27 thoughts on “Lesley Garrett

  1. To be fair Sgt Major, the boys sound like poofy little tarts with a plum in their mouths. #Lets Ban December

    • Very true.

      Nine Lessons and Carols has been getting camper by the year.
      I reckon they sing with their little fingers held in the air.

      Sod Lesley Garrett.
      Christmas is a cunting time of year, fa-la-la-la, plastic berries on the mistletoe, come fill the cup with warm, flat beer &c. (Marty Feldman, IIRC)

  2. Regardless of what you think of choir boys, the point is the erosion of what we know and love. First it was Dr Who. It’ll be 007 next. We’re doomed!

    • Opry singer ? I suspect she lives somewhere in N. London.

      Alfred Brendel does, but he defo is NOT a cunt.

  3. It’s all part of the feminisation of the young. No such thing as “boys”…merely poor creatures born in the wrong body. They should all transition. There is nothing that cannot be improved by Feminisation. (tbf…where Choristers are concerned,they’re probably all poofs anyhow.)

    Female= Good.

    Get Fucked.

    • Afternoon Mr F, we are heading down the same road as Sweden. Genderless schools, gender-neutral pre-schools for fucks sake and future generation who as white Swedes will be a minority in their own country within a few decades thanks to uncontrolled immigration, no wonder the peacefuls feel so emboldened.

      • It’s gender-neutral shit-houses that I don’t understand. I can’t imagine that even the butchest of Dykes would want to use a stall after I’ve been in there.

        Disabled toilets, they’re the answer for me if I’m caught short in public. At least the cleaners know to expect a sight like an explosion at a sewerage works,and if a real disabled should follow me in,they’ll probably be used to it anyhow.

        Afternoon LL

        • I barge into places for a desperate shite, claiming to have “Crohn syndrome”…Works every time, no qs. asked. There’s a hotel in central Cardiff that’s good for this; receptionists – little bitches of both sexes – too busy attending to their nails in any case.
          I reckon it’s the “syndrome” thing that scares people.
          And my face.

      • Lucky for the Swedes we weren’t (gender) neutral in the war… unlike some countries.

  4. The Cof E I was cattleprodded into attending in my youth had wimmin choir members as well as nasty little boy cunts from the secondary mod in frilly collars. Nowt wrong with that – the timbre of a female alto/soprano is completely different from a boy singer’s. And if I hear that KCC carol service (by accident) one more time I will have to think of positive measures to suppress the event. The problem is wider than the composition of the choir.

    Besides, I am all in favour of equal silly-clothes shaming for both – or should that now be all? sexes.

  5. I want to be let into the girls’ netball team but I bet they won’t let me.
    It’s all one way….

    Daft bint. Nice tits.

  6. I think Leslie (genuinely who the fuck is she) may be on to something here……

    And in other news…..

    CuntyMcCuntface demands white police officers be allowed to join the National Black Police Officers Association.

    • As a 56 year-old gent’mun, I DEMAND access to The Ladies’ College, Cheltenham, and the ladies’ changing rooms at Wimbledon…

  7. Oh fuck no, Lesley Garrett……she with the larger than life personality, but not nearly as large as her humongous rack that normally busts out of her operatic frocks like two blancmanges exploding in a fucking microwave.

    Personally, I can’t stand the lairy cow and being a right miserable cunt myself, I find her perpetual jollity and enthusiasm fucking annoying. If someone farted in her presence she would wax lyrical about its melodic tones.

    Look Lesley, just because we live in a fucking PC gone mad era doesn’t mean that gender equality has to shite all over something that has worked perfectly well for hundreds of years, certainly long before you were a stirring in your father’s ballsack, so do the world a favour, back the fuck off and shut your piehole.


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