Scratters on bikes

Scratters On Bikes
I think the consensus on IsAC would have it that while not all cyclists are cunts, there are an awful lot of cunts going around on bikes.
We’re all familiar with that ludicrous, self-satisfied sub category of cycle cunt known as the ‘lycra loony’. I’d like to cunt another sub category, namely, scratters on bikes. Going along a main road in my car earlier, I was suddenly mortified by the sight of a scratter on a bike hurting straight towards me, on MY side of the road. You’ll know the type. Hoody, scarf across face, scruffy trainers, shitty ‘shell’ bottoms; his best outfit in fact. As if this behaviour wasn’t execrable enough, the bag o’ shite was actually freewheeling, as he was using both hands to text on his mobile!! Naturally I gave this fucker a wide berth, and of course he was supreme in his arrogance that everyone would do just that.
Scratters are lowlife cunts period, but scratters on bikes are a repugnant antisocial disease. They weave recklessly through traffic. They race along pavements doing wheelies, they ignore red lights and belt through pedestrian crossings when the green man (sorry, ethnic minority pedestrian crossing facilitator) is on. Remonstrate with a scruff on a bike and you’ll get a ‘fuck off’ for your trouble. The Highway Code is something for everyone else to adhere to, and for them to disregard with impunity. They invariably dress in hard to see clothes without benefit of high visibility strips or lights when it’s dark, and they invariably don’t wear helmets. They behave this way because they can. They’re very hard to identify, can disappear quickly, and no doubt are very hard to catch, even if the scuffers actually gave a fuck.
These arseholes are about as welcome as a dose of the clap. They’re like flies in summer, and they’re everywhere. I swear that if I witnessed an incident between one of these ratbags and a vehicle, I’d take the vehicle driver’s part, wherever responsibility actually lay. That’s how much I hate these fuckers. Scratters on bikes should fuck off and die, as of yesterday. Cunts every one.

Nominated by Ron Knee

15 thoughts on “Scratters on bikes

  1. Agreed. I had one a few months ago riding deliberately towards me as I’m driving. I wasn’t moving though and the thought of the twats mangled body being spat out behind my jeep encouraged me further… now it’s a game of chicken. The cunt moved last minute and had the cheek to swear.

    At that point I did get out and they shat themselves and fucked off. Very pleased with my childish behaviour. Cunts

    • See these types around Cardiff – look sus like pikeys, boney, emaciated, dead-eyed, like they’ve had their souls sucked out.

      Or just fucking brainless knobheads.

      Am off to shave with Occam’s Razor…

  2. Yes, these cunts-on-wheels are a familiar sight here in Birmingham, especially when they regularly descend on the Bull Ring Shopping Centre – 20 or 30 of them, all hooded up, on their bikes swarming the gleaming floors, doing donuts and wheelies, and leaving massive skidmarks all over the fucking place.

    And then they fuck off back onto the main arterial roads causing havoc and chaos, especially during rush hour. But for them its one big laugh, that will be recorded on their nicked Iphones and uploaded to SM for the likes!

    Trouble is, if you hit one of these cunts in your car you’re the bad guy, and these scheming scumbags know that! And its all captured not only on their phones but street CCTV. And if a cunt ends up in hospital, or better still a wooden box 6ft under, you’ll be up before the beak, as well as having your home vandalised once the family of the deceased know where you live!

    And as we read recently of London cops knocking cunts off their stolen mopeds, the Left will make it a habit of protecting these thieving shitbags, while making you- the innocent bystander – the vicious, uncaring racist thug you are!

    • The Left…protecting thieving shitbags…while demonising the victims = Coudenhove-Kalergi and Common Purpose in action.

  3. You’d better not harm a hair on one of their innocent little heads or you will have an army of coppers, SJWs , social workers and assorted do gooders on your arse. It’s not your world anymore. You are here to work and pay taxes.
    If you don’t like it you’ve got a vote. Oh…..wait a minute…

    • It’s all about acting the cunt and then playing the victim for far too many these days, encouraged by the neo Marxist authoritarianism of the ‘radical’ (ie loony) left. I’ve cunted SJWs seperately to get it off my chest, and it may appear on here in due course.

  4. Great cunting!
    Remember though, that these scrawny little pricks are undernourished due to being raised on frozen food, unfit due to smoking and dumb as fuck due to truancy.
    Punch one and they will fall like a dead sack of shit.
    The first post is correct, refuse to move out of their way. In the case of the nom, simply stop and put your hazards on. Then enjoy the laugh of your life as they and their stolen bike get squeezed by the laws of physics as they somersault over your car.
    Work shy dodgers and thieves. Cunts the lot of them.

  5. Scroaty cunts the lot of em.
    A zombie plague of sewer rats on two wheels who need to be culled by steam roller, and have their entrails hoovered up by seagulls.

  6. Great Cunting Ron.

    Off topic a bit but here’s hoping Sky pulling out of cycling will trigger something of a national downturn in the modern plague of ALL two wheeled cunts.

    Bradley Wiggins is Swahili for Imbecilic Twat-faced Cunt

    • Having liked this I realise I’ve just voted for Christmas in my turkey suit. I am a two wheeled cunt. My wheels have a motor, I’ve got my license, tax, MOT, insurance, mirrors and indicators, and I don’t ride like a cunt. I hope you will reconsider your all-inclusive comment somewhat.

      Scrotes and Lycra faggots boil my piss as much as they do yours. But the scrotes know they’re being arsy little cunts or drug runners on the fringes of society, while the Wigginsoids are smug cunts who think they are the norm with which everyone else must comply, and take my personal award for hypercuntishness. Fuck them all, anyway.

  7. Scratters on bikes in the north east, possibly like everywhere else are blokes in their 20s or 30s.
    The reason they don’t give a flying fuck to rules of the road, common sense or general humanity is simple- they’re drug couriers. I’m all for a bit of entrepreneurial excellence but if you’re selling dodgy tablets or 10 way cut sniff then you’re up for a head on argument with my motor.

    • Bloody hell if there’s one thing worse than a scratter on a bike it’s a drug-running scratter on a bike. Cunts without hope of reprieve.

  8. “Scratters on bikes should fuck off and die’ – I concur. I would give my right arm to witness a fatal accident.

    I used to live in Dunstable, which is one of the biggest shit-holes in the Northern Hemisphere, and that place is teeming with the cunts. Scruffy, illiterate, low-IQ, white-trash estate vermin.

  9. Encountered a pack of these cunts outside Waterloo station. Pedestrian crossing over 4 lanes of traffic. Horrifically busy at all times. Not helped by a shitty loop into the station that nobody ever indicates at. Anyway lights go red to traffic and the usual 50-100 people try and cross. Then a pack of these cunts hurtle round the corner and plough headlong through the pedestrians, pulling wheelies without slowing at all telling various profanities like ‘get out the fucking way you wanker’. How they didn’t hit anybody lord knows. All of this observed by two cops in a car about 40 yards away who did fuck all. Woman asked not impolitely if they were going to do anything, to be met with the same level of profanity as from the cunts on bikes. Obviously couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork or the fact that they’d either never catch any of them or be faced with some human rights lawyer bleating about potential injury on pursuit. You can guarantee if one of the pedestrians had pushed one of the cunts off their bikes they’d have been arrested on the spot. Just a great shame there wasn’t a double decker pulling out of the station. Could have wiped out a dozen x innumerable benefit payouts for the next 70 years. Cunts.

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