Dr Who

A cunting for Dr Who from someone who hasn’t seen it for 50 odd years.
I regard it as a kids programme. What Star Trek would be like if made by the producers of Crossroads. Of no importance to a grown up.

However I have just read a review which tells me that the last episode was set in Alabama and featured Rosa Parks. Fuck me how right-on down with the coloured folk can you get? What next? Ghandi being thrown off a train? Slave trading in Bristol?

It has always been shite as far as I am concerned but this trendy, lefty crap makes it creak at the seams.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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  1. There’s no part of the BBC free from propaganda and the children’s shows are no doubt just brainwashing.
    Goebbells would admire the BBC as it is now….
    They probably hate Jews as much as he did too.

    • Afternoon, DTS. Can’t resist asking. I’d have thought that Jews were pretty well represented at the BBC when you look at the amount of Jewish directors,actors,broadcasters,presenters etc. who regularly appear on the BBC, what makes you think that the BBC hates Jews?

      • Afternoon fiddler.
        Yea good point. Didn’t think of that. Just thought that being lefties, being islamophiles and supporting jihadists such as hamas they’d be the usual hypocritical cunts that call everyone else a racist and a N@zi, yet are racist themselves.
        I thought the Jews at the BBC would’ve been replaced with the gays or the wimminz by now….

      • איר זענט אַבסעסט מיט אידן

        That is Yiddish for: Why are you so obsessed with my tribe,Herr Fiddler? Yes there are some of my tribe at the BBC but they are leftie anti Zionist scum.

        • What an hysterical reply to a perfectly innocent question, Krav.
          I was interested in the perception of an anti-jewish bias at the BBC.
          Do you not think that people should not be allowed to ask any questions concerning your “tribe”?

          • Absolutely,yes. Anyone should be allowed to ask anything to anyone. The BBC has a demonstrative history of anti Israel hatred.

          • Krav, the question was about an anti-Jew bias,not an anti-Israeli bias. I honestly can’t see what your problem is with me asking,be it about an anti-Israel or anti-Jewish bias

          • Let us agree to disagree on this one!
            To me: anti Zionism is anti – semitism.Of which you are neither.

          • Fair enough,we agree on this one, Krav.

            Have a good night at The Blue Oyster,and I’ll have a good night at Der Biekeller.
            Herr Fiddler.
            🙂 .

  2. Yes, of course I would!

    And no – I would not dream of watching it. Shite since Christopher Eccleston left.

    Social engineering nonsense on steroids. Or so I’ve gathered from Norman, and Lady Creampuff, who still tunes in, albeit with increasing reluctance.

    Nicely cunted Cuntstable!

      • I understood the first time, RTC. She’s very fuckable.

        Christopher Eccleston knew the bullshit the BBC was trying to pull with the reboot – been shite ever since.

  3. will be interesting to see how they manage to work transgenderism into it but then i don’t watch it so maybe they already have.

    • I havent watched it since i was a kid (never really got into it though) exept when I was channel surfing a couple of years ago. I was only there for 30 seconds and they had some kind of lab where the head scientist was a midget…
      If they can work midgets into the storyline, I guess they can get anything….

      • Evening Deploy.
        I’ve not watched it much since Patrick Troughton. Could never stand that camp mincing Peacock John Pertwee. As for now , the political correctness and social engineering just makes me want to throw a brick at the TV.

        • Evening fenton. Yea every time I turn on the BBC it has some pathetic attempt to show society as some rainbow most mash and it makes me fuckin sick.
          It’s Not that I hate people of a different colour, I just don’t see why the majority have to be suppressed by the minority.
          …. isn’t it supposed to be the other way round?

  4. I remember the ‘Mad’ Doctor: William Hartnell. When it felt really dangerous-the screeching music really unnerving. Transported to a dark myserious planet…transported to a tutorial.

  5. That Rosa Parks deserves a Cunting all of her own. Some Uppity,split-arse Darkie culturally appropriating a white man’s seat on a white man’s bus….the lazy Cunt probably had a free pass provided by the dole office anyhow….probably sat eating stinking goat-curry,jabbering away into her phone in some Bongoland clicks’n’whistles language while her tribe of aspiring architect offspring slashed the seats and mugged the old granny pensioners.

    Fuck her.

    • Well it wasn’t quite like that Mr F but what people don’t know is that Rosa wasn’t an ordinary woman who just lost her rag one day. She was a member of the NAACP and had been arrested several times before for the same “offence.”
      The difference this time was MLK jr and his media contacts.
      Political movements don’t just start spontaneously , they require organisation, money and clever use of the media. MLK wasn’t just some fucking bible basher, he was a very smart cunt who realised the 1960’s was the TV age and was the way to get into peoples heads. They won’t tell you that on Dr fucking Who.

  6. That picture is almost Stalinist… With the aspiring architect and the one with (drum roll) ‘Pakistani Heritage’… Nothing wrong with Jodie’s looks or even her acting ability… But – just like Capaldi before her – she will be given nothing but PC drivel… That Rosa Parks one was complete crap… Just a ‘Let’s have a story with Rosa Parks in it’ load of nonsense… A time travelling identikit racist (white and English, naturally), more pop culture name dropping shite (the Doctor know Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra), the architect laddie meets Martin Luther King (what a fucking surprise), and of course the Pak-A-Mak whining about how she gets called a terrorist when coming out of the mosque… Utterly vomit inducing crap… Only good thing about it is lookjng at the new Doc… I had a dream about Jodie and a snooker table the other week…. I fucking hate alarm clocks…

  7. Enjoyed watching Dr Who when I was a young lad back in the 60’s, and again with my young son when Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant were heading up the cast.

    Even when Matt Smith first took over it was semi watchable however mid way through his tenure the plots became ridiculous, over complicated and frankly unbelievable, to the point when my son said “this is rubbish dad, I don’t understand it and I don’t want to watch it any more”. We never watched another episode, even when Peter Capaldi took over.

    Shame as I think Capaldi probably mad a great Dr Who, we just couldn’t be bothered to watch poorly written politically correct nonsense.

    From what I have read, the programme has deteriorated even further.

    Regarding leg over with Jodie, to be honest not sure I would bother.

  8. The only thing I ever liked was the theme tune in the 80’s which had the overdriven synthy guitar riff.


      • Evening Ruff Tuff. They had no keyboards for synthesisers in those days had to record it on tape note for note, took ages. Anything that’s a labour of love usually turns out well.

      • A mate at school bought this single. If I remember rightly, the B side was called ‘Cyril’s Tune’. That wasn’t bad either.

      • I always paired Telstar by the Tornados with Doc Who – William Hartnell – the only Doc I ever watched – I did go to see the movie on at the flicks though – I think Peter Cushing was in that one. Hiding behind the sofa as I remember it when them fucking Daleks came on. A bit too young to be an aficionado though. Hey RTC – to a massive music fan I watched the Marc Bolan story on BBC4 last night. What a fucking life. I had no idea he was knocking about in the 60’s, nor as late as 76. Did you ever get into Bolan?

        • I loved Bolan. Just recently got The Slider and Electric Warrior again. Chase the story of Bolan’s missing millions. None of the money the estate makes goes to the family.

        • I fear not Cunto. If memory serves, I considered Bolan’s first incarnation of Tyrannosaurus Rex, rightly or wrongly, a bit too much on the acoustic, hippy-drippy side. Then, for a brief time when he transitioned into T. Rex in 1970, I bought and enjoyed the first T. Rex album… but soon thereafter became disenchanted with Bolan’s rapid switch to glam-rock teeny Top Of The Pops sellout type commercialism – simply too much for a seasoned cunt heavily into stuff like Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Stooges, Amon Duul II, Can, early Tangerine Dream, Faust, Krautrock in general, Bob Dylan, Santana, Miles Davis, Todd Rundgren, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Blue Oyster Cult, to name but a few..

          • I saw Mahavisnu Orchestra back in 1974. I have never seen a band since that just blew me away like they did. Fucking powerful sound.

          • Regret I never got to see them Fenton. Live recordings I’ve collected are fucking AWESOME!

  9. I ditched this absolute leftie liberal cuntfest off years ago!!
    Fuck the bbc !! Fuck doctor who!!

  10. William Hartnell was the last doc i saw not seen it since. Hate the way every fecking thing has to have a right on message when the feck are people goin to be treated to some undiluted entertainment.

  11. I know nothing of Dr Who since Tom Baker, however the new PC incumbent is a very attractive lady.

    The AL-BEEB – in their misguided wisdom – decided to do painted art deco ads in bus stops, etc., and the one of the new lady doctor was about as flattering as asking a lady “When is it due?” when she’s just a fat cunt!

    They’ve got her painted with a nose so big the last thing I saw with one that large it had landing gear attached!

    If I was her agent I’d be suing the ABBC.

  12. Is this bird in the header photo the one all you cunts are jerking off over? Don’t look anything special to me.

  13. The latest from business not happy with the democratic result of the EU referendum.

    Brexit: Business leaders call for second EU vote. Authors of the letter say the original ballot did not reflect the choices now facing the UK

    More than 70 business leaders have signed a letter to the Sunday Times calling for a public vote on the UK’s Brexit deal.

    The chief executive of Waterstones and former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King are among those saying a “destructive hard Brexit” will damage the UK economy.

    How do they know a hard Brexit will damage the economy? More project fear.

    Sick and tired of these pompous elitist whinger wankers crying over the result- just shut the fuck up. YOU LOST- GET OVER IT.

    • I think they know that if everyone pulled together and worked to make it a success, it’d be a success and they’d have to admit they were wrong about their beloved empire. They’re deliberately trying to sabotage the whole thing just so that they can chirp “told you so”. Fuckin treasonous cunts would be happy to see the country go to ruin just so they can sit on their high horses and complain about stupid poor people.

      Speaking of cunts with too much money and not enough brains … heard a snippet from James o’cuntface’s radio show the other day. Apparently anyone that supports marine le pen, trump or brexit is “on the same side as the n@zi’s”….
      I’m amazed that he can get a job anywhere, let alone a job that involves him discussing his twatty, upper middle class, snowflake opinions. WHAT A CUNT!

      • Rich cunts may be worried about how it will affect their offshore bank accounts but as I don’t know any rich cunts I can’t really say. They wouldn’t come within 50 yards of rubbish like me.
        However, ordinary remoaners I know are completely obsessed by the evils of Brexit. Having swallowed all the Establishment bullshit in the first place, then having gone along with the daily whinging and moaning for nearly two and a half fucking years they just can’t let it go. They desperately want to be proved right.
        It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.
        Now, if you’ll excuse me. i’ve just got to send 4 grand to my fiancé in Moscow for her mother’s life saving operation.

        • Cunts call for a 2nd referendum seems to be gathering speed… it feels highly coordinated… to give the illusion of popular demand… all very sinister.

          Have the distinct feeling May’s Chequers Deal was purposely designed to gridlock Parliament, thereby paving the way for another “ask the people to decide” scenario…

    • Bit long winded (quelle surprise!!)
      A selection of letters from the Telegraph from 2016. Interesting to see the “educated” thought that the £9.5m flyers from Cammercunt were a disgrace and probably against election rules. The one that sticks out is “Would it be right to send a £9.5m flyer to the sitting party outlining what would happen if the populace changed their minds and voted them out”
      SIR – I received the Government’s EU referendum booklet yesterday. In 1980, while I was living there, Sweden held a referendum on whether to continue with nuclear power. Through each letter-box came the equivalent of a small tabloid newspaper.

      Several pages were devoted to the facts of the case. There was an explanation of what a nuclear reactor was and how it worked. Independent experts gave figures on Sweden’s present and projected energy needs, the contribution of nuclear power, and the options for alternative sources of energy. Then each official campaign group had ample and equal space to put forward its case.

      I cannot help feeling an opportunity has been lost. In place of Sweden’s cheaply produced but informative offering we have been sent a small, uninformative piece of glossy propaganda. It is short on reliable fact and long on distortion, as other correspondents have pointed out.

      The Swedish government treated its electorate like thinking beings, while this pamphlet has treated British voters as idiots.

      David Cursons

      SIR – Why am I sent a booklet with seven pages of glossy photographs of happy families, workers, shoppers etc? It’s quite patronising – unless propaganda is intended.

      Richard Rawlins
      Dartmouth, Devon

      SIR – There is a great need for good information to help people make a judgment in the EU referendum. The Government’s pamphlet is not good information. It is an unbalanced mixture of misrepresentation, speculation and scaremongering.

      The contempt in which the Government and our (and wider EU) political elite hold the electorate and the democratic process is evident. At least it has helped me decide. I was undecided. Now I will vote to leave.

      Lawrence Balfe
      Windsor, Berkshire

      SIR – By sending this mailshot ahead of the official campaign period, the Government has bent the referendum rules. A little later and this pamphlet alone would have breached the upper limit of spending on the campaign. It shows a disregard for the spirit of the debate and disrespect for the taxpayer.

      Nicholas Deterding
      Holt, Norfolk

      SIR – In 1975 the government advocated our staying in the European Economic Community, essentially a trade bloc. We were told it would not be a vote for a United States of Europe.

      This time I will probably vote to correct the mistake I made last time by heeding government advice.

      David Barlow
      Helston, Cornwall

      SIR – I assume that the Government’s EU pamphlet will create a precedent for this and future governments to issue (at public expense and outside the usual limits on election spending) similar pamphlets six weeks or so before each election explaining why the Government believes it is in our best interests to vote it in again.

      John Williams
      London SE21

      SIR – At least they used the Royal Mail to deliver the booklet, and not the German-based DHL or Hermes.

      Michael West
      Eastleigh, Hampshire

      SIR – The IMF said that austerity measures in the British economy would not work and that we were all doomed. George Osborne took the view then that it was talking rubbish. This time, its comments suit him.

      Robert Carlton-Porter
      Bath, Somerset

      SIR – Maurice Obstfeld, an economics expert at the IMF, forgot to mention that Brexit could bring about the collapse of the Galactic Empire.

      David Watson

      • Excellent post Cunto.

        Some excellent and valid points made by seemingly intelligent and concerned electorate.

  14. Fucking fireworks are pissing me off….bang…..bang…..bang…..bang…..bang…..fucking constantly. Every single firework sounds the same.

    • Stay away from Leicester this week Ginger. It’s W_gfire Night on the 7th. And it’s a loud, smelly, dirty, toxic cunt.

      • My sympathies to you Alan. Been to Leicester twice, but that was back nearly 30 odd years ago. My dad had relatives there but I wouldn’t have a clue where it was.

        • Thank fuck I’m 20 miles south of there these days Ginger. It used to be fuckin apocalyptic like a fuckin war zone.

          • Used to like going to Filbert Street… There was also a top Tandoori restaurant near there in the old days… Oh, and thanks to Leicester City for taking that useless cunt, Colin Gibson, off our hands…

  15. I wanted to watch the Christopher Eccleston Dr Who then found out it was written by a homo and thought fuck the BBC. Fuckin Pertwee was as camp as Christmas and I swerved that one too. Wouldn’t rave about Jodie. Up the bum pulling her ponytail maybe but that would be doing her a favour. I’d like to see her in Nazi Germany being banged by the brown shirts with the Daleks looking on and laughing hysterically. Wonder if her sonic screwdriver doubles as a vibrator? Dr Who is a cunt.

  16. I always preferred Patrick Troughton but I think most if not all his stuff was wiped. Quite like Trekkies but Whovians are fucking pretentious twats.

  17. I actually liked Pertwee. His Doctor was more action orientated and could handle himself in a punch up (when that was still allowed in a kids show)
    Plenty of gadgets and a killer wardrobe too.
    It started getting iffy during Tennant’s shows, preaching about the evils of guns, cars blah blah environment blah blah etc and slagging off UNIT soldiers while calling the invading baddies the “finest soldiers in the universe”
    Add to that, that bloody River Song woman popping up to hog the screen constantly. I used to fancy Alex Kingston something rotten but now I genuinely can’t abide the sight of her.
    Dr Who is fucked (as is Sherlock Holmes, Bond and all the other harmless fun that can be twisted into a vehicle for propaganda).
    Cunts. Utter child-brainwashing cunts….

    • And as for Jodie whatserface, I read some article where she was blathering on about it being “an actors duty to stop Brexit, Farage, Trump blah blah” and it immediately put paid to any possibilty of her being considered in any way attractive. Personally I think she resembles Big Bird from Sesame Street but with less brains…

      • It’s an actor’s duty to…act.

        Something a lot of the cuuuunts seem to have forgotten about, or, in many cases, simply couldn’t do in the first place.

        Sod them.

        Have just seen Cathryn Harrison in a Poirot episode. The sort of cracker I adore (not like the noisy cunts exploding tonight)…

        • I thought it was an actors duty to ponce about playing “lets pretend” for obscenely large sums of money.
          And nothing else…

    • Pertwee was a proper ladies man off screen… He bagged the lovely Jean Marsh for starters… He also (allegedly) had a thing with Una Stubbs while working on Worzel Gummidge (used to love her in Till Death Us Do Part)… I also thought he was good as the Doc… With the great Roger Delgado as ‘The’ Master, Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, and top totty in Caroline John and Katy Manning… Pertwee’s Doctor Who had great things like killer baby dolls, the Master raising the Devil, giant man eating maggots, and werewolves turning people into piles of green shite… All such things of course now verboten in snowflake world….

      I also loathed River fucking Song and that cunt Clara was even worse… A pair of finger wagging man hating smug self satisfied cunts… And when they brought that pumpkin headed goggle eyed tart in from Game Of Cunts ( that horrible ‘Me’ character) I wanted to throw up…. That four eyed bint in it (another daft slag) who was a ‘Doctor Fangirl’ who dressed in all his old gear and called herself Osgood was also a phenomenal cunt…

  18. Used to be an early evening family show, not a vehicle for moralising. The Parks episode was a pile of cunt.
    I went on to Al-beebra’s wbsite to complain about the politicised content of Dr Who, and about it being used to promote a ‘right on’ agenda. it took about 5 mins to do, dead easy. Suggest everyone on here does the same, in an effort to annoy the cunts.
    I’ll be back to this ‘show’ when the Doc comes back. Jumpable Jodie can get his fucking tea on, and run around squealing in high heels and something very skimpy.

    • I was hoping for Phil Glenister… Gene Hunt in the TARDIS (with John Simm still there as the Master)… But it’s unlikely that we’ll never see a white male Doctor again… The next one (if it lasts much longer!) will be as black as a gorilla’s goolies… I’d put bets on that…

  19. LBGT propaganda dressed up as Doctor Who, should be called Doctor What! Since when did you’re sexual preferences mean fuck all when it comes to fighting evil aliens.

    I watched an episode and it was shit, not just the usual BBC half arsed shit but agenda loaded pc shit with the central character now merely a passenger in aunties agenda infested shower of shite.

  20. I thought Peter Davison was a decent Doc… Not easy to follow Tom Baker, but he made a good go of it… ‘Earthshock’ was a great one… Glad they killed off that Adric fucker… He was like a taller version of Hervé Villechaize and an irritating cunt… That doughnut punching cunt John Nathan Turner fucked the series up though… But the greatest pair of tits in Who history were in the programme then… I refer to Nicola Bryant and her monumental wangers….

    • And some millennial spunk dribble who claimed to be a ‘Whovian’ (the fucking cunt) said to me ‘Who’s Nicola Bryant?’

      Ah, you really have missed out… And you really do know fuck all… The lady was stupendous… And showing a wee bit more than she realised here, methinks…


  21. On next week’s Doctor Who (this is a real one)… India, 1947. The Doctor and her friends arrive in the Punjab, as India is being torn apart. While Yaz attempts to discover her grandmother’s hidden history, the Doctor discovers demons haunting the land. Who are they, and what do they want…

    Well, what a fucking shock that is, eh? Not even half a dozen episodes in and now there’s a Pak-A-Mak episode to with the ‘Black’ Rosa Parks one… This is enough to make me puke… And I bet the ‘Demons’ are racist and hate those lovable peacefuls… Don’t try to sell raping and murdering human filth and their medieval religion to me, you BBC cunts… Fuck off! Fuck right off!

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