Fiona Onasanya (2)

Fiona Onasanya

Who? Her off of Labour is who. MP for Peterborough innit. Had her collar felt for lying about who was driving her jam jar when it was done for speeding.
Having been caught bang to rights, Onasanya’s been found guilty of perverting the course of justice. She’s probably looking at prison time when sentencing takes place, unless she can play the race factor as a possible get out of jail free card. Her conviction will now probably trigger a by-election.
And there we all were, naively thinking that we could look to Parliamentarians to set an example to us mere plebs when it comes to abiding by the law of the land, especially when said Parliamentarian is a solicitor to boot. Seems not; Mizzzz Onasanya has displayed the thin end of the square root of fuck all respect for the law, and it’s just another case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. Honourable Member my fucking arse.

Nominated by Ron Knee

I nominate Fiona Onasanya so-called MP and her brother Fester, for a super counting. 1. She is a compulsive liar. 2. She thinks the race card gives her immunity from criticism 3. She is a lawyer who has committed perjury. 4. She is as ugly as fucking fuck. 5. She is a palpable CUNT. Please feel free to add your own reasons (she is a cunning fantasist, so please don’t hold back)

Nominated by Sir Cuntalot

Fiona Onasanya is a cunt. This solicitor, former deputy-leader of the Labour group on Cambridgeshire County Council, MP for Peterborough and devout Christian has just been found guilty of repeatedly lying to police about a speeding offence where she was the driver. She tried to frame a Russian “friend” (in Russia at the time of the offence) and asked her brother to take the wrap for her. This enriching cunt of Nigerian origin claims she wad told by God that she would become an MP. Pity He couldn’t forsee the conviction. This lying, dishonest cunt hoped to become the UK’s first black Prime Minster. Seems perfectly qualified to me-corrupt,lying,treacherous, enriching, black (and therefore untouchable) immigrant cunt. Well fuck off you big lipped slapper- a jury found you guilty. No doubt the taxpayer will be grateful that another enriching person is incarcerated at their expense. Cunt.

Nominated by Fimbriations

44 thoughts on “Fiona Onasanya (2)

  1. More proof that God does not exist. If he did, he would most certainly told her not to do 42 in a 30 zone. For so it is written.

    • I think if he did the fucking self-entitled lying felchrag would have been struck by lightning.

      • Actually, he’d be more likely to egg her on. God is a voyeur. He gets his rocks off watching evil befall humanity.

  2. This cunt should do time. Be interesting to see whether she gets off with communidy tarm and manages to stay out of the cooler.

    • “Politics is show business for ugly people”
      II don’t know who said that but he obviously had this old shitstain and master cunt Dominic Grieve when he did.

      I wonder if she will get 9 months in chokey like Huhne or if her sex and colour will cause them to be lenient?.

      Even a week in Holloway would probably make many of their lezzies sign the pledge.

    • I’ll be amazed if she goes to prison, a lawyer who’s also an MP, she’ll probably get 20 hours community service.
      And will probably pay someone else to do it for her.

  3. I note that the bitch tried to stitch up her Russian “friend.”
    Typical Labour…….blame it on the fucking immigrants……well, the white ones anyway.

  4. Half way through the afternoon and five separate cuntings already? Keeping up with all this is tiring me out. Spare a thought for the elderly.

  5. Wonder whether the Labour Party will forcibly get rid of her or wait for her to do the honourable thing and resign? Having said that don’t think she has it in her to resign willingly or without a fight.

    Surely it should be a legal requirement for an MP or Lord who is convicted to automatically be stripped of the positions they hold so dearly.

    Either way regarding incompetence, dishonesty and lack of moral fibre the calibre of those governing this once great country or in positions of power is surely at an all time low, and fully deserving of public distrust.

    • I think if we start from the assumption that they’re all a bunch of chiselling, self-important cunts we won’t go far wrong. Parliament stinks like a shithouse.

  6. Apparently she’s sent a message comparing herself to Moses, Joseph and Jesus, wrongfully convicted by the courts of the day, saying that it is a prelude to a new chapter in her life, just like Jehova, and people should pray for her. Yes love, indeterminate detention in fucking Broadmoor, or make her Archbishop of Canterbury. And I fucking hate lawyers anyway, the only profession you can’t sue for incompetence!

    • Mental fucking bitch, typical Labour Party MP.

      Having said that the Tories also have a few of their own mental bitches.

      Is there such a thing today as a “normal, decent and honest” MP?

      If so must be very much in the minority.

      • As she has made a point of comparing herself to Jesus, I think it only fitting that she should be sentenced to crucifixion, then she can die happy.

        • Think you got that wrong Allan it should be We Hopefully they will also tar and feather the dishonest Nigerian twat Either way she should lose her job as an MP and also be disbarred so She carry on her good work with Jesus back in Africa

  7. Just read, dunno if true, that MPs are automatically sacked if the sentence is a year or more. If it’s less for her, I bet the bitch tries to stay.

      • I’m waiting for Lammy and Flabbott to pipe up and play their favourite card, the offence was only a few weeks after Grenfell, maybe she had a friend too and the trauma caused her to muddle the accelerator and brake.

        • I see this a.m. that yet another cunt has been nicked for trying to scam money off the Grenfell disaster. Do you need three guesses to determine the ethnicity of the cunt concerned….??

  8. With her resume she tops my list for pm. At least the evidence that she is a cunt is straight in your face so to speak. Ideal for high office in UK

  9. Corruption, cheating, hypocrisy and greed comes as second nature to these fuckers. Thick as shit with the arrogance of the truly incompetent. She should emigrate to South Africa where she will fit with the rest.

  10. Third world trash with third world morals, a third world IQ and fucking pre cambrian DNA. If you wonder why Nigeria is the dismal shite hole it is, well look no further. What this human refuse is doing in this country, Cliff only knows.

    It’s cos I’s black innit?

    Well if you mean having no conception of right and wrong and selfishness that would make a plague baccilus blush , probably yes.

  11. I’d like to cunt Britons who vote for Sheboons and make it possible for wig-wearing Africunts like Onasanya and Abbott to become “British” MPs.

    • Not sure about that. The last time they tried to fly anything they went straight into some buildings…

    • Creepy Crawley will be twinned with Islamabad soon enough the place is a shit hole mainly new town build since the mid 50’s just endless building projects everywhere and because of gatwick the perfect place for the peacefuls to congregate and muster think the non white population is around 15-18% but as we know fertility rates will change that exponentially.
      So it’ll either be some doss drug addled dopey cunts acting the cunt or peacefuls testing the water for when they fly a drone with a few pounds of semtex into the fully fueled wing of a jumbo in the middle of the busiest summers day and the catastrophic serious of chain reaction explosions will kill thousands. Cos if they can do this and we can’t catch our stop them what hope is there is they really do want to be nasty.
      Time this country got real.
      No fly zones mean just that ANYONE flying ANYTHING towards a NOFLY zone is warned and if the aircraft does not respond the standby Apache gunship helicopter fucks it off with a gatling gun burst fuck these do gooders saying you can’t have bullets flying around the sky it’ll be a bit late when there’s 10000 dead ya fucking cunts. The battle of Britain was fought from Kent through East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and the home counties and of course over London we’d have been a bit fucked if they had said you cant have stray bullets flying around.

  12. Talking of Westminster old bags, here is a nomination that won’t go through the normal channels:


    These two arseholes might be from two very different parties but the one brain cell they share sings from the same hymn sheet:

    No doubt the second referendum is coming, as surely as Keith Vaz’s next scandal, but why should we take any heed of what these two thick as pig shit and twice as nasty wimmin spew out.

    Abbott the lardarse who can’t add up and (C)Rudd the minster who has resigned almost as often as Mangledbum, last time for misleading parliament (just like Mandy)

    Fuck these supercilious, condescending old harridans

  13. A superior cunting is needed for Brighton & Hove City Council over their utter snowflake wankery that boys should be included in having periods, so as not to be “left out”. What in the matt varnished fuck are they talking about? I read this yesterday and spat my brew all over myself in disbelief.

    I quote: “Under their “key messages for learning about periods” in the report, the council said “trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods” in a bid to avoid upsetting pupils of different genders. Other key messages for challenging the stigma include: “Language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations. For example; girls and women and others who have periods”.

    Tampon bins, according to them should be fitted in male toilets, apparently so as not to offend said persons who don’t have a fucking clue if they’re male, female, fruit bat, giraffe or whatever the cunt else? Girls and women “and others” who have periods?

    Apart from girls and women, who the observed fuck else has periods? It’s fucking biologically impossible for a male to menstruate, you gold class fuckwits. I can imagine these think-tankers sitting in front of their mood-boards coming out with this insanity. Fuck me, this country has gone cunting crackpot insane. Fuck off.

    • I cunted this shower a while ago for putting round ‘guidelines’ to teachers on how to deal with youngsters ‘struggling to determine their gender identity’ . One of the things stated was that parents might struggle to come to terms with the fact that little George wanted to be called Georgina, and go to school in a dress. Believe it or not, the ‘guidelines’ indicated that the school should refer such cases to the social if they thought that there was a possibility of ‘abuse’.
      These imbecilic twats need to have their arses kicked and then get run out of town.

    • Sorry to any esteemed cunters who have the misfortune to live in the hipster utopia that is Brighton but the only thing that would sort the place out is dropping a few bombs full of Chlorine Trifluoride that would fix the place once and for all. Fucking dread coming past on the A27 you can smell the gayness, probably dried man batter from Lewes to Worthing.
      As an interesting science fact that Chlorine Trifluoride is so bad ass nasty it can make normally non flammable things such as Tungsten, Asbestos even Sand catch fire.
      Oi Caroline Lucas catch!!!

      • I live in hove ( actually) 😂
        It’s equally as cunty as Brighton but for different reasons …..
        if any of you cunts are gonna drop something on the city I would greatly appreciate a 24 hr warning……

        Good points ….
        living by the sea
        Walking my dog on the South Downs
        My wife

        Bad points
        Eastern European filth
        Peaceful filth
        Far too much poofery
        Caroline fucking Lucas
        Green Party
        Far too much gayness
        Caroline fucking Lucas
        Green Party
        Far far far too much poofery and gayness……. 😡

    • I will mangle every single bin I see in male toilets


      Because fuck them that’s why

  14. Hopefully prison and lifetime disbarment for this slippery cunt…..
    absolutely no moral / ethical compass… 😡

  15. She will get of with it. Race card in hand. Hope she gets to be a prisoner of celllblock H type.
    Liar liar pants on fire cnnnta

  16. This is our Multicultural britain in action, they (her fucking crew) are lying cheating cunts, the snowflake liberal lefties insist on supporting them, getting them on councils, in parliament….. and when they get caught doing something wrong (not the worst offence in the world) they havent got the human, let alone RT Hon decency to own up……. fucking piece of shit deserves to get the maximun penalty under law

  17. I must protest – Nigeria and absolutely all Nigerians are a shining beacon of probity, truth and honesty. Their kind young Princes are always e-mailing cash-strapped folk in this country, offering them the opportunity of untold riches and cash directly into their current account. What wonderful people. I don’t believe for one minute Fiona Onasanya has done anything wrong – how could she – she is a Nigerian. And a Lawyer to boot, I’ll have you know! Fake noos, fake noos.

    Perhaps we should open the borders to more of them. That nasty Gadaffi man once said that it was only him that sat between those Nigerians and the UK. Well, he is out of the way now, so no more pesky obstacles as we don’t really have any kind of border bureaucracy.

    I think I need lie down and some more pills, I don’t feel my normal self.

  18. Seems like 3 penalty points and a fine was too much to bear for this dishonest Labour “Darkie” Look what’s happend now Hopefully kicked out of Parliament Disbarred from being a solicitor and a prison sentence the icing on the cake or will the race card be played? Dishonesty/deception should never be rewarded it seems New Labour are the masters at this as are their “Darkie” MPs

  19. Take a butcher’s at her Wikipedia page, my fellow cunters.

    Her photo is a right laugh and quite horrifying at the same time. The other guffaw inducing information is that she wishes to be ‘Britain’s first black female prime minister.’

    Yes dear, you are certainly doing a sterling job of working your way towards fulfilling that ambition, cuntwaffle.

    She also voted ‘Remain’… Well shiver me timbers and what a fucking shocker.

    That makes her a cunt (with or without her Formula 1, ‘It wasn’t me’ fuckery.)

    The End.

  20. Just want to point out, she compared herself to Jesus, and said “I am in good biblical company along with Joseph, Moses, Daniel and his three Hebrew friends who were each found guilty by the courts of their day.” I don’t think Jesus and co were speeding though………..what a cunt.

  21. Precedent here is Chris Huhne and his ex wife.

    I’m guessing we will see custodial sentence right?

    In fact no, we won’t will we.

  22. Fucking MP,S all fucking lliars but good old Fiona will pull the WYE U ABUUSE MEE as all Nigerians do when they don’t get their way…..cunts

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