Tim Wonnacot [2]

Tim Wonnacott aka Tim Whatacunt.

A fucking disgraceful waste of BBC licence payers money, this would-be toff is a cunt of the highest order.

This gap-toothed cunt is paid handsomely to say “orf” in the worst example of RP accent I’ve ever heard. His cuntiness is only enhanced by his fucking country cunt wardrobe.

This fucking wretched antique should orf himself and do us all a favour.

I bet he’s a cunt in real life too – just like that creosote faced cunt he deposed David Cuntinson.

Nominated by Mark E Smith Lives

45 thoughts on “Tim Wonnacot [2]

  1. Splendid cunting, Sir. I am surprised this odious butt nugget hasn’t been funded many more times.

    He exhibits characteristics of a chutney ferret, a la Stephen Fry. Lord only knows how this ugly cunt managed to get a slot on daytime TV, as he is a thoroughbred, antique arsehole guaranteed to fuck up even the most trouble-free days if you care to watch his programme.


    • We’d crowd fund the cunt to fuck orf and not come back maybe? Nah, let’s beat him to death and render him down for soap.

  2. He reminds me of a latter day Terry-Thomas, but I liked TT. To be honest I don’t think Tim Wonnacot is quite so bad as some of the other *antique celebs* who have built themselves a whacky personality. I am thinking of fucking Charles Hewitt, with his fucking silly stripped waistcoats and foppish manner, very much in the mould of Bertie Wooster – and they don;t come much more mouldier, and that horrible little Scotchman Paul Laidlow who has even grown a full beard and looks like he is either trying to be Rob Roy or trying to get on a packet of Senior Service or a tin of sardines. Cuntitude personified. Then there is Charlie Ross with his silly uncle at a little girls 3rd birthday party.

    Mrs Boggs and me watch Antiques Road Trip when we settle down to tea and crumpets, and the thing they all need a cunting for is the way they browbeat shop owners down to a really low price, telling not asking them that they will pay £15 for something on sale at a £100. I’d tell them to fuck off, even if I wasn’t rewarded with the condescending “you’re a gentleman” schtik.

    Having said all that, I would still rather have this shower than Anna Soubry , Sadiq Kunt, “Lord”Adonis and chinky football club owners that climb into their fucking private helicopters looking as daft as arseholes.

    • Wonnacunt is just a symptom of a sick and decadent civilisation.

      It’s the cunts who watch his show and the cuntestants and the show itself who are the real cunts. The sort of cunts who play Lady In Red on their Ferguson music centres.

      • Nasty RTCP. I had one of those and only ever belted out hippy music. Live Rust. And David Crosby is a cunt.

    • I can just about tolerate this numpty delaying the start of the One O Cock News.Its the sight of the identikit people in anoraks and fleeces milling around draughty, half empty salerooms bidding tuppence h’penny for the usual car boot tat that reminds me how truly shite this is.

      WCB – you have triggered a memory of a far bigger cunt operating in this same genre- I give you that twat Philip Mould off ‘Fake or Fortune’, invariably mincing around in some flimsy pink scarf even in high summer as if he’s Audrey Hepburn. The usual RP plummy vowels etc. Gawd I hate these faux-posh cunts. Invariably went to Neasden Secondary Modern yet affect the Full Old Etonian. Invariably call themselves Charles, William, Bertie etc.

      (And for the record Fiona Bruce is pretty hot for her age)

      • I.H – Mentioning *posh* names (“Charles, William” etc) have you noticed how these days there are no JIm’s they all insist on being called “James” – even soap opera actors and alleged comics. Sounds so fucking pretentious.

      • That wig-wearing,jug-eared Cunt, Alexander Armstrong calling himself Xander takes the fucking biscuit. He’s from rural Northumberland ffs, not Ancient fucking Greece.

        Pretentious Arsehole. That tall mate of his looks like the kind of pervert who would peek over the cubicle walls in a public toilet.

        Fucking Cunts.

      • Fiona Bruce has got the most God- awful mitts. Like a midget’s; short and stubby. Me and Mrs Plastic nearly jumped out of the bed when we caught a glimpse. Absolute trauma. I am still trying to console her.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth Terry Thomas lookalike To quote Terry “He’s an absolute shower” (quote me) another high paid cunt of the BBC

  3. Wonnacot closely resembles Whatacunt so even his name matches his ludicrous outfits.

    If I happen to be channel hopping, like a brainwashing Cbeeby game show, its the tired old format of blue v red. Always a token couple where that be black, ginger, lesbian, transgendered, etc.

    An exercise for the same old overpaid crumbling art freaks who, masterbate on daytime TV in their equally ludicrous outfits, whilst waxing on about how a fucking 1950s die cast toy could be worth £200.
    Yet when it comes up at auction it raises the sum total of completely fuckall. If they had to live in the real world they would all be bankrupt. Cunts.

    • Is this the guy that’s in some “house-clearance tat” programme with some silly old Scots tranny ? (To clarify, the Scot dresses “like” a wimminz, but I suspect it was originally a Cldeside docker…)

  4. So I just found out sinead o connor converted to islam and I can’t stop laughing, seriously tho it actually makes sense in a way the burnt cunt can wear a hijab and no one has to bother her anymore She should release a new song “nothing compares to jihad”

  5. Its a surprise al-Beeb hasn’t culled the likes of Wonnacunt, a straight white male, jolly japes upper-class old bean.

  6. Tim Wonnacot, former Director and Chairman of Sotheby’s, who works tirelessly to support Child Cancer Units, and who has raised over £3 million for various Hospices all without publicizing his generosity. Cunt? If he is, then he’s a good one.

  7. It not sure why but it always surprises how far dressing like a complete Cunt and talking like a blithering idiot will take you on TV , I put this hugely annoying cunt alongside David Dickinson and that daft prick john mc cririk who managed to blight British TV for over 28 years!!!

    wanted ….. odd looking strangely dressed Cunt with an annoying accent and mannerisms….
    expect long TV career presenting Utter dross to the proletariat……..
    Hat wearer preferred but not essential as on going cuntitude training will be given…….

    bbc/itv recruitment……
    fucking Cunts!!!

  8. I’m with Asimplearsehole on this one. I empathise with Tim Wonnacot for having to put up with the thick numpties on Bargain Hunt and when the BBC producer luvvies refused his request to find contestants with an IQ above that of a dead frog (no offence meant Freddie) he had the gonads to tell them to fuck off. He’s a real expert, does a lot for charities and is a good all-round cunt. Yes, he wears clothes bought from Barnardo’s, so what? I buy all my dresses from there and Mrs Fimbriations doesn’t think I’m a chutney ferret toff.

  9. Never mind Dim Tim, take a look at this – not something the leftist BBC or the Gnardiu will be reporting on. Ishmael Osamor, son of Shadow International Development Secretary Kate Osamor, has received a community service sentence after being found in possession of some £2,000 worth of Class A drugs. Ishmael works as a press officer in his mother’s parliamentary office and also became a Labour Councillor in Haringey last year following the controversial deselection of two sitting Labour Councillors. Although Osamor has not declared this in the Register of Members’ Interests – which is a breach of the rules by her.

    Councillor Ishmael was caught with 30 grammes of ecstasy, 7.5 grammes of cocaine, 5.7 grammes of ketamine and a bit of cannabis with a total street value of between £1,690 and £2,500. Because prosecutors accepted his claim that this haul of drugs was for “personal use” the judge did not jail him. If he had been taking the drugs to last year’s Bestival event in Dorset for profit he would have got for 4 years jail time. Guido doffs his cap to Ishmael who must have an incredible constitution that would put Keith Richards in his prime to shame. That much ketamine would knock out an elephant, 30 grammes of ecstasy would put a rugby team into rapture for a week and 7 grammes of cocaine is quite some pace for a weekend. Bestival had one drug related death last year…

    And a pic of the cunt – if you can stand blambos before breakfast.

    • Morning All.

      What are everyone’s thoughts on the Purple Poppy. Apparently it commemorates animals killed in wars. Do you think that it devalues the traditional Red Poppy?

      • Makes me wonder where this’ll end.
        I turned on BBC news this morning… straight away… honouring Muslims that fought in the trenches. Oh yea, BBC… *change channel*
        So I guess there’ll be a brown poppy coming out for them, a black one for black people, a rainbow one for benders, a white one for pussies….
        Now a purple one for animals?

      • It’s about the people who died because of the war…. Not about how many animals died . Although I am an animal lover. It’s now being sidelined into to total fiasco. Soon we will have Poppies supporting not just animals but insects , frog spawn and Tutti Frutties that perished.
        It’s becoming absurd and trivialised.

      • Yes Dick, it devalues the red poppy. It’s too fluffy, pinkish and sentimental. No doubt thought of by Vegans. Red only, or dead cunts.

        FUCK OFF!

    • Business acumen and aspiration not entirely devoid in today’s Labour party then. Got any acid?

  10. What about all the trees, plants and vegetables, including the poppies, that were killed Mr Fiddler? Nobody cares about them do they? This is supposed to be an inclusive society and yet the Thallophites ,Bryophytes ,Pteriophytes and Spermatophytes are never mentioned are they? No, Sir. You can wear your red poppy or white poppy or whatever colour you chose but I shall be wearing a sprig of
    Cupressus leylandii cut from my neighbour’s 10 metre tall hedge in honour of the vegetable kingdom.

  11. Virtue signalling, just like the white one. The wearer is saying nasty, nasty MEN start wars and poor, ickle wickle little animals have to die and they had no choice. See my poppy ? That means i’m more sensitive and caring than you. ( you voted leave didn’t you? )
    Expect, before long , to see the black poppy, commemorating exploited black people who were cajoled into fighting the WHITEMAN’S war!
    Then the rainbow poppy to commemorate the gays who had to suppress their sexuality and hide their natural emotions from the BIG BUTCH BRUTAL STRAIGHT MEN ( white of course)
    Mark my words these snowflake libtard cunts are determined to trash our history and destroy our culture.

  12. First King Richard III is discovered…and now a Chairman’s chopper crashes?..We need a book of anecdotes about Leicester Car – Parks..as they appear to be multi – story!!

    • Fenton! How dare you! Fistulas need to stick together. Leicester City is my team and my claim to fame is that I worked in the rotunda office overlooking the car park where King Richard was found. That multi-story joke was just wrong on so many different levels…………

  13. WARNING: Sick Joke Ahead, proceed with caution

    Breaking News: White man opens fire as he screams “all Jews must die” at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh USA.

    Unconfirmed reports are that up to 6,000,000 have been killed.
    Thats why people call me a Cunt.

  14. But an animal is not awa re that it is receiving an award. When presented with one- say a dog-he does’t give a salute to acknowlege the honour that has been bestowed. His chest doesn’t swell with pride. He doesn’t feel embarrased at being called a hero. He doesn’t feel the need to thank his parents. He doesn’t care about any fallen ‘comrades’. He doesn’t put the award in a special place and on special occasions look at it with a tear in his eye. He just wants his food and walkies. He’s not bothered about awards.

    • No, but it makes the humans who trained and cared for it feel appreciated, and provides the people who owe their lives to its actions a way of expressing their feelings of gratitude. It’s not rocket fucking science.

  15. On refelction it might wag its tail a little bit more. RTC pure sentimentalisation of animals. And it’s depreciating awards. Give it to the people who trained it yes. Not the animal.

  16. If Tim Whadda-Cunt is doing a lot of work for charridee and I know about it, that makes him a virtue signalling cunt. I’d shit in his Force Wheatflakes.

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