Emmanuel Macron (5)

A quick emergency cunting for Emmanuel Macron. He’s hosted a dinner for UK based auto makers with the aim of attracting their operations to France.

The UK is expected to be a good sport and not do anything to damage the EU, yet the treacherous French and other foreign cunts have no intention of reciprocating .

Enemies the lot of them, and always will be.

Fuck off you cunts.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

74 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron (5)

  1. One of the most dangerous people of our times

    Came from nowhere as an establishment stooge…. hated in France but that’s o.k…..lical business can fucking do one…..hes got real work to do in federalizing the EU.

    I can’t believe the sight of him doesnt sway millions of remainers to our side

    Elitist federalist cunt

  2. Does ANYONE actually give a shit what that jumped up little granny shagger thinks or says?!

  3. what do people think of this UN ‘ climate change warning’ thats come out today? the first thing that struck me is the ludicrous idea that we are somehow capable of controlling the temperature to such an extent that they are talking about a rise of 1.5 being ‘just about ok but a rise of 2 is going to be a disaster! bollocks. now i know i;m on shakey ground here because apparently ‘ the science is settled’, the vast majority of scientists all agree global climate change is man made and i’m just little old me but i’m still not convinced. i’m not denying the climate is changing but to what extent its our fault i remain sceptical. its all computer modelling and there are also a lot of vested interests doing very nicely thanks and if you so much as dare to suggest the science in fact may not be settled you’d probably find your blackballed and out on your ear.lets see what the situation is in 20 years eh?

    • Climate has always changed. It is a geological certainty. The pace of change is debateable as is our effect on it although scientists seem pretty much agreed. Whether we are causing it or not it is arrogance to assume a King Cnut stance and hold the waters. Perhaps we shouldn’t be living in low lying areas. Bangla Desh and London will be a great loss to those that live there but a lot of us couldn’t give a fuck.

    • Interesting. I came across an article the other day about David Bellamy. Remember him? He was the botanist, with a slightly odd persona, who fronted loads of BBC science and nature programmes. He was very popular you may remember but whatever happened to him?
      Well, he made the mistake of describing global warming as twaddle and said, if it was happening it was a natural phenomenon and not man made. There is a big difference between identifying an environmental trend and identifying the cause of that trend. The BBC dropped him like a stone and he disappeared from public view.
      I’m no scientist but if anyone expects me to believe that the rich cunts and their political puppets give a two bob fuck about the state of the planet in a hundred years they must think I am some sort of cunt.
      It’s a con and rip off of some kind. I don’t believe a fucking word of it.

      • And James Whale, late night radio broadcaster
        used to forcefully argue that climate
        change was a load of cods wallop & that the
        worlds climate had always changed……poor
        old James also disappeared without trace….no
        explanation…..no reason….he just went……
        powerful forces at work here!

    • Personally I think we’re doing bugger all to affect the climate. The biggest influence by far is the Sun – we still don’t understand how it heats its own atmosphere to millions of C whilst the surface is only thousands of C, apparently violating the laws of physics. Yet apparently we’re certain we understand our own atmosphere. Yeah, bollocks we do.

      It’s a fucking charade and science has become the new church of our times.

    • From what I understand, the only climate scientists who get funding are those who support man made climate change it is therefore obvious why they speak with one voice.
      There is so much dodgy bollocks in the numbers I find it all very hard to believe.
      Lots of interesting info over here –

    • The science is no more settled in the real World than I am, most of the time. The only place this ideology anti logic and downright fraud is settled is within the manky pack of cunts who are making millions promoting this total bollocks. The computer models are simplistic in the extreme as most only take rising levels of C02 into account. Shit I could most likely write a program that would indicate an impending ice age before this Christmas and the data used to generate such a wonderous program would originate from the same skewed altered ignored crap that the doom mongers use. To me the real crime against us ie UK is the fact that cunt cameroon and his pack of arselickers actually had the fucking brass neck to write CO2 reduction into english law!!!!! The three largest producers of CO2 USA, China and India have said they will carry on producing lots more CO2 each year; at least Trump said enough and pulled the US out of the bollocks protocol or whatever its called.. Thus leaving China and India who are members of the protocol to fuel their economic expansion with fossil fuels at an amazing rate thus pumping tons and tons of naughty gas in the atmosphere. The point behind this wankery is to allow 3rd World countries to catch up with 1st World economies by hamstringing the 1st World. Yeah China is so developing as is India . Sorry to rabbit on but anthropomorphic climate change is top of my fucking hate list.

    • I find it strange how certain cunts keep saying that we’ve been responsible for global warming, yet I’ve never heard anyone blame the dinosaurs for the ice age.

      • Considering global warning is thought to be caused, in considerable part, by cows farting how come there even WAS an ice age, surely a fucking huge dinosaur caused a ripple or twelve in the trees after a tasty diplodocus.

        • I did a degree in Environmental Science and still doubt that global temperatures will keep rising. The planet has been very warm before, hence the dinosaurs. It has also been very cold, hence the ice age and the “little” ice age. I believe that the planetary temperature flik flakes, so we must be due for a cold spell. Humans are able to adapt. Well, more correctly, the intelligent, more evolved ones are. That the rest will die doesn’t particularly concern me….

          • Should have seen Bury (near Manchester) in March during that ‘Beast From The East’ weather… It was like a surreal film set… Like Scott of the Antarctic meets Zulu…

          • Here’s an interesting publication regarding how shipping and power generation actual cools the atmosphere and actual offsets the rise caused by cars and planes. So going to green energy is a cause if HIGHER not lower temperature as the cleaner emissions don’t rid the atmosphere of methane so effectively. Very interesting.
            Oh and I thought The Donald apologising to Kavanaugh about the scum cunts attempts to crucify him was actually very statesman like. Christ I wish he was our PM I know he’s mad but at least the EU would get the message.

    • I’m an engineer and not a climate scientist, so not an expert in the field, but…

      It strikes me as highly unlikely that we can release vast quantities of carbon which have been locked up in the earths crust over millennia without it having a very serious effect on the planet; reality is a cunt like that. Given man’s track record of ignoring evidence, sense and reason and choosing to believe what makes us happy (e.g. religion), I fully expect that we will utterly fuck the rock we live on well before any really serious coordinated action is sorted.

      Unfortunately, man is breeding too fast, and everyone wants a slice of the western lifestyle. I’d like to see ALL of our foreign aid spent on secular education (i.e. both sexes involved and no religious input) and on birth control. If population expansion could be reversed, then there might just be a chance.

  4. I bet the promise of a night of passion with The Beverley Sisters would distract this jumped-up little gasbag from trying to torpedo the good ship H.M.S. “Perfidious Albion”. Unfortunately Joy is dead,but a quick disinterment and rub down with a garlic clove should be enough to tempt this lover of well-aged meat to tuck right in. Luckily Teddy and Babs are still alive,and a pair of 93 year old twins would be sure to set his( typical of a Frenchman) micropenis aquiver. We could always dangle the prospect of Dame Vera Lynn if the frisky twins weren’t enough to give the pound-shop Napoleon a heart-attack……I’m sure Teddy,Babs and Dame Vera would be game,patriotic gals,the three of them. Still prepared to do their bit,bite the bullet,dust the cobwebs out and put the nation before their own dignity and well-being by sleeping with Monsewer Macron….the filthy little pervert.

    Fuck Off..

  5. He is just another puppet for the EU bastards. And the gullible French voted him in. He’s made several pompous, demeaning remarks lately to members of the public. His most recent, was telling a pensioner “everyone complains too much nowadays. Because the poor guy remarked on even further cutbacks to his hard earned pension!! What an evil, out of touch, head up his boney arse he is.

    • I wouldn’t call the French gullible, more like gutless. They had the chance to elect Marine Le Pen and bottled it…

      • Quite Right CMI. They had their opportunity, and they blew it, believing the same old garbage spewing out. They went with the flow, instead of using their brains, & common sense. They made their bed….!

        • And Marine is now undertaking a Mental Health Assessment under the direction of the EU fuckers who want to destroy her credibility , and convict her on a trumped up charge. Twattish behaviour from a bunch of cunts.

          • UK politicians have been a bunch of cunts in recent years, but they are as nothing on the cuntometer, compared with what most of europe has to offer.

    • Yeh I saw that!!! What an uppity Arrogant French prick, after being duped by this smooth talking conference trickster and his pseudo “ new “ party the frogs have woken up and realised they’ve been sold a pup!
      Macrons popularity is plummeting, he’s an absolute Fraud…….

  6. You can’t really blame Macron and his pals for being such brazen anti democratic Nazi bastards when they have such encouragement from our own home grown traitors.
    You expect the French to be slimy back stabbing cunts, you don’t expect it from your own fucking Prime Minister.

      • He really WAS a cunt. I refused to shake his hand once, after he’d stuck his out to me. he pulled a proper mardy face. I did the same to Tony Blair too (before he was famous) he just walked away.

        • If you had known then what Bliar had in store for us all, would you have chinned the bastard?

  7. I saw a news item today on the critical ‘tipping point’ of climate change and how a few degrees change will have disastrous consequences for the planet. Melting icecaps will flood entire countries, famine, killer heatwaves and millions of deaths. I was truly shocked to the core, Brexit wasn’t blamed once.

    • Funnily enough ( and I refer to an earlier post in this column ) It was said that ice locked water , if melted , would increase sea level by over two hundred feet. The volume of ice was ( can’t remember ) It was David Bellamy who pointed out that this was rubbish, as the ice displaced 96% of its volume. Meaning, if it melted , sea levels would rise by a few inches !

      • David Bellamy is not a cunt. His work and appearances dried up because he dared to question global warming aka climate change.

      • That’s sea ice. The full volume of ice (currently) on Greenland and Antarctica would be available to raise sea levels if it melted. Which is appears to have started doing. There is also a feedback effect. As ice and snow cover shrinks, less energy from the sun is reflected into space and more becomes available to heat the planet.

        Just saying.

  8. Like I say, let’s just threaten the cunts with tariffs so eye-watering on French and German cars that it’ll be cheaper to buy a Ferrari.

    We can cut a deal with Italy and their cars because they seem on-track with the anti-EU mood.

    We make cars for the Yanks and the Japs. We only make high-end shit ourselves so we effectively have no car industry and haven’t since Rover bought the farm.

    The Don is a friend to the UK (even though we have cunts like Khan determined to undermine that relationship – another little Napoleon complex cunt like Macaroon).

    If May even had one ounce of backbone in that hump of hers she’d have made it clear that we would give nice tax breaks to our US and Japanese friends who show loyalty with their UK factories and workforce.

    Once that had been established we’d then go to Macaroon and Merklecunt and say: “Play fair or we’ll bankrupt your fucking car industries!”

    O’course that would assume a strong leader with a real appetite for a true Brexit.

    Alas we have May and so cunts like Macaroon can piss in our eye and Merklecunt shit in our mouths safe in the knowledge that there’ll be fuck all coming back from the weak and rickety one!

    Macaroon is a cunt!

    May needs to go!

    So what’s fucking new??

    • The Eyeties make better cars, mopeds, wine, shoes, clothes, and food than the French and the Germans anyway…. The Italian birds are better looking too…

      Fuck the Froggie cunts and the Kraut bulletheaded cunts up Satan’s arse!
      Fuck them to hell!

  9. The fact that this vapid, cheese-munching dolt feels able to stick his head above the parapet just goes to prove that May is the worst PM in living memory.

    I mean, the garlic-chewing, granny grabbing cunt would surrender to the fucking Tufty Club if they said ‘boo’ to him…

  10. What can you say about this cunt? He’s been abused as a school boy by his teacher, he can’t see that he undoubtedly has Stockholm Syndrome by defending her, then he marries the perverted bitch. That certainly qualifies him as insane AND the French electorate for voting for him. He’s a dangerous CUNT!

  11. Europe is fucked…

    Infested with peaceful and ‘dark continent’ human filth… Sucking every health, housing and welfare system dry… Free to run riot in places like Paris, Cologne, London, and Gothenburg…

    A UK that voted to leave the EU, but probably never will…

    A useless and inept British PM who is hindering said ‘leaving’ of EU…

    A fat frump fuhrer in Germany who has infected the whole of Europe with plague of aforementioned human filth…

    Irish cunts trying to elevate themselves above nonentity spudfuckers status, by trying to hijack UK Brexit deal (To be sure, now)…

    Sweden: who seem perfectly happy with human filth committing rape, murder, arson, pillage, and shitting in swimming baths…

    A grannyfucking French cunt who is more concerned about ‘wolf whistling’ as a ‘hate crime’, tranny toilets, and arselicking the said human filth than he is about France or its people…

    Yeah… Europe is fucked…

  12. I’d forgive Macron if he’d lend us a guillotine for Princess Eugenie’s big day. Sponging,pudding-faced leech.

    • The sad flag waving faux patriots were bad enough at Ginger balls wedding never mind this second rate shit fest. A bit like the Paralympics after the main event.

    • Fuck her and the coach she rode in on. Tasteless, vapid, privileged nomark that she is. Should be made to walk round Hartlepool at night, and see who’s celebrating then.

  13. Speaking of cowardly fucking cunts it was revealed at the enquiry today that the Acting Met Police Commissioner, and his driver, locked the car doors, and sat and watched PC Palmer being butchered by that peaceful scumbag because they didn’t have any “protective equipment “
    Do fucking what? Any cunt passing would have tried to help the copper, even if was only shouting at the bastard to try and distract him. No, not this pen pushing cunt…… Run hide and tell is his philosophy. The bloke is a fucking disgrace and has brought shame upon the uniform. It must be a great boost to the morale of the ordinary copper to hear that the cunts in charge are such cowardly arseholes.
    A pity the current Commissioner wasn’t there……..she could have whipped out her strap on and rammed it up the goatshagger’s arse.

    • And when one thinks of the NY cops and firemen who gave their lives on September 11th 2001…. Heroes, the lot of them….

      Scarman once did his thing to attempt to rid the cozzers of corruption and self serving career cunts… But now they are worse than ever… Run! Hide! and Tell! is it? Here’s a new one for the ‘Acting Commissioner’ to learn… Fuck! Off! and Die!

    • The actions or lack thereof of this Commissioner are what you would expect from political, fast-tracked, arse-licking cunts who make up the senior police. Fucking disgrace.

      • The UK and Europe is more resembling the final days of the Roman Empire every day.

        If the Maybot were male she could well have been Romulus Augustus Smallus Dickus in a previous existence.

    • I was genuinely and sincerely angered at reading this today! Agree Freddie. A disgusting and cowardly act! Bastard!

    • Write it up as a cunting Freddie. The cunt thoroughly deserves it. A gross dereliction of duty, he should be prosecuted and drummed out of the force.
      Fucking coward.

      • That is the fucking worst act of cowardice I have ever heard about. What a complete burst colostomy bag of a CUNT! Emergency cunting please on behalf of Freddie the Frog.

    • Be fair Cunters, he wouldn’t want to risk impairing his expensively manicured nails, ffs.

    • They’ve got no need for polls because I have news for them; the fucking war is over and they lost! Suckdick will have been polled in the full black peep hole parasol regalia complete with pink suspender belt and bra underneath (try not to imagine it).

      • The polling industry has been in crisis for sometime now due to their spectacular recent failures:

        2010 election wrong
        2015 election wrong
        2016 referendum wrong
        2017 election wrong (ask Mavis)

        The advertising industry , in particular, are getting a bit pissed off. They need highly accurate information to be able to reach their target audience. If you can’t predict the winner in a two horse race you are not much use to anyone.
        Besides, as you say, we’ve already had a highly accurate opinion poll so the remoaners can fuck off. You lost so shut your fucking pie holes you wankers.

    • Done by the evening standard??
      Little Caesars paper!! Not that George is a bitter twisted first degree Cunt…,,
      Apparently he still harbours an ambition to be PM? No I’m not joking.,…
      I did a poll and 100% of people living outside of londistan thought Osborne was a cunt! 😎

  14. That shit fuck Juncker did a little dance when he came out to make a speech today.

    Listen, you Nazi cocksucker, it’s ok for us to take the piss out of Mavis because she’s ours and we pay her to do a job which she is incapable of doing.
    A man in your position should not be disrespecting the ELECTED leader of a sovereign country. However, thanks for showing us what you really think of us. You can go and wipe your arse on the Union Jack now you little fascist weasel.

    • Agree 100%……
      who the fuck does he think he is??
      Before the EU would some fucking arse wipe from Luxembourg ever have the cojones to openly mock Britain’s PM?
      The sad bitter Cunt actually thinks he’s a joker……,
      Pathetic stuff……..

  15. What would you expect of a Frog for fecks sake, duplicitous , underhand, smelly feckers need taking down a peg or two they still havnt come to terms with Agincourt and all the other thrashings we’ve given them. God save the Queen!

    • It probably pisses off every Frenchie coming into Waterloo, the naming of a station after one of their many, many humiliations.

      • We should rename three Crossrail stations Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, we should also take every opportunity to fuck them up economically, the sneaky, untrustworthy cunts.

  16. Superb nomination Jack.
    Macron’s just another duplicitous cunt like his predecessor De Gaulle (now there was a cunt and a half).
    Fuck ’em all.

  17. Go to any war museum in France and the Brits barely get a mention. It’s all about the fucking Yanks. It was the Yanks who saved the cunts while we sat around drinking tea.
    They have never forgiven us for Dunkirk, they think we bottled it and left them to it. The truth is it was their outdated 1918 tactics and their useless Maginot Line that allowed the Germans in through the back door. Plus the fact that Frog soldiers won’t fight at lunchtime and like to sleep off the wine in the afternoon.
    Ok the Krauts outsmarted us that time but we lived to fight another day. But are the French grateful? No, they lick the Kraut jackboot we saved them from and stab us in the back.
    Never forgive, never forget. Fuck the French and fuck that granny shagging cunt.

    • Clement Attlee, the post war prime minister said of Western Europe uniting. ‘The so called Common Market of six nations. Know them all well. Very recently this country spent a great deal of blood and treasure rescuing four of ’em from attacks by the other two’.
      We fucking bankrupted ourselves for these cunts. Why ?

      • Good old Clem… How the Labour Party have gone from him to Jihadi Jezza, Semtex McDonnell, Abbott The Hutt, and that disgusting ‘Women’s Officer’ transbender creature is tragic… All started with and by Satan Blair, of course…

        The UK should sort out deals with the Italians and the Dutch… Fuck those poodle fucking horse eating garlic stinking cunts, and fuck those goose stepping achtung cunten stinking Hun cunts and all…

  18. Whether we exit or remain the EUSSR is still doomed to collapse.If we are forced or bribed into remaining it will simply kick the can down the road and buy the commissars a little more time, just as perestroika kept the Soviet corpse twitching for a few years.If we were somehow to leave-and Ive believed we wont, ever since day one after the referendum-it will be like New York State or California quitting the USA,other states would soon follow and begin seceding .

    “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”
    Mikhail Gorbachev

    • Short while ago some UK university was sending out inspirational emails, one said don’t lose sight of the big things by getting distracted by the small things. Fair enough, except it turned out to be from Rommel. Snowflakes went ballistic, cue profuse apologies for offending. Always seemed like a decent guy as well!

      • Shows their ignorance. Rommel was implicated in the plot to assassinate Hitler and was forced to poison himself.

  19. Maybe Wayne Rooney can point Macron in the direction of the ‘legendary’ Liverpool prossie granny, known by one and all as ‘The Auld Slapper’?…

    Or how about Madogga? She’s a dirty old bitch who would fuck anything…

  20. Fuck the French, Fuck the Germans. There’s going to have to be a war. God Save the Queen.

  21. I find it quite astonishing that Yoko Fucking Ono hasn’t been cunted on here for at least five years, and even then they were fairly mild…

    Time for me to go to work, methinks…

    Oh, and that new remaster/remix of ‘Back In The USSR’ sounds fucking ace….

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