Nicola Sturgeon [15]

Nicola fucking Sturgeon

Just listened to this entitled harridan on R4 demanding that the Labour Party do her bidding and support another referendum.

She is not an MP.
She sits in a Mickey Mouse assembly of misfits representing an economically negligible part of the UK.
(by the way, as is usual in these matters, challenge came there none from the Today presenter)
Isnt it time we made the SNP absolute rulers of the UK? They seem to be more important than the rest put together.
Sturgeon – Useless cunt with no self-awareness.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

25 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon [15]

  1. I cannot stand this helmet headed, whining, dry fannied, old tranny Jock.

    She needs to go and get fucked…literally. Maybe then she would lighten up and stop perpetually moaning about independence and pushing her fucking William Wallace ideals on everyone.

    Do these moronic cunts not understand the word ‘democracy?’ Do we have a second general election if people don’t get the result they want after that? This whole second referendum argument is beyond a joke now. It is like having a perpetually whining collective of big babies chucking their toys out of the pram because they didn’t get another fucking Farley’s Rusk.


    • Not sure any sane man is up to that job, Nurse C. I imagine that going down on Sturgeon would be like drinking the acid from a car battery. Splutter, bleurgh!

      I reckon she has wee sharp, pointy Scottish fangs lining the inside of her pink purse.

      • Methinks you may be very correct there, Paul. It would take a strong man (or one brandishing a white stick and guide dog) to venture near her nether regions.

        I bet she also has barbed wire around her ‘meat curtains’ just to be on the safe side……ewww.

        It is gonna take me a while to get that mental image out of my head now, lol.

  2. Only 15 cuntings for the Russian poacher? She deserves a lot more, as I hate her with real intensity. I wish I had telekinetic powers so could make her head explode, just by thinking about it. Never happened yet, though I’ve tried many times. She truly is the archetypal cunt who all other cunts strive to emulate. I hope her next shite is a spiny anteater. SNP? – bunch of cunts.

  3. Mental Scottish bitch.

    We know the story of another mental bitch don’t we children, this time a bit closer to home.

    In fact there are many, many stories of mental bitches at the moment, and not all confined to the political arena.

    Seriously wondering where things will end, the world is becoming a more and more fucked up place every day.

    The puppet masters at the very top of the pile must be creaming their pants in delight.

  4. This is the smug infuriating tyke that brought me to ISAC in the first place.

    Might even have saved my life!


  5. wee Jimmy, fuck off and take your fucking depressing country with you, Cunt!
    Peoples vote = Remoaners Reverse.
    Backstop = knife at the throat.
    Real referendum = the May deal or No Deal

  6. I can’t find any clips for it but an SNP dribbler complained to the Speaker of The House (mîdget Berclow) that Dennis Skinner had turned round and called him a “piece of shit.” Hilarious.

    The SNP sniveller is called Steward McDonald. Could you be any more of a Scottish cunt than that? Grow up, for fuck’s sake, you’re a grown man.

    • Fucking hell self respecting turds everywhere will be disgusted by Skinner’s reference to them in the same breath as an SNP cuntspunk

      • It’s a disgrace, Ron, an absolute offence. Little bits of turd will be knocking on their solicitors’ door demanding a day in court for slander.

  7. Never mind Sturgeon, it’s that Krankie thing in the header photo that worries me. Imagine poor Stephen Fry’s disappointment and disgust if he’d spent an evening entertaining it with his urbane charm,dazzling wit and a handful of Roofies,only to discover, mid-debagging, that it wasn’t actually a rather puerile adolescent “Dennis the Menace”, but rather a “Minnie the Minx” equipped with a Cunt….the horror!…Suppose he could always flip it face down and continue on his way.

    I’d lock The Krankies up,as well as Fry. I suspect the 3 three of them could be helpful to investigators in several unsolved serious crimes.

    Fuck Off.

      • Methinks she/he has been to the same wig manufacturer as Elton John.

        “Ye Auld Yellow Brick Syrup-Makers Shoppe”

        • Greased-Up Gerbils R Us…

          I must apologise for the puerility of some of my comments recently, but given all that is / isn’t kicking off, it’s about the only way I can clutch at what’s left of my sanity.

    • Not bitchy at all, Sir Knee. If the cap fits and all that….

      I don’t like bitching either (I know…..very hard to believe seeing as I am a demonstrable, miserable old cunt) but I only have a superficial pop at those who thoroughly warrant it, like this fishface. To me they are fair game considering the soapbox they have chosen to perpetually stand on, boring the arse of every poor bastard.

  8. What a fuckin repulsive, knob wilting creature, a fitting end for her would to be locked in a room with Pete Sutcliffe who has just been reunited with his trusty 24 oz ball pein hammer.

  9. By the soiled nappies of the six dozen toddler brides of Alan, she is a puce-faced old toad.

  10. Stop buying Scottish anything until the Scots vote out the SNP. No Scotch whiskey, salmon or Harry Potter.

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