Michael Heseltine [6]

The decrepit old cunt has written yet again for George Osborne’s comic (The Standard).

This old wankstain has as much reason as Mangedbum to fear leaving the EU (in his case his private vanity project arbortoreum) , Mandy’s is his EU old age pension.

Heseltine is a cunt of the first stripe he never shuts his 84 year old mouth up. George Osborne’s Standard is almost the equivalent of the wank mags beloved by teenagers, he is forever tossing himself off over the EU and for him to see the stumbling shambling drunken Junker, is as big a thrill as a 13 year old looking at the centrefold of Big and Bouncy.

Heseltine was instrumental in getting rid of Maggie which was unforgivable – we so need somebody like her now. But that the old motherfucker continues his hypocritical rantings and that makes him a 24 carat boring cunt.

When Brexit comes Osborne will go – the useful idiot editor will have lost his usefulness.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

25 thoughts on “Michael Heseltine [6]

  1. “When Brexit comes” Mr Boggs? Wouldn’t hold your breath…

    That said, there aren’t enough hours in the day to cunt Heseltine and his 5th Columnist chums in House of Cunts!

    Well Cunted.

  2. Having stabbed Thatcher in the back Brutus Heseltine got the shock of his life when his co-conspirators failed to make him the PM , a position he so richly deserved. ( in his own fevered imagination, anyway )
    Instead they chose the grey, boring non-entity, Major the Currie Shagger. I don’t think this arrogant, preening, self important old cunt has ever got over that and has been suffering from PTSD ever since.
    Let the decrepit old fuckwit say what he wants, he’s one of the best adverts for leave there is, along with Blair, Soubry, Goboff, Izzard…….the list is fucking endless.
    He’s a cunt, and everybody knows it.

    • It shows the desperation of the feeble minded old cunt that such a toff would line up with the NuLabour Blairite knob-shiners like Mangledbum Izzard and co. Having heard Soubry’s hissy fit on Any Questions yesterday, I would be embarrassed to be on the same side as that demented old pantomime dame and dubious benders, and ageing drag queens. Show me a queer politican ot a non-white (Lammy Umuna) and I will show you a remainer

      It does cost a lot to look after trees though and the EU do offer generous incentives. I suggest Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke get together and make a geriatric remake of Brokeback Mountain – anything to occupy their minds in their twilight years as long as they shut the fuck up

      • Clarke and Hesslecunt….
        That’s an image that’ll bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

    • My guess is that he’s suffering from terminal syphillis, rather than PTSD.

      He resembeles sorearse, somewhat worringly…

    • I’m afraid i’ve got the old bastard at the moment and i’ve yet to break my duck. Still , there’s a first time for everything.
      Wish me luck.

  3. The sooner this irritating old cunt curls up his toes the better!
    Him and old cunterasaurus ken belong back in the Cretaceous period of British politics…….

  4. Stanky old clingon that just won’t drop into the bowl with the rest of the turds. Some people just over stay their welcome. How rude!

  5. Another remoaner of the first order.Its a pity Tarzan has nothing better to do with his time than bang on about Brexit nothing more to say about the twat

  6. Don’t miss tonight’s exciting Doctor Who… Sugar muffin Jodie and the Red Hand Gang are joined by a new team of heroes to fight the evil new villain ‘White English Racist Man’… Last seen in last week’s righteous ‘Rosa’ episode… Exclusive pic of the new band of heroes to aid the Tardis crew below:


    • Fuck my old boots, they really have got every box ticked now, haven’t they. You’ve got the wimminz, the parking Stanley and the aspiring architect saving the universe. The only iron they haven’t pulled out of the fire yet is an actual fucking iron. But I’ve no doubt the cunt is simpering away in the background somewhere.

      Would love to know the viewing figures for this propaganda bolleaux. And especially how it correlates to license fee payment. I read earlier in the week that Netflix are absolutely mullahing al -beebera and not only that, but their target audience (young cunts and effniks) are turning off in their droves or have never watched it at all. The world has changed and people consume entertainment very differently now. Moat nights I watch Netflix or old shows and docus on YouTube. Currently wading through the entire tales of the unexpected. Love it. Reminds me of childhood and when being English meant something and wasn’t a dirty word.

  7. I did read that Hessletine has got land heavily subsidised by the eu.. The self serving traitor has every reason to keep us in the federal dictatorship.

    • I misread the headline as:
      “If you have a dog that turns you on…”
      I wonder if he would bugger the hound before or after strangling it ?
      Maybe even during…

  8. Treacherous lion maned cunt.

    Of Thatchers cabinet still living, I do rate Tebbit. In his 80s now, still with a very sharp mind and writes stuff that most of you cunts would be in agreement with.

  9. Heseltine was the Boris Johnson of his time, a bit of a charmer in his younger days and was used as a kind of male stripper on the opening day of the Tory conference, head-banging his shaggy yellow locks and getting the blue-rinsed old hag delegates into such an ecstatic frenzy that there was not a dry seat in the house. That is, apart from the seat occupied by one blue-rinsed bag who was decidely unimpressed by his Chippendale performance – his boss – who had her own Total Exclusion Zone that started at the ankle and went to the top of her big hair. So near, yet so far Hessa!

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