David Olugsara

David Olugsara is a cunt Your Honour, and I can prove it.

Olugsara (born in Lagos, Nigeria) is an “historian” on the BBC. I’m certain that Olugsara won the gig by meritocracy, not scraping a 2:1 in History and eating pot noodles then blagging his way onto tv by manipulating positive discrimination. Of course not.

Exhibit #1: BBC’s Civilisations (his episode) was about how Nigeria is so great and before the British arrived and stole some childish bronze art it was perfect and creative and artistic and zzzzz, basically white man brought all things bad, blah blah. He labours over Nigerian art, Aztec art, Dutch art, Japanese art… but .no British? Only the final piece of the Brits in India, all bad, Indians all good, East India Company nasty, blah blah blah.

No mention of Egyptian slaves dropping dead pyramid-building, nothing about Shaka Zulu, strangely ignores Aztec slavery, and is astoundingly tacit regarding Islamic African chiefs who sold their own folk into slavery.

Furthermore, I lost count of the amount of times he sound-checks “Globalisation” – which is just creepy and Insidious.

Exhibit #2: BBC’s The House In Time which had the pretence of showing a house in Liverpool through 170 years but had a hidden agenda: ➡ to lecture.

When Olugsara “discovers” one inhabitant sold cotton, he fails to control his glee, turns on the Slavery tap and it all pours out. He spends the last quarter of the episode, 15 minutes, devoted to showing his distaste and the sermon is non-stop. He even flies to America to investigate it and interview people?! For a programme abut a house in Liverpool!

Exhibit #3: In March 2018, eager to court controversy and lick the leftie arse, he called Winston Churchill a “war criminal” and blamed him for the famine in Bengal in 1943-44.


Your honour, I say this is merely the latest revisionist dogshit – 21st century values applied to the past. Churchill wasn’t perfect (Gallipoli, the striking dockers, etc) but he was not a war criminal and this uppity snowflake would be speaking German if not for Winnie. This is luke-warm deconstructionism; it’s an unbalanced picture by a small-minded “academic” with a big chip on his shoulder. Olugsara is a transparent “historian” with an attention-seeking habit, a pc berk spraying his halitosis-hectoring on a channel that is tailor-made for him and therefore, M’lud, is a massive cunt.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

41 thoughts on “David Olugsara

  1. This uppity cunt wouldn’t just be speaking German. He would be in a labour camp for untermensch.
    The Ministry of Truth rules now. Everything revised to suit a right-on agenda.

  2. Wot ta Rasclart? Da white Bumberclart take da best afrikans for slaves ta ras all da good sprinters and athletes stolen from muddah Afrika leaving only da aspiring architects and layabouts ta ras.And whitey, him claim the egyptian pharaohs, sokrates,plato,cleopatra,arkimedes and all da great greeks was white,when it obvious dem was all black ta ras.and look at the filim Black Panther it show da truth ta ras, mother afrika had nuclear bombs and computers and advanced medicine long before whitey ta ras.Da white bamberclarts steal steal steal all da time ta ras dats why muddah afrika so backward ta ras.

  3. As Rigsby would say, ‘My God! Not another one?!’

    Might have known this up his own arse uppity sneering Mills & Boon would be on the BBC…

    Cunts like him will use the slavery card Hillsborough style now until the end of fucking time… And this tree swinging smartarse wouldn’t be speaking German… He’d be dead, as Adolf and his boys would have gassed the lot of them… When one looks at the BBC and the plague of snowflakes, it almost makes you wish the Fuhrer had won….

    And I bet this cunt hasn’t paid his student loan back yet either…. Um Bongo ponce…

  4. Good cunting Cap’n M,
    This twat wouldn’t be speaking German anyhow cos his parents / grandparents would have been exterminated were it not for a stand by Churchill.
    We are shortly to remember a lot of people who bought our freedom at the cost of their own lives. They must be spinning in their graves to learn that this freedom entitles cunts like David Olugsara to spout off anti British bullshit and get paid for it too.
    Here’s a simple message for Olugsara which even he can not misinterpret.
    Fuck off back to Nigeria.

    • Precisely Your Grace, if it wasn’t for Churchill this cunt would not exist.

      But hey… wait a minute…

      Winnie has a fuck of a lot to answer for!

  5. Oh well instead you can tune in to some light entertainment and escapism say Dr Who if you don’t want to be lectured toby snowflakes…..oh hang on.Wankers the lot of them.

  6. Never heard of the cunt. Although there’s no shame in getting a 2:1 – regardless of the margin.

    • If I am to be pontificated at, I would insist on the pedant being a First plus a PhD at least. No shame, sure, got one myself, but hardly astounding scholarship worthy of national attention!

  7. Well I’m shocked. The judicial system in this cuntry is often misguided but now it’s totally out of control.
    A judge has thrown out claire busby’s claim against the manufacturer of her bed following her being shagged so energetically that she was thrown clear of the bed, suffered a spinal injury, and has been left paralysed.
    What’s wrong with our legal system eh?

  8. Well cunted. I’d never heard of this cunt but he seems typical of the beebistan ethnic indoctrinating “priveliged” elite cunts that rail against the white man’s civilisation but they’re quite happy to get fat off the profits….
    If they really had principles and were really horrified about the actions of the evil white man they would just fuck off to Africa and help rebuild the damaged caused by the West….
    Oh no, the West didn’t cause any damage. It was a down and out shithole full of cunts before the white man turned up and now it’s…. still a down and out shithole full of cunts.

  9. Look at South Africa at the moment.
    White farmers being attacked and murdered every day. The blambos destroy the farms, therefore there’s no production. That affects the economy.
    You no where I’m going here.
    The ANC are to blame for this, and encourage the violence.
    You hear nothing of this on the news. I wonder why?
    But if this was happening to blambos by whites it would be a different story.

    • I reckon most these demented cunts revel in the fact that it is happening to white people. It’s all about revenge to these twisted cunts.

  10. An eloquent and erudite cunting Captain. Thank you. This psychopathic-looking cunt should indulge in a little self-help by losing the potential architect curls, having a shave and buying a decent shirt and tie to replace the Barnardos shite he’s wearing.Only then will he be ready to attend an interview for a proper fucking job. Hair stylist might suit him.

    • If anything, it’ll be the contrary Fim. He already has the stereotypical “edgy” hair style and the nose pierce (no, really) to appeal to the kids. Next up will be the multi-coloured glittery Mandela shirt, from which he’ll progress to full Afrikan bed sheet. I give it two years. By then, the BBC will have given him his own talk show.

  11. What is happening today as myself and my brother’s house at the moment that’s all for now.

  12. … and yet, here he is, living in the UK, enjoying a middle-class lifestyle, with a middle-class income no doubt (although he would deny it of course).

    Fuck him – it’s Friday and it’s time to listen to some Rush.

    • Currently listening to the great Ronnie Lane and his ‘Anymore For Anymore’ album… Sheeran my fucking arse…

      • Alan mate, the thing is when you use “those words” your post goes to a little place with a fuck off big flag on it, we then have a little interdepartment conversation about you and then either send your details to the Muslim Council Of Britain, The Simon Wiesentha foundation or any group that we think might show interest in you.

        Actually we don’t, we just don’t publish them and you waste your time typing it up and we waste our time deleting them, Though we feel your pain your articulation has a lot to be desired.

        as you said “It’s much more fun than using the banned words This week I have mostly been listening to the Byrds.” Not if we don’t post it its not.

        All the best Admin

        • Fuckin hell Admin I only used c4uc4sian and sp4de, hardly bloomin hangable. Yes my articulation is crap. I feel it too. I’m not trying to buck the system honest. If I don’t speak to you again hve a Merry Fistula.

      • Complete the song line: How come babe I turn the ace of hearts, you always turn the ace of……. ” as Ronnie sang. Which is what these cunts always do. That photo don’t look like yer average niggle, there’s been a bit of Caucasian in there at some time. Wikipedia helpfully provides an a to z of racial epithets. It’s much more fun than using the banned words This week I have mostly been listening to the Byrds.

  13. Better an imperfect flawed Winston Churchill than a perfect right-on bleeding heart snowflake of a festering pustule ridden cunt like him and most other left-wing twats.

  14. Never heard of the cunt, and neither has Google, but intrigued that he is a propagandist for globalisation. It fits.

  15. So happy my licence money is used to pay for this fuckwiddle. Time the Al beeb fucked off methinks. Hey that’s a great idea another another tv series making us look like cunts.

  16. Surely the problem isn’t that these “academic” cunts point the finger and accuse people from yesteryear of being criminals/rayycists etc. Anybody can do that and let’s face it, through the 21st Century telescope EVERYBODY in the past was a tad dodgy.

    For me, the main problem is AT WHO these “academic” cunts aim? Who is in their laser-targetted sights? It’s all very specific and deliberate and THEREFORE they are measly cunts.

  17. Nice one Captain. At least this cunt has evolved enough to master a spoken language. A lot of his brethren haven’t changed much from the time when they were usefully employed in the sugar cane and tobacco plantations. They haven’t got out of the habit of wielding knives since….

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