Sophie Khan

Sophie Khan. Who the fuck is that, I hear you ask? Sophie Khan is the Police Action Centre’s Director of Legal and Policy. Last night, the daft trollop was on LBC advocating that police ask gang members if they think it’s a good idea for armed police to carry out foot patrols in the areas that they, (the gang members), carry out their illegal, nefarious activities. Here’s a link to the stupid cows’ organisation

‘People’ like her make my fucking blood boil. Cunts that support an organisation like this should be forced to stick a coppers uniform on and walk the fucking streets to actually see what goes on and The Feds have to put up with on a daily basis.

Weapons grade, Olympic standard, gold -medal winning cunts.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

39 thoughts on “Sophie Khan

  1. Probably responsible for more budding architect deaths than any other single person due to her actions against stop and search and the racist police. So not all bad.

  2. This woman is a fucking joke! A few years ago I asked her,on LBC, if she would prefer if plod carried rolled up copies of the Guardian instead of batons….

    • Do they want an accompanying social worker too, to help with their ‘anxiety issues’ and the trauma of poverty, austerity and racism which seems to be the liberal hyperbole of the day.

    • This silly bitch wouldn’t be related to the great Sadiq would she ?(you know the bloke whose dad was a bus driver…)

  3. It’s weird! I had absolutely no idea who she was but thought she looked like a cunt!
    Then I read the post and attached link to her site and my first impression was indeed correct…..
    I’m sick and fucking tired of these type of individuals who infest every walk of British life these days……

  4. There is a memorial to a dead piece of filth in Islington who died whilst on a scooter being pursued by plod. The locals decorate it weekly. I would love to take a dump all over it

    • There was a shrine set up overnight in my old town dedicated to the oh so sad loss of a car full of joyriders who took a short cut through a massive oak tree on a notorious bend at high speed. Well not quite through it but crumpled up in the scuffed bark. The car then magnificently burst into flames with the driver trapped inside. If this wasn’t karma at a beautiful level it gets better knowing that said toasty teenager was responsible for the deaths of an elderly couple in a previous joyriding incident.
      I decided to pay my respects at the scene by placing a card amongst all the “ forever in r hearts” that read. “ fuck you , you theiving filth. If I’d known there was a hog roast on I would have brought some rolls.”
      Forever in r hearths.
      See what I did there?
      Nice to know he experienced being burnt alive 😃

      • Upon reading the first few lines I thought what a heartless cunt you were cuntsville. The further I read the more wholeheartedly in agreement with you I was / am.
        Problem is cuntsville – there just isn’t enough Karma around. The detritus and pure filth that pervades our towns and cities of all hue and race causing absolute and utter mayhem, death and destruction I am sure didn’t or hasn’t existed in its current proclivity ever.
        A white couple who had been attended to by the police PLC on a “domestic” left having been assured by the mother that her new born son was in no danger and that his dad was just off on one. 2 weeks later young Stanley Davis aged 3 weeks was dead – a broken skull and it has transpired in the latest hour that he had suffered 40 fractures over his little body. ( I seethe as I write this) – Karma needs to arrive at the drug addled pair of cunts door rapid. They were arrested at the time of his death and both tested positive for cocaine. So, Roxanne you putrid excuse for a human being and your partner Samuel Davies I hope you are literally shaking like shitting dogs on your first night of a 10 year sentence (30 years too little in my opinion) imagining every clank to be some 16 stone blambo called Daisy looking to ream you a new orifice. If a go fund me page was set up to have the cunts cobbled in the nick I would bung a ton in. As for young defenceless Stanley – RIP little fella – nobody deserved that kind of pain in a 100 years – never mind 3 weeks.

        • Cheers Cunto. It’s a shame those two monsters didn’t cadge a lift that night.
          On a side note. The local paper interviewed the mother responsible for pupping the little cunt.
          She said she became worried when he didn’t come home as he was always back by 5am.
          What a good lad.

          • A happy ending all round then? 😉 Cant beat a good death in the family when the deceased were cunts who deserved it. I still cant believe how anyone can lay hands on babies. I don’t think an adequate word is available in any language.

  5. Another rich foreign bitch telling us what to do.
    Fuck off back to Joe Daki Stan and sort their coppers out you cunt.

  6. They would call her husband to teach her some fucking respect. A burkah would not go a miss.
    Slag needs novitexing.

  7. The following extracts were taken from the latest edition of “Khans’ Londonistab Definition of Terms, Phrases and Thesaurus”…

    Police on non-enriched = justified (especially for hurtful tweets, throw away they key)!

    Police on enriched = brutality.

    Enriched on non-enriched = accidental.

    Non-enriched on enriched = waycism.

  8. Mods. There is another cuntsville posting.
    Are duplicate handles allowed?
    The shrine post above is mine.
    The doppelgänger is in the Lesley Garrett thread.

  9. These types never realise that their liberal snowflake fuckwit ideas are the cause of much of this crime. Their answer: more snowflake fuckwittery and until we get back to some ‘look mate, this is right and this is fucking wrong’ common sense then things can only get worse i’m afraid.

    • Share your pain SH I suppose we can but hope this arsewipe gets to experience some of the attractions of our enriched capital city. Some American chap who’s name escapes me once said “A liberal is a conservative who has not been mugged” I hang on tenterhooks. Not perverly of course.

  10. Fucking interfering, libtard cunt.

    Yes dear, let’s ask the criminal element if they approve of armed fuzz on their doorstep . Let’s take a wild guess what their answer would be…..

    ….answers on a postcard, if you happen to be a giant fuckwit like this cunt.

    She also has a problem with tasers in that they have been known to ‘kill people’ and are used excessively. She has also represented cunts such as an agressive pisshead who was caught shoplifting, squared up to the cops when they arrived and taunted them to fight and was therefore tasered.

    She would apparently prefer fluffy handcuffs, a peck on the cheek and a ‘there, there diddums’.

    God, this country is a total joke. Someone needs to taser this cunt and keep reloading.

  11. Looking at the picture I mistook her for a man.
    Whilst this may seem like a juvenile taunt, it may be the underlying reason for her crass behaviour.

    • Looking at the picture I almost mistook her for a woman.

      It’s a tranny, dumbass!


  12. Ridiculous idea. Last time that I went wild boar hunting in Italy, I didn’t ask the hogs if I should be armed when I ambushed them…. I’ve got some cracking photos and a few spare chops for sale if anyone’s interested.

  13. Back in the day the rich cunts lived in castles with their own private armies. The plebs were kept out and had to sort the criminals out for themselves.
    That’s where we are going my friends.
    Wanna buy a suit of armour? I can give you mates rates.

    • After being snubbed for a Knighthood, apparently David Beckham’s suit of armour is going cheap!

      As Beck’s said: “Wey’ull, Vics was gatted o’course vat oy dident get thee honour like. Bat actually oy gots off lacky cos oy’d look darft wearin’ a suit of armour orl bleedin’ day, in’it!”

      • I often think how appropriate the term “gutted” is, especially for all these fish-smelling slags.

  14. This cunt is a member of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.
    They probably burn up quite a lot of public money, defending perpetrators of crimes related to illegal immigration , architectural stabbings and nasty stop and search of cunts.
    Who’d have thunked it ?
    Good evening.

  15. Priti Patel is making waves this evening .
    Anyone for a potato famine ?
    The proper place for a backstop is up Varadkar ‘s arse.
    So it is.

  16. This gets my vote as Best Idea of the Year. We should aid the enrichers in our society in every way possible. They add so much to our culture and values.
    The cunts.

  17. Whilst I can’t bring myself to read this slug trials article I would be interested to know it’s views on what the Police should do when innevitably those gangs said ‘like fuck in it’.

    What on earth was the point of the question?

    Have I missed something?

    Last night on LBC…..

    And our next caller is Kwambee from Peckham. Hi Kwambee, I understand you’re a current member of the ‘I’m going to stab you up gang’ who are currently terrorising the streets of Peckham, so tell me Kwambee, what do you think of this idea of armed police patrolling the streets where you and other gang members currently operate…….’

    ‘……well it’s like ya know, when like you doin’ ya thing like ya know inn it you know what I mean well i think, like, ya know, if five O is like abaaaat then yeh it’s a good think, inn it…….’

    ‘…….so let me get this straight Kwambee you actually think it’s a good idea to have armed police patrolling the streets where your gang and gangs like yours operate….’

    ‘……..yeh then like it will stop us like making da moneez and stop us like stabbin up da boyz that give us da eye, inn it….’

    ‘…..Kwambee Sophie Khan from the Police Action Centre is in the studio and would like to ask you a question…’

    ‘……Hiiiiiiiii Kwambee, I jussst want to saaay that I really admire you’re struggle you know, absoluuuutley, yeh and well don’t you think it’s pure racial profiling and racist victimisation should the police deploy armed foot patrols on the streets of Peckham and the like…’

    ‘…….. listen up youz fucking trannie lookalike bitch, imz going to fucking dry bum you you fucking slaggg and when I’m finished ma boyz is goin to slap yaz up inn it, how many types of fucking cunt is youz to think that’s a good idea, what da fuck did yaz think I’d say, oh and I’d rather be fuckin dead like than be a Trannie Parking Stanley…..’

    Fuck yaz……

  18. Make the cunt walk through one of these enriched areas and see how far she gets before calling the police.
    “The police are on their way ma’am… what’s your name?”
    “Sophie khan”..
    “Aah… well they’re very busy tonight, it may take a while for them to arrive.”

    I do often wonder if these cunts have ever actually been the victim of a crime and if they were, would they change their tune.
    Unfortunately they’re such deluded pussies, I suspect that they’d still be defending the crims.
    Not the one that committed a crime against them of course. Oh no, that cunt would have to go to prison. It’s just the lower class scum victims that don’t deserve justice.

    I think it should be a crime to have the name khan.
    Immediate exile or life imprisonment….
    …or hanging if your first name is sadiq and you have a face like a rat.

  19. just looked at their site. no doubt making loads of money out of and making misery for all right minded folks. all good english names if you look at their ‘our people’ section hah, .Actually them names will probably be the most used in a generation or two. reminds of the muslim who said’ relax british people all your grandchildren will be muslim. Algerian president years ago said we will not defeat you by bombs but by the wombs of our women. makes me boil. cuntz.

  20. Yet another fucking parasite who believes that the welfare of stabby dindu nuffins should rank above that of protecting the law abiding public against this filth.

    Sarah Khunt – why doesn’t she pursue a change in career for something more worthwhile? For example, she could be gainfully employed as a speedhump by lying across the road. CUNT!

  21. The other darkie cunt, Suckdick, is in the news cos TFL funds union activity to the tune of £10m whilst TFL finances go down, well, er, the tubes.

    Can’t wait til this cunt gets ousted.

  22. Government officials are fully aware of, but deny knowledge of, “Soft Jihad”. The more “sensible” adherents of the religion of peace are aware that bombing and killing is not a productive way of spreading their vile belief system. Instead, they are encouraged to breed, take up “influential” positions: School Governors, councillors, MPs etc (positions which most sensible indigenous residents have no interest in). There is already a disproportionate number of these undesirables in those positions, it will soon increase to the point where they have hijacked our country. The denial of Soft Jihad, and the fear of tackling it, is probably the most dangerous and insidious threat we will have to tackle when our patience/indifference runs out.

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