Sadiq Khan [13]

I’d like to nominate bus driver’s son (not that he ever mentions that) and our very own Mayor of Londonistab for his weekly cunting.

This week: the re-emergence of “Stop and Search” but in it’s new guise of “Stop and Search Lite”.

Basically plod can “Stop and Search” again providing they have a very good reason to do so, and, so long as they’re wearing a body cam to record the process.

The cameras I’m all on board with so that when the yardie boys get all “gangsta wiv Five-Oh in’it bruv” it’s recorded for all to see. There will be far more incidents of this (as there always was in the commoonitteeee) than incidents of police brutality (as every case of stop and search was falsely reported as from da’ commoonitteeee).

My problem is: define “very good reason”?

Luckily there was an “Abbott Lite” type on the AL-BEEB to assist with this: “Well if they like smell a bit of contraband or summink, in’it, well that wouldn’t be grahhhhnds to stop and search like. In’it.” – seriously that was exactly how eloquently it was put.

Other salient instances were: “Jast’angin’ wiv their mates, in’it” and basically any other form of shifty behaviour that plod used to be good at identifying before being emasculated by the PC and right-on governing bodies.

So basically “Stop and Search” is back but if you “Stop and Search” anyone from the demographic most likely to be a stabbie bastard then it’s off to the Police Complaints Commission for you matey, with plenty of tribunals and re-education courses to follow….

Knowing this, how many people think that “Stop and Search Lite” will reduce incidents of stabbings in the stab capital of the west???

Answers on a postcard to:


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

60 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan [13]

  1. How about a people’s vote? Londoners voted for a mayor,not a peaceful apologist leftist CUNT.Anyone see the future architect who jump kicked a policewoman who was trying to pull another aspiring architect off a male colleague? UTTER WORTHLESS SCUM CUNT. I HOPE HE GETS STABBED TO DEATH ASAP.

    • I saw that cunt. In my view, the response to that should have involved ten police officers and their batons and a police dog for good measure.
      Assualting a police officer.
      Resisting arrest.
      Public disorder.
      Assisting a known offender.
      Possession of a class a substance with intent to supply.
      Possession of a deadly weapon.
      Intent to use said weapon to cause GBH.
      Etc etc etc etc etc

      • All of the above are classed as ‘cultural differences’ and therefore not grounds for action.

      • In the old days, the SPG would have turned up in a dark blue transit with no windows, jumped out the back and kicked the cunt out of the aspiring architects.

        There is also a shift that I wonder if others have noticed. They’re never called ‘delroy Robinson’ now. All the names seem to be rooted back to Africa. All vowels and unpronouncable codenamed.

        I’m not a defeatist by nature but it’s very hard to escape the conclusion that the mtembes and ROPers have won. Certainly in London. Pains me terribly to say that because I grew up there. But by 2009 and with a daughter on the way it was very much: fuck that.

        Best thing Now would be to put a perimeter around London, turn everything off and let them get on with it. And then decent people could move back in. Would only take a month and a half, tops.

      • To right Son of Krav and Cuntflap. Its the one thing the septics do properly their coppers go full retard on any criminal and take no shit, sticks,choke hold, tasers and of course the good old .44 that would sort the stroppy cunts out

  2. The picture says it all, two of arguably the most important jobs in Londonistan filled by a leftist mudslime apologist media whore and a touchy-feely, hearts and minds lezza who commands about as much respect as the local traffic warden.

  3. I have run out of superlatives to describe my hatred of this odious cunt. Right now he’s second only to Appeaser May in the worst politician in Britain stakes.

  4. He is one of my five very carefully and well thought thought out 2018 COTY nominations.

    How such an inept, insignificant, mediocre, short arsed, thick, ignorant, childish, racist, Peaceful prick has become Mayor of London shows just how far standards of authority in this country have fallen.

    Fucking useless cunt.

  5. Both Strap on and Suck Dick are pathetic left wing virtue signalling. Let us not forget how quickly he went to the mosque in Finsbury Park when a pissed up tool killed an innocent retiree. Not so quick to the attack on the bridge or when Keith Palmer was murdered. Quick to denounce anti Muslim hatred but no so quick when the religion of peace …….

  6. “If you are black you are 8 times more likely”……. blablabla
    Fucking hell, it should be a hundred times more likely to be stopped and searched, its not fucking rocket science that if the vast majority of stabbers and stabbies are black then you aint gonna stop and search anyfucker else init!
    Silly CUNTS, why not just say it like is on the streets bruv.

    • Do you remember a case a few years ago involving Thames Valley Police who had an Identity parade that was all black! ( because the alleged offender was black ) The shit hit the fan as the poor custody sergeant failed to include a couple of whitey’s in the interests of fairness. And who complained the loudest and the longest? Trevor Philips.!

  7. Also twat in the paper wants £2000 from the public so he can enjoy Christmas with his 5 kids. His wife experienced complications in her last pregnancy which is wholly regrettable.I wish her and their new arrival well. He moaned that his warehouse job was not enough to sustain them and he has now had to reduce his overtime to care for his family. Listen here ,you total spasoid:
    1) STOP having kids
    2) How the FUCK can you need £2000 for some turkey,tinsel,quality street and some toys.In any event, a baby does not know what Christmas is.

    Useless benefit scrounging cunt.Even Joey Deacon had common sense….

    • Quite right, Krav.
      The days when people had pride and self-respect seem long gone. I’d be fucking ashamed to have to beg for something serious,never mind a load of Christmas tat.

    • haha! Joey Deacon-muuuuuhhh. muhmuh muuhh. MMMUUUUHHH. Showing your age there, sir!! Made me laugh when he was on Blue Peter.
      Interpreter: Joey says he’s off to kill himself now, but he’s going to leave me all his money.
      JD: MUH?

  8. The BBC are reporting with glee that the three water cannon Boris bought have been sold for scrap.

    I honestly believe these water canon should have been used, not least on the bobble hat heap of steaming shit draped in blue and gold EU scarves who keep on fucking up the London pavements at weekends, demanding a second referendum because they are miffed they lost.

    Best still, make sure the water is freezing and insert the nozzle up the gaping arseholes of Peter Mangedbum and Fanny Adonis, and then aim it at the bollocks of that fucking grinning ape Anthony Blair.

    As for Khan, what a useless, brainless pompous arsewipe. He has to be a one term mayor because he is fucking useless.

    • He might be a one term mayor but demographics decree that the days of the indigenous white British mayor of London are over.

        • Totally with you on that. Considering there is always a government minister for London and that there are countless London Borough elected members, the job of mayor is just a total waste of money and an ego trip for morons and their friends.

  9. I wonder if Blair has had ” taking it up the arsehole ” aversion therapy ?
    Just a thought.
    Miranda …… ha !

    • I would’nt be at all surprised if Mangledbum and assorted EU officials have had experience of the Blair rectum, and no doubt George Wanker Bush had a trip up the chutney escalator to seal their very special relationship, Jack. Reminds me of a Joan Sims/Sid James line from Carry On Cowboy “My, but you’ve got a big one!” – “I’m from Texas, we’ve all got big ones up there”

      • Good evening Mr. Boggs .The Rumpo Kid , If I remember correctly.
        I bet Blairs rump has had more pricks than a pincushion.

  10. I work, my partner, bent Dennis works.
    Come Christmas time we struggle to get by on what we’ve got.
    These scrounging cunts who no how to milk the system for their own benefit, annoy the fuck out of me. The lefties in charge don’t seem to play a fair game with old Johnny English and prefer to help old Johnny Foreigner .

  11. The Home Office publishes statistics on stop and search numbers in England and Wales (Scotland has a different legal system) broken down into numbers stopped per 1000 categorised by ethnicity. Why? Why on grounds of ethnicity? It doesn’t categorise by sex or height or weight or length of hair. What the fuck has ethnicity got to do with a police officer deciding to stop and search? There are good reasons a police officer has the power to stop and search. It’s called crime prevention. Experienced police officers know that criminality is not confined to one ethnic group. Criminality is confined to criminals. It is false logic to say that because the category “Black” has the greatest number of stop and searches per 1000 this means the police are targeting “Black” and showing favour to “White”, “Asian” and “Chinese” categories. What it means is that “Black” is more predisposed to criminal behaviour than the others. This latter conclusion is supported by various sources of evidence including the racial composition of the prison population and the number of dead bodies decorating Londonistan’s streets. I feel sorry for Plod. With a fucktard peaceful mayor and a Dickless Tracy as Commissioner how are they supposed to do their job properly?

  12. At best a nauseating little prick. At worst a fucking useless twat. He’ll get voted in again though as it would be racist not to.

  13. Mayor of Londanistan and James O’Cunt in one sequence of posts……. what a combo!

    I need to throw up now …..

    Good evening.

    • O’Shithead had perennial cunt Carole Cadwalladr in the studio this morning for an orgy of mutual ring-piece licking.

      Naturally they proved Brexit is illegal.

      If anyone deserved the Saudi treatment it’s those two.

  14. Now the contents of my stomach have disappeared and I am back reading posts …. I could not agree more RTC!!
    However I wonder if the Saudi treatment is a little too tame in all the circumstances?

    • We should let Dick Fiddler deal with them CW.

      Dick’s technique makes the Saudis look like Sunday School teachers. You should have seen what he said he’d do to Kevin Maguire…

      • I like the sound of Dick Fiddler RTC. New to all this I do hope the Mrs does not see this post and get the wrong Idea though.

        • The only thing you need to know is that this is one of the only places left on the internet where genuine free speech still exists. You’ll find that a daily dose of ISAC is remarkably cathartic.

        • His winning ways are legendary CW…

          “I’ve got a bone-saw,several chainsaws and a Greenmech wood-chipper. I have also invited Kevin Maquire around for a spot of afternoon-tea. I’ll show those Saudi wimps how I’d deal with a journalist who irritates me…seven minutes was all they could stomach before they injected the Cunt,fucking sure I’m made of sterner stuff…. should be able to manage a good week before his whinging,droning voice gets too much. I’ll feed him into the chipper feet first just so that the last part of him which disappears is his condescending,eye-rolling,smug face.”

          (Hope you didn’t mind me quoting you Dick 🙂)

          • Well you were not exaggerating RTC. No messing about or pathetic putting the cunts out of their misery early doors!! I will certainly be looking out for Dick going forward ! (Obviously In the proper sense). If it all gets nasty and we do have to take to the barricades one day it’s good to know there are a few fearless headbangers on our side ready with the wood shredders and all that type of gear. I have had a powerful leaf blower for over a year but not even started it up in anger once yet. I have much to learn from Dick Fiddler I am sure.

  15. He should get pumped from office. He couldn’t deliver a kebab.
    But his father was a bus driver did you know.

    • “Pumped” is a remarkably appropriate word for this – half a gallon of warm, soapy water and the sloppy turd would be out…

  16. If they kick his scrawny peaceful arse down the street he could always go back to being a yewman rights lawyer. There’s more than one way of screwing the taxpayer.
    I doubt it though. Next leader of the Labour Party this cunt. Get your money on it.

    • Labour’s p@ki leader Khan vs. Tories’ p@ki leader Sajid Javid?

      Would you like any naan bread?

      • At least Javid actually does a decent job and appears to respect British values. Unlike Citizen Khunt.

  17. Khunt is the most irritating smear of shit ever to have ended up as the Mayor of London. Aside from using his political influence to push his peaceful and anti-Trump agenda, I’ll be truly fucked if I know what this cunt is actually responsible for delivering.

    Shortarsed little cunt is short on intelligence and delivery but big on yap. That said, I’ll eat my own carpet slippers if the swarthy population of the People’s Republic of Greater Londonistan (twinned with Mogadishu) doesn’t vote the cuntchops in for a second term.

  18. In relation to stop and search, unfortunately for Mayor Khant the chickens have most certainly come home to roost. When May was Home Secretary she made it her mission to dilute police powers and weaken the police fed, this policy included the reduction of stop and searches by the hundreds of thousands…the usual suspects such as Abbott and co. rubbed their hands with glee, as a consequence of never been stopped and searched for the last eight years certain members of society habitually carry knives because they know the police are unlikely to stop and search them for fear of being accused of racism, and as a consequence of that certain members of society are being stabbed to death. Why should a police officer be told to only use stop and search if they record it with body cameras? I would argue that if you don’t trust me over some lowlife scumbag, then fuck off, why should I give a shit that the person I don’t search may be carrying a knife and may kill someone with it? Unless they virtually tell you they have a knife then what are reasonable grounds? The net result would be they don’t have a knife = racist police = complaint, so why fucking bother.

  19. Shithead Kant should have kept the water cannons instead of scrapping them to follow the stabby people to hose down the streets.
    I’ll email him with my suggestion.

  20. Black culture is degenerate. Teenage pregnancy,crime,fraud,etc.
    Name me one thing ever invented by a black person?

    Apart from gangster rap…

    • Jenkem.
      Mud huts.
      Lip and Ear Plates.
      Porn with socks on.

        • Socks are quite common. Some of the bucks seem to favour keeping nothing but their best Nike trainers and socks on. I suppose they are concerned some other continental gentleman might pinch them whilst he is up to his balls in white meat.

  21. Oih did any of you cheeky cunts screw that Saddam Hussein memorial plaque to a bench in Wanstead. Come on who was it.

    • One of my grannies was born round there (1899) – that would have given her a good laugh. Her remarks about hanging and flogging stick in my mind to this day. Truly inspirational.

  22. Looks like this bluffing cunt is going to install drinking fountains all over Londonistan, thereby ensuring the diverse array of highly infectious third world diseases not seen in the civilized world since the middle ages can spread like wildfire all over his multicultural utopian shithole.

    The cunt.

  23. They should do away with the office immediately Sack the bus drivers Son forthwith Mr Panda Eyes can then get a proper job like the rest of us in the real World

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