Mavis is no Maggie,but I am beginning to believe she can get us over the line. We will be leaving,as planned
    It is just the specifics that need to be clearer.

  21. Baically, this means that:
    1) There will be no more Conservative party – they don’ give a flying fuck about democracy, only trying to help themselves at the trough
    2) 50% of the MP’s who voted for May will NOT be re-elected next GE.
    3) Until such time as the EU crumbles into dust (and it WILL happen), we will be their serfs
    4) Corbyn and his commies will ruin the country over the next 10 years or so, but if THAT is the price that must be paid, the the Conservatives (May) deserve it all
    5) I will NEVER vote Tory again

  22. My MP backed her. Can’t really say I’m surprised, he’s always been a centrist and a bit of a cunt (although he’s pro-hunting), and was against the EU referendum from the start.

    TBH I think our best chance of not having a second referendum still lies with May, and with deepest regret that a lot more cojones were not displayed at the outset of this comedic process, and that May became PM at all, it’s hard to see how a hard Brexit can be achieved at this stage of the game. While the Blairite rump of Labour seems to have pulled the Corbyn Clique over to its way of thinking about the EU, the DUP remain in the 17th century, and the Scots Nats in the 14th, I’d rate the chances of any exit on ISAC’s terms (with which I am proud to associate myself) as nil. The numbers are wrong.

    • Why not a second referendum? She’s lied about everything else. Especially as it’s the only thing that commands majority support in the remoaning House of Common Cunts. It’s a slam dunk!

      • Best chance, I said. Not racing certainty. She’s said so often that it’s not an option that even she must see that she’ll be the new Nick Clegg if she reverse ferrets. OK, she’s going down anyway. What has she got to lose by sticking to this particular gun? Nothing whatever.

        Say the hard Brexit crew were by an absolute miracle able to put a PM in. The clamour for R2 would rise to a crescendo, from all sides of the house, and the PM would have to use an executive order to accomplish our departure without it. But we don’t have executive orders, do we? Tough shit, Trump isn’t PM.

        A further miracle piled on miracle – we somehow withdraw on WTO rules. We’ve wasted two years-worth of planning time for this (even if some companies have considered the possibility) and the jumping-off-a-cliff scenario punted by Project Fear looks considerably more realistic than it did at the outset.

        The best I can hope for is some limited disconnection from the EU. Not nearly enough, and at a high cost, sure. But the financial powers that be, unelected and anonymous, will make sure that’s all we manage to get…if anything.

        • It’s ok… she’s already started rowing back on that commitment, twice this morning she refused to rule out a second referendum when asked by reporters, so she’s well on her way to being “the new Nick Clegg” as you put it… though I’d argue she passed that milestone many months ago, in fact I’d say Clegg’s a “pretty straight sort of guy” compared to Mavis. She’s a liar unsurpassed in my lifetime anyway…

  23. I predict at the next General election their will be a huge surge in UKIP support. I can’t believe that people who voted leave will have any faith in the other parties again. The public’s belief has been wearing pretty thin with Labour and Tory in recent years. Whar with Eu puppet May , Corbyn’s Momentum, sorry Labour, Lib Dumbs, they dont even count.

  24. Worse even than the bitch May, is the Tory favourite to succeed her, arch remainer , first of a long line of Camel buggering Mudslimes , yours truly, the one and only Javid ! Cunt, cunt, cunt cunt

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