Dogs Against Brexit

An emergency cunting for the league of remoaner tossers who’ve descended on Parliament today, with their yappy little Yorkshire Terriers, Shit Tzus and Bicon Bitches (you made me look those up, you cunts!). I’d love nothing more than to steel toe punt these pathetic little butt sniffing cunts over the horizon, along with their repulsive owners.

Apparently Brexit means less veterinarians and over priced wanky dog toys. Personally I couldn’t give a toss so long as there’s no shortage of doggy bags to keep my local kerbs relatively link free. If all these frivulous novelties get more expensive and less cunts buy these rugby ball sized stanky mutts as a result, then I’m for Brexit even more!

I hope Westminster council saves all the full doggy bags from today and hurls them up on to that cunts ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sign at Pimlico Plumbers.

Nominated by The Big Chunky Cunty

72 thoughts on “Dogs Against Brexit

  1. Despite being a somewhat Krauty Schnauzer, my dog is distinctly right-wing, having a tendency to lurch toward mobile letter box women on the odd occasion we see them. He doesn’t necessarily growl at them, much to my chagrin, but his excessive friendliness and enthusiasm has caused a few of them to back up against walls, terrified. Dogs are everything peacefuls aren’t: loyal, brave, dependable and entertaining.
    One day, he might just slip his harness (by accident, of course) and lick one of them. Poor him, you might think. But then he does munch on turds from time to time, so licking a peaceful shouldn’t be too much different.

    • Exactly. Peacefuls hate dogs.I never go anywhere “enriched” without mine. All police cuntstables should walk round with a big fucker of a hound by their side (not a wpc). I reckon it might curtail some of the frizzier haired style darkies too. Either that or we have tanks at every road junction.

      • My Rottweiler used to go bowling through the middle of the five dollar ninja brigades in Knightsbridge.

        He would also make sure to give himself a good shake right in the middle of them and give them a liberal drool coating.

        I fucking loved that dog. He was a four legged version of me.

        • Fuck it,i’ll go for that! I’ll have 2 Black,Belgian Mallinois(Kept a bit peckish all the time) and a hull down T 34 army surplus tank buried up to the turret in’t back garden. Fucking Cunts.My latent,sociopathic tendencies are coming on great…or grate. It’s not me….it’s every other Cunt. Now Fuck Off ,i’m hitting the Fartsack.

    • I’ve got a schnauzer too ttce…
      I love watching him off lead approach the peaceful people in my local park, seeing grown men flapping their arms and hissing at him only make it a game for my cheeky dog , even better some peaceful ladies stand on the benches when he struts past..,
      Watching these Cunts discomfort is a constant source of amusement to me, how l love my dog..🏃‍♂️🐶

  2. Dogs Against Brexit is nothing new…

    Look at Carey Mulligan, Lily Mong, Banana Gob, Lily Cole, Kay Burley, ‘Crabby’ Gabby Logan, John/Paul/George/Jack Monroe etc… A bonanza of Brexit Bow Wows…

    Woof fucking woof!

  3. Well my dogs certainly aren’t anti-Brexit. They fucking hate foreigners. They’ve even extended their distaste for foreigners to include foreign breeds of dog. Autocratic German Shepherds and flouncy French poodles receive rather more than a sniff up the arse if they darken our door,as do their owners.
    Fuck them.

    • Afternoon Mr F.
      What sort of dogs do you have, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Mongrels basically, Mr. C-E. A lurcher/collie cross and another with a fair bit of Labrador and fuck knows what else. I used to have a greyhound, too. I get them from the rescue place,too tight to pay hundreds of pounds for a dog. Only time that I did,it was a pedigree Labrador and must have been bred too close to home. Ill-tempered black bastard who wouldn’t take “No” for an answer from the bitches. I called him Tyson.

        • I always rather fancied you’d have a Chihuahua balanced precariously on the bonnet of your tractor, barking at tinkers and other ne’er-do-wells…

          • Don’t need a Chihuahua to bark at tinkers and ne’er do wells. Manage that job quite adequately all by myself.

  4. You can see the lack of intelligence in their silly made up word.
    Surely rufferendum would have been better?

    • Surprised that the bizarre French dog macron wasn’t there.

      I think you would describe it as a “toy-miniature” (ejaculating snail??) – woppit – very over-excitable, extremely yippy, probably poos when carried around in his Grannie’s handbag.

  5. My Doberman hates everyone and everything apart from me. Man’s best friend.

    I wonder what the anti-brexit folk will think of next. It’s getting shameful.

  6. The next thing will be a shortage of Eurotrash haidressers caused by Brexit. They will all turn out with long wigs. As they’ve all got tranny friends that shouldn’t be a problem.
    Soft in the head fucking remoaner wankers.

  7. Well according to other cunters and the news according to bob champagne quaffing geldof…apparently music will suddenly pack it’s roadster grouppie case and fuck off to europe after brexit. Yup…. music will officially migrate

    If only that cunt would do a John cleese and fuck off to the dark side of the fucking moon as well

  8. Personally I blame the MSM for most of this anti-Brexit hysteria. The Remainers were so sure they were going to win, and when Leave actually did win it basically shattered their reality.

  9. Illegal migrant pretended to be gay lover of Grenfell resident to stay in ……/Illegal-migrant-pretended-gay-lover-Grenfell-resident-sta…
    33 mins ago – Judge brands Bangladeshi illegal immigrant ‘despicable, beyond contempt’ as he jails him for faking gay affair with dead Grenfell victim who …

    Another Fucker.

    • Nothing that blambos wont do to avoid working or washing Dick. Its in their DNA like Blackpool rock, written right through them. Why monkeypox hasn’t been a grim reaper for the cunts is a waste. Surely Don and Putin could come up with a selective chemical concoction to eradicate two thirds of the uppity cunts. Just leave the ones happy to do the white mans bidding for food and board. Logan’s run for the rest of the cunts. Carousel before they get too old to serve. I’m not Xenophobic by the way. I just hate blambos. A bit like my mate from the likely lads

      Good old Terry Collier

      • As a young man I used Terry as a role model, it led to no end of bother, but some good laughs too.
        I remember that clip, happy days.

    • That’s despicable, Dick.
      Using others misfortune and loss to milk money off the state.
      Peaceful cunts pretending to be gay.
      They should be thrown off Grenfell tower, like they would have been treated back home in curry land..

    • Claiming to be a Gay Bangladeshi with a Darkie boyfriend, indeed. The Judge was right to call him “despicable,beyond contempt”.

      • Being ‘one of them’, and despite popular stereotype as to our universal promiscuity, I have my limits as to what I’d never go near with a bargepole. Africa and the Middle East (apart from Israel) are immediate total exclusion zones.

  10. Seriously? This is a thing? No, really? First vegfest and now this – what a truly bizarre day of cuntings

  11. Not long ago I was talking to a Muslim taxi driver about pets. Something like not part of our tradition-having animals in the home, unclean. Words to that effect. Such impoverished lives they have;. No pets, no drink, not much in the way of music, no festivals, no real celebration of a marriage or birth. No walks in the country or anything to vary things. Nothing at all. Just the weight of Allah. No wonder they’re almost ready to explode.

    • Yeah, but they’ve always got wimmin dressed as letterboxes to keep them amused…

    • No, peacefuls definitely don’t like dogs. There is a passage in the Qu’ran about them being unclean and Satan in disguise or some such bollocks. Several peaceful taxi drivers have got into trouble for refusing to pick up blind people with guide dogs. They much prefer to pick up underage girls, get them pissed and fuck them. It’s cultural so it’s not as bad as it sounds.
      I wonder if these snowflake dog owning remoaners realise how offensive they are being to their peaceful friends who they care so much about.
      Probably not, because they’ve never been near one of the cunts in their lives.

    • I’ve started to travel on the bus recently, and have noticed that the majority of really British people say thank you to the driver as they leave. Not one darker shades of character has yet . Maybe if I live long enough I might hear one do it.

      • Same with blood donations, Iwouldnot. I’ve been giving blood for 25 years, never seen a darkie doing it. To be fair, I do live sort of out in the country, but still…

        • Fair point and perfectly true Thomas. They had a sort of appeal on the cunt box a few months back. There are hardly any of the cunts on the transplant register either. Can’t say I would fancy blood from a blambo or a ticker come to that. I would rather go onto that cold dark night thanks all the same

  12. Off topic

    Here is the menu at our local Category D prison- Hollesley Bay.

    Prison used once to be an institution intended to punish those who have been convicted of crimes against others. Whatever happened to bread and water? Not too difficult to see why the reoffending rate is so high.

    Better than my sons school dinners, and probably better than many people have or can afford who chose not to be a burden on society and play by the rules.

    Is it any wonder why there are so many Eastern Europeans are committing crimes in our area? Probably far better than they can get back home- all they need to do to qualify is commit crimes (usually many, many times before our sympathetic liberal judges eventually tire of slapping their wrists and pointless community orders) before they strike the jackpot.

    More cheese and biscuits anyone?


    To quote several ISAC cunters “This country is finished”.

    • Hey wait a minute… I copyrighted that catchphrase!

      © 2018 RTC.

      Great post Willie – good to see you back.

  13. My Border Collie dislikes darkies and peaceful ones. She’s a wonderful old dog and means more to me than any human being, absolutely trustworthy, loyal and reliable. I rove the streets at night with her and a knobbly Holly stick, just in case any of the aforementioned unsavoury ones are trying to move into the area under the cover of darkness .
    Night hunter.

  14. What if politicians could be compared to breeds of dogs? Any suggestions cunters?
    I think Anna Soubry would be one of those yapping handbag dogs some shit for brains C-lister would carry around, Ken Clark some fat lumbering St Bernard, the list is endless.

  15. My Jack Russell is a bit of an intolerant old girl. She hates darkies, wops, spicks, pikeys, flat heads and especially peaceful types.

    Many years ago my wife’s Aunt had a lovely Lab with a dark brown coat. It’s name was N1gg3r. Imagine taking the dog for a run in the park nowadays and calling it back by shouting out its name; “N1gg3r, come back here, there’s a good boy N1gg3r, good boy”.

    • I suggested ‘Bender’ for our monster on the same premis, I thought shouting ‘Hey Bender stay’ would be good for a laugh when out for a walk.

      Named after the cartoon robot.

      Mrs Twat was not in favour.

  16. Vegfest, Dogs against Brexit, what’s next? Vegfest for Dogs against Brexit??

    You may laugh, but the AL-BEEB made a big thing last week about dog owners who had their pets on vegan diets.

    O’course the AL-BEEB was lapping it up (along with the parade of weirdo owners – you never see a “norm” interviewed at Jimmy Saville Towers anymore do you – pin-cushion faces, hoop lugs, 75 colour hairstyles – and that’s just the trans fuckers) and not one cunt could be arsed to play devil’s advocate and ask if they thought it was cruel.

    How often do you see a lion, pack of wolves or even the domestic cat take down a string of runner beans in preference to a zebra, reindeer or sparrow? Er, never!

    It’s against nature, mind you, so most of them are too, identifying how they decide to each hour of the day as the fancy takes them.

    Well I identify them all as cunts! Cruel fucking cunts too!

    Tell you what, nose-ring land-whale, waiting for the op cunt! You stand there with that tasty lentil mush, and I’ll stand here with a bit of steak. Let’s see who Muffin the Shitsu runs too first. I’ll give you 100:1 it won’t be you, you cunt!

  17. Don’t worry , these vegan snowflake fuckers would have us all on green diets if they could get away with it. Instead they inflict their ideology on poor dumb animals because, of course, they know what’s best for everybody.
    Cunts should be charged with cruelty to animals and never allowed to own pets again.

  18. Back in the early 70s before Leicester became culturally enriched to saturation point, I was in a pub and a dark one came in. The landlord whispered to the Alsatian dog next to him “W*gs, filthy black w*gs” and the fucking thing went nuts. Needless to say the dark one didn’t receive his drink. Now we call them German Shepherd dogs and they’re soft as shit. In those days they were interbred and vicious. So were the dogs….

    • When I first went to school in Leicester in 1968 there was one black kid in the whole school and not a single asian. Nowadays it really is spot the whitie.

  19. Yet more proof that these democracy denying traitors are becoming increasingly desperate. The tenuous grip they had on sanity has long since given out, and they’re coming up with shit that would have any normal person in a straitjacket. My favourite of the past couple of days was the Irish tramp, Geldof, once again sticking his nose into something that doesn’t concern him. He’s started a petition, signed by all his luvvie chums for a second referendum, on the basis that Brexit would silence the British music industry. Two of the signatories were Rita Ora, who is actually Kosovan, and Ed Sheeran, who is actually a smug, irritating twat. And quite frankly, having heard some of the shite that the British music industry has been churning out recently, it fucking should be silenced.

    • Abso-fucking-lutely. Couldn’t agree more.
      I’d be so happy if british popular music was silenced forever. I’d turn the radio on just to listen to the beautiful white noise.
      Fuck them all, talentless fucks with rubbish repetative ideas. Nothing but “guys with feelings” and cock hungry slags.
      Considering the fact their self obsessed material idolatry is pumped into the nation’s ears on a 24 hour a day basis I would consider it fair to say that they are directly responsible for all the wishy washy tomfuckery that infests our country these days like some sort of foetid rectal cancer discharge.
      Eradicating these cum-gargling twats would go a long way to restoring some national pride.
      Fuck off geldoff you irritating prick. And take your freak show of shit with you.
      Stinking cunts.

        • I’d much prefer “Give Geldof a punching”
          The fucking worthless piece of gold-plated shit…

      • We used to laugh at the superficial trash served up at the Eurovision Song Contest in the 1960s… at that time the UK was awash with genuine talent that consistently produced, week in week out, genuinely great music, groups and songwriters, etc. Even C-listers knocked the socks off anything coming out of Europe back then.

        Things only really started going pear shaped musically in Britain after we joined the EEC. Coincidence? Today’s so called A-listers – Sheercunt, Adele etc – wouldn’t even have made fourth on the bill of a ’60s package tour!

        Fuck the cruddy British ‘popular music’ business – if a No Deal Brexit can rid us of these cunts then that alone would have made the pain we’ve been through over the past two years worthwhile. Sadly it will do no such thing, of course.

    • Let’s not forget that Goboff is a fucking foreigner so it’s fuck all to do with him.
      I don’t give a shit as my record company is in America. If the pound collapses after Brexit my royalties go up. I’m paid in dollars.

      Fuck ’em (sorry Dick)

  20. Travellers in my experience dont like dogs, they were always turning up at the forge after the old horse shoes had 5 dogs then 2 dobbermans and 3 mongrels, they couldn’t half move those fat old pikeys . Would make a good spectator sport that.

    • Pikeys do have dogs…….poor half starved, skinny things that are tied up all day and get a kick if they make a noise. You can report them to the coppers if you like but they are too scared to go round there.
      To be fair, they don’t treat their women and children much better.
      Subhuman scum.

  21. I must say that I’m very impressed by the intelligence of the mutt in the photo. Look, he’s even written his own sign.

  22. Saw a photo today of Sir Craig Mackey ( the bottlejob copper who ran away and left PC Palmer to die ) in his splendid uniform. Loads of braid hanging off it and………a row of medals!!
    Do fucking what? I wonder what they were for?

    (1) outstanding handling of paper clips
    (2) ordering the biscuits for the weekly Wednesday meeting
    (3) initiating the Mets protect gays, trannies and snowflakes from being upset policy
    (4) licking Suckdicks bumhole

    Makes me proud to be a Londoner!

  23. Is that dog in the photo wearing a coat? Fucking snowflake faggot remoaner poof!

  24. I was at the cinema watching a late showing of a new release.
    Sitting across the aisle was a bloke with a dog, which was also watching the film.
    During a tense moment, the dog put his paws over his eyes, jumped up and down when a fight broke out and shed a tear when the hero died.

    On the way out I said to his owner..”I was amazed at your dogs’ reaction to the film”…

    He said “Yeah, me too, cos he fucking hated the book”….

    • I thought I saw an obese badger at the cinema the other day, but on reflection it might have been Mark Kommode.

  25. Off subject but i was just watching Sly News and their running this story about EXTREME RIGHT WING Tommy Robinson getting cheered on by some young soldiers, Sly have now put the army in a position to fire the said solders . Sly never let Mr Robinson actually come on and speak. But no, the public might start thinking Tommy speaks a lot of sense and thats the last thing they want.

    • I heard that to Fenton and I’m fucking fuming. Some squaddies take a selfie with Robinson and now they are facing janckers or worse. I’m not ex military but Dad, Grandad, uncle and cousin all long term servicemen. And they would all be disgusted by both how our military has been devastated and this new found shite all inclusiveness they are trying to promote. Oh you can cry be gay a Muslim or any other crap but talk to someone who points out FACTS about Muslim child abduction and abuse and you are fucked. Like that chicken shit police commissioner the top brass are all cunts.

  26. What the hell have these people got against their dogs? I now kick King Charles spaniels whenever I see one*, because Alastair Campbell’s took part in the demo. Call it breedism if you will, but the remoaners are inviting it by politicising their pooches.

    * I kick springers solely for sport.

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