Daniela Tejada

Daniela Tejada is a cunt. Who? She’s the wife of that other millennial cunt, Matthew Hedges, who has just been released from prison by the president of the UAE (the stupid cunt thought he could go poking around an Arab country without putting noses out of joint).

She rants about Trump, downtrodden sand people, and switches between English and a flip flop language. She doesn’t tweet about how an honour it is to be in Britain. Why our Foreign Secretary wasted time on these two oxygen thieves is beyond me. Perhaps the story was more appealing than some poor bloke getting his head sawn off. That’s the reality in the Middle East you vacuous, parasitic, millennial, snowflake cunts.

Nominated by Sgt Maj Cunt

46 thoughts on “Daniela Tejada

  1. Heard the Hedges cunt complaining about the terrible time he’d had on the radio. Stereotypical snowflake and drama queen. With the trademark lithp. Are we quite sure Ms Pina Colada is female at all?

    • Get ISAC,s favourite conspiracy theorist/ investigator spivey to check it out, maybe he could do one of his famous facial morphing photo sets?
      You know where he turns pint sized actor Jessica alba into 6ft 9” boxer Tyson Fury? Then claims they’ve never been seen together so it proves it’s they are the same person?? 😂😂

  2. The cunt was daft enough to think he could go to the Middle East to poke about in security issues, for a PhD I believe. God knows what he thought would happen other than getting nicked.
    Then his idiot bird starts gobbing off about it, demanding that he should be rescued from his own stupidity.
    Cunts the pair of them.

  3. After my poo this morning and just before the attempted flush (this was toilet number 3 if you were wondering RTC), I swear I saw this womans face staring up at me from the bowl.

    Spooky shit.

    Goodbye for now.

    • Ha ha – here’s hoping number 3 has an efficient flush Mr Cunt!

      How do you decide which shitter to use of a morning? Mrs Creampuff religiously uses the upstair’s shitter (despite complaining of its inferior flush) whilst I invariably use the one downstairs so I can read Cunto’s awesome “100 Reasons Not To Vote For The Oxygen Thieving Swivel Eyed Cunt That Is Jeremy Corbyn” post we have framed in there.

      • Ah, my dear RTC. My mother said I would attain fame one day. Framed in the shithouse of a fellow cunter is fame enough for me 😉

        • One default Labour voter took a slash in there and emerged vowing never to vote Labour again whilst Catweasle remained ‘leader’.

          Soon be time for the next 100 reasons, eh Cunto?

          • Yes RTC,
            The numbers are ramping up although the swivel eyed cunt has been as quiet as a blambo at a Klan meeting on Brexit. The sad thing being that there are a few that could rack up the same 100. Brexit has shown what cunts we have for politicians to the extent that I don’t trust a man jack amongst them.

          • True, but unlike our Commie comrade they’re not all a whisker away from being PM!

  4. Got a particular unwanted crowd justice begging email from her today? Promptly dispatched …… 😡😡

  5. She got the ear of the BBC many times. I have lost count of how many times she has squawed away like a fishwife on Radio 4 news shows. No doubt Field Marshall Jenni Murray, her of the barrel chest and handlebar moustache and C.O. of Wimmins Hour will have her on to talk about her PMT and hubby, whichever non-entity who now presents Desert Island Discs will have her on that and she’ll turn up as a guest on The News Quiz and a TV cookery show. The BBC like gobby tarts like her.

    • She will probably be lionised by the left like peaceful Malala Yousafzai, a posterchild for every right-on social justice refugee loving wimminz cause going.

  6. They are both a couple of First Class, Grade A cunts. They say opposites attract, but not in this case. Two identical, epic cunts somehow found each other.

    God forbid they procreate.

    Some kind of learned ‘Middle Eastern Studies academic’ he is. You would think he would fucking well know that going to the UAE for a research trip and asking a shit load of questions on foreign policy and suchlike could very easily wind up with him getting unwillingly friendly with some toothless arab in a rat infested prison.

    As for wifey, she is intent on spewing venom on everyone, doubtless blaming the world and its mother for her husband’s predicament rather than acknowledging the fact that he is a fucking naive cunt of epic proportions, as is she. Why the hell should everyone have to sort out the lives and twattery of idiots like this?


    • If you’re a cunt, go to a cunt country and get CUNTED, it is not my problem.

      Stupid cunts the pair of em.

      • Agreed Iwouldnot.

        The silly cunt was studying for a PhD. You would think he would have more common sense but clearly not and then he expects the equally fucktard powers that be to sort his idiot arse out.


  7. Accosted three Guardian reading twats in the train last night. They were spewing leftie shite bollocks in a public space. One actually tried to quote the Guardian to me! Gave all three a real verbal cunting. They blamed British colonial policy for all the world’s issues and that Brexit brought Trump!

    Utter spineless green party voting UK hating soyboys…. Novitex the cunts.

    • Evening, Sir Philip.

      Good for you.However you should be careful. Accosting 3 men might be biting off more than even a seasoned campaigner like you can chew…especially in a “public” place.

      🙂 .

  8. Should have gassed the cunt husband and locked her in chains for the term of her natural life. He deserves his own cunting, close to COTY for his antics.

  9. I don’t care what any fucker says, he’s a spy. And if not, then he is the most stupid faux wanking digital anal explorer ( which he probably is also in any case ) TWAT !

  10. Both May/Corbyn ‘debates’ have now been cancelled. They would have been a waste of airtime anyway, but what pathetic cunts they are, can’t even agree on the format for a phoney debate, let alone get behind the 17.4 million cunts who voted LEAVE.

  11. What a pair of vacuous cunts! She has a stupid fuckwit for a husband and he has a gobby, ugly snowflake for a wife. Compulsory sterilisation for each ofis the only safe solution. They both need to obtain temporary seasonal jobs to save up the air fare to enable then both to relocate to North Korea so that Mr Hedges can do the world a favour by investigating that country’s security systems. Pair of super Cunts.

  12. I am doing my PhD in difficult sums and the North Korean nuclear programme. Am off next week for a field trip. I am trying to Cuntfund my expenses if anyone can help.

    • Watch out for girls “love you long time” proffering VX agent infused hankies Cuntstable…

  13. Pisses me right off. It’s ok for the jihadis to fuck our kind up with their backwards laws.
    When it comes to our laws they burn our flags , disrespect our laws and we let them get away with it.
    Burn them all.

  14. She is a cunt, her husband? Is a cunt.
    Not sure how it works… they have different surnames, but who cares…..
    Total cunts, they should have to cough up for all the fucking expense the foreign office (us the tax payers) incurred in getting the cunt out of jail.

  15. Not exactly Checkpoint Charlie stuff I know, but did we have to give up someone/something for the return of this Poundshop Johnny English..?

    • Rowan Atkinson is a platinum grade vintage cunt these days too.
      After the brilliance of NTNOCN and Blackadder……decades wasted turning out dross like Bean and Johnny English.
      Needless to say he’s a firm Remainer.

  16. Not to mention the expense we don’t know about yet. They didn’t let the cunt go out of the goodness of their hearts. Only the British government give things away for nothing.
    50,000 camel driving immigrants anyone?

  17. I heard the Hedges cunt on Radio 4. An utter millenial cunt. No doubt going to make a fortune selling his story of how he was twaumatised by a few days in jail. He wasn’t even tortured, the soft cunt.

  18. Cunts close to Government tonight talking about delaying the so called ‘meaningful vote’ on Tuesday to give Treasoner more time to gerrymander the hopefully inevitable outcome.

    Talk about pulling fucking teeth, ffs!

    • Fuck me. I love the Buzzcocks. I went to Bolton Inst of Technology at the time they formed but never knew them. God bless and RIP Pete.

  19. RT. What if one goes into a BBC studio and the other goes in an ITV studio. They can see each other on a monitor. The interviewer is told to ask the question before last a la the Two Ronnies. They would both be ‘debating’ with each other but answering different questions. What do you think? That would be a good format. At least we’d get more clarity than we have now.

  20. Sorry but why is this person still getting airtime? Stop embarrassing yourself and fuck right off

    Your stupid boyfriend nearly got fucked for life in the UAE and that’s it. Fortunate enough to be from England so released despite them saying we still think 100% he is a spy.

    What next ? Strictly Come Dancing??

  21. Saw a program last night about one of the multi-billionaire Ruler of Dubais 20 odd daughters.Apparently shes fed up living a life of vapid luxury and indolence and tried to do a runner from Dubai some months ago but was caught ,taken back and aint been seen since.Shes no beauty but ive seen plenty worse.I am willing to take the saucy minx off his Majesties hands.I shall convert to Islam,learn to chant Allah Fuckbar and provide the kingdom with plenty of heirs.All I demand in return is £100,000,000 In cash,the muslim right to an extra 3 wives and 1 months yearly leave to old blighty.

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