A cunting please for the people who have misappropriated the rainbow and fine English words.

I wrote recently about a visit to a local hospital, there was a rainbow flag flying from the flagpole, which I found annoying. What’s wrong with the English flag or the Union Jack ?

Yesterday I was stood in the queue at the local branch of Santander, idly watching the information screen whilst awaiting my turn, when lo and behold !! a rainbow appears on screen with the words “Santander supports Pride “. This really fucks me off. Deviants are taking over words and symbols for their own sick ends. There’s nothing nicer in nature than a rainbow, saw one the other day, marvellous, but now it’s been taken and used as a symbol for bumfuckery.

It’s the same with words, take the word gay, years ago, if you said you’d had a gay time there was nothing sleazy about it, it just meant that you’d had a great time at a picnic or a party etc. now, people take it to mean that you’ve been indulging in aforementioned bumfuckery, the result is a perfectly good word stolen. The same thing is happening to the word “pride “,a fine word, but again, one that is being stolen by the homosexuals for their own use. Where’s the fucking pride in having a bloke up your arse ?

So fuck off you homosexual cunts and use proper words and symbols for your practices.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

59 thoughts on “Pride

  1. I don’t really have a problem with people’s sexuality but why do they have to be proud of it. I’m sure it would be some form of discrimination for a straight to say they are proud of their sexuality. There is some laughter to be gained from all these minorities as some lesbians say transgender females are still men. Well isn’t everyone a special little princess! And as for the those desperate cunts trying to appear trendy and fashionable by calling themselves pansexual, does that mean they fuck boys who don’t grow up (Peter Pan, if you were wondering)? I think it was Andy Warhol who said labels are for tins, not people. But he was a cunt anyway.

    In case you were wondering about me, I’ve reached an age in life where I’ve become takesexual. Whatever I’m offered, I take! I’m not proud of it though.

    Pride? Cunts!

  2. Damned right Jack.
    And I thought benders were bent by nature?
    We don’t feel “proud” because we’re straight, we just *are* straight and so what?
    So why are they proud for having been born a chutney ferret?

    • Because a lot of them are exhibitionist, the world revolves around me and I demand to be heard constantly, type cunts.
      They yearn to be accepted as normal, when deep down they know they aren’t.

      • Exactly right. It’s attention seeking plain and simple. And there is always a reason behind attention seeking behaviour.

  3. How does this square with pride (in your country) being racist? Also, I take pride in getting a degree, am I now supposed to bend over for an insertion?

  4. It really feels as though society at large is so cowed by PC that we must, almost pre-emptively, declare our support for minority X and Y at every fucking opportunity.

    Believe it or not, prior to the 2000s foray into sheer politically correct madness, I would have described myself as centre-right. My attitude to gays and lesbians is this – let people get on with what they want to in the fucking bedroom. I don’t want to be part of it, I don’t have to be part of it, I don’t think less of a man if he is a bumfucking shirtlifter or if a woman eats from the hairy fruit bowl. If he or she is a decent person and doesn’t demand the world listens to their practices, then I truly don’t fucking care.

    But no. That simply isn’t enough. Not even fucking close to being ‘tolerant’.

    If I don’t completely and utterly buy into gay sexual practice, if I don’t accept the shoehorning of preference to gays (even if it is to the detriement of the majority), and if I don’t have a pro-gay bank/hospital/employer, then I am officialy a hateful homophobe. That’s how it works now. So to avoid being dragged through the coals, many businesses, corporations and public bodies feel the need to declare their love for deviants from the off.

    But what the fuck does this actually achieve? If I was a raving woofter brownpipe engineer, currently without a bank account, would I see a pride flag outside Santander and say to myself “Ooo, a bank that is friendly to gayth! Sthign me up for a currenth account darling!” before mincing my way over to the clerk to gesticulate flamboyantly? Of course not, for fuck sake.

    I want my bank to operate properly without national scandal. I want my hospital to be well-managed and capable of seeing punters without a 12-hour wait in A&E. I suspect that most gays who aren’t in the exhibitionist category would want the same, too.

    This world is certifiably insane now, and I fear that nothing short of a third world war will remind people what truly, really matters to mankind. Perhaps when all the fruits and women in our armies are being decimated on the front lines in said war, we will finally see the utter fucking folly of Pride and its analogous liberal drives.

    • I’m in exactly the same position as you. I used to consider myself a reasonable and moderate centrist but now, despite my views not having really changed, I’m far-right fascist scum. I give zero fucks about whether you’re gay or not, that should not be what defines you most as a person. What is more important to me is whether you’re a cunt or not and if you’re gay or part of some other group that isn’t straight white men and acting like a cunt then I should be free to give you a bollocking for it. But that’s no longer the case, now to do so will result in me being arrested for hate speech.

      It’s appalling how our traditional British values of tolerance and individual freedom, the values that have protected these minority groups, are being destroyed by this new wave of authoritarian liberals who seek to use the power of the State to control the majority group. The idea that traditionalists like myself hold that all people should be treated as equal is totally unacceptable to these cunts because they know they are weak and inferior and will never be able to attain power based on their merits. And this power is what they really want. Their arguments about fighting discrimination and wanting equality just completely fail to stand up to any sort of scrutiny because they no longer exist. What laws do we have in the UK, or anywhere in the West, that actively discriminate against being gay? There are none, it’s even illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Their movement has no legitimate purpose anymore. Of course if they really cared they could try spreading their tolerance message to the peaceful savages of the Middle East but you never hear a peep from the Pride parades about that. In fact they even actively support cunt regimes like Palestine who still fervently practice their belief that gays should be thrown off rooftops. No it’s down to me, the far-right fascist to criticise that, except when I do I’m wrong for not being understanding towards other cultures.

      The one bit of solace I get is that people like us are clearly not alone as the growing support for all these traditional populist movements shows despite the media’s lies and attempts to paint them as “far-right Nazis”. I took particular enjoyment in the BBC’s recent coverage of the Swedish elections and their reporter being on the brink of tears over the fact that the “Nazis” of the Swedish Democrats had gained so much support.

      • @ TUCB & Mad Jack

        Strongly concur with both your superb posts.

        However, if we are now the ‘extreme right’, where did the real ‘extreme right’ go? The one that existed when we were merely ‘right of centre’?

        I still think of myself as ‘right of centre’, but if Cunts like Catweasel, Flabbott and Izzard are now defined as ‘left of centre’, then I must indeed be ‘extreme right’.

        Except I’m not, because that would make me a racist or a homophobe… which I’m not… though I am an alien-culture-ophobe… and very much resist Islamification of this once rational and creative country… fear it’s already too late now though.

        “Confusion will be my epitaph” (King Crimson 1969).

        Btw, gays of my acquaintance hate this fucking Pride shit as much as most posting here.

        And Justin Welby and the TUC are ignorant mega-Cunts.

  5. As a kid one of my favourite programmes was “The Flintstones” . The closing line of the theme song was “we’ll have a gay old time”.
    Of course there was no suggestion of bum action between Fred and Barney and neither of the children were trans or raised as gender neutral. Even Dino the dinosaur was as straight as an arrow.
    Happy innocent days.
    Yabba Dabba dooo!

  6. WB Yeats wrote a glorious poem about the rise and fall of civilizations and ‘All thing fall and are built again. And those that build again are gay’. Ruined now.

  7. There must be a case for the Advertising Standards Authority to persue the homosexual industry for misleading langague:

    Peter Mangledbum
    “Sir” Alan Duncan
    Professor David Starkey
    Richard Wilson
    Cressida Strapon Dick
    Sandi Toksvig/Stephen Fry (are they one and the same?)

    All GAY????

    If they think they are fucking gay, the miserable bleeders are either mad or deliberately misleading the public

  8. I go with the flow on here. I don’t give a fuck about homosexuality but please don’t tell me it is something to be celebrated. It may be natural but certainly aint normal.
    And the trans lot are by and large mentally ill, which is no cause for rejoicing.
    I blame Larry Grayson. The cunt.

    • Trannies have the highest suicide rates of any group around, about equal with the other most serious mental disorders like schizophrenia. “Transitioning” has no effect on these suicide rates because if you are born a man it is impossible for you to become a real woman or vice versa. All you can do is physically mutilate yourself and take toxic levels of unnatural hormones for the rest of your life to be nothing more than a pale imitation of a woman that everyone can see through. I don’t understand how anyone who claims to care for trans people can advocate “transitioning” as the right course of treatment when it so clearly does not work. These people need therapy, serious therapy, but to suggest such a thing is discrimination. Are we going to start treating other mental disorders in the same way? If a girl is suffering from anorexia am I supposed to encourage and believe in her delusions and tell her she’s a fat piece of shit because that’s what she wants to believe?

      • I think the short answer to the question you pose Jack is YES.

        Minority issues are the fodder that feed the terminally stupid cretins that infest what were once places where young people went to open their minds, experience and learn to debate alternative points of view and equip themselves with a more balanced view of the world that they were about to enter and quite possibly shape.

        Social media has of course supercharged the cuntitude to such a level that it’s inescapable and it creates the false impression to the bubble inhabitants that what were once pretty ridiculous opinions are now mainstream, the coin really has flipped 180 degrees.

        Part of the left wing fascist strategy to close down debate is to accuse anyone with an opposing view of being a fascist, bigot, racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, fatist, ageist you name it.

        Every new generation of SJW needs a new cause, first came the Bra Burners, quickly followed by the minority champions, then The Gays and Lezzers, CND, I think somewhere once was the working class and right now it’s the normalisation of people suffering from a recognised mental disorder called Gender Dysphoria.

        It doesn’t seem to matter that the suicide rates within this ‘group’ remain around 40 per 100,000 which is 3 times higher than the next group, White males aged 25-40 which is 3 times higher than Wimminz of all groups.

        No, wanting to cut your cock off, grow a pair of tits undergo intensive hormone therapy just because you are convinced that you were born in the wrong body is completely normal and it acceptable.

        No it fucking isnt.

        I’m struggling to think of what the next generation will attempt to normalise but I’m comforted by the feeling my oncoming dementia will allow me to verbalise my disgust and be able to steer clear of the law😂😂

        • Top post Cunty, the SJW’s are trying to normalise all sorts of shit e.g. the ‘fat acceptance’ movement.

  9. In another post I mentioned Brokeback Mountain and what John Wayne would have thought. It got me thinking of what would have happened with a cinema audience if in one of his movies he hard turned to his pa’dner (before setting off to hunt for injuns) and gave him a full long kiss on the lips. The audience would have shrieked in absolute horror, disbelief, a stampede to the exits, people screaming, skipping through the traffic in an effort to get as far away as possible. Now, with Mrs Plastic and her Soaps, I witness this everday. It’s commonplace.

  10. My brother and I,when children, used to go and look for a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun when we saw a rainbow. I dread to think what fate would befall any child who made that mistake these days. Probably discover a cache of chemsex drugs guarded by fucking Graham Norton. Their days of innocence would come to an abrupt end, as would their anal sphincter, I fear.
    Never understood why The Gays took a rainbow as their symbol, I’d have thought a symbol closer to one of those “Beware the Bull” signs would be more suitable..”Beware The Gay” perhaps? I’d actually make every Gay display this symbol whenever they’re out and about. It’s a fair bet that they’ll be up to no good and probably searching for an unwary or naive male so the symbol would serve as a warning,preventing the multiple cases of forced bummery which go unreported due to the “Gay Mafia”.
    The Gays should also be forced to paint their houses rainbow coloured from top to bottom. This would be for The Gays own good,anyone who crossed the Rubicon and entered one of these dens of deviant iniquity of their own free will would only have themselves to blame if forcibly boarded by a gang of rampant rump-raiders (of course,if it happened to be an unwary postman or milkman who was shanghaied on the doorstep by The Gays,drugged,chained to the wall and molested…well he should have refused to deliver to Boy George in the first place.)

    Fuck Off.

  11. Shrewsbury Town used to have a ground called The Gay Meadow, the origins of the name presumably lost in history.
    A few years ago they built a new ground now called The New Meadow. I think they missed a trick there. If they retained the old name surely they could attract sponsorship from some cunts who want to attract the millennial , snowflake, libtard crowd?
    The Big Mac Gay Meadow?
    The Whopper Gay Meadow?

      • Ya think so, RTC? Hell, a field trip to the location of your conception was part of the school curriculum at my alma mater, Cunters College.

        • I don’t just think so Sterling – I KNOW so…. unless my parents were lying…

          Too late now, they’re buried in the rocks.

          Called it Creampuff Meadow did they? I’m well chuffed!

          • Fuck – I misread your post Sterling!

            You’re right: clearly a LOT of Cunters know I was conceived in a field in Shrewsbury…

            Fuck this dementia!

          • In Shrewsbury there was a Gropecunt Lane, it’s still there only now it’s called Grope Lane, it’s close to Fish St. which I suppose is appropriate

    • Arbroath FC’s ground is called Gayfield. Perhaps they should try to sell the naming rights to Very…

  12. What really fucks me off about the arse bandits flag is they claimed some bum boy or other designed it. It’s not fucking pride it’s just shamelessness. Homos are all fucking perverts.

  13. Aye Jack

    words eh ?…. I used to like going into the garden and turning on the tranny….whileIi bent over tending my plants……. all seems a bit perverted now

  14. I is a poof and can’t stand pride. Twats campaigning for rights for Palestinians. What do they do to faggots in Gaza? Oh yes, they push them off rooftops!

    • The ultimate snowflake SJW quandary; Islam vs gay rights, cos you cant have it both ways.

      • Well you see Krav in the world of the snowflake there is a hierarchy of victim hood and the peacefuls are at the top and your lot are down the bottom. I believe you are also Jewish which cancels out your gay victim status and guarantees you an assisted head dive off a tall building. So you are in the same boat as the rest of us.
        Confused? Ask your niece. I’m sure she can explain the logic of it because i’m fucked if I can.

  15. Like many of you cunts I’m very jaded with all this iron bollocks. I used to be live and let live, as long as no children or animals are hurt, I don’t care what you get up to behind closed doors.

    But the pendulum has swung way too far in the opposite direction to a degree where we’ve got police simpering about like mincing cunts…this whole ‘trans’ thing…Which I don’t understand and have no wish to. Apparently the child suiciderates are going through the roof because the schools are encouraging this arrant bollocks.

    There was a time..some would say a more civilised time…when these perverts kept their degeneracy behind closed doors on pain of a fucking good hiding.

  16. Has anyone seen How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix. The person that wrote that must be a whole new level of leftist cultural Marxists.

    Every white male is a complete cunt, There are a disproportional amount of black people in it for the place where it is set. Almost every single judge is a black woman.

    The only white men who aren’t cunts have been made gay characters.

    The 3 straight men have all committed murder and whilst some of the black characters are flawed , they are all brilliant in their jobs.
    Also I have never seen more gay sex scenes in any programme on tv.

    Long gone are the days or Barry and Colin on Eastenders , this programme has them at it all the fucking time.

    I sound like a dinosaur now but it makes me feel fucking uncomfortable to be honest

  17. Of course Santander supports Pride.

    It legitimises their habit of sticking their corporate cock up your arse at every opportunity.

  18. I don’t understand the notion of ‘pride’ in relation to your sexuality. I’m not advocating shame as a response, but should I feel proud to be a heterosexual? I don’t feel ashamed of being a heterosexual, although many leftist ideologues are working to that end.

    How does this ‘pride’ in being gay equate to wearing rubber hotpants and angel wings, dancing to ABBA and generally ninnying around on the back of a lorry whilst the city centre traffic takes a diversion.

    Equality has nothing to do with this. This is a group of people demonstrating their difference in the most horrendously stereotypical manner, and it sets their cause back further every year.

    I don’t care if you’re into men/women/both. Unless your proclivities extend to children, society doesn’t need to know.

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