Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is a fucking cunt…

The Berties manager had this to say recently: : I’’m delighted for the Rainbow Laces campaign…. The campaign is not just football but for human beings who have to fight every day… That’s why it’s a fight for everyone, everywhere’…

The utter fucking shameless hypocrisy is staggering… Your fucking owners execute people for being gay, you fucking egg headed dago prick… So fuck off, Fraudiola, You fucking oil money hoovering dictator dick sucking whore of a cunt…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. James O’Brien is the world’s BIGGEST CUNT. That is official,because I say so. Anyone disagree?

  2. ” That’s why it’s a fight for everyone, everywhere”…..he’s fucking right. It’s a fucking fight not to have to hear some over-paid, prima-donna footballing Cunt virtue-signalling. Poofs,sick children,the Hillsborough 96 etc.,there’s nothing on which the vacuous Cunts won’t give us their invaluable thoughts… “We really care,we do”..load of shite,all they care about is picking up their next obscene cheque and possibly roasting some drunk,thick,barely-legal Mandingo-lover.

    Fuck them.

      • A load of blokes ‘ manhandling ‘ each other, then all going for communal
        ‘ bathies ‘ hmmmmm .
        Deport them to San Francisco, just to be on the safe side.

      • An old friend who used to frequent my back passage on occasions, used to play rugby union.
        If I remember correctly his name was Gareth Thomas, or something similar.

        • If you’re still in touch, could you please ask him if mr Fiddler’s proposed version of events regarding his beating is accurate? Just for laughs you know.

          • Next time I’m out and about the bars of Cardiff, I shall mention to Gaggzy when I see him that fiddler would like a reunion.

  3. Cannot understand the plaudits rained down on this prick, he simply goes where the money is.

    My next-door neighbour could do a better job and she knows more about ‘rugger’ and other homo sports than the Beautiful Game.

  4. Couldn’t give two hoots about any noise coming from any football related circus freak. That’s all they are, circus freaks. Kicking around some sack of air like it means anything. Get fucked with your opinions and stick to performing like a juggling monkey.

  5. I see Chelsea fans are in the dock again, everybody and their fucking dogs coming out to stick their noses in.

    This time in a match in Hungary, apparently not aimed at the opposing team but references to Spurs (the Y…)

    Its a funny thing, prejudice will always be around, its human nature, in some cases it is thouroughly justified as we all know.

    One of my friends said, in a thousand years from now there is only one thing that will be certain….. Jews will be killing arabs and arabs will be killing jews.

  6. Christ, seven cuntings in one day. Good work.

    It’s akin to studying a PhD in Cuntology.

  7. A black footballer gets verbals from the stand, if he can’t handle it, I would suggest he’s in the wrong trade.
    It’s nothing new.
    Insults are based on obvious differences.

    I heard a bloke shout….

    “Crouch…you fucking lanky cunt”…
    The obvious point is that Crouch is lanky. Maybe that’s heightist, but only that.

    Maybe the FA could Mic up the officials to hear the abuse from the players on decisions. Not a chance, ever.

    So some Chelsea supporters are suspended and a life ban could be in the offing so the right thing will appear to have been done.

    Stan Collymore gave Ulrika Johnson a fucking hiding in a Paris bar. Bit of a hoo-ha but not long till he’s back at work in the media.
    And that other cunt Jamie Carragher…can’t handle a bit of banter so starts gobbing everywhere.
    Slap on the wrist, grovelling apology. Back to work earning shitloads.
    I love football…but there’s just too many cunts involved today….

  8. Football guy mouthing off? Is it a confession regarding satchels of cocaine and the recent inability of teenage daughters to walk following a scandalous thirty minutes in a hotel room?
    Fuck off then.

  9. In yet another bizarre Brexit twist, Gary Lineker is now handling negotiations with Michel Barnier and Theresa May is presenting this weeks Match of the day.

  10. Well why not?
    Even a thicko like Linekunt can take orders and Mavis is used to reading from a script.
    Interchangeable cunts.

  11. I can’t recommend the purchase of rainbow laces highly enough, I’d suggest that the limp wristed, tail gunning, doughnut punching, sick deviant cunts buy several dozen pairs! Then turn them into a fuckin noose! Diseased CUNTS

  12. As soon as I saw the effigy of that baldy headed Magoo cunt I thought Normans been at it.
    The irony – the thieving raghead mercenary buying a tossed off club who always lived in the shadow of the glorious reds buying a barrow load of foreign mercenary footballers playing in a fucking council house in East Manchester called the Emptijihad that only gets filled when one direction or coldplay are doing a pop concert who, back in his own pisspot shithouse, treats immigrants like fucking slaves and has a human rights record slightly ahead of Hitler and this baldy headed loon has the overpaid cunts wearing rainbow laces and spouting off about Sterling showing great character for being called a Manc Cunt by Chelscum fans and applauding unnatural habits doesn’t know that back in sandbagsville they hump the cunts off tall buildings to see if they bounce?? The fucking idiocy of football managers has no bottom to the pit unless of course you are a Knighted ex United player / manager 😉

  13. All fucking great replies and you all have pulled me back from rage as I was watching a pre – recorded Question Time from last night…. 4 to fucking 1 remain on the panel as usual blah blah blah…but in all seriousness Norman has hit on a fucking serious point. The owners of the club preside over human rights abuses of the kind which we produce history channel documentaries about the Third Reich .

    Seems their ilk have bought more shares of twitter than the fucking guy who invented it ( Saudi prince? please fact check if I’m wrong ) , They then ban conservatives from it for hate speech? all the while stoning cunts on the half way line of football fields ??

    The fucking media is complicit and probably owned by such as well… well exposed Norman.

  14. This is the type of occasion where the press needs to remind him about the type of people who pay him millions of pounds per year. The Qataris are fuckin awful but as most journalists have their tongues up Guardiola’s arsehole they keep quiet

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