Elizabeth Warren

In case anybody is wondering, Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat Senator in the US, who for years has claimed to be of Native American heritage, specifically, Cherokee and Delaware. This has led to much ridicule from various people across the pond, who have nicknamed her ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Fauxcahontas’. Of course, lefties have fallen over themselves to accept her patent bullshit, to the point that Harvard began to refer to her as a, ‘Person of Colour’, despite the fact she’s clearly as white as arctic snow.

Now, to prove her claim, she’s had a DNA test. Depending on whether or not you’re a dipshit lefty, the result is either ‘strong proof’ as Warren claims that she IS of Native American heritage, or it’s proof that she’s talking shite! Are you ready for this? The DNA test has revealed that Warren is between 1/64 and 1/1024 Native American. That’s actually LESS than the average American. In other words, she’s between 98.44% and 99.9% White.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the BBC siding with Warren, they’re reporting this bollocks without giving specific facts. Unfortunately for them, and Warren, the Cherokee Nation have taken a different view, and rejected her claim. Oh dear. And as the Cherokee are Native Americans and therefore, ‘People of Colour’ as lefties like to patronisingly call anyone who isn’t white, they can’t possibly be wrong, can they? I dare say that this revelation won’t stop Warren from making the claim that she’s not entirely white, but the fact is, I have more Native American DNA than she does. My great great grandfather on my American dad’s side was Cheyenne. Though I’m sure if I actually bothered with the test, the Native DNA it showed would be minute, which is why I never claim to be Native American. I’m not. Elizabeth Warren does. Which is why she’s a cunt.

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21 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren

  1. She’s fucked herself with the biggest of all totem poles!

    If the Cherokee has dismissed her claim, then where the fuck does she go from there? If she’s going to ignore their claim then that would/should be classed as racism. But typically with libtards generally, such labeling doesn’t apply to them.

    Either way she’s a stupid cunt for trying to be “right on” with the minorities, rather than doing the work the folk in her area voted for her to do in the first place.

  2. There are cunts identifying as black to claim the positive discrimination booty. One is English but his name escapes me. The cunt is as black as I am. Just a lying cunt.

  3. If you can still obtain free education and be given a free licence to open a casino, then I identify as a Red Indian, native American.

    My Red Indian name shall be Big Wang Dangling in Dust.

    • Incidentally, am I allowed to call myself a Native Englishman? You know, like Native American, even though they all came from Russia, bloody gimmigrants.

  4. It’s about time someone called this squaw (that is Native American for cunt by the way) out. Top squawing.

  5. I think this is the woman I heard screeching (in the recent mid-terms) ‘WOMEN ARE NOT GOING TO SHUT UP!’. Like a squaw; so red in the face.

  6. And yet STILL she somehow managed to get reelected! It beggars belief! It’s also really hypocritical of her to drone on about ‘muh waycism’ when these actions demonstrate that she’s one of the biggest racists in America herself.

  7. 1/1,000th Native American.

    999/1,000ths cunt!

    And yet the lamestream media is all on board cos she’s a lefty, globalist shill.

    Can you imagine the outcries of “waycist” and “cultural appropriation” if a Republican or anyone 1/1,000th related to Trump tried to pull this bullshit?

    CNN would melt!


  8. Democrats. Don’t you love ’em? They’ll spend the next 2 years stalling legislation in Congress with their libtard bullshit, and thereby pissing off normal Americans, native or otherwise. And so Trump will get a second term unless the Democratics can find a sane person (and not a crook, Hilary) to stand. And there lies the problem. You have to be wealthy to be a candidate, so, if you’re a Democrat, you’re a hypocrite like all socialist cunts.

  9. Fuck me! The salary of a Congressman/woman is over $170k. No wonder the cunts are overjoyed at being elected.

  10. So let’s say she’s minutely part native American. So fucking what? What’s she entitled to that other people aren’t? Her ancestors are fuck all to do with what she is today. I don’t get this with people trying to associate themselves with minority ethnic groups. What are they lacking, a sense of identity? What did Tony Hancock say, I’m 100% Anglo-Saxon with perhaps a dash of Viking? If I could be arsed to find out by DNA test, which I couldn’t, I’d find I’m partly Anglo-Saxon, partly Irish, partly West-European, partly Scandinavian and all sorts of other bits and pieces. And that would prove what exactly? You’ve guessed it.

    • Yes, dig deep enough into one’s DNA and a cunt like Warren could find small traces of Russian, German or Japanese. So by her fucked up logic that could mean she’s a Ruskie communist, a Teutonic Holocaust sympathizer and sadistic Japanese murderer.

      But of course none of these work in her interest and as such wouldn’t be bragged about in quite the same way as her belief she is a Native Indian “Victim”

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