Leo Varadkunt [3]

Leo Varadkar. What a cunt of ocean going proportions.

He’s been back on today…our uber important Indian leprechaun telling his closest neighbours that there’s no other deal available to the Brits. Listen here you fucking little weasel…..you’re only a useful idiot to the EU at the moment. Be very fucking careful as when this shit is over and you become the hangers on of Europe again we will see how the EU treat you then when they come in and remove your tax haven rules that attracts all those Apple and Google-esque conglomerates to your shores. But even worse than that, your behaviour to your neighbours who not so long ago bailed you cunts out to the tune of £3 . 2 billion( irrespective of interest gained.) is what you should fear. For if my fellow Brits are anything like me then you’re fucked and can go get fucked….. because I will never forget your fucking behaviour . You are now thought of as a people to me no different to a fucking Albania or Lithuania or whatever backward shithole. In my mind you’re at that level now.
Siding with the bully in the playground only works as long as the bully is in school. Your fucking freedom of travel agreement with us should be ended as of fucking now and the loan called in. I for one will never spend £1 of tourist money in your turncoat land again you posturing bag of pish and wind.
Good luck stopping your youth being drafted into an EU army after sitting out the last big fight you would be speaking German cunt.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

28 thoughts on “Leo Varadkunt [3]

  1. I agree!
    Ireland, No!!!!
    Its your fucking Island, shared with the UK, not with fucking France, Germany or any other fucking EU country, if you have to toe the line with the EU then keep the border open and sort our the tarriffs later, its how it works, bonded warehouses ect away from the border, for fuck sake its 2018 everything is pre cleared electronically all over the world….. Stop being a cunt.
    You are an island so goods within the Island of Ireland cant be easliy sent elswhere like the Schengen area (stupid cunts!)
    And as someone who has had experience of shipping to Ireland, there arent that many routes available so it would be easy to control …… CUNT!

  2. Breaking News…….

    The legendary and highly-respected BBC Cricket Correspondent Jonathan Agnew has publicly criticised the tiresome jug-eared crisp muncher for using his public profile to peddle his relentlessly pro-EU views.

    You’d love to think someone in the BBC would have the moral backbone to see that Agnew is right and curtail Linemepockets antics but no that’s never going to happen is it.

    Instead Agnew will be the poor sap deported to one of Varadacunt’s deepest bogs for his honesty and impartiality.

    • Cunty Linekar tweeted back that it is his private account and fuck everybody he will continue to say what he likes. Let’s hope the next round of BBC cuts results in this self satisfied wanker either getting kicked out or have his fee reduced so much he will be reduced to having to live off the fucking crisps he advertises. What a gold plated motherfucker he is. Beckham-lite.

  3. A timely and well deserved cunting.
    Should we wish to do so, we could wipe out the Bogtrotter economy in double quick time. This little brown hatted EU lickspittle would do well to remember that fact.
    I for one will be checking labels closely, anything of Bogtrotter origin can fuck right off .
    It’s an indication of how pathetic this country has become, when a piss pot country like Ireland feels it can shout the odds.
    Fuck me.
    Go fuck a leprechaun

    • Evening Jack.
      I’d love to join your boycott of all things Irish, but the thought of no Guinness or Bushmills really is intolerable…I’ll boycott Poteen instead. Fucking stuff nearly did for me last time anyhow.

      • Good evening Dick. Sorry you’re not joining my Irish boycott, addictions are cunts.
        Very wise to give up the Poteen though, long time since I’ve had it, it’ll be a long time before I have it again , it fuels bad behaviour.
        Speaking of bad behaviour, I was shocked to read your admission of brawling on the village green. I can only assume you’d been on the Poteen, in which case you have mitigating circumstances.
        The Parish Council and bible study group must have been horrified.
        It’s an outrage.

      • Damn ! Their alcohol exports will hold up very well then. Poteen is bad news, I ain’t touching it ever again.
        What’s all this about brawling on the village green Dick ?
        I hope the Parish Council impose the strictest of sanctions.
        It’s a fucking outrage.

        • Even I was a bit shamefaced about that particular bout of shenanigans, Jack. It was a fucking Wake. The deceased resting in his box,grieving wife, family and friends dutifully sobbing and dabbing their eyes…while we were just the other side of her garden fence, screaming obscenities at each other…apparently the weeping widow had to shut her house windows to keep the noise of our disagreement from drowning out the family lamentations.

          Indeed,an outrage.

          • There is an addendum to that Isaac.
            A “spokesperson” for the ALBBC has defended jugs linemepockets declaring that as “Gary” is not active on any political show or any department within the ALBBC containing politics he is free to express his personal views. Breathtakingly pompous and self righteous cunts that they are. If they played in the commercial field I wouldn’t give a toss – I just wouldn’t buy what they were selling but there isn’t another country in the World (?) who runs a protection racket like the BBC and literally ponces money under threat of being prosecuted like a criminal for failing to pay its outrageous tax. When a “public broadcaster” has more chiefs than fucking Indians and has some technical staff (that camera operators to you and I) on bigger salaries than the Prime Minister of the country but is paid for by a fee its time to cut it loose and let it find its level in the real commercial world. Let the dopy cunts who want it pay for it – voluntarily.

          • Sure you know the difference twixt an Oirish wedding and an Oirish funeral Mr Dick? There is just one less drunken cunt at the funeral.

  4. When entering Donald into Google, the first Donald to come up is the massive and most influential Donald Trump.

    Second is Donald Tusk.

    Third is Donald Duck.

    Quite some distance between one and two, much closer between two and three. The daft fuckers even sound similar when they talk.

    Today Tusk said that British MP’s have not shown May enough respect. Obviously referring to the ones who are critical of their deal.

    JC Juncker said May is his friend.

    Says everything about the relationship between EU and UK.

  5. It’s bad enough for the Brits having our incompetent witch in charge but it must be humiliating having this pretend Oirish no-mark as your leader. He looks like the token påki member of another dreadful boy-band.

    We can now add something to the list for what the Republic of Oireland has always been famous: rain, homosexual giants of literature, car-bombs… and EU-empowered Asian oompah-loompahs.

  6. Ireland back stabbing bastards pay the least into the EU you bunch of sroungers Just remember what goes around comes around

  7. ‘Siding with the bully in the playground only works as long as the bully is in school’.
    Fucking hell Squint that’s philosophy mate! Admirably sums up this nasty little cunt. With friends like him…

    • I know this isn’t a mutual appreciation society Ron and Dick will cut my nuts off for saying this , but that’s high praise from an esteemed cunter , one who, when I read your posts sometimes think…”this cunts inside my head “

      • Also , I do realise , in my anger at writing the post for effect…..I know there wont be a draft of Irishmen into a EU army in that sense , just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of sitting out the second world war only to sign up to an EU joint military operation agenda without having an actual army.

        Hes the Nicola Sturgeon of Ireland….

  8. Veradkar must have been a right Cunt in a previous life. Imagine being so wicked that you were reincarnated not only as a curry-muncher, but as a poof too.

    Get fucked.

  9. He’s got a touch of the tar about him.. has he got Joe Daki in his family ? Or maybe iron curtain wog ?

  10. I got moderated for maybe using the word W%g.
    Ok start again. Has Leo vladfucker got a touch of the tar in him . Definitely Irish Joe Daki .

  11. Unelected , tarbrush fucking poof who loves it up the arse from the EU.
    Filthy fucking cunt.

  12. He’s got the look of a poof Dick and the mark of Caine. Nothing worse than a spiteful homo. They hate everyone because of their self loathing.

  13. Mr Churchill, you have been summoned to attend a meeting today with the bothersome troublesome President of the Irish Republic. He is attempting to derail and veto a decision voted for by a majority of the British people in a democratic lawful vote. You should know Mr Churchill that the President is a homosexual Indian. Winny puffed heavily on his freshly lit hand rolled Cuban cigar and swilled the last of a large Cognac before replying to his private secretary – Tell him to fuck off.

  14. Can someone please explain what all this shit is about a hard border? Why didn’t we specify from the outset that the border arrangements would remain unchanged*, and if the EU had a problem with that it was their problem not ours?

    *as per our very wonderful EU neighbour’s requirements as well as those of the defenders of the Protestant Succession

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