I Wish to Apologise

My first cunting nomination on here, so go easy on me, cunts!

A day doesn’t go by without reading of some cunt making a complete cunt of himself (and it is mostly men here), by actually speaking his mind in public via social media, and then having to publicly apologise for causing such grave offence to the small-minded fuckwits his comment was not necessarily aimed at but wanted to weigh in anyway because that’s what fuckwits like that tend to do.

Doesn’t matter if they’re in the entertainments industry, sport, politics, trade & commerce etc. just having the temerity of speaking one’s mind on the likes of Twatter or Feacesbook, will usually result in a rapid and very hostile response from the flakiest of snowflakes that will inevitable go viral and will attract the attention of those lazy “social media” journos in our national news media.

Even a fairly innocent comment like “I let my wife make all the cooking decisions!” can be construed in such a way to be deeply sexist, repugnant and of course deeply offensive to the ball-breaking wimminz out there with nothing better to do.

As a consequence, said author must bow down, cut off of what remains of his shriveled bollocks and apologise unreservedly before crawling back into his man-tent never to be seen or heard of in public again.

You can’t even pay someone a compliment without finding yourself in a whirlwind of shit just because the interlocutor took great offence! So don’t bother saying “Your hair looks good!” or “That dress suits you!” or “You look so much better after that diet you completed!” because rather than receiving approval you will invariably face a barrage of bile.

Apologies, are getting far too out of hand these days, and is further testament to the gradual erosion of free speech and the inevitable indoctrination of a thought police-driven way of saying anything in the public arena.
(Sorry for any offence caused with this nomination. But you can fuck off anyway!)

Nominated by NoCuntForOldMen

31 thoughts on “I Wish to Apologise

  1. A timely cunting, it looks like the snowflake militants from Manchester University student union will be apologising for the ‘jazz hands’ debacle after it was revealed the practice originated from a film called The Jazz Singer with a blacked up Al Jolson. Who is in more need of victimhood status, effnicks or people with ‘social anxiety issues’?

    • Why can’t anyone tell these stupid snowflakes that if it wasn’t for Winston Churchill half of them wouldn’t even exist and the other half would be speaking German? In fact just tell anyone who claims that Winston was a racist to take a look at the man he defeated…..

      • Contemporary historians just love rewriting history to suit their own agendas. So making Churchill a racist adds a little controversy to their otherwise humdrum existence.

        No doubt the same fuckwit authors probably regard the likes of Hitler, Amin. Mugabe and Stalin as slightly misunderstood men with difficult upbringings.

        These authors can hide behind their keyboards and write any old shit safe in the knowledge that WW2 is well and truly over and there’s nothing to worry about other than to attack the dead for being racists even though they gave them their freedoms to write their shit in the first place.

    • I can’t believe that a man with the guts to ride what’s basically a giant bomb into space, wimped out and gave in to a minority of ignorant, small minded, anti-white racist cunts. I would have told them to go fuck themselves with a lit stick of dynamite.

  2. Why can’t one of these rich vilified figures just tell everyone where to stick it? Am I missing something?

    Every apology is another nail in the coffin of western masculinity. Fuck these cunts apologizing to other cunts. Pathetic.

    • You’re not missing anything, but the rich vilified figures are. A spine. I’d be happy to tell the snowflakes to fuck right off all day long. In fact, I have. More than once.

  3. Funny President Trump apologized on behalf of the American people to Brett Kavanaugh last night. Rightly so in my opinion. That was an apology that was warrented.

  4. A symptom of the snowflake industry on media via liberal news outlets and virtue signalling zelebs and social media is a cancer,I sacked off Twitter and Facebook ages ago cos I was regularly put in jail for upsetting some bed wetting cunt,they are now horrid places full of self obsessed virtue signalling morons,if we had another war and conscription was compulsory we would be invaded within 3 days,this country has lost its backbone,we are now like a former nightclub bouncer now sat in a wheelchair feeding through a straw

    • Meanwhile kids in the Middle East are halfway through their jihadi training. This is not going to end well….

  5. I’d love to see some “celebrity” just tell the Cunts to “Fuck Off”. This pandering to the “permanently offended” is out of hand. I disagree with most peoples’ thoughts on ,well……just about everything,but I don’t scream about being offended all the time. Oh no, I just come on here and explain,in a rational and reasonable way,just where various “types” have gone wrong.
    Why minorities believe that they have a right not to be offended by anyone else’e views is beyond me. I’m constantly offended by others’ behaviour,but I don’t expect that I’ll get an apology any time soon. These “permanently offended” people are always banging on about “bullying” and yet they are the worst offenders. They demand respect and acceptance and yet have zero respect or acceptance for anyone with whom they disagree. They “scweam and scweam” about their rights,but afford no one else the right to disagree with them.

    Anyhow, apologies are a mistake. They show weakness and allow the recipient to believe that they are right and you are wrong,which is a totally unacceptable state of affairs. If,in your mind,any element of doubt occurs about your position it is better to (a) commit or threaten violence, (b) if outgunned,flounce off, all the while making vague slurs on your accusers’ sexuality or mental health, (c) ignore all evidence and just stick to your guns,regardless.

    If more people followed my a,b,c of options the World would be a far less apologetic place.

    Fuck them.

  6. I love being white. I would hate to be black. I would hate to be a Muslim, I don’t like Muslims. I’m straight, I like being straight. I do not recognize transexuals as being normal. By now, I must have offended a lot of useless cunts who will be outraged. Do I fucking care ? Do I fuck !

  7. If somebody is seeking an apology then you haven’t succeeded in offending them properly.
    In my eureka moments I have suddenly become aware of my audience regarding me with silent disgust. No requests for apology. In fact, obvious desire to never, ever see me again.
    Moments I treasure forever.

  8. On the rare occasion I apologise for anything, it’s along the lines of ‘I’m sorry you’re upset about this’, not that it will change anything and I’ll still call you a cunt. You have a right to be upset/offended and I have a right not to give a flying fuck.

    • Indeed – another measure of the libtard hypocrisy is that they don’t mind dishing out any old shit, not caring who they offend, and signing off with a “live with it!”, but as soon as you attack them or their agendas they immediately go on the defensive and demand apologies for their hurt feelings!

    • ‘I’m sorry you’re upset about this’ conveys the message with precision. But it’s a bastard when some other cunt deploys it against you. The correct response is: “UPSET? That doesn’t even begin to convey the righteous fury your (action/inaction) has caused to permeate my being. You verminous cunt. I shit on your ‘sorry’. I am (calling my solicitor/loosing the Rottweilers/ off to piss on your mother’s grave).”

  9. Hear hear! These snowflake types just need to grow a fucking thicker skin.

    Boris is a redoubtable, wobbly-jowelled, muttering buffoon but I take my hat off to the cunt for refusing to apologise for his remarks re the pillar box mutants.

  10. Everyone and no doubt his/her/its dog is currently apologising profusely for slavery. But let us bear in mind that many of the cunts shipped across the pond were employed in the tobacco fields. And caused the painful deaths by smoking of many more Europeans than the tally of exported west Africans succumbing to the slaver’s lash. Apology please.

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