Animal trophy-Hunting

Animal trophy-Hunters are cunts, aren’t they?

We know our Yank cousins just lurrrve guns but the displaying of it is distasteful and vulgar. The latest American barbarian, Larysa Switlyk, has posed in Scotland boasting about shooting a goat, a ram, and a stag. She then posed for photos grinning like the cunt she is whilst clutching the still-warm corpses. What courage! There wee photos of previous “hunts” where she’s hugging the limp cadavers of a moose, an alligator, a reindeer, and a peacock. A PEACOCK!

I know certain animals like deer have to be culled but this is fucking sick vanity.

A few years back we had that Yank dentist who fancied killing yet another lion. The unapologetic scumbag performed his courageous act with a bow & arrow and consequently Cecil the lion had a slow, agonising death. What valour!

Recently there was another Yank bitch who bravely shot a giraffe in South Africa then proceeded to gurn beside its flaccid body.

Why would anybody do this? The murdered animals aren’t going to be eaten, these tourists weren’t being threatened. Are these cunts’ lives so empty they want to mistreat and murder sentient animals?
There is an argument that says that the money raised in hunting can be used to preserve wildlife blah blah. Personally I say for “sport-hunting” read ‘The massacre of animals.’ The photos of these odious cunts are obscene; photos of detestable, attention-seeking, cunterous cowards.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

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  1. With you all the way on this one Captain.

    The killing of animals for fun or in the dubious name of sport is barbaric, outdated and very much against public opinion.

    Should be outlawed worldwide.

    • Just seen this post……
      Anybody killing an animal like this needs to be sectioned under the mental health act and treated by having jump leads attached to their bollocks……
      fuckin dim witted cowardly cunts😡😡
      Any female indulging should have a cattle prod rammed up her lady box ….. 😡😡

  2. I’d like to hunt those cunts with a high powered rifle see if they like it. Fucking cowards hunting defenceless animals.

  3. It’s only a sport if the beast has a fair or greater chance of killing the hunter i.e. wild pig hunting with dogs and knives only, otherwise it’s just psychotic bloodlust.

  4. It’s sickening how these despicable twats pose for photographs as though they’d achieved something. They actually think they’re impressing everyone. Yes Captain, their lives are empty and they suffer from low self-esteem. I’d love to provide them with the true thrill of the hunt by dropping them off with no equipment in the middle of the African veldt.

  5. Better declare an interest here. I have shot animals, mostly for culling and vermin control but very occasionally more for sport (sold the victims to the butcher, though). Apart from the air rifle which awaits visiting rats and pigeons – only – I don’t now.

    The aim of this ‘sport’ shooting, though, is to brag about it to your friends, if you have any. And to convey the completely false impression that it was a daring hunter pitted against his wily and dangerous prey in the unforgiving veldt or wherever. This played well in Victoria’s time, when getting to the completely tribal area at all involved weeks at sea and pack mules, under the unreliable charge of natives you had to beat from time to time to convey you to the frightening interior, where you made camp and got severely bitten by tsetse flies. If you came back with a trophy head or two, or, indeed your own still attached, you had accomplished something, enhanced by the vagaries of black powder and the non-invention of telescopic sights before about 1850.

    The itinerary today goes:
    Scheduled business class flight from Austin TX to Mombasa, taxi to 5-star hotel, Discovery to elegant traditional looking safari lodge with all mod cons, Humvee to where the lions were spotted using satellite technology, guide gets latest hi-tech precision sporting rifle out of bag for you, bang, selfie, home again.
    That’s not fucking sport. The picture above summarises what it is. Lardarse menopausal probable dentist pretending he’s Ernest Hemingway (who was nearly as much of a cunt). Wouldn’t have lasted a day on his own in 1850’s Africa.
    A cunt indeed.

  6. I’m not an animal lover by any means. I’ve always had a ‘live and let live’ philosophy when it comes to family’s pets etc – not fawning over them, while never dream of harming them. But my fucking piss flash boils out of my ears at these fucking cuntlord trophy hunters.

    Any cruelty towards, or killing of a defenceless animal in any fucking context outside of an abbatoir is one of the cuntliest crimes imaginable – behind only murderers and rapists in my opinion. I once worked with a backward bastard of a South African who was big on all these sorts of game hunts back home, and incredibly he fucking boasted about it. It remains one of the handful of occasions where I called someone a cunt in the workplace without any trace of humour.

    As has been said so many times about this pastime of shitheel, it is fucking cowardly, pointless, and in many instances an utter waste of increasingly scarce life. How the fuck does who is not psychotically deranged take pleasure from gunning down an unsuspecting Lion?

    That morbidly obese monster cunt in the picture of this nom deserves to be inflicted with a level of torture beyond mortal comprehension. Maybe take a leaf out of the Towelheads’ book and think of something especially inventive.

    Fucking scumcunts in truly rarified air, prize hunters are fucking beneath contempt.

      • Empire, I worked with a Yank once who was alright but obsessed with guns. He said he’d heard about a Tourist place in Vietnam or Cambodia where you could pay a few hundred dollars to shoot a cow. A lice cow…just to murder something. I said Mate, wtf? He had an odd sparkle in his eyes, the weird, little potential bovine-murderer.

    • A guy used in my old London office used to have a shotgun, and once brought it into the office. Got the fucker out of its case and started to wave it around. Put it away when I threatened to call security.

      He used to hunt regularly, often hiding in trees at night to blow the heads off of poor unsuspecting deer and would to come into the office and brag about it and try to seek some sort of adulation. Fortunately he got none, from anybody. Ever.

      Pathetic cunt.

  7. How dangerous is this big game sport hunting? The rather large cunt in the photo would have a problem wiping his arse let alone scaling an Acacia when charged by a pissed off Buf. Me thinks the most dangerous part of his hunting holiday was getting stuck in the aircraft toilet. Every day more cunts; a fucking tsunami of cuntishness sweeping the Planet it’s not climate change we need to worry about.

    • That corpulent coward in the photo is unbearably smug. You should search photos of the others – some of them look fairly normal. The giraffe-killing bitch does it regularly, the nasty cunt.

      • Took your advice cap’n had a look at some of the other persons who enjoy posing by large dead animals; women and kids as well. As you state “some of them look fairly normal” they surely do. Why the fuck would one shoot a Giraffe?? Why kill anything unless your going to eat it or it’s trying to eat you. How does killing trophy animals help conservation? If the massive influx of money went to the benefit of the local people why are the kids walking miles to collect a bucket of pissy water? The answer is of course the money goes to the cunts who organise the proceedings and the backhander to officials fund to ensure that Waynetta can lob arrows at warthogs whilst a plethora of Eastern European oligarchs can squander their countries and the eu’s money slaughtering half tame Lions on a game ranch, and looking good in the obligatory post-mortem posing.
        As they highly esteemed master cunter DF states

        Fuck them.

    • He couldn’t get stuck in the aircraft toilet. He’d have to get in there first and I doubt that’s possible

  8. I hate seeing those “trophy” photos, but would say,as Capt. M mentions,that culling is a necessary part of Conservation. I’m no expert on Conservation, but do understand that animals can outbreed their available environment. They therefore,for all of the animals’ good,need to be thinned to a level which can be sustained. This involves culling. Now I quite agree that the sight of some fat Oaf posing over the dead corpse of a lion is revolting,but if the lion had to be culled anyhow,surely it’s better to take the fat Oaf’s money and use it for good. The culled animal will be just as dead,whether shot by a Fat Oaf or by a Gamekeeper.

    • Lions are not the animals to be culled – they are the ones that DO the culling ie. taking out the weak and unhealthy from the huge herds of various herbivores in Africa.

      I think though, with regards to Africa – only one species needs culling.

        • Evening Dick
          It’s entirely possible that there could be too many lions, hence the stories of yesteryear from Asia/Africa of brave warriors defending villages. However, those days have gone and the lion numbers are depressingly low.

          Moreover, they kill each other or, according to Davey Attenborough, kill another male, shag its lioness, then kill all the deceased’s offspring! Daft moggies.

          • Evening Capt.

            I wrote you a longer reply, but it seems to have disappeared. No idea if it went to Moderation,seems to be happening to me quite regularly at the moment. Wouldn’t care,but most of the time it seems to happen when I’m at my least offensive, such as this one where I basically agreed with you,but reiterated my point that I think that sometimes,no matter how distasteful, if sacrificing one helps the rest,particularly if it was an old one that risked just quietly starving,well,perhaps it’s for the best. It’ll be just as dead whether killed by a paying arsehole or a gamekeeper.

            Oh, and would happily cull that Fat Cunt in the picture myself,using a pack of hounds…hell, I’m almost tempted to saddle up the horse again,pull on my hunting Pinks and “TallyHo” the slug to ground.

            🙂 .

          • Wasn’t he on ‘My 600lb Life’?

            Fucking attention seeking waste of space.

            Having anything nice for dinner tonight Dick? I’m having egg & chips. Free range eggs, naturally, chips from the Chinese chippy.

          • Brace of pheasants shot a week or so ago, RTC….I like to let them hang until the bodies drop from the heads,but think I’ll just get at them tonight…..I only eat the breasts,give the rest to the hounds…plenty more wandering about,no need to stint myself.

            🙂 .

          • Luvly. Very much enjoyed the occasional pheasant as a boy… dad used to bring them home from grateful clients… hung them in the garage next to his gun-metal grey 3.4 Mk.2…

            Magical times, though didn’t really appreciate it at the time.

    • I agree with culling, especially politicians.
      A cull is long overdue.
      Could include one or two landwhales (Two more seats, and you’ll be able to sit down, Diane…)

      • Agreed. If there’s an area where there are too many lions, they could cull a few hundred Africans to give the lions more room. Problem solved.

        • Can’t do that, they’re a protected species, like highly paid Oxfam executives.

          Anyone have Pete Shelley in their dead pool?

  9. Great Cunting Captain M.

    I would love to personally render that mega-fat loser cunt (in the sad picture with the Lion) down into candles and sell said articles to his relatives with a big grin on my face. That goes for all these limp dicked/wizard sleeved cunts who carry out these crimes.

    There was an article in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago about the plight of the Pangolin (scaly Mammal) There was a video, although I didn’t watch it as I would never ‘unsee’ it. These poor creatures are hacked to death for their scales for chinese ‘medicine’ I believe one of these glorious animals is killed every fucking ten minutes. Therefore I would like to ‘Candleize’ the whole chinese nation – the bastard slopy cunts.

    • Couldn’t we just spread a rumour that the dried and ground knobs and bollocks of chinese blokes, along with the dehydrated clits and fanny flaps from the women will make people live forever? I reckon that kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

    • The Chinks don’t give a fuck.
      They have no respect for human rights let alone animals.
      Barbaric fucking cunts, and Chinese medicine, with it’s lion testicle balm or monkey spunk tablets or whatever they can dream up, is a load of nonsense, but as long as there is a market for the deluded cunts who buy this shit, it will not change.
      Money talks, always has, always will

      • They’ll eat anything. Insects, monkey brains )whilst the little fucker is alive), anything. I’ve even heard they eat horsemeat in the belief it’ll make your cock bigger, as horses’ cocks are. These bastards are allowed to breed.

        • Never understood why the Chinese needed aphrodisiac, seeing as they seem to have no problem breeding. Useless nasty cunts, hopefully nature will get its own back with a virulent strain of bird flu.

  10. One of the cuntings of the year, Cap’n.
    Everything on the planet eats to live, but only a few hunt for ‘sport’, for a trophy to hang on the wall. Sure a cat will torment a bird or a mouse, but that’s because it’s acting like a fucking cat. It doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand that its ‘sport’ is causing distress to another creature. You’d think that people would be able to grasp this, but the hunts, be they after foxes or lions, go on.
    As for the blob in the picture, well I hope its next shit’s a football sized lump of concrete. The cunt could be boiled down to make enough candles to light up a cathedral for a year.

    • Evening, Ron.

      If you don’t want your urine boiled, for God’s sake don’t look up any of the other fuckers. They might not resemble the hill of fat that pompously sits beside his prey like above, but the dead animals make me want to vomit. Fucking deplorable. Nefarious, obscene cunts.

  11. In addition, I would like pose in a similar photo with me sitting over this fat arsed yank’s body – (yeah he’s a fucking yank by the look of it) , with a smile on my face after pumping 8 gallons of agent orange up his rear creek, and seeing how long the toxins take to stop him twitching – the fucking bastard.

    • GD, if you did that you’d probably look like an Orangutan-trophy hunter!

  12. I fucking hate these murdering cunts to the point of wishing to blow them away myself.

    In all seriousness though, I truly believe that anyone who hunts and kills any living thing is a psychotic, soulless cunt. There is something missing in their brains. It is nothing but an ego trip by mostly dickless men and fucktard women who are trying to show how kickass they are (yep,aren’t you just so brave when you are stalking a usually endangered animal with a weapon?) who want to feel important and relevant in their own tiny minds. What the fuck are they trying to prove, and to whom?

    I would happily line all of the fuckers up on top of an open top cage of big cats and kick the fuckers in.


    • Swatting flies is pure self defence MPG. They spend all day wandering up and down on steaming heaps of dog shit, only to deposit said filth onto your food if you don’t get them first. It’s not fucking rocket science.

        • Albert Schweitzer NEVER hesitated to use the flit gun in his African hospital.
          It’s more humane than having to listen to Rheinberger’s organ sonatas…

          • Mince Pie Fly Die Guy, I’m not sure it’s Trophy-hunting if you’re squishing flies, taking a photograph then displaying your fortitudinous valour on soshul meeja but do carry on, everybody should have a hobby.

  13. Torn. To bits the fox is.No but I am torn. I must support the ‘traditions of the countryside’ because I believe in tradition. But do I really look at it? I hate to see animals suffer. Torn.

  14. ‘if it was an old one just quietly starving well perhaps its for the best.’ you’ve got me in tears here Mr Fiddler.

  15. I would round up these cunts and give them the hunt of a lifetime – Jean Claude Van Damme Hard Target style.

    Each cunt would be given a life changing £10m in notes stuffed into a strong, waterproof money belt. They would then be given a generous 10 mins head start to run. They would have to reach a specified safe place some miles away to allow them to pocket the cash and keep their life.

    Following them up after 10 mins would be an array of prime cunters from this fine forum armed with multifarious devices ranging from a humble pair of tin snips to a flame thrower, samurai swords and small arms. We would then play ‘hunt the cunt’ whilst ensuring the safe recovery of the cash.

    The entertainment value of this alone would make the whole lot of us wealthy beyond dreams. We could then extend the hunted to MPs and Lords. Although we would need to be a bit sporting for some of the latter as many are of advancing years. Perhaps a 12 minute head start to escape in those cases. I would bag Prescott’s head for mounting on a slab of mahogany on my office wall.

  16. I hope that steaming lump of shit in the picture contracts motor neuron’s disease and has to watch a bunch of well hung nog’s analy rape his bitch.!!

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