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  1. Trailer trash that fits seamlessly with the rest. Cant remember which benefits scrounger she married but she is truly a princess of hearts.

      • Gets on well with Fergie (the ginger minger, that is…).
        Dog almighty, what a bloody pair. Fergie interviewed by Morgan the organ, was gushing in a most toadying way, obviously thinking she’s “welcomed back into the fold”…

        Only if the fold in question is in a large pile of dog excrement.

  2. Just another z-list sleb who thinks she’s more important than the rest of us because of who she is.

  3. She’s maybe at the Grenfell cafe getting some tips on how to claim from the “Survivors” fund. She ticks all the boxes..Darkie,Entitled,Unemployed, Wasn’t in the Country at the time, Up the duff to a thick “player”,married into a family of workshy,tax-payer funded undesirables living in social-housing.etc.

    Anyhow,are they sure that it was her? The buggers all look the same to me.

    Fuck them.

    • All the necessary attributes are there for the potential submission for a claim. Reckon £100k should cover her first year.

      Useless free loader, a typical Royal. Apart from the queen fed up with the lot of them.

  4. Piss poor nose job imho. The skin whitener appears to be holding up well enough though.

  5. The UK’s best-paid boss, co-founder of online gambling firm Bet365 Denise Coates, has received another bumper pay rise. The firm’s accounts show compensation, for the firm’s “highest paid director” rising to £265m including dividends.

    That was £48m higher than the total she received last year as the popularity of online gambling continues to grow.

    However the industry is facing mounting criticism for not doing enough to deal with problem gambling and addiction.

    This was the greedy ugly bitch I included within my successful gambling nomination.

    Her pay equates to £727,000 a day.

    • Kinda torn on this. It’s a nutcrunchingly high salary beyond any personal need, but the company is not offering a product that anyone actually needs to buy or one that is deliberately inferior.. people freely give their money to these shysters out of their own personal greedy moral failure.

    • Given the inordinate amount of fuss over his trifling £5m farewell for adding billions to the Balance Sheets of Premier League clubs for service over more than a decade, I’d suggest Scudamore is worth every penny in comparison.

  6. JOB can be a cunt but this call from a problem gambler should be forcefully played over and over again to that cunt who ‘earns’ £727,000 a DAY.

  7. I hear Meghan is having a problem with the “help” as they say in America. Her private secretary has resigned, along with several domestics, very unusual in Royal households. That’s the trouble with the nouveau riche…… they think they can talk to the lower orders like they are shit. The true upper class would never do that….. very bad form to be rude to the servants. I believe Wallis Simpson had the same problem all those years ago. Fucking Yanks, they just don’t get it do they?
    I wonder what she will do when Harry introduces her to the traditional upper class “country weekend.” ie everyone fucks each other’s wives.

    • She hasn’t seen anything yet once ginger pubes gets into his stride, a days shooting then having to make small talk with chinless wonders and honking Sloan rangers braying like orgasming donkeys before everyone’s car keys go into the bowel.

    • I observe this with the wry detachment of the morbidly disinterested.
      There’s nothing more ruthless than the, er, changing of the guard when a new Royal arrives on the scene. Factor in Mo’M being a counter-jumping Commoner, competitive American and bearing a pussy-whipped / besotted dim new husband attending to her every whim and you have all the ingredients of more turmoil ahead in the world of the Fitztightlys and Knob-Jockeys.

      I remember Backdoor Billy (or was it Backstairs? – same difference) getting the old heave-ho after decades of unblemished service on £12k pa to the Queen Mum and promptly relocated to a high-rise Council flat in Slough within a matter of weeks of the old gin soaks’ burial!

      I console myself that the New Bride will very soon tire of the tedious as shite Royal lifestyle and take the new sprog back to USA as soon as she can reasonably excuse herself.

      I have wagered £20 with that nice man at Paddypower for this to occur by 2020 and they only gave me Evens.

  8. Completely and utterly off topic but somebody has set up a petition to help save my brother’s school in the face of the ‘super school’ that is being proposed by Wiltshire Cuntcil. Given its a petition, and one directed against Wiltshire Cuntcil no less, it probably won’t amount to anything but hey, fuck it – worth a shot.

  9. Evening Willie I have to say I read your last post with the link and genuinely thought “ oh for fucks sack I’d ride her whoever she is “
    Then …… I clicked OMG fucks me that is a fucking huge lass
    A cunt like a slaters nail bag no doubt !

    • And shit for brains too.

      No redeeming features whatsoever.

      Unless you happen to be a feeder obviously.

  10. Fucking virtue signalling leftie cunt.
    If white people were killed in a fire she wouldn’t give a fuck. … to be fair she probably doesn’t give a fuck about the grenfell cunts either, she’s just trying to get brownie points from her leftie ‘feminist’ activist friends by being “accidentally” photographed sucking up to peacefuls.
    …. a peaceful is worth 2 blacks and a gay you know …
    They don’t bother with trannys coz no cunt actually wants to go anywhere near those weirdo’s.

    • Another fucking goat shagger went to prison yesterday for pretending his non existent wife and kids got fried in Grenfell.
      100 fucking grand he pissed up the wall.
      Who the fuck is running this show? It seems that any diverse cunt can spin some story and they get huge wads of cash thrown at them. Of course they are too scared to ask any questions because that’s raaay-sist.

      • Fucking unbelievable…..
        The overpaid cunts that handed the money out should have to fucking pay it back.

      • The Al BBC report stated that the peaceful cunt who nicked this money was from Chelsea Manor Street, London. I did some work there a couple of years ago and the houses must be worth 10 million at least. Or there’s a Peabody Estate, but surely he wouldn’t be given one of those?
        This country is fucked.

  11. Thanks TTCE. I wasn’t born there but having grown up there and lived there since I was 3 (and for a year or so before that point when my dad was working in Chippenham) Wiltshire practically is my home county by this point. Love the place and its an outrage that we have such an abhorrent, unfeeling cuntcil led by that evil bitch Jane Scott who doesn’t even remotely care about the residents of the county at all.

  12. Headline from the Guardian:
    Merkel threatens to pull plug on Brexit summit if deal not signed off first

    Headline from the BBC
    Brexit: May to return to Brussels for last-ditch talks

    Merkel clicks her fingers and May goes running.

    Who the fuck does Merkel think she is? Useless cunt.

    • Whatever last minute “concessions “ The Hunchback gets from the fascists were decided months ago.
      She’s a fucking bare faced liar and it’s a cunting stitch up.

        • It may be more cost effective than the £3-4bn bill they will land us with to refurbish it. Move them all to the O2 and work around Taylor Swift and Lady Elton concerts.

          • Move them LL? I want them in there when the planes hit!

            Apart from a few honourable exceptions who could be forewarned…

            And during PMQs ideally.

  13. What I fail to understand about these Grenfell payouts regardless of whether they are fraudulent or genuine is the fucking size. Everyone there was dirt poor living in a shit hole, presumably many illegally here.

    A payout to this crook goes against all the basic principles of insurance ie putting that person back in the position they were in prior to the loss.

    Surely paying for a dirt cheap hotel nearby is therefore the right answer not putting them up in tower blocks where there are other flats worth millions?

    Or giving them large cash amounts.

    Which cretin calculated that 100k was the right amount and what oversight was it subjected?

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