Overuse of the Word ‘Bullying’

I want to Cunt “bullying”.

I’m constantly reading about “celebrities” who claimed to have been bullied at school. Yet when you read it, what the bullying amounted to was a bit of name-calling . Leaving aside the fact that they probably deserved it,what they describe is nothing more than teasing. It’s a part of growing up. However much people may dislike it, the world is not a nice place,and children need to learn how to deal with people who are “Cunts”…we Cunts exist in every walk of life and age is no barrier to our Cuntishness. Children need to learn that running to teacher isn’t going to be an option when they leave school and have to work and interact with people who don’t consider every bit of mickey-taking as “bullying”.

I,myself, was accused of “bullying” a lad who came to help on a forestry job that we were doing. Apparently telling him that he was a lazy bastard who seemed to think that he was too grand (thanks to his 1 year college qualification) to get on with the shitty parts of the job,leaving the clearing up to lads who’d forgotten more than he’d ever know….I’ll admit that I probably did say slightly more than that,but it needed saying. I’d have had more respect for him if he’d stood his ground,but he just went quiet,and I swear that his eyes started to water. All I got was a text from him that night saying that due to my “bullying” he wouldn’t be back the next day. Leaving aside the fact that I was going to finish the Cunt at the end of the week anyhow,how pathetic to just send a text…still at least I won’t have to pay him for the few days that he did. Apparently his father is coming to pick his gear up and collect his pay…his father is in for a nasty shock,I certainly won’t be paying and I chucked his gear out of the transit at my road end after getting the text….hopefully the binmen took it away.

I think that this “Run, Hide and Tell” shit is a symptom of the the general softness that seems so prevalent in the young today. When I was young there wasn’t a weekend village disco that didn’t end up in a punch-up….not knives or shit like that,but just a good punch-up that settled scores fuellled by a bellyfull of drink…noone ever got badly hurt,and nobody bore grudges,but people stood up for themselves….never happens now. Indeed,the last proper punch-up happened at a wake where some of us disgraced ourselves leading to a phone-call to the police concerning “a group of foul-mouthed old men in suits fighting on the village green” according to the copper who turned up the next day asking questions at the local pub.

“Bullying” has become an overused word and actually trivialises real bullying.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

29 thoughts on “Overuse of the Word ‘Bullying’

  1. As this current generation of wankers gets into the workplace any form of management or supervision will be called bullying. And bollockings will be against their yewman rites.
    Petting dogs and safe spaces will be compulsory in all industries.

  2. The schools are encouraging it too with the “kind words kind hands” mantra.
    Fuck that.
    My kids are told to hit back hard, then go and inform someone of what they’ve done so that we can get there and defend their actions.
    Kind hands. Fuck off.

    • Too right Cuntflap
      I was bullied mercilessly by a huge mong at secondary until one day something snapped and i booted the cunt straight in the nuts. Funnily enough I had no further bother. A lesson learned hard and well.

      • Saqib is apparently putting his trust in Allah. That is akin to dangling your old love spuds in the open mouth of a hungry crocodile and trusting it won’t snap its jaws shut.

        • Saqib sounds like he just wants to keep filling her up. Says he doesn’t believe the cousin thing (of course he doesn’t).

    • Is my dick on the floor, bleeding because I cut it off with a knife?

      Soft Cunt!

      Mind you, most of the fuckers are not just cousins but also uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews!

      So fuck off and take your “peaceful” Hills Have Eyes offspring back to wherever so it’s raspberryness doesn’t cost the UK taxpayer a lifetime of
      NHS support.

    • What the fucking fuck!

      Where is the outrage in this article?

      The same sack of cunt news organisation that gets outraged about the so called ‘gender pay gap’ doesn’t even go near the fact a women has been sent to Pakistan to be married without knowledge or consent.

      It’s genuinely astounding.

  3. I like a bit of bullying – bedroom bullying.

    Many women love men to bully them in the boudoir.

  4. People laughed at me and said I’d never be any good at poetry because of my dyslexia.

    Well, a vase, two ashtrays and a teapot soon proved those cunts wrong….

  5. Bullying? Slebs deserve all the wanking shit they got at school. Always the teachers fucking pet, snitches and self promoting. They are without a doubt , CUNTS !

  6. Top tier cunting Fiddler, you know what i say about bullying m8 early and often, honestly there were more toxic people at school who more determental to me in the long run. Tat a tales, gossip boxes, drug dealers, teachers who told the class your personal details. Hell some bullies I actually ended up being friends with

  7. J R Cuntley above. There is a poem with a vase in it. Philip Larkin’s ‘Home is so Sad’. Home is so sad. It stays as it was left, shaped to the comfort of the last to go as if to win them back. Instead, bereft of anyone to please, it withers so, having no heart to put aside the theft and turn again to what it started as; a joyous shot of how things ought to be, long fallen wide. You can see how it was: look at the pictures and the cutlery. The music in the piano stool. That vase.

  8. Hi guys.
    I’ve been working away for the past couple of weeks with the orphans in Cambodia, I work for feed the children. Over there there’s no bullying, they all help eachother.
    I used to be bullied from an early age due to being different. My parents sent me to the local boxing club from the age of nine, where I thrived and became pretty handy with my fists. After knocking the teeth out of the bullying cunt who was a year older than me, kids started to respect me a little more.
    The trouble was that I’d now got a taste for battering most people who looked at me wrong. This went on for a while then I realized I was no better than the bullies who used to bully me. So at the age of forty six I stopped bullying people.

  9. Some wankers need bullying, Owen Jones springs to mind, I would take great pleasure in administering relentless case of bullying that Harry Flashman would be proud of hopefully pushing Corbyn’s little boy to the brink of suicide.

  10. Wimminz are still nasty fuckers and seem to be the biggest bullies.

    At t’other end of the scale, the Soy Boy man-beard cunts think they’re being bullied if their decafe (why??? coffee = caffeine you cunts), iced (why??? coffee is supposed to be hot you cunts), double espresso (why??? double fuck all caffeine = fuck all caffeine you cunts) maciato (why??? it’s coffee not hot chocolate you cunts) isn’t served with chocolate sprinkles on top!

    Back in the day there were 3 kinds of cunt:

    – bullies.
    – cunts who were fed up of getting bullied and fought back.
    – cunts who were perpetually bullied.

    I was in the middle category for about 3 wks starting highschool untill a slow burning (but fucking lethal) temper eventually erupted and before the cunt could say anything I slapped him as hard as I could across the fucker’s left ear.

    Ooh, “slap”, you girl!

    Actually it was calculated. Not long before Halloween, freezing cold – ever been lamped on the ear with a football or owt when it’s cold? It fucking hurts! Plus is leaves no “grassers mark” to show teachers as it just looks like a cold morning ear (apart from the fact you could roast marshmallows from the glow off the fucker).

    That ended my encounter with bullying forever.

    The problem is these weak (anti)Social Media dependent fuckwits THINK they are being bullied (when it comes to some triviality) but when they really are bullied they simply melt.

    The weakness our nouveau men folk are exhibiting is fucking laughable. No the wonder the 2nd & 3rd gen “peaceful” scum strut round like they already own the place – they’ve seen the opposition!


  11. No shit. It’s like cunts throwing out “AD(H)D!!!” when someone points out they or their brats can’t sit still and stfu for the smallest length of time to save their lives.

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