Little Shitx

Little Mix are cunts…
These tuneless pop puppet slappers getting their kit off as a ‘feminist message’? Please pick me up off the fucking floor… If a bird wants to pose in the rick then fair enough… But it’s hilarious that they make out that it’s ’empowering’ and some sort of gesture about equality, just because they don’t have the intelligence to do anything else… See also Kim Lardassian, Rita Oral, and Emily Ratashagbag… It’s selling sex and nothing more… The Little Mix tarts have also covered their naked bodies in ‘nasty names’ that they’ve been called over the years… Funny that, I didn’t see the words ‘Slags’ ‘Talentless’ ‘Footballer Fuckers’ ‘Music Industry Whores’ and ‘Strippers’ there… Which is what everybody does call them…

And it’s photoshopped to buggery and all….

Nominated by Norman

22 thoughts on “Little Shitx

  1. If they really wanted to make a feminist statement, they would have had ‘child bride’, ‘FGM’, forced marriage’ and ‘stoned for adultery’ scrawled over their bodies but of course the peaceful ones are a protected species.

  2. For some unfathomable reason I actually know who these talentless pop poppets are, I suppose it’s a bit like that annoying fly that keeps landing on your TV screen whilst your trying to enjoy the footy? It’s very existence is fucking irritating you..
    I’ve no idea about their latest publicity stunt but I suppose it’s the 2018 version of the spice cunts Girl power shite?
    Personally I think their time would be better served receiving my millet over their chops…….😂

  3. I know do many fathers who are in despair that their daughters have found out who these idiots are.
    Check out some of their lyrics if you really fancy a chuckle. Window lickers doesn’t even begin to go there…

  4. And the ‘musical idols’ and ‘inspiration’ for Knckerless Mix?
    Carole King? Nina Simone? Kate Bush? Joan Baez? Janis Ian? Joan Armatrading? Sandy Denny?

    Nah! It’s -who else – the fucking Spice Girls….
    Not only talentless trollops, but also thick as pigshit cunts….

  5. Aren’t these the cunts who were like chickens without heads and ‘distraught’ because their backing tapes fucked up and they actually had to only sing live but also learn the lines to their own shitty songs? Stupid fucking slags!

  6. I’m pretty sure “just the touch of your love is enough to knock me off my feet” means getting slapped across the face with a massive cock.
    Dirty bitches – selling this shit to children.

  7. It will be interesting to learn what proportion of their income/profits will be reallocated to The Cause?

    Or is this “feminist empowerment” thing just another PR moment of convenience and empty rhetoric?

  8. As long as gullible clueless fools buy this undiluted shit Cowell will continue to foist this crap on us…
    It’s been happening for years
    Curiosity killed the cunt , Bros , boyzone, and new cunts on the block etc etc ….. mind you in saying that they look like musical geniuses compared to this bunch of talentless scrubbers….

  9. What feminist message is this they are touting exactly?, what looking like fucking whores and being a younger cheap copy cat version of the spice girls?!. Spice girls the simon cowhead produced shite, the cunts also had a feminist message girl power or whatever. All the while wearing slutty clothes and having very repetitive verse chorus verse cheap pop songs. So many deranged forms of feminisim I forgot which is which… They are really giving it to the patriarchy by wearing high heeled fuck me hard from behind hooker boots

    • thanks shaun for fishing that out ofthe spam folder i hate when that happens much appreciated

  10. They should be put to some proper gainfull employment on Pornhub or Xhamster. Porn sites I’ve only heard about but never watched of course.. I would offer my services for some Gand pa porn free of charge 😜😜😜

  11. They should be immediately rebranded as ‘The Gargling Cumbuckets’.

    I may just take an interest in them then.

  12. An excellent and most warrented cunting. Stunned to see these vapid representations of wimminz rights haven’t been cunted before.
    As expressed by my fellow cunters, I found it ironic to see that the way in which strong, independent, modern women display these virtues is to parade about in clothes like dental floss, warble on about how empowered they are and how their previous ‘conquests’ should be, like, ‘well jel’. Well fuck me sideways that these cunts are paraded about as role models for today’s young women. Maybe they just fit today’s society. I can wear what I like, do what I want, fuck who I like, but if anybody looks at me the wrong way, criticises me or I wake up with a steaming hangover and don’t like the poor bloke I boned last night I can scream rape / violation of my rights / sexism and grab the headlines in the next socialist broadsheet and commentary of every feminist group for the next month. I just wonder how the tubby one of the ‘group’ with an arse the size of Dartford feels about wobbling her gigantic moon in the same kit provided for her skinnier mates? Empowered probably. Fuck off.

  13. I couldn’t name one of their songs if you pointed a Kalashnikov up my fanny and threatened to give me an extra asshole.

    My Mum – the 77 year old guru that is Brenda – said it all when she watched ‘Strictly Cunt Dancing’ last week and they were appearing on it:

    ‘I don’t know who this lot are but they cant fucking sing’….

    ….and yes, she really did use the word ‘fucking’, my fellow cunters.

    Anyhoo, this shower wouldn’t know ’empowerment’ if it crawled up their tattooed legs and pulled all of their trashy hair extensions out. Just another lot of vacuous gobshites jumping on the feminazi bandwagon, thinking they know what the meaning of feminism is, but missing the point entirely because they are thick as shite.


  14. Fuck me back to the Bronze Age. It’s no wonder the young of today are clueless entitled cunts with no fucking clue about anything, when they have “role models” such as this. This is the world as we know it, and its cunted beyond the extraction point.

  15. The oldest profession in the world – women taking their clothes off to make some money. Jeez….

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